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Wind direction and speed on map. Marine weather, tides and waves
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Descripción – wind, waves and weather forecast app for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, fishermen and other wind sports.

✔ Wind report, forecast and statistics: wind map, accurate wind compass, wind meter, wind gusts and wind directions. It’s very useful for extreme wind sports.
✔ Variety of forecast models: GFS, ECMWF, WRF8, AROME, ICON, NAM, Open Skiron, Open WRF, HRRR (more details:
✔ Wind alert: Set up windalert and be aware of wind warning via push-notifications
✔ Weather history (archive) for 2012-2020: view wind data, temperature (day and night) and atmospheric pressure. Weather archive will help you to choose the best month for travel to the spot.
✔ Local forecast from NOAA: temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin, humidity, wind speed, precipitation (rain and snow). Forecast for 10 days with 3 hours step in metric or imperial units: m/s (mps), mph, km/h, knt (knout), bft (beaufort), m, ft, mm, cm, in, hPa, inHg. NOAA is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / National Weather Service (nws).
✔ Wave forecast: ocean or sea conditions, ocean waves and sea swell, fishing forecast
✔ Animated wind tracker: weather radar for sailing, yachting and kiting in light wind
✔ Beautiful weather widget on home screen
✔ Storm and hurricane tracker: a map of tropical cyclones (tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons) around the globe
✔ Free nautical charts map: view water depth, ocean tides and currents, buoy data
✔ Cloud base/Dewpoint data: necessary weather information for pleasant paragliding
✔ Spots: over 30.000 spots sorted and located by the type and area. Add your spots to favourites.
✔ Spot chats. Got anemometer? Share info about weather conditions and wind direction in the chat from a kite spot.
✔ Community: exchange weather reports on the spot. Want to be a local/spot leader? Email us the name of your spot at [email protected] and we will create a chat for it.
✔ Weather Stations: online data from nearby online weather stations.
✔ Offline Mode: activate offline mode and check the forecast for your activities without internet connection.

• Kitesurfing
• Windsurfing
• Surfing
• Sailing(Boating)
• Yachting
• Paragliding
• Fishing
• Snowkiting
• Snowboarding
• Skiing
• Skydiving
• Kayaking
• Wakeboarding
• Cycling
• Hunting
• Golf is a perfect weather radar that keeps you informed about all major changes. Check hurricane forecast, snow report or marine traffic and plan your activities smartly with our wind meter.

This is a very convenient and easy-to-use digital anemometer available right in your smartphone. Get access to real-time weather and make sure your plans won’t be affected by sudden weather change.

We take care of your safety in the sea and update live weather forecast as frequent as possible.

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Let the wind force be with you!


Improved Spot Info screen
We have improved and developed the screen with spot info! Look through photos of the area and the weather archive to plan your trip, and read visitors’ reviews or chat with locals to get first-hand information.

Also, the developers worked their magic to speed up the app.


4 comentarios en " wind & weather live 2022"

  1. Scott Marquardt dice:

    What I really wish is that this app would let me save entire setups as favorites – every screen, every preference. I use the app for sailing, but that’s a lot different from how I would want to use it in the neighborhood or walking in the forests. A couple clicks to change entire contexts would make the subscription well worth it.

  2. Jerbo 1 dice:

    Lots of helpful information predicting trends in advancing weather systems! Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is I can’t make heads or tales of the tide function. The reported tides are 3-5 hours off. I have to use a different app that just displays tides to get correct info. Maybe there is something off in the settings but I can’t seem to figure it out…

  3. Rob Birdsall dice:

    Works really good. Seems very accurate when sitting out in a blind or out on the water. Only knocks are with transparency views. Can be difficult to differentiate the transparency for low wind speeds. Greens and blues over land or water can be indiscernible sometimes. The animation can be tough to read in satellite view with some of the layering. A little tweaking in the view settings and all is good. Great app for hunting and boating.

  4. Phillip Southern dice:

    Background using alpine maps. Just getting into set, drift, etc. If i were more familiar with all the functions and capabilities of the app, it might rate a 5th star. Helping on some deliveries in the 30 & 40 knot range, and on 1 then entering a bay and going upriver, the app seemed spot on as to wind speed & direction. Being able to zoom out and get a sense of what was coming up was very nice. Beyond that type of usage, you might better refer to other’s experience.

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