3D EARTH PRO – local weather forecast & rain radar MODDED 2022


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Accurate forecasts & weather alerts, widgets, ozone layer, UV index, hurricane.
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Meet the wonderful 3D Earth. The most beautiful app, ever!
This unique application combining: weather forecast, clocks, widgets and a beautiful view from the space to our Earth.
Accurate weather conditions and forecast is the main feature of this app.
The unique weather forecast algorithm has access to thousands of weather stations. It allows making a mostly accurate forecast for each location around the world!

Current weather condition has a detailed description, air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, dew point, pressure, visibility, as well as comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.

Weather forecast information has a detailed description, day and night air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, UV index, air quality, ozone, geomagnetic storms, the probability of precipitation, and comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.

– Real-time 3D rendered Earth
– Rain Radar provided by Rain Viewer
– The world clock for each location
– Weather condition for more than 150 000 locations around the world with 15 days and hourly forecasts
– Beautiful charts for 15 days and 48 hours forecast
– Sunrise and Sunset time
– Accurate 15 day weather forecast
– Weather widgets with weather forecast
– Weather notifications and weather alerts
– Weather forecast for multiple locations all around the world
– Fabulous animated wallpaper with 3D Earth
– Local time in 12 or 24-hour format
– “Feels Like” temperature and weather bug forecast too
– Humidity and precipitation forecast information, pressure in inches, mm or mbar
– Fahrenheit or Celsius and Miles or Kilometers
– Easy navigation between cities
– Barometer and pressure forecast for you
– UV index and forecast
– Precipitation probability forecast
– Visibility on the roads
– Space weather forecast
– Dew point in forecast weather channel
– Share forecast, alerts, by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and other ways
– Live Weather notification indicators in the status bar

Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Moscow, Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo or any other location worldwide – get accurate weather forecasts wherever you go.

For assistance, please contact us.
[email protected]


Minor bug fixed


4 comentarios en "3D EARTH PRO – local weather forecast & rain radar MODDED 2022"

  1. John Hoit dice:

    💩 6 month update: still can’t trust it. When I pick up the phone, accurate information should already be present. I shouldn’t have to hit refresh every time to update. This app is totally unreliable and inaccurate. I bought this at a deep discount and spent too much. And for a paid app, the first time I started it, I was presented with a large ad urging me to buy another upgrade. 💩

  2. BebéTechManiac 2018 dice:

    Minor bug files… not much, but is something 🙂 hopefully 4 good/ Upd.I hope an update for Android12 is their way, a year without updates. / 2 days using it… when it says that the day will be a rainy day, it doesn’t fails. The first day I posted that rain was coming, 30 minutes later the post was confirmed and a relative posted a picture of the rain on my post. Great app, nice and effective. The data accurate, is getting it from a good source. The widget and life wallpaper, a very nice extra.

  3. Dallin Swenson dice:

    Can’t contact support, times out when I click contact, paid app expect better, can’t access a location via map, only by adding it to favorites, if going somewhere want to see weather, hassle adding it to my favorites, huge map can’t select a location? Forecast calendar shows weekends in RED, doesn’t show days, have to count to figure out Mon., Tues. Weather accuracy yet to be determined will advise, says 74 degrees tomorrow, other app says 86…..

  4. David Stewart dice:

    It’s quite a nice app, but the forecast data is mad. For example, it is showing today is high temp of 27, however, then shows that it’s currently 32 and feels like 37! Yesterday it kept telling me it was raining when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! If the information being provided is useless, it doesn’t matter how slick the interface is!

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