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Beautiful, and there is no advertisement at all.
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Weawow is a free (and ad-free) weather app enhanced by beautiful weather-related photos taken by photographers around the world.
The photos reflect the current weather at your location, showing you whether it’s fair, cloudy, rainy, snowy, so you can decide whether you’ll need your umbrella or your sunglasses when you go out.
When you open the Weawow app, you’re likely to encounter unexpected “Wow” photos, rather than a boring, text-based forecast. And that’s not all: if you take “Wow” photos yourself, you can post your “Wow” photos from our Website. Then, we can integrate them into the app, where they’ll be seen by weather watchers all over the world (the app is available in over 50 languages).
The app’s layout is customizable, allowing you to select what to display like rain, wind gust, pressure, UV index, etc.
The Weawow is sustained by user donations. If you like the Weawow and want to support the Weawow project, please donate to us.
Of course, this is not mandatory, so please feel free to use the app.

– Changeable weather providers: NWS (NOAA), DWD, Meteo France, AEMET, MET Norway, Dark Sky, AerisWeather, Weatherbit, World Weather Online, Open Weather map, (AccuWeather, Foreca).
– Free without advertisement: No annoying advertisements are displayed at all.
– Detailed weather: Temperature, Feels-like temperature, Rain, Humidity, Dew point, Clouds, Pressure, Wind, Wind gust, UV index, visibility, Snow depth. Temp., Rain, Wind, Wind gust, Pressure, Dew point, Humidity, Cloud cover, UV index, Visibility, Snowfall, Feels like, Solar radiation.
– Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and 50 more languages.
– Sun and Moon: Sunrise time, sunset time, twilight, moon phases, full moon day, new moon day, age of the moon.
– Air Quality (WAQI), Severe Weather Alerts, Pollen (only AccuWeather and USA).

– Bookmark: Manage your favorite places with bookmarks. You can change them by swiping left / right.
– Simple interface: You can get the necessary information by simply scrolling down the screen.

– Weather Providers: NOAA, RainViewer, MET Norway, MSC.
– Globe (14 days forecast): You can check the wind animation and various weather layers with the 3D earth.
– Google Maps (Radar & 1 day forecast): You can check the real rainfall radar with the Google Maps.

– As you like: You can freely change the layout to display daily weather, hourly weather, radar, etc.
– Sort order: You can change the priority of weather type like Temperature, Rain, Wind, Wind gust, Pressure, UV index.
– Weather Icon: You can change it from various weather icons.
– Choose your favorite theme: Dark theme and white theme are available.

– As you like: You can always check the weather you care about, such as the hourly UV index on your home screen.
– Widget themes: Simple, Clock, Hourly Graph, Daily Graph, Currently, Today, Hourly, Daily.

– Push notification: Notifies the weather forecast for that day at the specified time.
– On-going notification: weather information up to 8 hours ahead, weekly weather, current weather.

– You can post and sell your photos from Weawow’s browser service.
– The posted photos are automatically displayed after being matched with the weather in the application as well.


40 comentarios en "Weather & Widget – Weawow MODDED"

  1. Really liking this one so far. I tried a couple of other weather apps after the Apple killing of DarkSky (which I had paid for). I like the widgets and notification options. No intrusive ads is also awesome. I eventually had to uninstall it because it keeps sending alerts to my Garmin smartwatch. If I could have turned that off, I might have kept it.

  2. It’s a decent app but mine is constantly switching weather info providers seemingly at random. I have it set for the National Weather Service (USA) and it seems to drop that in favor of the MET service in Norway whenever it sees fit. The two services often differ by as much as 10 degrees, sometimes more. Refreshing the app will give me different information every time, including totally changing forecasts. Needs better consistency.

  3. J So dice:

    The developer fixed the issue and it’s back to being great. It’s been great until today. It can’t load weather/can’t find internet and keeps telling me to reload. All other web based apps are finding the internet. Might have to switch. I’ll try a reboot and see what happens. I tried this app after Apple bought Dark Skies. It’s been a great replacement. I liked it enough to download it onto my new phone 3 days ago.

  4. Initially positive. Lack of ads a Godsend! Still puzzled about choosing NWS (US) , then having to choose a secondary source. I guess that the NWS is not always available? Also, needs an option for audio signalling when severe weather is coming. Still, better than anything else I’ve used in years on the Play store! Keep up the good work.👍

  5. I like this app and have used it for awhile. Since the latest update, the on-going notification does not display the full information unless there is another notification present. If I have no other notifications, then it only displays the current temperature. Not sure if this is fixable, but I hope it is. Edit 12/30/22: The most recent update fixed this problem!

  6. GPS accuracy is awful, it is always at least 100 yards off, but usually to a quarter of a mile. They say to restart and stuff, but nothing works. The other apps work just fine for accuracy, but this one sucks on a Samsung S10+. Update: I have Un-installed and re-installed this app a couple of times, but as long as I am outside, it shows the proper location, but as soon as I go inside my house, I am about a quarter of a mile down the road. I live out in the country, not in the city.

  7. Love the app. Really pretty. But current temp in app and in widget is not the same as temp in status bar, or on lock screen. To be clear, the app/widget seem to have correct temp. The status bar/lock screen keeps falling to a default 48 degrees for some reason. — I figured it out. The status bar always shows lowest temp for day. No matter what setting I specify.

  8. Love the android widget! This is my favorite minimalist weather widget. Temperature and a nice conditions icon is perfect for me, but you might like the bigger options that start looking like a meteorologist’s command center. Then click through to the app, and see everything you need to see. Hourly forecast, 7 day, NOAA alerts and warnings, radar, and more. No ads for me….5 stars!

  9. **Update: Clock widget issue serms to be resolved. Thank you! ** Great, detailed weather info! I found it difficult to get through the initial setup & customization, but very happy with the results – 5-star level! However after recent update, widget keeps losing my clock, so I have to go in & out of the app for it to show up again, but it only stays temporarily. So, I can’t see the time anymore, or access the alarms, timers, etc. without going in& out of weather details. (Google Pixel 5a)

  10. I am shocked how many other weather apps are incomplete reports. Tells me the air quality but not humidity.. Why not show everything?.. This app shows everything, It’s great. With a few tweaks I would not hesitate to purchase a pro version, if there was one. Only complaint I have, sometimes I have 2 notifications from this…. Just show me the pretty one with background image. If I could expand that notification for more information about the current weather stats, even better. Keep up the goo

  11. Been using it for a while now, and I’m pretty happy with it overall. It isn’t lacking any major features, and it seems pretty reliable and accurate. And as an added bonus, it’s truly free to use. Also, the customizable widgets are great, though given the choice I’d like a 7 hour version of the “24 Hours” widget. Yes, there is a “7 Hours” widget, but you lose the graphs, and it only displays one type of information at a time (ex, you can have temperature or precipitation, but not both).

  12. This app is way nicer than the one it’s replacing. I really like the fact that the widget automatically updates the temp without having to launch the app, unlike 1Weather. One of two improvements I can think of would be eliminating the rather large space between time/date and temp/location. There’s not a lot of real estate on the Android phone home screen to begin with, and eliminating that space will streamline the appearance. Two, I dont like my home address displayed. My city is enough.

  13. Wow is a very accurate app, specially with the additional data providers that you’ll have access to with the paid version (totally worth it). In fact, I just switch to Wow from eWeather after using it for 8 years, because the information is more accurate in Wow. But, I really CAN’T STAND all the photos behind the displayed data, as they make the data hard to read. Could you please add a switch in settings that toggles between photo, and no phto? Thank you.

  14. Help!! Can’t seem to get rid of the weather from Tokio. Other than this bug that never seems to get fixed it’s a great weather app! Consistently updates at regularly scheduled intervals and has about 7 different weather services to choose from for your forecast, and that’s just for the free version. The layout can also be customized to display only the information you want displayed and in the order you choose .

  15. Bob J dice:

    I doubt there’s a better weather app. It looks fantastic, It’s very stable, there are no ads, and it is very customizable. I use it daily. I only wish Google Assistant could get its weather from this app, because the two always report the weather differently. The only thing I think it could do better is load faster. It’s not fair to say it’s slow, but it could definitely be faster.

  16. Jih Wang dice:

    Revised: I switched some of the weather providers around and managed to find one that was somewhat more accurate. I get there’s no perfect forecast, so I’ve revised my rating as the app is well executed. Thanks for your prompt response. —- Old review: This is a beautiful app with tons of features and settings. Unfortunately, its also highly inaccurate. Every other weather report says it will rain in 18 hrs, while this one says it’s raining now. It’s bone dry outside…

  17. This has been my favorite weather app for a long time. It’s the first thing I look at every morning. It has every weather detail you could possibly want, yet is beautifully designed to be neither cluttered nor overwhelming. The developer updates regularly, often adding new features (but never removing things you loved). Choose from several providers (even more if you donate). Monitor weather in multiple locations. And no ads! I haven’t looked at another weather app in years – why would I?

  18. Michelle dice:

    After trying a ton of other weather apps that proved disappointing in one way or another, from cluttered interfaces to difficulty viewing simple forecast data to obtrusive advertising, it was a relief to finally find this one. It’s clean, clear, attractive, and provides me exactly the information I need. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  19. It just works. Good speed on my 2018 mid-level phone with 100+ apps. Doesn’t hog battery or processor. Data seems accurate. Wonderful I can reorder position of screen data. I wish there was setting to turn off photo background, makes the screen text hard to read. Otherwise, very nice screens and interactive charts. This is now the only weather app I use.

  20. Very nice weather app. I have tried them all, and before Weawow I’d usually settle for Google just for the accuracy alone but, this is much better IMO. I like the UI quite a bit, and it’s a very attractive app with all of the imagery reflecting local weather conditions. It seems to be accurate enough, and it has all of the additional info like wind, pressure, air quality, etc that I need and then some. Weawow definitely has the best Widgets too!

  21. Joe Shmoe dice:

    Home screen widgets are blank again (Android 12.1). The problem went away for awhile, but now it’s back. Exact, same symptoms as before. The content appears to be there, because I can tap where the settings icon should be, and it takes me to the settings screen, but it’s all invisible. It’s not drawing correctly… Excellent app otherwise!

  22. Joe Cool dice:

    As a new user I’m impressed with the options and the data. But there is one option I really wish it had for the widget: wind speed and humidity. 1Weather has the best widget, but worst accuracy. Add wind and humidity option to widget and get 5*. I would pay for your app if it had this. I know that info is just a click away, but I would rather have it at a glance.

  23. It’s funny. To give a rave review about a weather app isn’t something I knew I was going to do in life… BUT 100% A+. This app is perfect. No ads. Easy to understand pretty displays… I had a different weather app before this and it drove me crazy. I had to click on a new link for different forecasts or whatever, and there was always an ad that popped up. This app, evening is just really available. It’s actually a breathe of fresh air. But for real, Dutch whatever app you got and get this.

  24. Love this app. Best weather app I’ve found and I’ve tried many. No ads! Every thing is available – temp, pressure, wind, percip, animated wind on map (has detailed–towns, cities, roads–as option), air quality. Drill down details. Selection of weather providers. Sun & Moon. Excellent, A+++, beautiful, well thought out GUI, intuitive and easy to use.

  25. Amazing weather app, have tried a lot in my time but this one has it all!! I hope to see this last for a long time, opted to send a donation to the developer which also opens up even more data! Highly customizable but yet simple to use, would so love to see a desktop version in time! The privacy with this is very very good too, trustworthy!! Keep up the amazing work

  26. Paul Lee dice:

    I very much appreciate the commercial/ad-free part! I have had ads, commercials mess up my web pages, before to the point of Stark infuriation!! And thanks for this great weather app!! The commercials, absolutely need to be halted. I cannot stand even those on tv,/radio, etc!! People know, that the things advertised are available!!

  27. I love it! My favorite weather app I’ve used and the customization is perfect (not too much). I’d love the option to have The Weather Channel be a data provider. According to Forecast Advisor, The Weather Channel is the most accurate in my area. I’d like a widget that had just the next 3 days rather than whole week. I also like seeing the temperature range bar for today and maybe a little white dot on the range to show the current temp (like on the IPhones default weather app)

  28. It’s my favorite weather app: Thank you (to the developers). One question: I set the radar map to not show wind motion arrows (set to off) but as soon as I close that settings window, the arrows are there & moving. I repeatedly turn it off, but it turns itself on when I look at the map. Any suggestions?

  29. Have tried many different weather apps over the years. This is both the most accurate as well as the easiest to use. Type in an address and the app will automatically find the weather for a location that is literally within blocks of the desired location. Simple to use with excellent results. Michael

  30. Absolutely gorgeous weather app. I’ve been using it for several months and it’s been rock solid. The configuration (including choice of weather provider) and display options are great. I’ve tried many other weather apps over several years and this is easily my favorite. Update: 1/7/22: Still loving this weather app. Absolutely gorgeous, accurate with your choice of weather sources. Used it for a year on my Pixel 5, now on my Pixel 6 Pro, along with Nova. Perfect! Update 11/08/2 Still the best!

  31. I’ve just downloaded this weather app based on the very positive reviews. Within just a few minutes, I’ve been very impressed with the graphics, design, user-friendly interface, and absence of ads. With more time, I’ll be able to judge its accuracy. As a cyclist who tries to avoid riding in the rain, the accuracy of rain & wind predictions and radar maps are very important to me. I’m hoping for a fast, reliable forecast with dependable radar maps. Update: 9/21/2022 Still a great weather app. ☔

  32. I love this weather app! Previously I had the Weather Channels app, thinking it would be reliable because of the Weather Channels reputability… It was the worst, constantly crashing. I downloaded this app with low expectations but it has proved to be fantastic. Very reliable, very accurate, and all the info you could ever want out of a weather app. I especially love the visual representations of all the info they provide. So happy I gave it a chance.

  33. I thought I had tried all the weather apps, none of them had everything I was looking for. I don’t know how I missed this one but it’s perfect. Soooo customizable, and the widget options are really where it’s at. I wanted something that could replace “at a glance” since it started bugging out with Android 11. The widgets for this app more than replace it. And it’s ad free! Take my money. The only thing missing, which is minor, is an allergy forecast. Otherwise two thumbs up!

  34. Taking a star off for accuracy issues. It was much better, but now it changes significantly within minutes of coming time which had a completely opposite forecast beforehand. I know weather is unpredictable, but these changes were really drastic. I love the radar system and the idea behind the app in trying to remain free and ad free by operating on donations. I’ve actually donated myself because I believe in the cause and “the little guy” in the world of weather. Bottom line, it’s slipping now.

  35. Accurate, easy to read and ALL the info I want at my fingertips! I was hesitant, to say the least. My default weather app was not updating and wouldn’t load for a few weeks. I had seen the amazing reviews, knowing I could easily delete it if it wasn’t any good, I gave it a shot. I am thoroughly impressed! This is better by far, than the default ever was! Puts weather bug to shame.

  36. This is by far the best weather app I’ve ever had. Everything is customizable, the photographs are truly spectacular, all the features actually work, and best of all NO annoying ads to deal with. I am extremely pleased with the WeaWow performance and recommend it for everyone. It is even named accurately, because “Wow!” was actually the first thing that escaped my mouth when I began to explore this excellent FREE application.

  37. I have always liked Apple iPhone weather but can’t get it for Android without really obnoxious and misleading ads. I like this better-it has all the info I want and more. Now it’s 3 years later and I think this app just keeps getting better. I really like the details available on both the daily and hourly charts. I live on the coast in South Texas and find the time-animated and scalable radar, air pressure and wind mappings invaluable during hurricane season.

  38. While there’s literally dozens of weather apps, the most colorful, the most in depth statistics for your exact location, the only one that points out that it’s light out before sunrise and after sunset, combined with wind maps that nobody else has, plus spectacular photos sent in by users, makes this the best app ever, period. Nobody else has a visual sun rising and moving across the sky with pinpoint accuracy based on the exact time of day. In short, WeaWoW blows away the competition! DRBHAPPY

  39. At first I really liked this weather app. But the longer I use it the more I realize how incredibly inaccurate it is. The radar doesn’t make sense at all sometimes. I’ll look at someone else’s radar and it showed something entirely different but made perfect sense for my weather conditions. It has been wrong numerous times. I’m just tired of going to my browser to check someone else’s radar only to repeatedly discover weawow was wrong. I love the look and the settings it offers but that’s it.

  40. Pat dice:

    Many ways to customize the beautiful interface, and many weather services from which to choose (I switch back and forth between World Weather Online and Dark Sky for my area –AccuWeather is the least accurate for me.) It is like having 8 apps in one! Have used this for years, and if anything goes wrong after an update (has happened twice in 5 years maybe) the developer is very prompt and helpful in making things right. And NO ads! LOVE THIS APP

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