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The forecast is beautiful.

Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location, time of day, and current conditions.

Favorite features
– Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation.
– See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules.
– Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.
– Track all your favorite cities and destinations!
– Accessibility: Enabled for TalkBack. Optimized for color contrast.

Helpful tips
– Scroll down for detailed weather information.
– Tap the plus sign to add up to 20 cities.
– Swipe left-to-right to move between locations.


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Yahoo Weather FULL"

  1. j baer dice:

    **UPDATE: widget stopped updating MONTHS ago. Uninstall/reinstall didn’t fix. Developer hasn’t responded. At least 3 updates since, still broken. So sick of this BS!** PLEASE STOP WITH THE FULL PAGE ADS!! They are large and disruptive, interfering with use of the app. Ads are fine, but not full-page ones! App is often buggy. Like showing the wrong “current location” or not updating the widget without opening the app. Issues like this are common, & slow to be fixed. Like the information and UI.

  2. Great forecast. Use it as we travel around the country. Seems to be the most accurate. It’s a good one……… is 3 years later and app not always working right. Gives us weather from home, which is states away . Shows double temperatures for the week days and not always right. Like this app and will use it until we find one that works Hopefully the problems will be solved. Hooray, update fixed it. Keeping this app.

  3. love the format but after having it for three years need new pics. Get the same ones over and over! After having this app for several years I still find it useful however lately the current temp reading may only show a single digit. For example if the temp is 30 it only shows a 3…. This has happened almost weekly now. Not happy about it

  4. Love the background photos. Hate the size of the ads and extensive information sharing. For the last 3 days I have 2 differing listings for forecast each day in the 10d list. No idea which one is correct. Restarting phone did not correct. About to try Uninstall,/Reinstall. Feedback form pops up all the time, but will not allow me to submit and report this issue. Have used this app for years. This is new and provoking me to switch to another weather app.

  5. Good, accurate forecasts. Ability to add multiple locations is nice. I enjoy knowing when to expect rainfall, and for how long. I also like the wind speed, sunrise and sunset information, as well as moon phases. Beautiful background photos…some of which are animated. I do wish the radar map had a “play” feature, and also wish there were detailed forecasts for multiple days, not just the current day. But, overall, I really like it! 🙂

  6. ahaning dice:

    As weather apps go, this one is pretty nice looking. It does have ads, but they are unobtrusive (as unobtrusive as an ad can be…). One thing that bugs the heck out of me is that the “ongoing notification” (temperature) in the status bar is so tiny that it’s hard to read. I’ve tried several weather apps and they all have the tiniest temperature readout. Not sure why it can’t be the same “font size” as the clock. That alone would make this a five star weather app.

  7. Really love the look and feel of the app. Only problem (and it’s big in my opinion) is that the radar map is not “playable”. All of the other apps (and even this one on iOS) have history on the map so you can see how a storm is moving. This one only shows the current situation. It says it’s interactive, but it only allows for zooming in and out and moving around the map along with switching out a couple of different options (temperatures, winds, clouds), but it doesn’t move. It doesn’t show activity. As far as weather apps go, it’s a big miss in my opinion and it’s been missing for a while…

  8. Better than most but not as detailed as some of the other free weather apps that are available. The accuracy of forecasts is good (so far). I’m okay with some advertising and the advertising on this app isn’t annoying or overwhelming yet. But. Like other free weather apps I’ve dloaded in the past there seems to be an increase in advertising as time goes on. Is it a ploy to get me to purchase the “ad free” app or is it just the time/season of the year where ads are used more? 85% score.

  9. Pretty good weather app. Updates smoothly and the presentation is very pleasant. My only issue is that the text size for the temperature on the status bar is tiny on my Moto X3 Play. It’s way smaller and lighter (non-bold) than other icons/text on the bar, so both looks out of place and cannot be read easily. I’d give the app 5 stars if I could read the temperature on the status bar. I came from another app that stopped updating the status bar temp, but it isn’t much better if the temp is updated but unreadable. I’d also like to see the forecast discussion added.

  10. I love this app! it’s nice to see the hour by hour prediction of T changes, rain, wind, and more. The pictures of each location are often stunning shots. And the animations when it is raining or snowing are beautiful! I have lived many places around the world, so I have saved a page for each place that I have ever called home. It’s fun to occasionally take a trip down memory lane by just flipping through the locations of my old home towns, each represented by such a beautiful image. <3

  11. There’s no link for a radar map. There’s a “map” link, but no it only shows a static map. Nothing in the drop down menu either. Also, I turned animations off. There’s still 3 animations playing, and a totally useless autoplaying news cast from the other side of the country from me, that I can’t make go away, and is using my data for absolutely no reason. Uninstalling.

  12. Installed this app during severe weather, and the information it provided was about 45 minutes out of date (or maybe the radar was placed on the map incorrectly, not sure which is worse). UI is also poorly designed; you have to scroll *way* down to see the radar, it’s zoomed absurdly far out by default, and it shows a geographic map instead of a street map so it’s hard to tell what you’re actually looking at unless you’re in an area with very distinct geographical features.

  13. The app lays out everything in a very methodical pattern with just the facts and no extremely bothersome commercials or adds. I call it easy to read and easy to locate what you’re looking for. Especially like the feature where you can “page over” to make comparisons of the different locations you have downloaded. The HD colors are beautiful. Easy to use and very well put together app.

  14. Greg Wang dice:

    Used to be usable, always had some issues, now much worse. 1. Not being able to pick specific weather stations… there are two in our area and they differ by several degrees, we need to be able to access both. 2. Widget no longer auto updates which really makes the feature less useful. The refresh button that now exists is microscopic. Loss of the auto update maybe due to some OS policy but the previously best feature (widget) is now misleading and useless. Used 5 yrs, uninstalling today.

  15. Weather Apps for Android are pathetic….especially in regards to widgets. Yahoo weather however, is in a league of it’s own. The widget is beautiful, well displayed, loads fast and has everything needed to plan your day. Additional locations are a snap to check with just a swipe of the screen. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

  16. Another completely useless weather app. I downloaded the app opened it up and what do I see? A screen that is almost completely blank except for the temperature in the lower corner. Apparently the developers care more about the pretty picture in the background rather than putting useful information on the opening screen of the app or the widget. Some people care about other weather information. Not just the temperature. I shouldn’t have to scroll halfway down the app past multiple panels and ads just to find out what the humidity is.

  17. Really pretty looking app, but if you ever go on vacation, it will seemingly forever give you weather notifications for the city the GPS reads. I keep getting precipitation alerts for places 3 hours away from me. First, I only drive thru the areas I get alerts for and second, I haven’t been there in a month. There doesn’t appear to be a way to reset the app’s GPS history so that it clears previous locations and only reads the current one. I like it otherwise, but this is a huge annoyance

  18. This is the best App there is. I 💖 it!! It’s not only accurate, but it has beautiful breath taking graphics. After been in multiple boring Apps with all kind of charts, finally I found this one! We the consumers just want end results and accuracy. Leave the charts and complications for college students. I just want to be updated with weather changes as it comes, and some good taste that comes with it. Thank Yahoo for this amazing App, please don’t change your ways, keep it simple & beautiful🤗

  19. Sure, you might be one of the few that can say what is currently happening weather-wise BUT you are wildly inaccurate otherwise. Plus, the inability to see more hourly details (not just a picture of a storm-cloud because summer heat = pop-up storms) makes planning and decision-making a nightmare. Also, give me the option to read barometric pressure in mbar (for those with migraines).

  20. I had a favorite weather app on my previous cell device, unfortunately not available in this phone model. finally find yahoo weather, so far so good. after few months using the app, not happy. weather (temperature) is not accurate, sometimes up to seven digits of difference. Not actualization of the location, very frustrating.

  21. Yahoo!, I do like this app. I keep large widget on home screen, and the forecast accuracy is good in my area. The LARGE °F temperature font in full-screen mode was changed some time ago, and now looks RATHER REDICULOUS on otherwise nicely refined photo presentation (on GS6)! I notice same isn’t updated in Google Play’s app store description screen shot examples, and nothing has been done to enhance readability of tiny fonts such as in horizontally scroll-able hourly temperature predictions.

  22. I’ve used it for 10 years. The photos are the same as they were 10 years ago, the ads have gotten bigger, the alerts come after the storm is already over, if at all. The best feature is the design, which still looks better than most weather apps, but at the cost of a lot of info you can get elsewhere. Might be good for people who just want to know general temp/precip forecast.

  23. In was so tired of the weather app on my phone that was mostly ads. This app is so great. Pics of the location I am at as background. Move from one listed location to another by swiping the page, sun phase, moon phase, wind speed and direction……. there is so much I would need way more space to tell. And yes there are ads but they are few and discreet. Yeah Yahoo gets a great big thumbs up.

  24. It’s been my mainstay weather app for a long time–gives me exactly the info I find most useful in the widget, and the precipitation alerts are nice. But in the last few months it started alerting me about all sorts of places nowhere near me. Sometimes it’s a place about 20 miles away, which can be vaguely useful. Most times it’s places 6,000 miles away and completely useless. Silver lining: I’m learning all sorts of new geography tidbits when I google the newest “where is that??” alert. None of my other apps indicate that my gps location is goofed, so I’m not sure what’s up.

  25. I downloaded this app again after erasing it previously because of intrusive ads. The ads are still there without an option to pay to go ad free, but are much less annoying. Visually, it’s a very nice app and easy to find what you’re looking for. I haven’t verified the accuracy of the forecasts, but they seem to be within a few degrees of most other reputable weather sites. Unfortunately, the radar doesn’t work and the app crashes every time I try to access it. Other than that, it’s decent!

  26. Occasionally, the app shows a glitch in times/temps. For instance, in the hourly forecast, it will show 9, 10, 11 PM, etc., then go from 3 AM to 7 PM with that temp. I do like having 5 or 10-day options, and the ability to switch/add cities for travel or out of town family, and no gaps like some apps.

  27. David_S_ dice:

    It’s a pretty app, but there’s no functionality for viewing, for instance, next-day forecast details. The website is 100 times better. The app has none of the features of the website and, like all of the other weather apps, is just an ad platform that sucks up user data. Installed and deleted in the space of three minutes.

  28. Cejae dice:

    Overall I’m really happy with this app. It’s simple and too the point. Love the photos and animated weather. Covers daily COVID numbers for each individual city, moon/sun rise and set times, wind speed, week in advance, pollen, weather alerts, etc. However not a fan of the adds in the background. Wish they had a no ads upgrade option to purchase. Thus 4/5 stars.

  29. I love this app and have used it for around 8 years, but recently my widget will not show flickr pictures. I’ll check the box and everytime I come back to widget menu the box is unchecked. I can’t get it to stay checked. This was one of my favorite features, I’ve always enjoyed the flickr pictures matching current weather. My phone is a T-Mobile Revvl 4+ running on Android 11. If this problem was fixed I’ll change my review to 5 stars. Other than that problem I absolutely love app

  30. Overall it’s a reliable weather app. However, it’s a bit behind in displaying weather alerts. Still showed heat watch alert 24 hrs after heat warning was issued. Also, it’s slow to boot up. Biggest concern is that it doesn’t give the dew point. Positive points are reliable temps, radar and 5 days forecast. Needs some tweaking.

  31. I like the app, just one minor flaw. I installed the Yahoo app on my iPhone to replace the AccuWeather app which had become way intrusive with ads and it works great, so I decided to do the same on my Galaxy S7. My problem is that I typically work with the tablet in landscape (horizontal) position and this app only works in portrait (vertical). Most apps I use rotate when I change the tablet`s orientation. It would be nice if this app did, but as it does not, I can’t use it on my tablet.

  32. Fast, reasonably accurate (Oklahoma is a hard target due to constantly changing weather!) All on a single “page”. In my experience, ads are no longer as intrusive as they were in the beginning… However, I liked this app a bit better before they put ads into it.

  33. This is the ONLY weather app that shows you not what the temp is, but actually how it feels. The pictures are beautiful, and the immediate details few, direct, and easy to read at a glance. No stupid graphs, charts, or cluttered window. No details too tiny for those without 20-yr old vision. Also, it is a delight to open my phone to see a lovely picture of my city at that hour–sunset picture at sunset, etc., over which is superimposed rain, sunshine… whatever the weather is. Yahoo, this app was hard to find among other weather apps–you really should show your app icon as a photo.

  34. I have been using this app for a few years. I installed & uninstalled a few times as well because it didn’t always worked out the way I wanted to. In the past two years or so it stopped letting me add other cities and/or loactions. When I typed in other cities or locations, it kept showing the same city or location where I was in. I had to use other apps for other cities and/or locations. I don’t think anyone is really trying hard to make improvement on this app. There is NO updates at all. 🙁

  35. Overall like the app, but started to get lots of weather notifications for locations that are not in my places. These are locales that I have driven past on the interstate. Cannot find any cache of locations and do not want to turn off weather notifications. May have to remove the app.

  36. This app is wrong over 90 percent of the time. Whether it’s the current weather or forecast it’s almost always off. Beautiful images but I have no idea where they get their weather information. For example, the past week it’s been saying rain and thunderstorms in my area. Didn’t happen. All my other weather apps didn’t have rain in the forecast. Just this one. It’s still looking rain. It’s the only one way off.

  37. Beautiful interface, the background photos are aesthetically pleasing and change from day to night to reflect the time of day! Awesome!! It has sufficient information and is pretty accurate. But, it shares too much information with third parties!!

  38. Needs an Ad-Free version, please Yahoo! This app works remarkably well across a range of devices with clear, concise information. The ads are not horrible, but kind of annoying first-thing. I gave this a shot after AccuWeather’s latest “update” does nothing but crash on my phone. Mom’s iPad has been using Yahoo Wearher for three years with no complaints, many friends use it as well. Thus far, I’m impressed… HOWEVER: I’d gladly pay for an Ad-Free version of this, seriously.

  39. I loved this app. I found the immediate and extended forecast to be accurate. The radar map was clear and had a great time lapse feature. The app just updated. What happened?! The dates for the extended forecast are gone. The radar map, if that is what the map is supposed to be, is so dark I can’t see anything and the whole look is cartoonish. Yahoo weather should have gone with the adage, if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT! Ugh.

  40. Rob Rob dice:

    Is ok. Now stops auto refresh weather, u now have to do it manually which is a pain. Too much competition to no longer have this feature. Yahoo just lazy with this app, more concerned how much ads they can give than provide a reliable app.

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