Weather Forecast App – Widgets MODDED 2022


Provide you now, hourly and daily accurate weather information
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Weather forecast & weather alerts & forecast radar provides you accurate weather information, no matter where you are. Forecast now, hourly forecast and daily forecast app.
It is free weather app with full features: Local weather, weather radar and weather widgets.

Main Features:

– Show you temperature, wind, air sunshine, sunrise sunset, storm, rain alert , visibility, atmosphere pressure , humidity, dew point, precipitation, water in one screen
– Accurate current weather information, no matter where you are.
– Today, tomorrow, 7 days later, 25 days later weather information.
– Manage the weather reports in multiple locations. You can swipe left and right to view weather information in different cities.
– Resident notification bar for easy viewing of weather information without opening the application.
-Daily notifications, reminders of the day’s weather information at a fixed time every day. You can also turn this feature off in the settings.
-Radar maps can provide you with very intuitive and graphical weather information. On the radar map, you can view the trends of weather such as rain, clouds, temperature, wind, thunderstorms and so on.
-Weather widget, add the weather information to the home screen, you can easily view the weather information on the desktop.
-Very convenient to set the temperature unit, wind speed unit, rainfall unit, time format. Whatever format you need, we have it.
-Personalized theme, gas icon, weather widget, notification bar style, you can switch according to your preference.


1. Fix known bugs
2. Optimize user experience


40 comentarios en "Weather Forecast App – Widgets MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is HORRIBLE!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING IT!! You can only get a 5 day forecast-no further!! Some of us would like to plan ahead more than 5 days. Also, the temperature hasn’t been accurate-it’s always off by 3-5 degrees. And the temperature is supposed to be displayed in the status bar, but keeps disappearing! I tried contacting the developer numerous times, but I guess my issues aren’t important to them because they NEVER ANSWER MY EMAILS!!! I’m sure there’s a better app!!

  2. Have used this for about a week and love it so far. I chose this app versus others because you can select many different cities/areas and quickly see each one by swiping left or right. Great for when trying to decide where to head for a weekend adventure. Very happy I switched from accuweather

  3. Superb app. Great presentation with plenty of information. Accurate. Weather backgrounds are attractive feature which change with the weather conditions. Weather for the next 25 days is shown with detailed info for each day.You can save multiple locations. Recommended. 👍

  4. Just beautiful and gorgeous design layout, & features!!.I also love the seasonal color schemes that changes with weather conditions, they’re so beautiful!! Amazing and beautiful and well done app!! Thank you!!..😍, and I will gladly support a subscription model as well!!✨💕

  5. So far it’s 10 times better than the default app on my phone which provided very few details. I am impressed with the hourly forecast and the extra warnings such as heat warning and thunderstorms potential. The other app provided no such information. Thanks.

  6. Have used another app for years, thought I would try something new. Have had this one for a few days now and am quite enjoying it. I am actually more about esthetics and options than complete accuracy, but this one so far has all 3..wouldn’t mind seeing a few more widget options to download!! Otherwise 5 stars!

  7. An excellent weather app; almost all weather info anyone would ever need. There is one very important point: the displayed political map has many errors. I just can’t accept to see a large part of my country within another country!!! Now I changed my mind and is uninstalling your app!

  8. Shawna O’connor- Just downloaded App. I’ve scanned other Weather Apps, and checked out reviews, but this one had more people collectively with 5 Star ratings, so I crossed my fingers and hit Install, I do like what I see so far, graphics look awesome, got my location right, I feel good about this one, I can’t forsee any problems ahead, but of course you never can tell- Good Job Developers & thank you for being free 👍🏼😉 always a plus in my book!

  9. All I have gotten so far is a picture of a mountain on a frozen screen! I chose my home city, Buffalo, NY, still nothing. Will try to reinstall but for now, it’s UNUSABLE. 😑 UPDATE: Reinstalled, worked immediately! Will try it out and follow up review.🌞🌡🌩☔🌈

  10. I love this app! It looks really nice, and has tons of features. I love that you can save different locations, and just swipe left or right to see the weather. My son is in the Army, and it’s fun to see how his Colorado weather is compared to my Texas heat. Great experience with this app so far. Thank you

  11. So far so good. Im a contractor as well as a professional painter. Knowing weather by the second mattered to me and my crew. It meant we got paid or not.. This app has helped me figure out a game plan for upcoming weather very accurately! Highly recommend!!!

  12. Good weather app very accurate

  13. It’s good but need more improvement the net is available and it’s supposed update automatically bt hour and hour or when there some change but nope unfortunately u need to enter the app to get updated this glitch should fix dev if u need good rate for ur app

  14. I have reviewed what others are experiencing. I am just downloaded the app and hope it will be what I am looking for. What is missing is an option for user to report as what activity is happening in a giving location, some sort of feedback option for user. Hope future updates will accommodate that.

  15. Way better than what I had. Very easy to down load. Yes I would recommend this weather app. I would bet you will never go back to some other weather app. This app is fast to tell you the weather and very accurate. I am a very happy camper and I am glad I found this app. Thank You.

  16. Was better. It’s a great weather app, but the last update took away the Air quality tile. Sure there’s an air quality alert, but what happened to the tile that showed the actual Air Quality rating?

  17. Jahan M dice:

    The best. It does what it says. Very precise. Detailed. Easy to use. You can add different cities. Also light app

  18. Just installed it today. Seems like a really good app. Had another one on board that I uninstalled. Like the graphics. Think I’ll probably keep it for a bit. I’ll see how it performs as I travel.

  19. This app is formatted for easy reading and understanding.E even with this city’s abruptly quick change in weather it’s still relatively a curate I must say.Well worth giving it a try.

  20. So far so good……just loaded this app. It first of all correctly identified where I am here in the Philippines and also my home village in the UK. Readout very simple and easy to understand. Fingers crossed it continues like this

  21. Love how it shows temperature for every hour of the day & forecast for every day of the week by just strolling across & down. I’ve used several weather apps on my phone & thus far this is one of the BEST!

  22. Very user friendly and pleasing to view…with an added feature of choosing Ad Free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Angie Q dice:

    I’m trying to remove ads by purchasing the app.. it keeps denying my payment. Why offer an ad free option, then deny my transaction? I’ll update my rating if you fix this issue.

  24. Great app!! Very informitive. Please add pollen count and air quality plus widget for us allergy suffers. Then this app would be awsome! Thank you for your time.

  25. Great, easy to use and clear to see. Location is finally right and stays right.

  26. Really like the layout opening the app! I was very impressed! I enjoyed the tropical beach, etc.

  27. It is an amazing app it worked perfectly on phone and even if i was still in that state/district it would give me the exact location and weather

  28. Mr. Zip dice:

    App says it’s mostly sunny. I look out the window and it’s overcast and light rain. Temp seems to be close.

  29. I asked for a little help, no answer. App is 5 degrees higher than other apps. I will wait 6 month’s then try it once again. It’s a good looking app.

  30. Les Lewis dice:

    Had this app just a short time . No trouble at all. Smooth operation. Easy to navigate. Information is where you need it.

  31. A good app, accurate forests. Good for planning your weekly schedules for outings and travel.

  32. In love with weather 25. I finally found a weather app that is easy and enjoyable it is very easy and easy to access.

  33. Extremely precise with all location parameters. Provides units in either metric or imperial versions.

  34. Very intuitive with good user experience. Try to validate data accuracy. Just installed

  35. I’ve been using this app for well over 10 seconds now, so far it seems accurate with useful information and tools.

  36. It’s one of the best and the most useful weather app, with the highest accuracy that I’ve ever seen. Good Job.👍👌

  37. Dawn Bice dice:

    I would recommend this weather app it is everything you need for severe weather. And every day weather letter and number one weather app to me

  38. I’ve tried a lot of weather apps I kind of like this one the best very accurate nice interface thank you.

  39. Just downloaded it and it is accurate do so far . Just the map should be checked.

  40. Very detailed and accurate. I can plan for my daily activities and suitable clothing in advance!

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