Local Weather:Weather Forecast MODDED 2022

Local weather forecast app, your personal 7*24 local weather forecast assistant.
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Local weather forecast, your personal weather assistant. With Local Weather Forecast, you can travel with confidence. It provides weather info and weather data browsing, accurate weather forecast information in 24 hours, accurate forecast for many days in the future.

################ Main Features ###############

# Real-time Local Weather Forecast
Hourly Temperature, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, humidity, UV Index, visibility distance unites, dew point, elevation and cloud cover condition. Also it contains Radar Map that offering you to check the local weather condition information easily. Thoughtful data like Air Quality, Out Door Sports Index sunrise time, sunset time are also offered for you.

# Local real-time weather and natural disaster Alert
Early warning affected area, start time, end time, Alert summary, original warning and data source. Prompt protection in advance

# Weather forecast for the next 24 hours
Hourly temperature, Feels like, weather phase, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, rain snow ice probability, wind direction speed gust, Cloud Cover. 24-hour Weather Forecast ,View anytime, anywhere . Hourly weather, know as soon as you slip.

# Weather forecast for the next 10 days
Provide daily temperature, weather phase, humidity, UV index, rain snow icing probability, lightning probability, wind direction/speed/gust, sunrise sunset time. Plan food, clothing, housing and transportation in advance . Forecast long-term weather, happy plan, happy play.

# Rain probability in the next 10 days
The bar graph displays the trend of rain probability. Watch the dynamic map of rainfall radar

# Wind direction information for the next 10 days
The line graph shows the level of the direction and the direction change trend.

# Air Quality Index
PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO2, SO2, O3, quality level.

# Other weather information
Dew point, Visibility, UV Index.

# Weather radar chart
Various cloud images can be displayed, making it easy to browse weather forecast information.

# Sunrise and sunset
Beautiful sunrise and sunset animation effects and moon phase information.

# City Management
The weather in the city you care about is clear at a glance. You can manually add and remove cities, adjust the order of cities, set the city and weather forecast for notifications and widgets.

# Weather information unit and format setting
Temperature: C, F
Precipitation: mm, in, cm
Visibility: mile, m, km
Wind speed: mp/h, km/h, mi/h, m/s
Pressure: bar, hPa, atm, mmHg
Hour format: 12 hour, 24 hour
Date format: yyyy/mm/dd(2021/01/29), mm/dd/yyyy(29/01/2021), dd/mm/yyyy(01/29/2021)

# Support multiple languages

Download and experience the accurate local weather forecast.

Enjoy your daily life and stay safe!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide a better experience for you.
[email protected]


1. Optimize user experience
2. Fix known bugs


51 comentarios en "Local Weather:Weather Forecast MODDED 2022"

  1. Pros: The app opens quickly – has a good variety of information – “Perfect photography light” section; Cons: window direction arrows show opposite directions, which is confusing (I would buy the app if this glitch is fixed) – wind speed in current condition shows in Beaufort scale instead of mph – “Add city” button (+) won’t go back unless tapping it multiple times – the free version has too many ads, making it nearly impossible to use without restarting – custom layout not available for free

  2. I love this app but unfortunately it’s all of a sudden not working right. It automatically picks my location and it’s the wrong city for default and doesn’t give the opportunity to get rid of it. I can add my correct city and set as default but wrong one doesn’t go away and can’t delete. Very annoying to me. I have excellent 5g connectivity so not sure why can’t detect my location and I paid for the app as well. Very disappointed ☹️.

  3. Very good, app and detailed information on the weather. The accuracy is very important to me, so it meets my expectations very well. Better than most other weather apps out there, that are free. I bought weather apps before and they were from ok to excellent, in the past. Keep up the good work, and Thanks.

  4. MelMin M dice:

    App started out great…nice graphics and easy to navigate. But the ads are incredibly annoying. Everytime I navigate to a new screen, one comes up that says “Final Step”. I can close out easily enough, but it’s a hassle. But worse was another one came up when I went back to Themes…it was a bible app that took a long time to finish, but then got me stuck in an endless loop to download it. No way to get out. Had to close app and reopen. That’s a deal breaker!

  5. Installed yesterday. I’m impressed enough that I purchased the app to get rid of the ads. Very nice app. Good info. I have been looking for one that showed the dew point prediction. Dew point is the real indication of how muggy it feels. Something I’d like is a smaller widget option. A small circle showing the temp and a icon for current conditions would be perfect. I don’t need to see the time.

  6. Dennis C dice:

    Terrific app! And less than 2 years old. Already one of my top 2 weather apps (Shadow weather has proven very accurate for me) & I’ve tried sooo many other weather apps. Accuracy 1st or they’re quickly uninstalled as useless. Lots of information & great presentation. Our family has lots of allergies & this app is exceptional with that. Only things I’d like to see is improved radar plus pressure trend rather than just a point in time reading. Highly recommended!

  7. Gary dice:

    My favorite weather app. A little difficult at first to find info like “cloud cover %”, also, I would like to have the previous day’s hi & lo temperatures shown. Very nice daily visual charts of ranges in temperature, rainfall, & wind. Graphs of daily barometric pressures would be nice. Worth the one time fee, but I don’t like other apps that want paid “subscriptions” every year.

  8. Used to be a good app. I didn’t even mind the ads, they weren’t improperly placed. Now, I wouldn’t advise anyone to use this app. The ads now pop up when you try to click on a watch or warning and you cant skip the ads to see the watch or warning. You have to wait out the ad. Several times i couldnt even shut the ad when it finished and had to forget about reading the weather watch for my area.

  9. Fox Cole dice:

    BEST weather app! I’ve tried so many, even multiple times (forgetting why I uninstalled them, or giving them another chance). Never again. I LOVE Local Weather! Given permission, it delivers the weather information where I am. (In Weather Channel, set to “follow me” you still have to tap the menu and tap current location to see local weather, instead of your “favorited” location.) THIS app’s information is complete, easy to reach, sometimes unique. Best photo lighting? Yes, and thanks!

  10. Starts with a great, clean UI. But then the scrolling starts, up, side, up, side, up, side – how can you code this without noticing how painful it is? If you’re going with side-scrolled, at least squeeze 8hrs on the screen. Some tack-ons are nice (like photography) others (like Allergy) mostly useless. Hint: if you have to explain your rain/snow icons, they’re not good. It is 4 star except zero UI customization without paying.

  11. Ok, this isn’t worth taking a star off but the widgets are WAYYY too big. I’d love to see a customizable 5×1 or 3×1 where you could set transparency and maybe change font color. Past that, the app itself is a 5 star app on initial impressions. I had no problem buying the ad free and custom layout experience. If the overall forecast accuracy is on par, I’ll be very happy using this app in years to come.

  12. Last week and a half, whenever I try to open app, it opens to Location, and sits there, spinning it’s buffering icon. If I click to Manage Locations, it gives me an ad, then I can see my locations, I click the location I want, click back to main page, and it reverts to the buffering clock. No updates are indicated, so… an unusable app!

  13. Mikki dice:

    New user but it’s great so far. I use a minimalist launcher that I love but that unfathomably doesn’t have a weather widget. This app has proven to be the next best thing because it uses full-color notification that consequently sits and updates on my lock screen until I delete it. Like all other notifications, the full app then opens if I tap the notification…The app itself is easy to read and navigate without being bloated with to many ads. I’d recommend.

  14. The app provides good information. The ads are severely intrusive. So severe that when I clicked on a weather alert that had been issued, a full screen ad video popped up. Had to wait before the close X appeared. When I closed it, it took me out of the app to the play store download area of the app that was just advertised! I had to force close the app to go back in and read the alert. I was trying to test run this weather app before paying for it, but forget it. I’ll find something else.

  15. I downloaded a few apps at once to go along with one I pay for and this is the only free one I kept. This app seems to be right on with my weather, the notifications for rain, really signal if it’s going to rain, which most that I downloaded did not. I’m hoping it is just as accurate for tornado season. I love the interface and all the options are easy to find and understand. I also love the seven day outlook and decided to add it to the widget.

  16. [UPDATE on Dec 8, 2021] It seems this app was updated in late November. I’m now using version 1.6.1. Unfortunately, the two major problems haven’t been fixed. It still freezes. I don’t know when it actually happens but maybe when the network is switched between WIFI and mobile network? Also, the notification turns completely white (blank) sometimes. So, I have to downgrade this app with three stars. Please fix them so I don’t need to give up! I have found another small suggestion. The blue and red marks indicate low and high temperatures, right? When the horizontal time series does not show the times of low/high temperature of the day, the graph still shows blue/red marks for the low/high temperatures within the time range shown, which I think is very confusing. The blue/red marks should be for the low/high of the day, not within time frame visible in the chart. [UPDATE on Nov 19, 2021] I have been using this app for a week and still love this. But there are a couple of problems. The app sometimes freeze. I can’t swipe, touch etc. I need to restart it. Probably related to this problem, the notification also becomes blank (totally white with no information). I have to turn off “Notification Bar” once and turn it on again. Please fix these problems as I can’t fine a better (in terms of the information provided, stylish look & layout) weather app than this one! [Original post] In the past, I tried many weather apps. I loved very much the one I was using but it seemed it was no longer supported and getting buggy. So, I have decided to try this app. I’m so impressed with the nice, simple and clean look & feel. Symbols, colors, font style & size and layout & spacing are wonderful (I don’t use the live background for simplicity). Very easy to catch up the forecast. I really like the order of the sections (current weather -> horizontally scrollable hourly forecast -> horizontally scrollable daily forecast) which is the same order as the one I previously loved. The notification with the current weather and three-hourly forecast with a line chart of the temperature is the best I have seen. It is a nice touch to add blue and red markers for the low and high temperatures. So, I will definitely use this app from now on. I have a few suggestions and requests. First and foremost, please, please add low/high temperatures in the main section, which most of the apps I tried do. Right now (e.g. at 7am), I have to horizontally scroll the hourly forecast to find the high temperature (e.g. at 2pm) or scroll down to the daily forecast section. Second, the current location was not accurate when I first launched this. It detected the nearby city. An hour later, when I moved to another room and went to “Manage Location”, it showed the correct location. So, I wonder if this inaccurate detection happens a lot even within my home. Please calibrate this (many other apps I tried were mostly accurate). Third, please add a date header in the “More Details” layout for the hourly forecast. When scrolling up and down, it is easy to get lost on which day I’m looking at. I suggest to add a date like “Thursday, November 11th” between 11:00pm and 12:00am. Fourth, it would be great if I can reorder the sections. I want to see “Sun & Pressure” before or after “Precipitation”. Along the same line, I would suggest to make the sun and wind turbine static. Why only these are moving while other symbols are static? Finally, I see the moon phase in “Sun & Pressure” but it would be also great to see moonrise and moonset and probably the animation of the moon similar to the sun’s. Thank you for a great weather app! I hope you can support it for a long time so I can use it as long as I want.

  17. I’ve been using this app for a couple of months. I tried a bunch of other weather apps and I like this one the best. Simple layout that I can quickly see what the weather will be like before work. Hourly temp, precipitation, wind, ect forcasts have all been accurate (within reason). I’ve had zero problems with this app. It has ads but they are tolerable. I ended up recently paying for the premium version (one time payment) because I use it everyday and figured it’s worth it.

  18. All the glowing reviews must be using the paid version. I clicked on the icon to play the radar loop and it prompted me to upgrade to premium. Living in Florida, I need to know where the thunderstorms are coming from and how fast they’re moving. Both Weatherbug and my local TV station’s weather app have this feature in the free version. Unacceptable and uninstalled.

  19. Having tried/used multiple weather apps, this one has me very pleased. I’m referring to it very frequently and only complain about switching back to/from previously selected locations. Also would like a reference point or track for pressure changes. Another difficulty, the name is not distinct from other similar weather apps in playstore. Hard to distinguish “this particular one” in play store. Have had to use the “share with others” menu to really pinpoint this app.

  20. I’ve been looking for a SIMPLE weather app with 3 simple functions. No stupid animations/background pics/dynamic backgrounds that can’t even be turned off. This fulfills that. Ability to remove sections I don’t want, and the ability to move the different sections to my preferred order. Nope and nope. All seem kinda simple, but apparently for app developers it’s an impossible task. Uninstalled. I’ll just keep asking Google Assistant until someone figures out how to make a simple app.

  21. More detail on local maps would be useful, but that will likely be built in as the app matures. What is currently included is both good and accurate, and the UI is well-organized. I rapidly enlarged and reduced magnification. The UI remained responsive. Animation was clean, with sharp outlines during redraws. Good job!

  22. amzingrl dice:

    So far best weather app! Colorful, useful, and choices! I wud like 2 see more widget choices esp size, make it customizable in everything be great! Putting temp nums up in notifications bar to run along w/ the screen being closed was awesome! I would love to see is no ads. There’s overlap and its hard to read. If weather is raging I need to find the info quickly. I love how the backgrounds change as well as the widget according to weather and time of day. Best of all accurate weather reports

  23. I’m really liking this app. Easy to read and accurate. 🙂 The only thing I wish I was able to adjust, is the location. Mine picked up the town next to me. When I added my town, I was able to set it as default, but then both of them show under the notification area. Haven’t found a way too change that.

  24. I think the interface is very appealing. I haven’t used this app long enough to comment on the accuracy of the weather forecast. After 7 days, though, I am concerned. I have 2 other weather apps and I am comparing them carefully. Like all weather apps, the long range forecast is subject to several changes by the time you get to about day 3 or 4. I am really hoping to keep this one because I think the developers have done the best design work of anything currently available.

  25. I love the look and features, with the exception of being able to delete a location. It shows my ” Current Location” as somewhere I’m not, and I can’t get rid of it. I’m able to add locations but can’t delete. It doesn’t save my default location. Very Disappointed. Update: much better! Recommend.

  26. bleesdo dice:

    I’ve tried several weather apps, but never got what I thought was really up to date and accurate weather predictions. This app is concise and gives me just what I want. Hourly and daily forecasts are easy to read and spot on. My only knock is the radar. A little hard to tell sometimes in the precipitation filter. I actually downloaded another app for the radar. No weather app does it all for me, but this one is the best I’ve found.

  27. Does the radar on this app get any better if you pay for the app? Because the free version of the radar is really quite low res and awful. I have a storm moving into the area, and this radar barely shows anything more than a glob. Other radars show much more detail. I wish I could see the radar in motion without having to pay $4.99 to upgrade. The rest of the app is very clean with all the important information. I also wish I could see the recent barometric pressure history for trend purposes.

  28. Graphics are good. Pretty darn accurate which is rare for this area. The radar is good, not fantastic. I wish you could lock in the satellite image for your area, instead of punching it up everytime. I am new to the app, so haven’t explored all the features but so far, so good!

  29. Very nice display and features. Only problem was that the ads are too intrusive — and one, about a “military telescope”, refused to be discarded with the “back” button. I had to background the app and kill it. Completely unacceptable. Uninstalled after a single activation. I truly hope it didn’t install some hidden snooper. At least, my security apps haven’t detected any, yet.

  30. The app has a couple of bugs. It shows the temp in the corner my phone. But it displays the wrong temp. And inorder to fix it you have to open up the app. But when I do that part of the program is stuck. You can tap all day and nothing will change. Fix those bugs and it will be a great app

  31. I haven’t used this app for very long, but so far I like it very much. It shows the daily forecast, the weekly forecast, and a radar map in a very easy & simple foremat. The ads aren’t overly intrusive. It’s just what I need. After I’ve used the app longer I’ll come back & update this review.

  32. Jay Jay dice:

    Best weather app I have come across. My Mum downloaded it first & was really taken by its accuracy; its predictions are good to the minute! My sister bought the premium version; she said it’s worth it just to schedule dog walks between rain showers. I’m not such a weather watcher, so the free app’s ok. Adverts aren’t too annoying but I wish the controls on the adverts were obvious & consistent. I’d like to be able to add more than 1 location but perhaps that’s available in the paid version.

  33. Sebastien dice:

    Quite happy for now with the app. Almost unusable for the free version considering how invasive the ads are. But the paid version is really nice, very easy to use. UI is neat, and the forecast are very reliable so far. As a daily bike commuter, I enjoy the UI widget showing the likelihood of rain or the showers in the next 120min.

  34. Free version eventually has annoying ads so paid small fee for ad free version. Easy to use and accurate 90% of the time. One negative thing is they no longer show wind speed in mph even tho that’s my setting. Instead it’s show as “beaufort scale“. Hate that!!

  35. Love this weather app!! I like that youso can have it use current location. I live in a mountain valley with a lake in the middle. A river runs in and out of the lake. The weather is different on one side from the other side of the lake and Valley. So the current location feature is very 😎 cool. Thank You.

  36. Detailed weather info 1stpg. Visually appealing background pictures of location. Quick easy and very accurate. Popup ad on entry page very annoying is worst feature, need banner at bottom or something less intrusive.

  37. Peter Lim dice:

    So far so good. The accuracy is better than some apps. Like that it forecast estimated arrival time of rain which is very useful. However, some locations cannot be found and added into Favourites.

  38. An excellent weather app. Lots of relevant weather detail which is as accurate as is possible for an app. There are a few similar apps in play store but in my opinion this is the best one. Really a great weather app; worth downloading!

  39. Brandi R dice:

    It is great that it has a compact widget but it is extremely frustrating that it only wants to give me my current location. I live in a large city and I need to know what the weather is 10-20 miles away since that is a normal commute here.

  40. I find this app to be quite thorough, accurate sunset and sunrise timing and alerts are pushed for severe weather warnings. The on-screen widget is quite helpful for me. Overall this is the best one I personally came across and I 100% recommend

  41. Elbee dice:

    Great weather app. Free basic weather info which is great. No subscriptions required for extras, just a one off payment if you want extra detailed forecasts. App is very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. I dumped AccuWeather as the ads were annoying as hell, this app gives me everything I had before so I was more than happy to pay that one off charge to support the Devs. Cheers

  42. Very nice app! Clean, easy to read and know about “Now”, as well as whats up ahead. Very detailed info, yet brief enough to be quickly informed & armed for the rains, on the way. App is efficient and worthy to check-out. Ive been dissapointed in many other’s I’ve tried, I believe it just depends on the phone, give it a try maybe you’ll be as pleased as I am.

  43. EFK dice:

    Started getting full screen pop up ads for other unrelated apps when opening this app. The type that offer you to install. I have the paid version. This is a HUGE turn off which may cause me to delete the app.

  44. Been using the BBC APP. Now I have to register to use it. Next step will be a £20 charge annually. No way for me. This app is the best I’ve found to replace it. Keep up the good work. One comment. Don’t need the fancy background. If you have old eyes they interfere. How about a plain black one for the over 60s?

  45. So far I really like this app. Very nice graphics and well layed out. I wish the ‘radar’ feature had more detail like the Weather Channel has. Also is there a way to get notices of impending severe weather? I did pay for use of the app to avoid ads and I’m glad I did.

  46. EL Bacon dice:

    I recently purchased ad-free Premium, yet I am still getting ads and still being asked to upgrade, even while still being able to make changes only available to those who upgraded. When I hit Restore Purchase, nothing happens/changes.

  47. Tammy B dice:

    Weather forecasting doesn’t seem any better or worse than my regular app. Ads are annoying. I installed this yesterday to keep track of a weather system moving through and every time I opened it would have a pop-up ad and an arrow to play it faster but it wouldn’t and another arrow would pop-up to play it faster so I would click that and it wouldn’t go faster and then finally the exit X would show up. I’ll keep my regular pre-installed weather app that doesn’t have any ads.

  48. It was a good app until 2 days ago. It’s stuck and won’t update the weather. I’ve restarted my phone 4 times. It’s not the phone, it’s definitely the app! I wasted $4.99 for the “no ads” but I’ll be uninstalling it. Nice colorful themes but I need current weather!

  49. ** dice:

    This weather app had a low rating but let me tell u it’s the most accurate weather app .I’ve tried the others and they don’t even compare specially in the summer out here when it gets up to 126 degrees this app is accurate the readings are the same as my wall mounted temperature gauge. So yep I would highly recommend this app.

  50. So far, this is the best weather app I have seen. I’ve used alot of weather apps but this one has all the essential information I need. I compared it with the other apps I had, this apps data was right in line with the other ones except this app was less messy as far as UI is concerned. THAT, I appreciate! Well done devs! I summarily deleted the other apps, and paid for this one. I suggest to others to try this app out. You won’t be disappointed.

  51. Easy to use and understand. I appreciate the wind measurements as well. The ads are annoying, but not S annoying as ads on other weather apps. And if I keep using this I’ll probably just pay the flat $5 to go ad free.

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