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Wind forecast and weather reports for sailing, surfing, kite, fishing & outdoor
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Wind, weather, waves and tides anywhere in the world for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and paragliders.

Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts that let you always find the spot with the best wind, waves, and weather conditions for your sport. It also displays the current wind measurements and weather observations, so that you can make your own weather predictions!


• Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 160,000 spots
• Displays current wind measurements and weather measurements in real-time from 21,000+ weather stations
• Tide forecasts for high and low tides for 20,000 locations around the world
• Superforecast, our hourly high-resolution forecasting model for most parts of Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands
• Wind widgets for your home screen (small and medium size)
• New: Severe weather warnings for the US and Europe
• Windpreview: for a quick overview of the wind forecast in the next ten days
• Beautifully animated wind forecast maps, temperature forecast maps, precipitation maps, satellite images and topographic map
• Configure favorites – save nearby locations and monitor travel weather for your vacation destinations
• Measurements listed in knots, Beaufort, km/h, m/s, and mph
• Parameters displayed: Wind strength & direction, gusts, air temperature and “feels like” temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, relative humidity, wave height, wave period, and wave direction
• Optimized display of forecasts and measurements for optimal readability on the go from any mobile device
• Optimized data transfer – which enables a quicker load speed and is ideal for data usage restrictions
• Ad free!


➜ Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Wing Foiling – find that next storm or windy conditions next door or at your next vacation
➜ Sailing – plan that next sailing trip and ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
➜ Dinghy sailors and regatta racers – allows for careful preparation for the next regatta
➜ Surfers and wave riders – find the perfect wave and high swell
➜ SUP & Kayak – make sure high winds and waves don’t risk your adventures
➜ Fishing – ensures a better catch and a safe trip
➜ Paragliders – find a good wind right from the start
➜ Cyclists – headwinds or tailwinds?
➜ Boat owners and captains – keep a constant eye on the current weather conditions and tides
➜ …and anyone who needs exact wind and weather predictions!


Subscribe to Windfinder Plus to get access to our newest services to help you to catch the best wind, anywhere, anytime! Windfinder Plus includes (among other features):

🔥 Wind alerts: Specify your ideal wind conditions, get notified as soon as these show up in forecasts
🔥 Wind report map: Real-time wind measurements from over 21.000 stations directly on our wind map
🔥 Wind and Weather Widgets in all sizes with Windpreview
🔥 Wind barbs: A new display mode suited for sailors

Windfinder Plus is available as an In App Purchase. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to use Windfinder Pro just like you’re used to, nothing will be taken away. Pro stays Pro!


- Setting to hide severe weather warnings
- Improved report navigation


40 comentarios en "Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather FULL"

  1. The variation between forecast and superforecast is massive, which in turn suggests neither is accurate. And no explanation!

  2. D K dice:

    The Wind Color Coding is overlaid on top of the hours of the day obscuring the hour, making it impossible ,when in the sun and or wearing polarized glasses to see the hour….App should have the ability to turn ON or OFF wind color coding (which is also ridiculously overwhelming in the sheer number of color variations adding to the Confusion…SIMPLE FIX!! but until that Bug is corrected I have to give it 1….If corrected properly I would rate it a 4 possibly a 5

  3. My co-worker and I both have Pro version. We are looking at the exact same location at the exact time and there is a difference of 5mph between his app and mine. 5Mph could be the difference of whether our business operates or not. Never consistent within the app

  4. I’ve been using WFpro for a few years as a Scottish sailor. It has a lot of info on the main screen and I can drill down easily for more detail. The only thing it lacks is surface pressure maps and / or the ability to zoom out to see what is happening with depressions in the north Atlantic. Met office app is heavier, but it can at least do this. WF is my preferred weather app of the three I have installed.

  5. Paid subscription and now it says no record of my email/username. Hum. Not happy about this.

  6. A really good application. I use it daily. I can’t quite see the point twixt forecast and super forecast. They generally are so different as to make you trust neither. I tend to use the super forecast as it’s more realistic and compere it with other applications. The synoptic charts are good for that from the Met Office.

  7. Nose dive… I have relied on this app for years at the pay level, but the forecasts and even the reports are fiction now. Forecast and super forecast are often totally unrelated. May have to delete this app.

  8. paid for the wind finder pro, and when I had to get a new device, I lost my paid status. It’s not very accurate, so I won’t pay for it again.

  9. The app only works the first time after I reboot my phone. when I close it and re-open it, the app just shows a little circle going round and round and round… my phone runs android 10, my husband’s phone runs android 9 and the app works perfectly. Not sure if that is the issue but that’s the only difference. we use windy daily in our business so it really is a bumper that it doesn’t work on my phone. Unfortunately we are not always together so I can’t always just grab his phone.

  10. great wind apps. I even bought the pro subscription to support this. The one that prevents me to give 5 stars is there is no ability to change the altitude. I want to see the wind speed at altitude 50m, 100m, 200m etc. Sadly this apps cannot do that eventhough other apps easily be able to perform that feature. please update the apps to give that features. cheers

  11. So…. I’ve had this app now for a couple of weeks before I wanted to express my opinion about it. Honestly, it’s fantastic on all levels and I find myself referring to it daily. I live in the Vegas/Henderson area and we happen to get our share of high winds here and this app nails it from what I’ve observed. I’m not particular fond of the way the future wind forecast graph is displayed on the widget but other than that, it’s a awesome app and well worth the purchase for the pro version……

  12. It’s a good app in most places. However, in my current location the Windfinder local time and timezone are incorrect. Yes, I’ve read the faq. Being an hour out on forecasts or tides makes a difference. Check the local time in the Spot info for your favourite places for accuracy.

  13. I have been light sport flying for years. Light winds would do a great impact on my flight. Tried a lot of apps but this is the most accurate one I have ever seen and it’s the one that I belive when I plan for the flight. Best for weather forecast 👍🏻

  14. T. Heuser dice:

    Paid for pro version, and now it requires permission to in-app purchases? Even if all features are unlocked, I do not trust an application that requires access to financial transactions. Not updating. Unhappy customer. 2020 new phone requires fresh install. Functionality reduced to promote paid subscriptions! Rating reduced to one star, I regret ever having paid money for this app.

  15. I have used this app for a couple of years, and in general the app itself is ok, but lately the forecast accuracy has been poor. I spent the last couple of weeks sailing around the SW of the UK. A forecast northerly turned out to be a day long southerly, not such a problem, but then three days on the run the app under estimated wind speeds by about 15kn, culminating in sailing an offshore leg in 40kn rather than the forecast 25kn, the difference being dangerous. Lost faith.

  16. I love the app. It’s really easy to plan fishing trips (or when not to) with this app. Could you make the scale colors match the screen better? The wind scale purple colors do not match the map screen purple colors. So you just kind of guess which one is which?

  17. I’ve been a paid user for 4 years and I’ve recently upgraded phones (both Samsungs) and now the app is saying it doesn’t recognize my email. A little help would be appreciated. I emailed the developers last week and still haven’t gotten a response.

  18. One of the most reliable apps I use. I love the customization options and super forecasts, its great for day to day users and for those needing detailed specs. I use it when planning our scuba dive clubs launch schedules . Both The free version and Pro are great for all watersports enthusiasts.

  19. Steve dice:

    Windfinder Pro has been my go-to for the past several years but lately (past few months, maybe a year now) the forecasts and info has been AWFUL. I mean wildly inaccurate. Not sure what happened to the reliable data I used to know but I just don’t trust it anymore. *DELETE*

  20. As a charter Captain in the Florida Keys, I’m always checking weather and planning my days accordingly. Windfinder Pro let’s me see what’s happening now as well as what’s forcasted for the next several days. I’ve found the forecasts to be extremely accurate for 3 or less days out and surprisingly accurate for up to 10days out. Windfinder Pro definitely makes my job easier and keeps my clients happier and safer! Thank you Windfinder!

  21. Excellent for tracking Hurricanes in Florida…

  22. always the most accurate forecasts for my favourite locations, you can almost set your watch by when the forecasted rain arrives. I tried loads of apps and this was the best….for me.

  23. Paid for windfinder pro. Ever since windfinder plus has come out windfinder pro has not been properly supported. Until I posted a one star review map search did not function. Paid for ad-free experience but now getting continual ads for Sailflow plus. Considering changing to Sailflow.

  24. I live by the wind as with my a rail sports. This app has made it so easy to plan for my various extreme sports as wind direction with kiteboarding is extremely important so I always know what to expect so I do not die out in the ocean😎😎😎. Also helps for skydiving as I am one too and a kitelandboarder and a sailor as I am a wind person for sure😊😊😊👍👍👍

  25. I work in the wind industry, i found the wind speed and direction production are fairly accurate and consistent. i ended up buy the pro version because adds drive me nuts, and for the low cost compared to how much I use it was a no brainer.

  26. Excellent app. My most used app for weather and surf prediction. As a plus user, It would be great to be able to set alerts other than wind, especially a combination of wind and swell.

  27. Love this app! works like a charm the only issue is with the oneplus 6t (notch disabled) the top of the app is cut off. only the edges though because of the roumded corners of the display! please fix this!

  28. Geoff Eby dice:

    Least reliable and least accurate of weather apps I use for sailing. Yesterday, we sailed under light E and SE winds for 5 hrs. Windfinder reported winds from the west all day…. and for some bizarre reason the pro app is even less reliable than the free one. Looking for a new weather app.

  29. Great App for anybody whose sport is wind dependent. Bar widget is brilliant for weather over the coming days a a glance. Widget would be even better with a small graphic at the top to denote rainfall.

  30. Pretty awful forecasting. Actual wind speed 3 to 4 mph, (super)forecast 7 to 18 yes 18! mph. Seems to always over estimate. Too few local report stations. Weather Underground is much better.

  31. Great app apart from the night hours feature which is half cocked. The app has sunrise and sunset times so why can’t it know when night is? I wrote to the creators and got a lacklustre reply which I find bizarre when the app could so easily be perfect 🙄

  32. Greater weather App for sailing and any outdoor activities. Simple and effective menu. The weather Map is so good that I no longer use Windy. I use it everyday for sailing even while sailing when there is network connection.

  33. Su Quinn dice:

    Windfinder is great for checking the temperature and the wind. It let’s me down on the rain though. It shows we are going to get 10mm and we get 1mm or nothing then it says we are going to get 2mm and we get 100mm. But overall it’s great.

  34. Love this app! It has the best user interface, excellent detail with respect to time, and is consistently spot on. I captain a research vessel and reference it every day. Thanks guys for building this.

  35. Works well, ideal for my bike and windsurfing activities. The widget is great, and saves opening the app when you l need a quick wind update.

  36. Essential for any boater. Accuracy is good and it’s an app I always check before deciding to head out on the water.

  37. Readings taken every 6 hours. Too much change can happen between readings. Not much help. Very disappointing !

  38. Would be great if we could group our favourites into categories. Because I paraglide, surf and kite surf I have a lot of favourite sites. Have to scroll through them every time I check the weather. My 2 cents

  39. Robh dice:

    Was loving it, but lately something changed in my Chromebook. Now I can see only 3 days instead of a week out. I uninstalled and reinstalled and same issue. Is ok on my Phone, but this review is based on Chromebook.

  40. Windfinder Pro guided us while cruising the Atlantic Coast and the Bahamas, and was always accurate. In the days before Hurricane Irma, while we were securing our sailboat, we used the information to assess wind direction, speed, and timing of the storm landfall, and all this information contributed to the boat’s survival, and ours. Been using this app every day since, if for no other reason than to know if I should water my garden.

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