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Weather, rain radar and weather warnings by wetter.com for your Android device!
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Perfect weather for an outdoor swim or rather an upcoming thunderstorm? With the wetter.com app you can quickly check the current weather conditions and forecast for the next couple of days. Our interactive weather radar maps make sure you get home, to work or wherever you want to go without getting rained on. Reliable 16-day forecasts make planning your weekend trip, BBQ or vacation a lot easier!

This app provides you with
– Detailed current day forecasts and long term 16-day weather trends
– Possibility to get the weather data for your exact location
– Wind, temperature, sun, etc. all in one view
– Homescreen Widget (not possible if installed on SD card!!)
– Powerful search
– Animated rain radar (Germany & Spain)
– Weather alerts (thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc.) (only for Germany)
– Editorial forecast (only in German)
– Inhouse produced weather videos about forecasts, weather phenomena, climate change and other weather topics
– Weather forecast for popular holiday destinations in Europe
– Chance of precipitation
– Live Weather via Webcams

General information:
We provide you with weather information for the whole world, with a special focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a result, some of the information, e.g. textual weather descriptions or weather warnings, are only available in German.
If you allow us access to your location in the background, the app will automatically update your location to keep you informed about severe weather alerts via push notifications.

The wetter.com app reliably evaluates a wide range of data and presents it in an understandable way. This includes, for example, perceived temperature, air pressure and sunset. Only a short shower or continuous rain? Thanks to the displayed rain probability and amount of precipitation, you will know in the blink of an eye.

Our weather forecast app goes far beyond the usual basic functions. Whether it’s the Hamburg harbour or Frankfurt skyline: With our live webcams and animated weather maps, you can see for yourself if the weather is better for cycling, swimming or staying indoors.

Are lightning strikes or cloudbursts imminent? With our location query, we can automatically warn you at any time via push messages for your current location. Our precipitation radar also protects you from unsuspected weather changes.

7-day or 16-day outlook: get reliable weather forecasts for your location, your preset home location or travel destination.

Some Android devices automatically install apps on the SD card. In this case, manually ensure that the wetter.com app is installed in the phone memory. Otherwise, the widget may not work correctly or disappear after a restart. This is a technical issue which we can’t change.
Some devices move the app to SD card automatically.

How can I get help?
Please send an email to [email protected] with your problem details.

Translations: Version 2 of the app is only available in English and German.


We are constantly working on improving the App for you. This version contains smaller bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "wetter.com – Weather and Radar MODDED 2022"

  1. The sun behind a white cloud, on the icon… Below is an explanation of 8/7 cloud coverage! There is almost no such thing as a completely cloudy day, especially with dark clouds! Real time and temperatures, imprecise… (Croatia) Much, much worse than the competition. The interface is incredibly pleasant, and that’s why I’m writing this comment… I ask the authors to work on it a little… Unfortunately, i must deinstall it…

  2. I’ve been using this App for the longest time I know here in Germany. The weather forecast is almost 💯 correct and has been very reliable. But for the last few days now, September 2022, it has become very unstable. The widgets are not loading and at times forecasts unavailable! I feel frustrated. Its App language default, that is German and English, has been very okay. But now no matter how one tries to drag the size of the App widget nothing appears; only empty space!

  3. SURPRISINGLY GOOD Found this app almost by mistake. I have loads of weather apps and this one never fails to impress me. It’s extremely user friendly, comprehensive and as accurate as you can expect. Well worth having. Many Thanks.

  4. R G dice:

    Constantly wrong. Will tell you there’s no rain while it’s actually raining heavily. The radar feature is pointless, more of a novelty. If you rely on weather reports to plan your day, this isn’t for you

  5. It’s one of the best weather apps I have used and its very accurate about 95% accuracy worth recommending it would be even better if it had weather alerts ⚠️ 👍

  6. Where can I start? This weather app is fantastic. It’s everything I spent at 12 months looking for. Best of all it’s free. There are features included in this app. you won’t see anyone else.

  7. Unfortunately does not work with WiFi connections so you have to use up data.

  8. I think this one of the best weather apps around,and will stay with it,i do not need to change the.Great app!!

  9. No Fate dice:

    great weather-app with radar & forecast! Widget is working well again after breakdown yesterday showing a blank surface with nothing but the clock… thanks for repairing! nice! 👍🏼 Perhaps the developers can put in a possibility to choose language (german/english) not depending on the phone-language…

  10. No language selection in app – the assumption that everyone wants to use the app in the same language their phone is set to is incorrect. Real shame, because I otherwise like the app, but as it is I am not going to use it.

  11. You had a good range of widgets. Now you left just 2, humongous and unusable. Will you be bringing back any condensed-size widgets? Last update to ‘English’ version did not bring any improvement. Back to German, please.

  12. Tony Kerr dice:

    It shows not only rain probability, but also the predicted volume of rain, which is useful.

  13. Annoying ads for dating sites ….feels cheap and unprofessional.

  14. The most accurate weather app I have ever tried, perfect!

  15. Jon Bush dice:

    The app is clear and easy to use. It’s excellent for short term weather forecasting. I’m always referring to it.

  16. great up to minute radar shows weather in your area when you search for a specific place. daily forecast as well

  17. My bad rating goes to the app itself, and not to the weather info. The app has extremely too much loud and visual publicity and it makes sound even if the phone is muted! Other apps just show less publicity and without sound. Another big issue is, even without using it or any widgets, location weather or notifications off, after a reboot the app loads itself and stays unnecessary on the RAM, what for? On 2.5 GB RAM or less devices it taxes too much for an weather app.

  18. Emiko Abe dice:

    After the last update, only three locations appear on the home screen at a time (have to expand the list manually every time it starts). Any way to go back to the old behavior?

  19. I didn’t think this would be any good but how wrong it seems because I am using this app for charging my solar battery storage from the grid yes this has how much sunshine hours in the day and if tomorrow is zero sunshine I know just how much to charge the battery at off peak time and over charging the battery if we have a sunny day fantastic

  20. I liked having the app in German. Now you have taken my choice away. Not even allowing App level language permissions as others do.

  21. This app was brilliant. But since the last update nothing works anymore. App closes directly after starting it and I can’t add locations or check weather. It became completely useless. Uninstalled and reinstalled it three times now but nothing changed. Please fix this issue asap. The error information I always get says “an error occurred saving the location. Please try again later or contact us if the error consists.”

  22. Good interface but been in da Nang Vietnam now with nothing but blue clear skies… App been saying it’s mostly cloudy….

  23. Great app, shame about adds, would love to see live cameras for UK, but other than that good app, especially for agricultural purposes

  24. worst experience. It won’t open the app cause it “needs an internet connection”… Well let me tell you my internet connection is good enough to open the play store and give you a bad review. Please fix this annoying bug x2

  25. I’m changing my weather app because I can’t trust this one anymore. Despite heavy storm warning, which the app displayed, the hourly forecast showed 0% chance of rain for every hour and for the whole day. It made me think that the storms would be localized but they swept across the whole state as a wide front. Seem like the app doesn’t update the current day forecast if it changes hours before. Also the yearly cost is too much for what you get despite the nice interface and widget.

  26. Sound on fullscreens ads is still there, very annoying. I really don’t mind ads, but if they start blaring loudly and you can’t even deactivate them and have to wait a few seconds it’s not worth it, even if the app works perfectly fine otherwise.

  27. I live in a valley your app doesn’t quite get it right but otherwise fine ☺️

  28. Pretty accurate and reliable forecasting

  29. The best rain radar I could find, longest preview

  30. The app gives you everything you need from a weather app with great diagrams for a quick check on the weather and a radar to see where the clouds are going. Additionally it has some awesome features like a bad weather/storm warning and widgets with all the important information wich you can additionally customise yourself. All in all it’s the best weather app I ever had.👍

  31. Doug Kyle dice:

    Really rather wonderful what it loses in one area is more than made up for by a wonderful radar Time will tell if we should increase to 5 stars

  32. Peter F dice:

    So far so good. The weather radar is a nice touch. Removed other weather apps I had and just use this one now.

  33. I the app looks nice but outside Germany not sure where they get their information from. So I paid for something that I expected really international but rather for Germany and around it… After 4 weeks use in France totally disappointed.even within the app, the forecast and the calculated temperatures have differences from up to 6 degrees. For Switzerland , temperatures are calculated with big gaps , even where official live temperatures are available for free. Will not renew the subscription.

  34. I like the website because of the diagrams. With the app you only get the icons which tell you half the story, at best. Also, I set 3 locations, but the widget can only switch between 2. Sorry, but this app is useless for me.

  35. The most recent version raises the level of intrusiveness of the adverts, as you can no longer escape them by pressing the phone’s back button and they furthermore even have sound auto playing. This is really cheeky and will backfire with most customers . Some might even leave one star reviews, making the creators of this app wonder if they’ve made a good decision by changing the advertising model!

  36. It has everything I want from a weather app: * a great widget with additional functionality like the fast clock/alarm access (only the touch region for the weather access should also encompass the degree numbers, not only the weather symbol left to it) * a good easily customizable overview about sun and rain in the next couple of days

  37. You get to see the weather forecast (and actual weather forecasters) in Germany. Plus, you see live streaming of German cities during the day or night. And you even see German commercials! – which can be a plus for those learning German, like myself! 🙂 Very nice app. I love it!

  38. You’re listening to music and it keeps playing stupid ad videos when just checking tomorrows forecast. Ads are fine, don’t get me wrong, but videos with sound on an app that you normally use for a minute or two kill this app for me.

  39. Excelent app,but how can i pay for getting rid of adds? Inside the app it seems that it is not possible.

  40. This is probably the best weather app I’ve had, very accurate & I love the radar part of it, definitely recommend

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