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The parental control app for android is created to protect kids and provides supervision to keep kids safe online. The app is a powerful child control app for screen time, tracking location, tracking application usage time, limit app usage, limit phone usage, website control, YouTube monitoring. You can block apps, set daily app time limit, limit screen time, block inappropriate content.

The application has unique features such as monitoring social media chats and eyes protection. Use night mode and eyes protection features to form healthy habits for your kids’ eyes.

★ App lock & Phone lock:
• Block apps and block games
• Block social media apps
• Limit app usage time and limit usage time remotely
• Set schedules and limit phone usage for family time, bedtime and study time

★ Device screen time management:
• Screen time app shows a detailed view of the daily phone usage
• Set and manage a specific daily app time limit
• Screen time tracker allows you to monitor apps usage statistics

★ Social media chat monitoring:
• Monitoring messengers (WhatsApp, Viber)
• YouTube Monitoring

★ Eyes protection & Night mode:
• Use Night Mode to protect the child’s eyes from intense blue light in the evening
• Use eyes protection to keep your child’s phone screen at the correct distance from your eyes

★ Family Locator & GPS tracking:
• Monitor your child’s location on the map in real-time
• Set geo-zone and get notifications if a child leaves this zone

★ Block websites & Block Youtube videos:
• Monitor websites which your child visited
• Web filters allow you to safe kids from harmful sites and content
• Monitor YouTube videos which your child was watched
• Block YouTube videos and channels
• Turn on Safe Search function to protect your kid’s searches online

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also app gives you an opportunity to:
• Monitor and manage your kid’s phonebook
• Monitor the latest kid’s photos
• Monitor the battery level of the kids’ phone

Use “Parental Control apps Kroha – Screen time & Kids Mode” to improve your family links. Spend more family time without mobile phones.

Please install this application on your mobile smartphone and then on your child’s one(s) to perform remote child control of a child’s device.
Link all your family devices to the account. Both smartphones should have network data capability, as the app uses data to send and receive configuration commands.

The application is designed exclusively for children’s protection and child safety. If the application is used inappropriately, the company disclaims responsibility for the consequences.

Price for the one-year license includes controlling of five different family devices, which can be activated in any mode (Parent mode / Kids mode). Use one account for the whole family.

Check out the subscription price:

If you have any issues or questions, you can always contact our support team: [email protected]

Troubleshooting notes:
For all parental control apps and screen time apps users should set up Battery Saving Settings on your child’s phone.

• This app uses the Device Administrator permission
• This app uses Accessibility services


40 comentarios en "Parental Control Kroha MODDED 2022"

  1. I think the prices should be posted somewhere not hidden so people know ahead of time instead of being suckered into putting the work in then “oh ur free trial is up, pay to keep it”! Other than this the app is great. Very detailed so u can adjust it going from toddler to teenager n all the in between times. U can adjust a lot according to ur child and what u don’t want them having access to. VERY HELPFUL! And I like that I can lock the whole device with one button if needed.

  2. By far the best of the many parental control apps we’ve tried. Easy to use, has every feature I could ask for, and reliably and quickly locks and unlocks device/apps. Best of all, my hacker kids have not figured out any workarounds for the parental controls. The way it’s set up with going to the lock screen if they try to mess with settings is brilliant, as is the pin on the parent’s version…my kids had changed settings on other PC apps through my phone, and they can’t do that with this!

  3. The app was great…until my kids figured out how to kill access permissions for it, which disables the controls. Luckily I get a notification saying: “The device has disabled access permissions to: Accessibility service. Check the access permissions” …so I at least know when they do it, but I can’t figure out **how** they’re doing it, and it’s a little annoying that there doesn’t appear to be a way of stopping it from happening.

  4. I used to love this app. Customer service was superb last year when I needed to troubleshoot SMS syncing. Latest update 3/2020 blocks location access due to permissions. Uninstall/reinstall caused me to lose ALL my data and SMS will not sync again. It’s a shame. This app does everything I need it to – when it’s working properly. I’ve now invested hours into troubleshooting.

  5. Great update. But when you try to look at the pictures, you only get a portion of that picture and they’re real tiny thumbnails with no way of opening the original picture. Also, the location is nowhere near accurate. The monitor device could be sitting right next to me and your app shows it being a mile or two away up in town.

  6. This has been the best parental control app so far! I’m recommending it to all my friends. It’s really inexpensive, too! Just a couple of points- -It would be nice if I got a report similar to what my kids see, of how long they’ve used apps as a category (I see I can find it by entering each category and viewing the top menu). -Setting schedules is laborious (every little box to click; it would be nice to be able to drag across entire sections. -Teaching my husband how to use it is laborious. 😜

  7. This app is great. Especially for kids who like to get into things they arent supposed to. There is no way for them to bypass the secuirty without you knowing, you can control what they watch or play, its really easy to use, and i can control it all from my phone getting confirmations when the setup is complete. If they try to delete the app it locks the screen so they cant! I totally reccomend it!

  8. Todd D dice:

    Tried 4 other parental control apps, some honestly were easier to use intuitively (user interface is a little clunky). With that said, this works when you get used to it. Their customer support was spot on when I had an inquiry, and we have just installed in 2 devices for our child. Only improvement I could suggest, is placing a notification on the child’s end telling them how much time remains.

  9. Blue dice:

    Seems pretty good but there is no overlay to block the top pull down menu. This allows kids to access Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, Wifi, etc… The rest is really good though like schedules, categories and the option to pause if your child is to close to the screen. I feel an overlay option for younger kids is necessary and could make this the goto for parental control apps.

  10. We’ve used this app for our 3 teenagers and it’s so worth every penny. Changing time usage, seeing what they’re looking at, etc.It’s been a useful took to encourage the kids to get their things done so they don’t lose the privilege of their phone. Just a couple quick seconds and I can turn on or off the privilege- no arguing.

  11. Excellent Free App. I have used this for years. This is better than some of the others I tried. It takes just afew seconds to change which apps they’re allowed to access, so I use that to only allow certain games at certain times. There is no junk with this app. Just does what it says it does.

  12. We have been using this parenteral app for almost 4 years. I work in IT and have had to take a layered approach with parental controls because my kidskeep finding work arounds. But this app has been one of the cornerstones for us. We use it on both the phones and computers.

  13. Hands down the best parental controls. Being able to control remotely is invaluable. It’s an intuitive, no nonsense app with immediate communication from customer service if needed.

  14. Simple and easy to set up. My kids claim that it kicks them out of games sometimes, but I think it is either because of the game itself crashes or because of in game advertising that itdoesn’t like and they shouldn’t be able to get to anyways. Overall I think it does its job well and it is worth!

  15. I am very, very happy with this app and it’s remote device controls. I love the looks on their faces when I turn off access. It happens instantaneously! Then back on when their chores are completed. This app is great!

  16. I would like to be able to rearrange the apps to encourage the kids to use certain ones, but I appreciate having the abilityto customise which apps are used when, if necessary. The best parental conrol app I’ve found on the play store for ease of use.

  17. Tried a couple other apps with great reviews but between it be way to complex or system failures it felt overwhelming and frustrating. This app has been the complete opposite.Very easy to manage and understand. Accurate on update and location. all around peace of mind without the un needed issues.

  18. After a few hrs of playing with the app you find it very easy to use. Adding new devices to your account is straight forward.You can monitor and control everything on the phone or tablet you want, from texts right the way to YouTube. My wife and I are very happy. Simple set up. Easy to use. Great control. Keep up the good work

  19. Wonderful app! the only thing I wish was possible was to be able to see what messages they are sending on social media. I love all the options for timers and text block options for certain words etc….I’ve used this two years now! I have recommended it to my family and they use it and love it as well!!

  20. Gives me piece of mind that my kid is communicating with others that I approve of, and didn’t download apps that I’m not aware of.Easy, intuitive, yet full of features. If he’s going to have it, then he needs to use it within limits. Also like that can set access schedule.

  21. I love this app and it’s the perfect price! It works so well. I love being able to read texts messages and view pictures that are being sent as well.I do have one suggestion though, that kids have to have downloads approved before it gets downloaded on their phones.

  22. Tried a couple other apps with great reviews but between it be way to complex or system failures it felt overwhelming and frustrating.This app has been the complete opposite. Very easy to manage and understand. Accurate on update and location. all around peace of mind without the un needed issues.

  23. I absolutely love this app! I can see the location of my childs phone, disable chosen apps, limit time for app usage, monitor messages, calls, and web searches.There are many other features too and the price is great, especially considering it will help me continue to keep my child safe.

  24. Excellent app, probably the most complete and easy to use in the App Store. To be perfect, it would have to show not only the time used by the child in each App but also the details of what the child did in each one

  25. Definitely a must have app. Provides fast accurate detailed information. The presentations are nicely organized colorful and very easy to understand.Even equips you with the option to personalize & schedule your notifications. Its Awesome !

  26. This is a great app. Monitors everything I need to keep safe for my child. If you need something or if you have a problem,they get back with you right away and stay in contact til it is fixed. I have recommended this app to many of my friend that have signed up. Keep up the great work and wonderful app.

  27. This is the only program of this kind that I’ve tried that successfully intercepts everything it should without crashing or leaving the phone in a bad state.The free version does everything I really need, but the extra features in the past version are nice-to-haves

  28. I love this app! It helps give the parent so much control, allows the parent to keep up with what the child is sending and receiving through text messages,allows the parent to lock the phone if the child is grounded…I could say many great things about this app. Great for teenagers’ phones and you get children’s phones.

  29. Very useful when you want to keep under reasonable limits the time children spend on screens. Easy to set up and can several devices can be connected to the same parent account.The free version provides enaugh features to have a good view on children’s screen activity. I fully recommend.

  30. The app is great, I get location up-to-dates of where my children are; I’m also able to see what my children texts and apps they download. We control when they can access their phones & access to apps. My husband & I highly recommend it.

  31. Alerts me when inappropriate pictures are sent, while still allowing privacy. I feel like I can give my child privacy but still be able to look at the messages that are sent/received just in case. Safety is a priority in today’s world and this is a really good app

  32. Very helpful in keeping track of where my child is when I cannot be there. Also if I felt as though my child was dishonest I could also go back and read her texts to the person.Lastly it makes bedtimes less of a struggle because I can just shut my childs device off at a certain time and have it activated in the morning! GREAT PARENTING TOOL!

  33. Really easy to use! Even shows sms & call history. You can block apps, block certain websites & contacts.You can choose when to lock & track your child’s phone remotely!! Keeps u updated on EVERYTHING your child is doing on their phone! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  34. Parents of a teenager here…best thing we could use. Texts and web history are available if something seems off, but we rarely check it. The filters do a great job of keeping her in appropriate content areas!

  35. As a parent of 2 teenage girls and 2 little ones, this app is awesome. I dont have a lot of time to maneuver complicated apps but wanted to be able to monitor my teens phone usage. This so far is the easiest one I have found.

  36. I LOVE this app! It is a great way to track your child and the phone is its lost. It takes you directly to it. I love that it has key words you ca set, so if they are used in text i get a notification.

  37. Very useful application. to protect children on their mobile phones. The ability to locate the phone and set the location.It is possible to set time limits on individual apps or restrict them altogether. Safe web search is also an option. The time limit is based on cumulative time used instead of from/to which I want….

  38. One of the most used app in my phone so far. This is what I always wanted. I am able to track and control over delicate content and adult content filter. A big thanks to the developers of parental control app.

  39. Safe web search also an option. Time restrictions are based on cumulative time used rather than from /to which I would prefer. Useful reports on usage by hour and App.Instant block which locks the phone is a particular favourite of mine ?? Glad I found this.

  40. Works great, it was exactly what I needed kids the kids from messing with the settings and doesn’t let them back out. Definitely recommend trying it out if this is something you need get this app for sure.

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