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Weather News & Live Radar, Hurricane tracker, Hourly Forecast , Alerts.
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Meteored – Pro Version

You get everything available in the free version plus:
✅ No more ads.
✅ Standalone App. Pay only once and keep it forever.
✅ Choose which information you want to see on your main screen.
✅ Unlocked Color Themes.
✅ Save up to triple as many locations.

With our weather app you receive official weather alerts and live radar alerts for your area from the National Weather Service, including warnings about storms, strong winds,hurricanes, tropical storms and other adverse weather events forecast for the next few hours. In addition, our optimal app Assistant can notify you about important weather changes in the coming days.

Now available! A new animated world weather map based on the ECMWF showing the weather forecast for the coming days. Enjoy our live radar service and also our hurricane tracker and storm, access animated weather radar of the last few hours provided by the NWS along with visible and infrared satellite images provided by NOAA.

Check the new section of our news to be up to date of the latest weather events. Be informed about trending topics and the most recent forecast. Furthermore, you can watch impactating videos about severe weather in some places of the world and, last but no least, you will learn about the weather phenomena thanks to our science articles, made by our experts in meteorology.

Unlock new Color Themes by completing our in app Achievements designed to help you make the most of the app by discovering all the available features. Remember, the application automatically changes color when the temperature changes!

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Check the current conditions along with the weather forecast for the next 14 days with a simple slide of your finger. Select a day to view detailed hourly information including heat index or temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, wind chill, pressure, cloudiness, humidity, UV index, sunset and sunrise times and even the phase of the moon. Turn your device sideways to see how the weather local will evolve throughout the day with our amazing graphics.

You can customize your desktop with the most modern widgets currently available. You will have access to up to 8 widgets with different sizes and weather data, where you can check your local weather forecast.

Share weather forecasts with your friends and family anytime you want with whatever device or social network you like to use such as: WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.

Find the forecast most relevant to your exact current location or search for your favorite locations from over 6,000,000 all around the world. Available in over 50 countries and 20 languages.

This app collects location data to enable weather forecasts, weather alerts, temperature in the notification bar, widgets and notifications about important events, for the location where currently you are.

★ Meteored – Passion for the weather, enjoy it with us ★
Like most important projects, Meteored is made possible by the amazing human team behind it.

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- NEW Air quality section
- Forecast based on ECMWF. ©Meteored.

Our support team is always available to help if you with any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]


44 comentarios en "Weather – Meteored Pro News MODDED 2022"

  1. Updated: I went down stars because the air quality wasn’t correct. We had smoke from numerous wildfires in OR and it kept saying good when in fact we got to unhealthy. Everything else seems pretty much on point. It can be hard to predict the weather in the PNW but AQ is not! Great so far. Live in the PNW and lots of the weather apps are not right. Have had this app for a few days and so far spot on! Love all the extra stuff for when a storm coming in and seeing all the maps and radar.

  2. E C P dice:

    Update: Sept 2022: Airport codes still can’t be searched when adding locations and some major airports can’t be searched then added even by full exact name! Forecast videos wouldn’t play for the first day or so, with a revolving circle leading to an error message, while the Trending videos played fine. But as I continued to try intermittently, I found these working finally, though the Trending videos still load and play faster, almost immediately. Everything else works fine – great weather app!

  3. bttrflii dice:

    Nice customization options and an excellently awesome 1×1 widget, but alas, no radar widget. The sucky rating comes from the wildly inaccurate temperature, though. Our personal weather station and our accurate-to-±0.4° thermometer put us in the 69-71° range, but this app claims it’s 84° at our specific address. I don’t think so, buddy. The app lets you report bad forecasts but not horribly inaccurate temperatures, which is unfortunate.

  4. This app works well. Accuracy is only as good as the local weather measuring devices in your area, so be aware that apps may have a difference depending on which weather reporting devices they follow. I love the functionality of this app. It is laid out well, and one of the few that will provide a 14-day outlook. The app shows a different view and detail when you rotate the phone, which is awesome… No fumbling around to get more detailed views..

  5. A visually attractive app with numerous features, but it has become increasingly unreliable for temperature forecasts. I’ve brought this to dev’s attention for several locations over a number of months, but with yet another issue (all in western US) and no response this time, I’ve uninstalled Pro version. Temps are at least 10 degrees (or more) F too high in forecasts, making app useless for planning what to pack. ECMWF data is excellent, so problem is location accuracy of app.

  6. George dice:

    Very pleased with the UI, both the presentation and available data. I especially am thankful for the 14-day forecast plus moon cycles. Everything is very easy to read and fathom at a glance. Weather data is reliable. In my small community there are three elevations/districts where readings are taken. We live between two and three and find that #2 fits our temperatures perfectly. So try different options near you to see what works.

  7. Wow! I’m really impressed. Hourly and daily forecasts for different locations, sunrise/sunset times and moon phases, really nice radar with future-cast. The data is accurate, the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the widgets are attractive. Overall, an informative weather app. Kudos to the developers.

  8. De In dice:

    Decent weather app. Installed premium version several weeks ago using my Google Play Pass. Working great, has a lot of settings & widgets which are easy to use, radar layers can be switched easily and app offers theme displays as rewards for exploring various features. I’ll update my review again within the year but so far I would definitely recommend installing the app and explore it for yourself.

  9. J Z dice:

    Really like the app & detail & most of the layout but can’t figure out where you’re sourcing the temps (several degrees off) For example, even the airport, which is higher elevation, which many apps source is still 4/5 degrees higher than what you report. But the city, which is in the valley & even warmer is now 8/9 degrees off. Perplexing.

  10. I wanted so badly to like this app. I have tried several since weather underground changed, but I have been let down and wasted my money yet again. The descriptions are always missing info. I mean like words, some are just missing. And it has vague statements like “some snow expected” we are supposed to get 6 inches. We have been under a weather alert for hours, wasn’t notified, even when I open the app, nothing comes up. I really just wish I could get my money back. Plan to uninstall asap.

  11. 3/15/22:. Same issues. 1/10/22:. Your temperature projections (even for the day) are often way off the mark — 10* or more). Your feedback icon does not allow reporting that. Update 12/16:. The more I use it, the more I like it! See my free version review. After weeks of tryout, have upgraded to Pro and replaced all other weather apps. Well worth the price. When I reported a problem, received a response. Haven’t seen that problem since. Truly love the “sideways” weather scroll (turn phone).

  12. I have been using the app for some time now. .. wanted to give an accurate review. First things first… I highly recommend this weather app. Second, the app devs respond promptly to any issues. Third, the weather has been accurate… save for one of my stations, but I understand how this could be the case (remote location). Then why 4 stars rather than 5… sorting… thus far I have not seen nor found the ability to sort the stations … manual … sorting added on update 02 April.

  13. It looks neat and gives an extremely rough idea of the weather. Unfortunetly it is veryvin accurate for my area. Even the supposed radar will say clear skys while they’re are heavy rain clouds for miles. Love everything else about the app aside from how inaccurate it is for my area.

  14. I don’t understand how the temperatures are consistently 5-10 degrees different from every other weather app. Sometimes high, sometimes low, but almost always wrong. One of my more regretted purchases.

  15. ASW : dice:

    While the app has a host of features and good user interface I have found it to be consistently inaccurate! It can actually be very far off current and forecast weather. Why on earth would you have acheivements in a weather app?!??

  16. Best Weather app I’ve used and I’ve used a lot of them. Beautiful widgets and all the info you could want and more. I love that you can swipe land go to another saved location. Best of all, free on Play Pass.

  17. Red Lloyd dice:

    Good app so far. Appreciate the configurability. Would be nice to be able to shift sections up and down, for instance moving radar up to be the first item in the hamburger menu, etc.

  18. Scorpion dice:

    I just down loaded the app and I was very surprised, this weather app is extremely easy to use and does a great job showing the weather and it is better than other weather apps. I will recommend it to my friends and family so they can try it themselves, Great job. 👍

  19. James Bui dice:

    The UI is very simple and clean. It does not distract you from planning for your day amd week. It has alert and hourly temperature. My favorite weather app.

  20. So far, so great! So much relevant information. The maps and radar are really superb – it would be great if you could see if they could load a little faster but in any event, they are worth waiting for!

  21. Gave positive feedback on the free version loved it so much decided to purchase the Pro. Very happy with it. Accurate forecasting. Can’t go wrong purchasing this app. One time purchase…. and it’s forever.

  22. John Hoit dice:

    This is absolutely the worst weather app I have ever witnessed. There is zero accuracy with current conditions or forecasts. I can’t believe how wrong it is and I really wonder where they could possibly be getting their information. And to consider that they think this is worth 8 bucks is mind boggling. I am using Pro through the Play Pass so at least it only wasted my time and not my money. 💩💩💩

  23. I have the pro version and still can’t get the weather radar to be default map. I have asked for help from the app developer and have not received any communication from them.

  24. I like that it is very detailed on the hourly forecast, plus it includes more then just the temperature, also precipitation and allergens, or even air quality. plus I like that I can have several cities saved to quickly know what is happening.

  25. Brilliant app. Have been using this app for almost a week and so far it has always been correct. Best weather app in my opinion and I have used tons of different weather apps over the last few years. Easiest decision to buy the Pro version within a day of using the free, ad supported version. Well done Metereod, keep up the excellent work. Thank you!

  26. The usage of profiles doesn’t make sense. if you switch from one country to another, for example a city in Europe to a city in America, the corresponding maps are not updated. Worth even, you can’t visualize the satellite images. This must be fixed. The app design is nevertheless nice.

  27. The app is very informative providing a plethora of information, it’s easy to navigate has more features than I personally need but am very happy with what it provides. I have noticed the widget resets to the stock skin if you clear app from recent which is a little odd and you then have to go into settings to set it as you want again ( on note 10+).

  28. I have tried a lot of weather apps. This format is the most useful and provides a good presentation without a lot of gadgets and unnecessary distractions. I paid for Pro mostly to remove ads although they were not that intrusive. Overall the best I have found to date. I have noticed that the maps fail to load periodically for weather radar etc. You can still see the weather relative to your location but dropping the maps is irritating.

  29. Every time I try to put a location and it says “we are currently updating our service please try again later”. I really want a refund. What is the weather app if it won’t tell you the weather for the location you want it for.

  30. Very comprehensive weather app with great functionality and user interface. I would highly recommend the purchase of this app! ☺ 👍

  31. The main thing I want is easy access to the radar section from my notification screen. This gives me it, would be even better though if I didn’t have to expand to get to the radar link

  32. C Desmond dice:

    Inaccurate. Went from Weatherzone to this app and paid for the ad free Pro, version. Very disappointed as this app is simply inaccurate. I’ll give you a small example, I’m currently looking outside and it’s pouring with rain, yet the app notes no rain at all. Other apps I have used are more accurate with the same features. I recommend trying unpaid ad version before ever committing to pro as I want my money back.

  33. It is disappointing, We are not getting alerts (warnings) in Canada! But they get warnings in the US and other places in the world. We have to get the warnings from Environment Canada otherwise the app is useless. Also having air quality and allergies would help too! Another thing that someone mentioned in the reviews, is the colored precipitation, their reversed, rain should be green and blue for snow. Also, the radar takes a long time to load. Please update because otherwise it’s a great app.

  34. A really good, reliable app. I find windspeed/gust warnings particularly useful for my allotment.

  35. The app is very good. I mistakenly ran it without first deleting the free version. I contacted their support..who were brilliant. Responded so quickly, and told me where I was going wrong. By that point I`d already left first feedback…which I am now correcting. I highly recommend this App. With the Pro version installed there are no Ads!

  36. Please correct the recurring expression “During the night there will be sunny” in the detailed forecast of the day. It’s clear sky at night, not sunny.

  37. Temps are off by a big margin. Says 78 degrees where I am currently when it’s actually 93 degrees. Looking for another app. You should do the same if you need accurate temperature readings.

  38. This has always been a great app but for me as a hay fever sufferer, the air quality and pollen count features complete the package. Recommended 100%.

  39. Finally I have found a great weather app that has almost everything I want! I’m done searching! I used Weather Underground for years until that app ruined itself, and have tried other weather apps for about a year. Some were good, but this Meteored app is great: comfortable interface, tons of data, great widgets (weather clock is cool)… Only two minor things I’d like to see: ability to make text size larger on widgets, and a radar widget like WU used to have. Thanks

  40. Be dice:

    I love the feature set, but it’s constantly feeding me incorrect data. For example, this app currently tells me that it is 70℉ outside, and it has my correct location, but every other source tells me that it is 76 – 78℉. If Meteored was more reliable, I would give it 5 stars.

  41. The app is great Almost spot on with temperature. just a few degrees different, usually a few degees warmer, but that is it. Accurate weekly weather too. weather alerts are usually the first to come in before my other apps. Shows information exactly what I want to see. more than 10 days ahead and accurate. Worth checking out for sure.

  42. Great accept for one thing! I used to be able to tap the clock in the widget and it would open the clock app. Now it doesn’t. Bring this back please

  43. Perfection! Does everything I need and gives tons of information while also being really simple to use.

  44. What a great weather app! Fun, concise, and packed with a lot of customizable info.

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