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Love the Moon? Explore each Moon Phase and Get this 3-D simulation, with Atlas, Monthly Lunar Calendar, Live Moon Wallpaper, Check Moon Phases for Hunting/Fishing forecast and Farmer’s Almanac, Widget, Astrology Zodiac Signs and more to track the upcoming Full Moon, New Moon, and Eclipse.

Hold the Moon in your hand with this 3-D simulation of Moon phases with data updated in real time. Swipe back and forth to move through the phases of the Moon. This app has all the data you need including moon rise and set times, moon illumination, phase name, astrology zodiac sign and the distance to the Moon, all in a beautiful, elegant app that’s fun to use. It’s even got a monthly calendar so you can see what the Moon will look like over time.

Key Features:

Moon Phase Alerts: Add a reminder for specific moon events/astrology zodiac signs or choose your own day/time. Is there a special lunar event coming up? Set an alarm in advance to ensure you don’t miss the lunar eclipse, or hunting/fishing moon phase venture.
– Track all cycles of the moon (including full moon, new moon, waning gibbous, waxing crescent, first quarter, and more) through live moon wallpaper or through moon phase calendar app. See how the moon looks during every stage, including the total solar eclipse.
– See the current lunar phase with a 3-D simulation made by NASA data: You can even see the shadows change. Includes a Live Lunar Wallpaper and a Widget so you don’t need to enter the app to always know what phase it is.
– Moon rise and moon set times: View for today or look into the past or future for updated times.
– Hunting and Fishing forecast: Before your hunting/fishing venture, check the moon phase for your location.
– Find the next Full Moon or New Moon: You can click a button to take you to the next Full Moon or New Moon.
Interactive and informative free moon app: Smoothly drag the Moon phase back and forth with your finger, or even “spin it” to quickly advance forward or backward. – See the current date, distance, phase name, astrology zodiac sign and moon illumination percentage: updated in real time. GPS detection of your hemisphere and location to make sure the Moon looks right for you.
– See the Moon’s libration (wobble) as it completes an orbit around the Earth.

– View craters and moon landing sites: Pinch-zoom the Moon to see a full lunar atlas with spacecraft landing sites, mare, and large craters

– Share with friends: Share your images on all the popular social networks

– Moon Events Calendar: Reminders for major moon events so you don’t miss out on any spectacular moon events happening this month.

The eight phases of the Moon covered in this app are:

new Moon
waxing crescent Moon
first quarter Moon
waxing gibbous Moon
full Moon
waning gibbous Moon
last quarter Moon
waning crescent Moon

Developed by M2Catalyst. Please email us if you have any questions or if there are any problems with your specific version of Android. We’d also love to hear your feature ideas.

Moon images created by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Please, support developers of this app and buy the ad-free version here:


- Google Maps Bug fix


40 comentarios en "Phases of the Moon MODDED 2022"

  1. I LOVE this app! I use it constantly. My only issue is, since I got a new Pixel 4a, the moon cuts off on the right side of the screen. Weirdly, it is barely in the screen at the first quarter, new moon and last quarter, but moves over and cuts off at the full moon. And always it’s off center. I put up with it because I know and love the app already, but maybe there will be a fix!

  2. I’ve had the app for some time now and have come to rely on the “rise” and “set” times feature in order to prepare my photography equipment. Unfortunately, that feature has stopped working! Both the rise and set windows have large, red, exclamation Mark’s on them. Tried unstalling/reinstalling…still the same!? I cannot find any way to reset this feature. With the rise and set times working, this is a 5 star app! Thanks to the developers for correcting the above mentioned problem!! 5 STARS!!!

  3. Crashes with Galaxy 10+ I used to love this, but even with my S7, it would never integrate into the calendar or give the alerts I wanted. I was excited to see if it worked better with the new phone, but now it doesn’t work at all. It opens for a split second and disappears. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but didnt help. Bummer.

  4. The features are very good. I would love to see the addition of co-longitude and also add the moon age day with hours. How about adding lunar liberation with a graphical component. I know some of that is quite a bit. I still have more to learn about the app. Looking for further updates. Do you have an easy way to capture a moment and share it as an image would be helpful with observing with students I teach.

  5. Love the app! Hate the news feature. It fails to provide any info. The last thing I have that is “recent” was the supermoon back in February 2019. I haven’t recieved anything else. Either make that feature up to date and current or simply remove it from the program entirely.

  6. This app is perfect if you want to know exactly where the moon is at the very second you are checking. You can slide the moon that’s on the screen back in time or ahead in the future to see the phase, moonrise, and moonset on any desired date or time! It’s easy to use, by far the best app!

  7. Fun and educational. This app is easy to use after you play with it for a while. It’s the best moon phase app I’ve ever seen. There’s documention available on the M2catalyst website, which is handy for some of the less obvious features. You can add notifications for events like lunar eclipses. I think it’s pretty cool!

  8. Wingster dice:

    Hi, I have used this app for years and enjoy it a lot and wanting to show my support to the devs i decidedly buy the full version to remove the ads, only to find it comes for free. However, I would like to warn you that as you can allow it to use your location which makes it more accurate, so I allowed that, second box popped up wanting me to allow it to make phone calls? Why, apps like this feel the need to make phone calls it’s wrong and very scary. You can deny it but then you, get the ads!!

  9. It’s a great app but when are you going to fix the libration error? Its been several updates and the error is still there. The moon nods a bit left and right and up and down during the month allowing us to see a bit beyond to the far side along the limb at different points . This nodding is called libration. This app still tips the wrong side toward us. It’s just a matter of inverting the algebraic sign in the libration code. Then I will give it 5 stars!

  10. Excellent app, I’ve had this phase of the moon 🌒🌚 app since it came out, on all my phone’s, and even my laptop. always spot on with the different phases and never once have i had any troubles with any bugs. I just love the way the app works and it’s always on display my devices and is great to watch if your falling asleep, (sorry if I sounded boring on that last bit) anyway Well-done to the creators for such a lovely app 💯♥️ it thanks

  11. I have a Galaxy Note 8 and after my last OS update your app doesn’t seem supported anymore. Every time I click on your icon it gives me the message that my version of your app is old and that I need to update it. When I try doing it, it goes nowhere: Android does not find it. Please help, I really liked your app. Thanks

  12. Found this app while trying to find the date of the next new moon and WOW what a jewel this app is! It’s very informative, beautifully artistic visuals and this is the best moon 🌝 phase app I’ve ever seen… I love it! Highly recommend if you want to keep track of the moon phases, set alerts or just enjoy the visuals!

  13. Used to love this app and used it every day until I had problems with the moon display going off-centre. Hate this latest update as I cannot get the moonrise/set times to display, despite turning on the location as instructed and am concerned at the amount of permissions this latest update seems to ask for. Also don’t like the new place that the moonrise/set times are displayed as it was alot less intrusive when it was displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  14. Such a gorgeous app. I love to see the widget when I scroll through my screen. I’ll open the app just to stare at the moon and make it roll around. I’m always aware of when the moon is going to be new and full, a nice way to organize monthly chores.

  15. exactly what I was looking for. appreciate the widget option (resizable), so I can see the phase at a glance. also really like how you can look way forward, and the extra info like distance, house, etc.

  16. This aap is amazing and the screen widget is just superb. On a full moon day, my homescreen had a full moon and it looked so real as if it was a picture of a full moon. Loved the app and it’s feature like locating moon and moon rise and moon set timing based on your location. Frankly ads are okay which is also good thing for developer. But if you give one time payment, one can do think of it. Thank you developer for this great app. God bless you

  17. Recently discovered this app, now finally checking it out and all I can say is WOW. I was expecting the standard moon phases, rise and set times and such, but found the moon locater and the auto moon phase indicater by spinning the moon sitting in the corner. I’m sure I’ll be back when I find what else it does. love it so far.

  18. This was a 5 star app until a year or so. Now alarms/ notifications do not always work and recently moon rise and set times no longer display. App requires telephone and camera access so i suspect it is listening to you. 2 stars for that. Should not require special permisions since its already displaying ads.

  19. I have loved this app for over a year and had it set as my home and lock screen. Two nights ago all the sudden my phone screen flashed and the moon phases background disappeared and I can no longer set it as my home or lock screen. Will this be fixed? Please fix it as I love this app. Still giving 5 stars but please fix it.

  20. I loved the clean, simple interface ofnthe previous version. Now, because I opt out of sharing access to my entire phone, i get an ugly,crowded version of the interface with two big red exclamation points concealing certain data from being displayed. Just blank out the data you don’t want free users to see! Why deface the simple beauty of the display? That just alienates me -a longtime fan -and makes me find anothee app – not give up all my privacy just to see what I used to see on yours….

  21. Just downloaded this app. Love it. I can go back on dates like my bday and can look ahead. However, it’s missing 1 function that I am looking for: to be able to note/jot down my moon phase experience each day. Yesterday’s New moon had a huge negative effect on me and other that I know (drained energy). So I’m looking to document my personal experience each day. I would pay a decent small price for that function. Please consider. Thank you.

  22. I very, VERY rarely rate apps. When I do, 1 or 5 star are generally off the table as virtually ANY experience could be better or worse. Thai said, 5★. Fantastic app, does exactly what it says and then some. Recent updates are welcome and wonderful! Phases of the Moon has been my phone background for several years now, and it does not disappoint.

  23. In general I love the app. Perfect for current phase of moon and dates of changes, astrological signs. Nice extras. I do not like the necessity for data mining AT ALL. I do no care they disclose it up front. Charge for one with no mining. I get location, obviously necessary. Otherwise perfect.

  24. I’ve had this app for years, it’s never let me down! I track astronomy so I like to use this app to check moon phases and conjunctions. 5 out of 5 . Highly accurate, always loads correctly, and has info on upcoming events so you can prep for them. Thanks for a great app! I recommend it constantly!

  25. Dawn C dice:

    Absolutely love this app. I’ve had it for years, on every one of my phones (and my tablet). You can set it to alert you for full ,new or whatever phase you want. You can also set it as live wallpaper that is accurate as to the current phase.

  26. Emile A dice:

    I’ve used this app for a long time. Recently got a new phone and cannot figure out how to set the live wallpaper again. Feeling unnecessarily difficult. I only use the app for the wallpaper nowadays, so if I can’t set it back I’ll likely delete the app…..

  27. I figured out how to set wallpaper! Go on you phone settings (for mine I press and hold on main screen) go under background and it’s under live wallpaper. It also has options! I love this app. This is what I’ve been looking for. Plus no ads 🙂 If y’all could just make a weather one too, that would be nice. Thanks developers!

  28. So I found this app in a weird way. I was writing a book about werewolves, and I realized that modern werewolves would have an app that told them everything about the moon. So I started tooking for the perfect moon app, that told not just simple phases, but percentage full, exact time of moon rise and moon set. Well, I found the perfect moon app. This is it! It has all that and more. Easy to use, fairly intuitive, this app let’s you see the moon past present and future. My kids love it

  29. I used to love this app, mostly for the wallpaper.. I’ve relied on finding out when the full moon is. I’ve been using it for a couple of years. Lately, the wallpaper has been dropping off my phone. In the past, I was able to go into the app settings, wallpaper, and place back on phone. Today, the wallpaper is gone from my phone and so is the option of wallpaper in the app. I checked for updates; none/updated. I’ll go to another app now.

  30. I’m already familiar with this app because I’ve used it extensively in my other devices, and I have to give it the highest rating available, so 5 Stars for making Phases of the Moon and letting us use it free… And I do not recall ever seeing an ad there after frequent and longtime use. I even dialed it back 64 years and learned in which phase of the lunar cycle I was born. I use this app more than any other ‘standby” apps I have in any of my devices. Always right on the button accurate, too!!

  31. I can’t find how to set the wallpaper – that’s mostly the reason I downloaded this app..or so I thought until I opened it. I think it’s missing that feature – either it’s a bug or somebody forgot to include it. But I’ve been messing about with the app for about an hour and it otherwise seems perfect as far as I can tell.

  32. This app is amazing. Having a realistic and real time moon on my home page is the best part! Super clear images, very easy to use. Provides a bunch of info without being overwhelming. Please tell me you all have like a sunrise and sunset app! I can’t even fully explain how well this app creator did, major props!

  33. I love this app!! I’m in love with the moon and the wallpaper helps me stay more aware of the phases. However, it stopped working, the wallpaper, that is. I checked my settings. Help! No response to this review or my support email. Very disappointed. I guess I’ll need to try another moon app.

  34. I love this app! I wish it had a way to keep the moon and stars visible, with the words and other pictures gone. A button to click to show just the moon, then a click again to bring it all back. Maybe double tap the screen to make it go both ways. I’ll still use the app even if it doesn’t do all that.

  35. BreadLord dice:

    The app was great, until I changed my phone. Now it won’t let me use the background function and I missed the last full moon because of that. Plus the wallpapers were pretty neat. Is there a way I can fix this? I’ve also tried downloading a wallpaper app but it’s still not working :c

  36. I have had this app for about a year now. Being pagan I use the moon phases to determine what type of spells I need at the time. I love this app it has helped me to strengthen my spells. I love the daily moon plus the option to see the full month & be able to go back & forward in time on the monthly part.

  37. I would rate this app higher, but it doesn’t offer the choice of the Western Sidereal Zodiac: the one that NASA uses. It’s the one that I also use, as it’s much more accurate. Most Americans use the Tropical Zodiac, which is inaccurate. Sidereal uses Fixed Stars whereas Tropical is tied to the Equinoxes and Solstices, with Aries always starting with the Spring Equinox in March. This year, Aries begins April 15th @ 6:19 am Greenwich Mean Time. Currently, there’s about a 6° overlap.

  38. Used to be 5 stars, but for a long time now, the widget will get stuck on the waxing crescent phase and won’t fix itself unless I remove and re-add the widget. I don’t think I’ve gone an entire lunar cycle without this happening. Please fix this!

  39. Not useful at all. Cool animations, but basic data isn’t there (altitude, azimuth, information on the sun etc). Plus on my version the rise and set times weren’t shown – regardless thought this app is useless for any photography work.

  40. An excellent “Reference-tool”, for my own Data-accumulating needs. The only disappointing aspect of the visual display is the fact that the “background” starfield movement is merely a cylindrical “repeat”” of “a non- reality”. Therefore, it is MISLEADING in its representation of the “Moon/star” movements, with regard to each other.

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