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A weather app with accurate weather forecast, local weather live, radar & widget
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Weather Forecast – Accurate Local Weather & Widget is one of the best weather forecast apps and it is a completely free weather app.

No matter where you are, the weather app can provide you with accurate and detailed weather forecast information, including hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts. You can also view detailed local and global weather report in the app.

The weather forecast app has many functions and is totally free.

☀️ Real-time and accurate weather forecast
Update weather conditions every minute, check the latest and accurate weather forecast at any time.
Detailed 24-hour weather forecast, check hourly weather forecast.
☀️ 25-day weather forecast
Track the weather forecast for the next 25 days, learn about the weather in advance, and plan future food, clothing and transportation.
☀️ Detailed weather information
Use the weather application to view detailed weather information for the day and the next week, and view daily temperature, sunrise and sunset time, humidity, UV index, wind report etc.
☀️ Weather widget
Various different types of widgets with simply weather details.
Drag the weather widget to the location of the phone desktop at will.
☀️ Weather notification bar
There are different styles of weather notification bars, and they are updated in real time.
You don’t need to open the weather app or go back to the desktop to check the weather.
☀️ Weather radar map
Use local and live weather radar with the radar map feature, view the radar map under different conditions.
☀️ Meteorological disaster warning
Anticipate severe weather and take precautions early.
☀️ Location management in multiple cities
The weather forecast can automatically locate your location and display local weather conditions.
You can choose other cities in the world you like, and keep track of local weather information.
☀️ Sunrise and sunset time
Can dynamically display the sunrise and sunset time.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us at any time.
E-mail: [email protected]


-Bug fixes and performance enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Weather: Live radar & widgets MODDED 2022"

  1. Erik T dice:

    Beautiful UI but incorrect notifications & temps. I do like this app, so it’s a shame but receiving 2 notifications at the same time, both with incorrect temperatures, it makes it pointless at that point. It’s been like this really since I first downloaded it a few weeks back. I’ll be coming back at some point in the future with hopes it’ll be improved.

  2. Nothing particularly special or unique that would set this apart from similar apps. That said, it has been solid and reliable. I have never had it lock up or do anyone unexpected. There is one annoyance, and perhaps I am missing a setting that might prevent it, but there is a small window with a sort of abbreviated summary of current conditions. It’s not an ad but it pops up and forces me to close it before I can do anything else. Very annoying.

  3. The graphics are marginal, at best. At first glance, the radar image is acceptable. However, if you want to progress it into the immediate future, to track potential storms, you have to upgrade to Premium! Rip off! Recently, in trying to open the app for forecasts & info, several ads, games, and other obnoxious things open first that are very resistant to close – some without even the option of closing them! This is intolerable!! I am UNINSTALLING this app IMMEDIATELY!!!

  4. Changed review to 3 stars since not all of the features work, despite paying for the annual subscription. Informative, but it would be much better if the live radar feature actually worked. I paid for the annual subscription hoping it would work, but it doesn’t. It just stays on the same day and nothing happens when I push play. Otherwise, I love the app. It’s informative, easy to use, and pretty accurate. If the live radar worked, I’d easily give this app 5 stars!

  5. James V dice:

    Ads instead of weather. After the last update, upon opening the app, you’re forced to wait while it loads an ad, often with sound, then you’ve got to search for the way to close it. When you’re looking for the weather, you don’t want to see an ad first. If that weren’t bad enough, they want you to pay to use the radar, something that’s free in so many apps. Why would anyone pay for something that’s free everywhere, especially when they continually throw surprise ads at you. Uninstalled.

  6. Have had a couple of days. I had had The Weather Channel app for years, but it’s not what it used to be. So I’m trying to find one I like….. So far this one,.. it’s taking some getting used to.. ” WAY TOO MANY ADS” And I’ve read too many ratings on these apps where people purchase the premium and still get the ads, so I hate to waist my money on premium…. Update* I’ve had for a little while now… Would be a good thing, but for the intrusive adds. May go back to The Weather Channel..

  7. Wes R dice:

    The ads takeover your screen many times just while trying to use the app. Most ads are videos with sound that can be very disrupting to those around you. It is difficult to stop the ads till they finish. I was thinking about upgrading to pro because the app seams ok. But trying to use it without the paid pro addition was so annoying I think ill pass.

  8. The most detailed, yet easily navigated weather app I’ve seen. Icons, maps, controls all are practical, timely and precise. I’ve been a radio announcer for years, reading and reporting weather for years, and this app is something I wish I had during my broadcasting years. I bought the pro version without hesitation.

  9. Fine until the ads appear everywhere The app has great features and is vibrant. However, now when you open it, you are hit with an ad. I understand that they are paid this way and if you click on a different section, an ad pops up but to have it when you open it up, it is over the top.

  10. Nick dice:

    It’s not a bad app but storm warnings seem pretty delayed. I don’t know if this is a typical delay or the app extending it. I get them after the storm passes… Also, the map (with pink and yellow rain colors) always freezes when I zoom out or move around too fast and I have to restart the app. This happens everytime I use the map, not occasionally. I’m considering looking for a new app because of this.

  11. Ads are minimal. easy to read, nice presentation. includes dew point, and barometric pressure, easy to find btw. barometric pressure rise or fall rapidly can cause me headaches so its important. The real “humidity” refers mostly to the dew point. what is comfortable and what is verge of tropical. Tropical is only good for me on vacation! It AC for me! This app is a win!

  12. Extensive information and easy to use. Buying the ad-free is worth it. True to it’s name, another and faster. I love that it has hourly, radar, sunrise, moon rise, seeing for multiple locations, and more. Only downside, it doesn’t have lightning tracking. Please add that in to make this app perfect.

  13. This weather app is miles above the rest, in my opinion. Like other reviewers, I’m also a weather nerd and have tried many apps. This one is a keeper. There are little things I would customize or adjust, but it’s very minor (or the developers may add that). The responsiveness of the data and the UI to frequently changing conditions in my area is excellent. (Other apps could not keep up.) Got the widget on my phone, and I check it often! 😎

  14. Very happy so far! I had the Weather Channel app. I upgraded to Premium, and paid $29.99 for a year. But soon I started seeing ads (Premium is supposed to be ad-free). I also got MANY reminders to upgrade to Premium. I couldn’t see all of the content because the app said I needed Premium, which I paid for! Sent messages AND emails, although it was VERY difficult to find information on where to send them. The ads stopped for a week or so, but then came back. So far this app seems MUCH better!

  15. I wasn’t sure about going with this app considering there are much more popular weather apps out there, but all of the other apps have disappointed me. With Weather, I loved the widgets and the interface from the second I installed it. It had everything I’ve always wanted in a weather app with an easy to navigate and has a good looking interface. I paid for it the same day (it’s worth it) and still love it.

  16. B W dice:

    I used to have a competitors weather app until they made changes that I didn’t care for, so I searched for a new app and made my choice; and I’m quite pleased with that choice too! I live inland and work on the coast ( a 24 miles distance ) and I can set my locations. That helps a lot as the weather can be quite different at times. I also like how the current temp displays on my lock screen… the animated Emojis are fun too. Very cool app.

  17. As it stands I’d give this app 4.5 stars, but I rounded up. The app is deceptively useful. While the name of it seems generic and uninventive, the app’s performance is way above expectations. It covers every aspect of weather and daily outlook that anyone would need, even your horoscope! My only complaint is that there is no setting to allow me to choose whether I want the clock or the weather when I activate the widget. They could improve it by integrating the clock controls better.

  18. IRRITATING- after every single click you have to endure yet ANOTHER ad!!! Very obnoxious. It’s one thing seeing ads inserted here & there as you scroll down the screen but these are extremely annoying full screen ads, with loud audio that make you have to click somewhere to skip past them, and it seems to be every single time you click to get more info, like if you click to see the radar screen. ALSO – forget putting the radar in motion, that’s for paying customers.

  19. Great App! I’ve tried All of the “popular” apps…NONE were accurate…ALWAYS 5 to 7 degrees off…and NONE could accurately predict precipitation until it was actually raining! This app, however, is the most accurate and easy to use that I have found. It has everything I want in a weather app. It’s free… But they offer a one-time, lifelong fee for “premium version”… I paid the VERY small price IMMEDIATELY, And I’m very happy with it. I highly recommend it.

  20. Edit 3: the widget is crashing again and I’ve given it permission to display over other apps so it’s absolutely a problem with the program, not myself. Edit 2: i reinstalled the app and my problems were fixed, so i don’t know what the root problem was but thankfully it’s resolved. I like the accuracy and amount of details available and i like having the weather widget always available for a quick glance for the next 4 hours of weather.

  21. Changing my review because I purchased one time fee of 9.99 the pro version for life to remove the adds and to use the radar. After using it for a month the app reverted to the basic version asking me to pay 4.99 a month or a one time fee of 9.99 for life again. I e-mailed this company a week ago and have received no response. I did like the app and for 9.99 for life it was worth it but not for every month. I will look for another weather app with the same features but without so many adds.

  22. Austin dice:

    I am deleting this app because of the absolutely insane ads that show up. I’m afraid to open this app in public because of how often it shows ads that are sexually inappropriate or auto-plays ads with embarrassing/disturbing audio (“Do you suffer from problems with urination??” Thanks, I really wanted everyone else on the bus to hear that). I repeatedly report them, since many of the ads violate Google’s policies, but the problem actually seems to be getting worse.

  23. This weather app is 100 % better then the Weather Channel on my Samsung 9 phone. It use to be a good weather app, and 1 month ago something changed and now the Weather Channel is all about advertising. So this app is so much better to see what the weather is like with a better screen that does have it filled with advertising. Thanks for providing it.

  24. I mean it looks cool and all. Has a ton of amazing features! But, it does not allow me to save my “Location” or name it, instead, it gives a nearby city, that I’m like 15 miles away from. And during a storm or when it matters, I want an app that “sees” where the heck I am to give me vital, accurate information! That’s the whole point of having a weather app! But otherwise, I’d give 5 stars, if it weren’t for that, you know, extremely crucial detail.

  25. I’ve has several weather apps but this particular weather app seems to be well designed and is user friendly. Also it’s not overly intrusive with its need to use location permission which I like. It gives the user the option to select how the app is used which is also great and one of its best features. Pretty cool and well designed weather app. The only thing that I would improve would be upgrade the graphics, maybe make them 3D graphics. Otherwise, I really like and would recommend it.

  26. Great job on the clean UI guys, it’s literally perfect in regards to color scheme and layout. The small cost to remove the ads really makes the app a 5/5 aesthetically. I gave 4 stars mainly due to the radar. While I understand the purpose for using openstreetmap and darksky (cost), I think it’s a little over-bearing in terms of resource intensiveness when zooming out. An even bigger issue for me personally is the lack of a “future radar”. I couldn’t imagine a better app with those changes!

  27. Great weather app. I’m picky about weather apps, needs to be fairly accurate, show detailed information with sun and moon rise and set times, lock screen forecast and a few other things to be useful. This app definitely meets my criteria. Has a neat layout and the graphics are a nice bonus. There are ads when switching to extended forecast but they are not intrusive and last literally a second or so before you’re allowed to close them. Do wish the app icon said 70 instead of 27 lol, too cold!

  28. Patty H S dice:

    This app works very good and super informational. I like how it’s set up!! Google weather doesn’t work at all. Google is really becoming an underdog. Everytime there’s an upgrade theirs a million more problems with the phone. Just a thought 💭 Do some kind of a pilot and troubleshooting before you actually go through with the upgrades!

  29. I like a lot about this app except for two things. One: I do not have the notification bar selected in the app yet the notification still keeps popping up. Two: the widget on my home screen keeps resizing itself. I’m honestly not sure if that’s an app problem or just my phone being wonky but I don’t have that issue with any other widgets. Will probably uninstall soon if these don’t resolve themselves though bc they’re pretty annoying.

  30. I have tried many weather apps. Most do not update location and/or conditions. Devs always say it’s my phone settings. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can operate my phone and select the correct settings. This app is flawless and updates when it should. I am very happy . Thank you for a wonderful and useful app AND for being honest and delivering what you promise 🙂

  31. 5/17/22- Unknstalling this app now. It is overrun with ads now. No thanks. Plus you don’t see humidity levels in the basic app. It was good for a time. Great app so far! I’ve used other wester apps and I’ve been frustrated with their inaccuracy or minimal options. This app has been great and very on point with the weather.

  32. J D dice:

    Disappointed! Ads every other moment. You have to pay to get radar loop. On this tablet it doesn’t have the ability to rotate view. The radar shows I am getting precipitation but I am not, and when I am it shows nothing. The location shows a few blocks away. No biggie. What a dud! Other reviews must be fake. This app is so not user friendly compared to others. I am surprised it has a high rating!

  33. Just as soon as I posted my review, I started getting full-screen ads when I opened this app. I may uninstall this and get another one. Ads on the bottom or as you scroll are ok, but I will not tolerate full-screen ads. What’s hilarious is these are ads for other weather apps! This is one of the best weather apps I’ve used.

  34. So far so good, Lots of really great features. Ads come up but can clock off of. Can beat the extra information, minute by minute information, they also give special weather statement with need to know updates, alerts, and conditions. I recommend the non-ad version is only $2.99 so not bad. I would recommend this.

  35. Way too many ads. Every other button push activates another ad. I’m not joking or exaggerating. The ads are so numerous that it makes using the app virtually impossible. I understand that there must be some advertising. That’s what makes the app free. This, however, is ridiculous. I will be deleting this immediately.

  36. New tablet so had to obviously reload all of my apps.. newest version does not want to update the cool graphic images by day, night, weather condition, etc. Am I missing something on the settings? If not… Sadly I will probably switch apps. That was the main reason I landed with you guys… Such a cool feature.

  37. Nyx S dice:

    Works great. Seems far more accurate than the AccuWeather one that’s pre-installed on my phone. Ads are small and pretty unobtrusive so far. Addendum: After posting this review, I got a full sized ad and a prompt to upgrade to the paid version. Hopefully that’s not going to be reoccurring thing now.

  38. There’s a whole bunch of things it has, shows the moons cycles, what days it’s good to do activities outside and if it’s good condition for travel on plane, tells the weather accurately and even has an hourly and weekly forecast, it also tells you wind and pressure, the radar and even covide 19 updates, it’s a really cool app I highly recommend, there’s so much cool stuff to see each day it actually makes me wanna check the weather everyday, it does have ads but not constant so that’s good:D

  39. T B dice:

    Wish features all worked. Things like pressure, air quality, and sun and moon phases have a “more” option, but don’t actually give you more information related to those categories. The “more” option just takes you to general weather details. Other than that, it’s not bad.

  40. This a great weather app, it loads really fast and able to show me just about everything I need. The only thing I can think of right now is I wish you all would add, is when click on air quality it broke down the rating and also showed the allergens that in the air (tree/grass/rag weed/ect…). I not sure why when click on it goes to the extended forecast and not this information.

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