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An accurate weather app that provides hourly weather and daily weather.
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A global weather service that supports daily weather queries in about 199 countries and more than 200,000 cities.

Based on leading professional technology and huge weather and user data, it provides weather information at any latitude and longitude around the world, as well as weather forecast services for the last 40 days. Better interface design, more intimate scene-based services, and faster startup speed will escort your life.

No matter where you are, you can get extreme weather warnings and forecasts! Get daily local weather info and extreme weather alerts, so you can live every day carefree. The Weather App provides accurate reports to help you plan 25 days in advance.

The weather forecast application is a weather channels that allows you to manage the weather in many locations. On the home screen, users can see the weather in their location. Then the user can go to other screens for location management. Users can add New York, London weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather, Tokyo weather, Mumbai weather, Moscow…

[See details on today’s weather update]
Weather forecast information includes atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibility, relative humidity, precipitation in different units, dew point, wind speed, wind direction, etc., ten-day forecast, hourly weather forecast

[Global weather query for any latitude and longitude]
Support the global weather information query of any longitude and latitude, regardless of the equatorial South Pole, the weather is known.
[Forecast for the next 25 days]
The weather trend forecast on the 40th, predict the rain and make plans.

[Real-time monitoring of air quality]
Real-time monitoring of air quality, care for health and comprehensive escort

[Full weather report]
.Display all weather information: location time, temperature, pressure, weather conditions, visible distance, relative humidity, precipitation in different units, dew point, wind speed and direction

[Add multiple cities]
Planning a trip, want to check the weather in your hometown, want to check the weather in the city where your family lives? Just add any city in the world and view the real-time weather in that city
View all cities in a single screen to compare weather in multiple cities

[25 day Weather forecast]
Prepare the weather forecast for the next 25 days this week and provide the following information.

[Hourly weather updates]
-See hourly updates for the weather with temperature, wind speed

The weather forecast is very accurate and reliable


40 comentarios en "Weather Live – Widgets & Radar 2022"

  1. Serious Potential! Minor improvements would make it GREAT! I like the app and paid for no ads. A couple of things I would like to see are: Current radar pic in the radar tile so I don’t have to open to see it. Opaqueness settings in radar so I can see map details under storms. Ability to rearrange tiles so what I deem most important can be at the top. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing this app evolve!

  2. It has a comprehensive, sleek UI and takes five times less space than other weather apps. The radar animation is very impressive. Nothing to criticize except maybe the logo and name, because it looks very similar to about a dozen other weather apps that aren’t quite as good.

  3. So far this app seems to work very well. Have only been using it for three days. I really like the ease of use and the manner that forecasts are presented. Still learning how to use the app but so far no problems learning how it operates. Do wish the weather radar didn’t require having to purchase Premium. Will keep trying it out a little longer and if it keeps working well, I will spend the few dollars it cost for Premium.

  4. Rue Moe dice:

    I like the many viewing options on the app. The local weather is pretty accurate. The free app option’s usage is not intrusive with ads. I like the way the developer designed it so you can cancel the ads if you don’t want to view them all. It’s very clever. It’s not unstoppable pop-up ads. I’m glad it has a one-time ad-free purchase and not a forced subscription option, which is a turn off. So far, I’m enjoying a very good weather app that hopefully won’t degrade like some apps over time.

  5. Have tried a few other weather apps. So far this 1 seems to be pretty good. I take into account reviews and hands-on check for each section. No zoom (+/-) on the radar but it is the pinch-type. Something I do not like: once open, you must tap the back tab twice to exit. Another thing is it pops a pretty large update picture seemingly out of nowhere on the screen, no matter what app you’re involved with at the time. I’ll check settings on that and see if there’s a notification off! Annoying!

  6. I really loved this app, but over the last few weeks it’s changed- mostly in the notification bar. It no longer takes up the full length of the bar, and instead has the grey box around it with the actual image shrunken. The notification used to be static, where it couldn’t be swiped away, and it’s now very easily swipeable. I know these are small things, but it’s really taken away from the app imo. 🙁

  7. Ruth dice:

    Just loaded today. Nice, but I have a problem, I have 2 cities. First entered shows up in notifications. second on widget. I can not customize to change this. First always has a bell, second can move to top position or select in widget (customize), but doesn’t change anything. Is this still in development or am I missing something? Would send as feedback, but I don’t have email here. Super good – no ads and that I can choose more than one loc. Nice presentation too.

  8. Accurate. No excessive bloatware, no excess intrusive ads. Nicely designed user interface is very easy to use & navigate through. Major plus is how highly customizable the appearance of both the app interface & its multiple widgets are. Have tried MANY Weather Apps & this is the BEST seen thus far. Very reasonable optional upgrade cost. Thanks to Dev for doing it RIGHT! Highly recommend this app.

  9. This app has been more accurate than any others I’ve tried, with one exception. That other app is still downloaded on my phone and I compare the two often. Accurate weather is very important to me. The widget works well. The notifications are bright and easy to read. I have no issues.

  10. Soo far soo good 👍 I love that I don’t have to upgrade to be able to use the live radar function plus it doesn’t seem to have an overbearing amount of advertisements at every turn. It’s easy to navigate and easy to read as well! I love the simple animation it uses and it seems to be pretty accurate soo far. I just downloaded the app so I’ll give er test drive for a week or so and come bsck with an updated review!

  11. GalathNox dice:

    Great, accurate info. More accurate than most of the more popular weather apps and sites. (And I have tried them all!!) Colorful and easy to read/understand interface. Only negative is with the widgets. Take up far more space on your home screen than is necessary. Leaves a lot of empty space within the widget. A nitpick, but one which may frustrate me more than others. Overall, a nice app.

  12. I have tried at least a dozen weather apps and this one by far has been the best with one exception. It is very detailed and the layout is nice, clean, easy to navigate, and even customizable to a certain extent. The widget are also quite nice with plenty of layouts and styles available. The issue I have, which could just be hardware related, is that it seems to cause my battery to drain really fast causing an alert to be triggered for my built in Device Care. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

  13. I’m an amateur weather enthusiast and have tried many weather apps. So far, in the short time I’ve had and used the app, I am very impressed and I don’t say that lightly. Very detailed forecasts, smooth interface, no real ad interference and probably more features that I haven’t noticed yet. Enjoy it because this doesn’t happen often and I hope it stays this way. I removed my other weather apps for this one and have it on other devices in my home. Overall, a great app and I highly recommend it!

  14. Update: uninstalled and reinstalled and the pop-ups have stopped! A pop-up with a summary of the weather for the day keeps opening when I’m in the app. I click to close out of it but it opens repeatedly until I switch to a different app. This app is decent. Concise. My only complaint is the radar is really lacking. It’s snowing right now, but the precipitation layer shows nothing near me. There’s also no movement for the radar. Ads are annoying, but you can pay to get rid of them if you want.

  15. gina caro dice:

    This weather app has been so far the best! I’m giving it 5 stars. Love the background and plus it has several sections to look at from radar, to sunrise and sunset, air quality, wind and pressure, hourly forecast and daily forecast. The only thing I would like to see improvement on is adding multiple weather location. Other than that I’m pretty happy with the app.

  16. Of all the other weather apps I have uploaded, used for a week or so, then had to delete because the weather was literally all wrong for my location, THIS app is the most correct. I have a widget on my home page, and though I do have to refresh the app when I want to see the current temp, it gives me the correct temp. So far, after only a week, I love it. We’ll see if I keep it.

  17. Grayson dice:

    I used “1Weather” for 10 years and became frustrated by excessive full-screen video ads. I’ve been searching for an app with an expandable notification just like it and this app delivers exactly that. This app tells me what I want to know in as few taps/swipes as possible and doesn’t constantly take up my screen with ads. I couldn’t ask for more.

  18. After years of trial and error, the great majority of weather apps I’ve tried have proven faulty. Showing clear skies when it’s raining, missing the forecast altogether, etc. This app is by far the best ever: 95% accuracy! It’s difficult to find a good weather app that covers country locations, even harder if a remote area. AWESOME new feature: Add a custom location. Enlarge radar map, find nearest location. At Manage Location screen enter name of location, Edit name if necessary, click Add.

  19. Great weather app. The popup widgets are annoying though. They pop up whenever they want, when you’re in the middle of doing something and even in the middle of an alarm (which both are super annoying). If there was an option to either disable the pop-up widget or tailor it to whenever you want it to pop up (like inputting a time), that would make this app a whole lot better.

  20. Great-great features ! Easy to use and easy, intuitive, navivation. Nice selection of screen backgrounds and font which makes it easy to read, without, large contrasts. I sometimes look at the weather late at night, (I know I shouldn’t-trying to break that habit 😅 ), and no bright screens to shock your eyes. I just switched weather apps after an eternity, and this was def-def the best choice. NO distasteful ads like some others I had read reviews on and passed on those.. Perfect !

  21. Okay, so this is app is pretty neat in my humble opinion. I like the extra features you don’t usually get with a weather app such as this one does. I like the air quality for the day reading. So far it is highly accurate. Gives an hourly forecast and weekly. Also I like what I will call the “weather quick view” where in your top pull down bar it displays the Temp and every 3 hour for cast. Very nice and well put together.

  22. John dice:

    So much better than the weather app that came with the phone! Much more informative, easier 2 navigate n i don’t have 2 do the math 2 figure out the celsius/fahrenheit conversion. My old app gave u a choice 2 switch from one to the other but each time u closed the app it would revert back 2 the default so u had 2 switch it every time. Not the end of the world but it was annoying. This one is more user friendly.

  23. 2/7/21 The actual weather portion of this app seems to be ok and very informative. The fact that the adds take over the entire screen for there own timer countdown makes one wonder. Is this a weather app or an advertising app. Update:::. The adds are totally obnoxious. Most of them are for other weather apps. Still not necessary other than to sell you the no add version. Update on the 8th lost 1 more star.

  24. This weather app is pretty detailed with air quality alerts, weather advisories, etc. I have asthma so this information helps me stay on top of my health! I am happy so far with the functionality and unobtrusive widgets. The ads are annoying but manageable. I’ll keep using it until they ruin it with unnecessary and un-user-friendly updates!

  25. Doc Booth dice:

    This app seems to be more correct than any of the others I’ve tried. The interface is a little different but was not hard to figure out. With the crazy weather this has been amazingly accurate. Don’t misunderstand there are those days when it’s supposed to be pouring and we’re getting sunshine only. Those are much fewer and further between than the many other weather apps I’ve tried. Keep it up guys

  26. Craig R. dice:

    This app is quite good. It is not quite as user friendly as Google Weather bit it is very easy to use. It is better than most if the other apps. The amount of information is really helpful and it allows for a widget to be set up on the android phones. There are ads on the free version but they do not occur often and it is quick to exit them if you are not interested.

  27. The ability to store several locations with a swipe to the right to quickly see each locations is what I like best. The radar is passable but would prefer a more classical graphic design and radar images from the past showing movement and development. The ads are gonna motivate you to rid them as they load it moves the screen view. I might buy still weighing using my older non radar widget and opening weather channel for radar. I need a few more days of using to decide.

  28. Abysmal location ability. I literally live in a town with a NOAA weather station as well as 2 other stations nearby and the app synchs on a town 15 miles away. So I ALWAYS have to manually adjust for my town. This is too bad because other than that this has been pretty good. But let’s face it they all suck after having Dark Sky.

  29. I think this is probably the best weather app I’ve ever used. I like the look and functionality of the widgets, and the app has all the information I want in a logical, easy-to-find layout. I also like that the ads aren’t intrusive or annoying like with other weather apps I’ve used. I may upgrade to the ad-free version soon anyway, but I’m super happy even with the free version, which is not something I can often say.

  30. Laura dice:

    The ‘Weather Live’ app keeps me informed via LIVE, hourly, pertinent, and relevant information. The app, with its use of radar, satellite, and good communication amongst different stations, ensures the alerts and information I am receiving are both timely and accurate. The only negative I’ve experienced is that this app DOES drain the battery of my Samsung S8+ mobile phone relatively quickly.

  31. Key info left out of product description. It uses Accuweather data, which is by far the least accurate forecast for my area. I work outside and have monitored several web sites over the years. Accuweather is not only less reliable, it is slow to react to obvious changes in the forecast. I’m going to uninstall and search for another widget.

  32. FINALLY! An app that is actually accurate! Just keep refreshing it on your phone and you can see accurately the weather. I should know, I live in Utah where the weather can suddenly change from hot to cold or vice versa. No one has ever been this good, not even the weather channel. This is just the absolute perfect weather app. Just don’t blow it and ruin the app, I really hate that with a lot of apps.

  33. Den Law dice:

    Great UI clear and easy to understand icons and text. Graphics are nice. I’ve been using this app for only a few days during my family ski trip. Just so happens during intermittent snow and rain storms. So this weather app really helped.

  34. NOT a whole lot of choices to choose from, and the picture for the weather forecast when you first open the app is still the same, hasn’t changed. ☹️ I could’ve given 1 🌟 but I’m being nice. 😁🎄🎅 ⛄

  35. I had made a suggestion to the creator of this app, and they incorporated it into the program. I have found the accuracy to be on par with other weather apps, however, I prefer the layout and functionality of this app.

  36. Jennifer dice:

    I LOVE this weather app. The current temp always displays in the upper corner of my phone. If I want to see the extended forecast, I just click on the app and there it is. Ads don’t get in the way. I wish I found this earlier!!

  37. Simple and clean look and layed out logically. The best that I have found so far. The radar is not as good as a separate radar app that I have been using so will probably not use this radar. I see no ads yet but I wonder if they will start once I do the review. In any case I will probably pay if it stays this good since it is so hard to find good weather apps.

  38. Very functional and beautiful. the information is well presented so you get what you need to know quickly, easily, and completely. it’s also just really attractive and the widget has a lot of neat features.

  39. Cathy C dice:

    I have everything I need to know in this app. Weather per hour. Weather per week. Etc. The app is very easy to navigate also. I am sure I will use this weather app for many years. I have tried many other weather apps, and they all seem to only give me 1/2 of the information that I want. WEATHER LIVE. gives me everything

  40. Good precise info. Like the customize option. There are a lot of weather apps to choose from, this was the only higher rated one that does not collect unnecessary user info- that is Super important to me. More apps should be like that, definitely worth supporting.

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