Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps 2022

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Get your local forecast from The Weather Channel | An IBM Business
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Live forecast updates are at your fingertips with The Weather Channel. Get the local weather forecast news delivered directly to your phone or tablet. Prepare with severe weather reports and live radar maps.

Extreme weather alerts and forecast information is available wherever you are! Get daily local weather news and extreme weather alerts so you can live life with confidence. The Weather Channel provides accurate reports that help you plan up to 15 days in advance.

Weather the storm with live updates! The Weather Channel’s top 5 features:

Weather your way! Get instant insights, weather graphs & more
Live alerts that you can subscribe to – Press push notifications and get live weather updates!
Trending conditions – Follow individual conditions closely and see how they will change over the coming hours and days
Severe weather alerts from thunder to severe storms. Ensure you stay safe no matter the extreme weather!
Wind speed reports, severe storms & forecast radar updates give you the weather information you need, wherever you are!

Stay alert and plan outdoor activities with confidence.
• Get faster access to weather updates with our new navigation bar! Or if you prefer the old navigation, swipe down for more content.
• Don’t get caught in the rain! Our severe weather alerts will help you weather any storm. Check the daily forecast and come rain, shine or even thunder, you will be prepared for whatever the day throws at you.
• Daily temperature and wind speed updates let you know if you need to bring a winter jacket or your umbrella.
• Don’t get caught in the storm with information on sunset times, cold and flu reports and the latest forecast radar updates.

• Run smart with Running Index! Find the best running conditions by analysing the temperature and examining detailed wind speed updates to help you plan your perfect route.
• Concerned about allergies? Get high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice to help you beat them.

Keep informed on the latest weather news.
• Stay safe during extreme weather events. From wildfires to thunder to severe storms, we’ll send you live radar alerts and expert safety advice.

Access all of the local weather & temperature information you need.
• Find all the weather data you care about in one place: your smart home screen! 

• See the forecast and plan your day without the inconvenience of ads for just a monthly subscription.

Be alert and get all of the forecast radar updates you need to plan. Live news about wind speed, thunder and live maps mean that you can make the most out of your day.

Download The Weather Channel today to get any weather alert, big or small, delivered directly to your smartphone or tablet. Brave severe storms or face the winter cold fully prepared – with The Weather Channel, it couldn’t be easier!


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Be a force of nature. Update The Weather Channel app now.


Thanks for using The Weather Channel app! We are constantly working to add new features and improve your app experience. Please email us [email protected] at with any suggestions or questions.


4 comentarios en "Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps 2022"

  1. TJ Haile dice:

    The application keeps crashing and when it’s not crashing it’s constantly buffering. I’ve tried restarting my phone and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it works intermittently. Whenever I restart my phone the app buffers and I use to be able to go through the playstore and open the app and it would be fine. Now, with the continuous updates it made it worse. When it works it’s great, but then you have to put up with all the bugs that continues to plague it what’s the use in using it.

  2. Aurora S dice:

    App no longer works at all. If you click on hourly it just shows you advertisements and does not show you hourly and if you click on daily it just shows the weather channel logo and keeps buffering. I can barely get this to work and I used to really love it. Now it’s pretty useless and I’m just going to have to uninstall it and find a new one.

  3. Jill Golden dice:

    I have always loved the weather channel app, until you tried to make it better. Now, I can’t even get the subscription I’m paying$29.99 for to install (still seeing all the ads and not getting the extras either) and the buffering is a nightmare. Paying for “Premium” should come with some advantages, like working. Come on super-geniuses, fix it.

  4. Hanley Mack dice:

    EVERY update is DOWNGRADE. Recent improvements have been the radar screen being unusable due to the radar being 1/3 the size with half of the screen (bottom) being used for oversized controls and time slider. Another improvement is the auto location center when you look at a storm detail, you go back and then have to scroll back to where you were on the map before. This is dangerous if you’re trying to keep someone alive and safe. Storm Radar was great, but they bought and stopped a better app

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