FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth: Weath MODDED 2022


FOX 4 Dallas (KDFW) real-time weather and video forecasts
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KDFW FOX 4’s weather app delivers detailed real-time weather information to users in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all North Texas, including exclusive video forecasts from the FOX 4-warn weather team


Exclusive video forecasts and reports from KDFW’s FOX 4-warn weather team of meteorologists

•Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance 

•Option to enable specific geolocation tracking for precise location-based weather data and advertisements (review our Privacy Policy for more information on our use and sharing of location information)

•Weather-related school and business closings

•Vertical and horizontal map display with looping 

•Radar displays from NOWrad 

•High resolution satellite cloud imagery available 

•Exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index 

•Color coded weather alerts arranged by severity 

•Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness 

•Integrated compass overlay for 3GS models 

•10 day outlook as well as hour-by-hour forecasts 

•Ability to easily save your favorite locations 

•Full featured and user tested 

•Earthquake plotting – tap on an earthquake to display its detail

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45 comentarios en "FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth: Weath MODDED 2022"

  1. Been using this app from almost the beginning. It was one of my favorites. Now not so much. When it works it’s good. But it freezes a ton and constantly switches to different locations that’s 100s of miles away instead of staying on follow me. Also the alerts are worthless now. When you click to read the alert you no longer stay on the app but directs to the website full of pop ads and link bate articles. Once I find a weather app I like better I’m switching and removing this one.

  2. It’s great! (WHEN it works.) It does work most of the time, but when it glitches it is frustrating. I try reinstalling, clearing cache, everything. Eventually I end up deleting it and using another local stations app that doesn’t have as good a radar tracker, but has never given me cause to uninstall it. I end up trying this one out again a few weeks or months later when I remember and it works again.

  3. When it works it’s good, but freezes a lot now. Have used this app for years and really rely on it, but the past few weeks, it’s not working well. It freezes when opened and you can’t scroll or choose any of the options, ie maps, daily, hourly info. The “follow me” location doesn’t actually follow me. Stays locked onto a previous location, or randomly chooses some other location. Have deleted and re-installed several times. Hopefully bugs will get fixed, as I haven’t found a better app yet.

  4. The update has messed the app up. I have used this app since 2013 and it worked very well. I used it when I travel and locally to determine the location of heavy rain. There is a chance for icy conditions today and when i look at the map it is clear. The future cast works but the past and current precipitation does not. I have adjusted the transperancy and still does not work. I had to install the Wfaa app to get the current weather. That should not the the case.

  5. The latest couple of updates make the app pretty much useless. The interactive map no longer loads properly, adding custom locations is no longer intuitive, and “Pinpointing” refuses to place the pin where I put it. I travel for work often, and used to rely on this app for weather reports at my destinations. Please re-release the older version from 2018/2019.

  6. Up until four days ago I thought this app was really good. Now, all I get is the current temperature/conditions, no hourly, no 10 day. Nothing but current temp and condition. Tried uninstall/reinstall, tried the suggestions on the app. No change. Not happy! …oh, I do get a nearly full page ad on my screen. No weather, but a nice, BIG ad!

  7. Brent dice:

    Update: follow me now works, thanks. Update: STILL NOT WORKING. Hello? Fox, you there? Hello? Original: Location is not working correctly. Follow me doesn’t work. It just says finding current location but never finds it. All permissions including location are allowed but it still doesn’t work. Was a great app for years but I travel a lot and need the app to follow me. Using Galaxy S9+

  8. Kenwha dice:

    Have used this app since first published and enjoyed it lots. A recent update has rendered it useless. Weather data will no longer load. Numerous uninstalls and reinstalls yield same performance. FYI, an app provided by Ktvt using the same platform, behaves in exactly the same manner. IOS versions not affected by these issues.

  9. Won’t open the alerts anymore. I get the notifications but it won’t open them up so I can read them. Idk what changed, it used to work just fine. Please fix it!

  10. Randomly crashing in the background. More annoyance than benefit, so uninstalled.

  11. Was better before recent update to app. Now it freezes up a lot.

  12. Everytime I try to watch the news on the app it freezes after 2 seconds and then I have to refresh it all the time and half the time it has the black screen with the little arrow and when it stops freezing the screen pops up for commercial break and I have completely missed out on what happened.the weather map doesn’t work half the time.

  13. A dice:

    I’ve had the WAPP app for many years now & it’s very accurate. I like all the options it has. I moved to East Texas from the DFW area a couple of years ago & it works great, alerts & all. My daughter uses it where she lives, in NC. I wouldn’t change it for anything else! 👍

  14. loved it when I first installed years ago, each update has been a step backward starting with changing from Google maps to mapbox with less detail now you’ve stuck the add smack dab in the middle of the screen, well you can do what you want it’s your app, and I can do what I want so I’m moving on good luck!


  16. Good app but at times you cant read the typing on the screen. White letter against white clouds or other light color back ground blends in with the lettering. Wish they would make it other colors so it doesn’ blend in so well.

  17. Have used app for a long time. It’s been very reliable until recently. I actually came here to see if there was an update I missed. However, reading comments I can see I am not only one. App loads really slow, the map doesn’t follow me anymore even when I pick follow me. When I finally get to where I am, I am looking at clouds out my window and nothing is showing up on radar. Someone has messed this app up. Maybe reset to older starting place.

  18. Not sure what happened to the weather map, but it looks like a Minecraft cartoon. The rain coverage looks like large pixels, and you can’t select between ‘past’, ‘future’, and ‘past+future’ anymore. Is this supposed to be an improvement?

  19. I love this weather app, except for the fact that the “follow me” feature just suddenly quit working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice, and it still won’t work. I hager to go in and manually select my location everywhere I go. It’s driving me crazy.

  20. Since last update the notification widget constantly shows as blank. No temp just a blank spot where the temp goes. If you open the app, it’ll update the widget, but later it goes back to being blank. Keeps asking for location permission which I giving it. About to delete and go with another app. Also giving my location as Paris France. This app is screwy.

  21. Used to be a great app, but since the last update it is soooooo slow or just doesn’t work at all. Used to love the radar, it was fast and up to date. They need to go back to the old version. Have even deleted and reloaded, twice. Just doesn’t work. Shameful.

  22. My app is frozen. It loads the first page but I can’t scroll it and when I tap hourly or daily below it doesn’t take me to the other page. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, force stop, clear cache, clear data and nothing has worked! Please fix. I depend on this app so much!!

  23. Amazing app. I downloaded it and gave me a severe weather alert Doppler radar had tracked some severe weather near me detailing the movement and speed. Gave me 20 minutes to prepare. Nothing bad happened but it sure was nice that it was so accurate. I live in the middle of nowhere so no one covers my area on the local news

  24. Ken Ryder dice:

    Why do you put white writing on top of white cloud background? Please fix. This app sucks for easy to read information. There are better and easier to read weather apps than this one. Update 4.28.20. Some new performances update and now it can’t display the weather I keep getting 0 degrees when it is near 80+f. This App sucks. Two levels of advertisements, useless videos, no options to not display. I just want a weather app that does only the weather. 5/13/2021 Still sucks.

  25. I have used this app for years because I love the video forecast as I work outside everyday. But now…the video daily forecast does not play. Only the ad plays, nothing more. It’s very frustrating. I enjoy Fox 4 but I’m having to use channel 5 instead. Please fix this so I can come back to the Fox 4 WAPP!! PS..I HAVE TRIED UNINSTALLING AND REINSTALLING…STILL DOESNT PLAY.

  26. Cannot rely on this during severe weather. The radar update is very slow – sometimes freezes – perhaps due to higher demands (this is when people most need to know). Second, radar update is somewhat behind – 5 to 10 mins? Watching tv news is much closer to realtime – which negates the value of this app during storms. 2 stars because normal times it works well enough – but then any other weather app would be fine and maybe less intrusive ads too. Will try others

  27. m johnson dice:

    For some reason the app has not worked on my phone for the last month, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it numerous times and the screen shows 0 temp and blank for the other readings and nothing on the map or the weekly temps. I have also shut my phone down, left it 5-10 minutes and then turned it back on to get any carrier updates and reboot my phone but that has had no effect either.

  28. I’ve used this app for a long time but not anymore. It glitches now and seems somewhat crowed on my phone. Im not sure what the plan was for the update but it is more confusing than before. I think it’s more for advertising now then to keep you 4 warned.

  29. I like the app but the outside temperature no longer updates on its own in my notification drop box or at the top of my screen. It only updates when I open the app. I’ve tried checking through all the settings and can’t find a thing about setting how often it updates.

  30. B P dice:

    I think it activated the factory reset feature on my Samsung a50 . The app was fine before then. I was able to catch it and abort thankfully. The temperature display on the lock screen and top header is gone now hence me believing it could be related as does Samsung web boards. To be fair I liked it up until then.

  31. Since your last update, the follow me option does not work. You manually have to try and get the app to find your location, regardless of whether you’re running data or on Wi-Fi. This needs to be fixed immediately.

  32. Latest android update broke location service on this app. Revision: location service is working now. I had to reinstall app. Power down Android phone. Wait 5min. Then power up. Restart alone did not work, BTW. This is my favorite weather app, mainly as it gives Radar in real time, not 5 or 10 minutes in the past as other apps do.

  33. Like many others say, update ruined this app. Can’t drag the map to other locations. When I try to drag map to another location, the green location dot is all that moves. Uninstalled and on to the next weather app on the list.

  34. I’ve used this app for years and loved it. But in the last few weeks I can only see the radar in the PAST mode, which means I can’t see current conditions or track the predicted FUTURE movements of storm systems. And today, I received NO ALERT when Dallas County was under a Tornado WARNING. I hope you guys get this fixed ASAP.

  35. UPDATE, Did a factory reset, then it worked fine. 5 stars, the apps is accurate and easy to use without a lot of adds. It’s my go to app to keep my cacti & succulents healthy and me out of the rain. B4 FACTORY RESET, Information is missing.The developers keep telling me to switch to 5G wifi, which I already have. I miss this app so so much.

  36. This app used to work great for years. Recently I have been having problems loading. I uninstalled and than reinstalled the app thinking that would fix the problem. Nope, it did not. I will be looking for another weather app.

  37. Used to love this app…….. until the monday update. As soon as you try to zoom in to your area, it reverts to a map that is 8 YEARS OLD!! The radar isn’t as smooth as it was before. Don’t like it as much now 🙁

  38. I agree. This update is awful. The map moves to fast and goes everywhere but the location I wanted. It looks like you wanted to be more technical and it didn’t work. Sorry FOX 4 please go back to the last wapp.

  39. Latest update. Video still doesn’t work. I Uninstaller and reinstalled it. The video weather report still doesn’t work. Come on guys fix it. I have been using this app every for almost a year.

  40. Used to love this app. Since update it constantly closes, have to re download after first use. Map has way too much junk on it now. Used to be simple and tell me what i needed. Now i have to wade through layers of junk. Old app was so very much better. Am trying a new weather app now. Would love to come back but only if you return app to old version. Old one was the best i had found. New one in a word Sucks.

  41. Cody S. dice:

    When was the last time this app was updared? It has some issues with loading in and sometimes the hourly weather report does show at all.

  42. Takes alot of time to get radar to work. Have to load and reload and wait many minutes for Radar to actually work. Very frustrating. Have used on multiple phones for years and same thing. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled. Does not help.

  43. The daily and weekly reports are usually blank. And when the app comes up it tells me to retry opening app. Very irritating. It used to be a stable reliable app. Not anymore. Disappointing.

  44. Slow. Do not need to see what weather was 1.5 hrs prior to turning it on. Want to see what it is NOW, immediately when turning it on & maybe an hour ahead. Wwwaaayyy tooo sssllloooww!!! Looking for updates.

  45. What my local news not the world news. Or the live now feature you hv playing. I want my weather man/woman. I want my traffic updates. I can go to other places to get world news don’t need you to provide it. Thank you

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