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Minimal, no ads or subscriptions, protecting your privacy
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☁️ Tiny Weather is a simple weather app free of ads and subscriptions. We protect your privacy and do not collect or sell your personal data like many other weather apps.

Tiny Weather features:

· Beautiful and simple
· Hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours
· Daily forecasts for the coming 8 days
· 100% free without ads or subscriptions you would forget to cancel
· Support the developer through donations (50% goes to charity)

Coming soon:

· Widgets
· Tablet support

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or on Twitter at @tinyweatherapp.

Thanks for checking out Tiny Weather!


This is just a small patch release fixing an issue with the new app icon looking strange on certain devices.

I hope you like the new icon! ☁️


4 comentarios en "Tiny Weather: Simple forecasts MODDED"

  1. Josh Miller dice:

    Really good design for a weather app, this has to be the best looking on the Play Store to date. The only thing holding me back is that the data source is not as accurate as I would hope for, at least where I live – maybe add NOAA’s point forecasts/station data as an alternative setting.

  2. Kat B dice:

    Yes it’s been fairly accurate regarding rain 🙂 Today the UV rating just says Moderate… could you please go back to the more specific numbers? // My main interest is when it’s going to rain, and when I find an app is totally wrong about that, I uninstall it… I’ve been through almost every weather app!! This one is not tooooo bad, more correct than others have been, so let’s hope it stays this way or improves even more.

  3. Brett Morris dice:

    Not accurate at all. It’s way off from what environment Canada reports for my area. Love the app design but not the wrong temperature. Edit Tried again and it’s forecast is accurate again. Maybe it just doesn’t update as as I’m used to with other app.

  4. DanStracey dice:

    A great weather app that is minimal and ad-free! However, the option to have the app open to a set location instead of having to click it manually would be useful. Also the ability to have different themes would be great.

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