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The parental control app for android is created to protect kids and provides supervision to keep kids safe online. The app is a powerful child control app for screen time, tracking location, tracking application usage time, limit app usage, limit phone usage, website control, YouTube monitoring. You can block apps, set daily app time limit, limit screen time, block inappropriate content.

The application has unique features such as monitoring social media chats and eyes protection. Use night mode and eyes protection features to form healthy habits for your kids’ eyes.

★ App lock & Phone lock:
• Block apps and block games
• Block social media apps
• Limit app usage time and limit usage time remotely
• Set schedules and limit phone usage for family time, bedtime and study time

★ Device screen time management:
• Screen time app shows a detailed view of the daily phone usage
• Set and manage a specific daily app time limit
• Screen time tracker allows you to monitor apps usage statistics

★ Social media chat monitoring:
• Monitoring messengers (WhatsApp, Viber)
• YouTube Monitoring

★ Eyes protection & Night mode:
• Use Night Mode to protect the child’s eyes from intense blue light in the evening
• Use eyes protection to keep your child’s phone screen at the correct distance from your eyes

★ Family Locator & GPS tracking:
• Monitor your child’s location on the map in real-time
• Set geo-zone and get notifications if a child leaves this zone

★ Block websites & Block Youtube videos:
• Monitor websites which your child visited
• Web filters allow you to safe kids from harmful sites and content
• Monitor YouTube videos which your child was watched
• Block YouTube videos and channels
• Turn on Safe Search function to protect your kid’s searches online

also app gives you an opportunity to:
• Monitor and manage your kid’s phonebook
• Monitor the latest kid’s photos
• Monitor the battery level of the kids’ phone

Use “Parental Control apps Kroha – Screen time & Kids Mode” to improve your family links. Spend more family time without mobile phones.

Please install this application on your mobile smartphone and then on your child’s one(s) to perform remote child control of a child’s device.
Link all your family devices to the account. Both smartphones should have network data capability, as the app uses data to send and receive configuration commands.

The application is designed exclusively for children’s protection and child safety. If the application is used inappropriately, the company disclaims responsibility for the consequences.

Price for the one-year license includes controlling of five different family devices, which can be activated in any mode (Parent mode / Kids mode). Use one account for the whole family.

Check out the subscription price:

If you have any issues or questions, you can always contact our support team: [email protected]

Troubleshooting notes:
For all parental control apps and screen time apps users should set up Battery Saving Settings on your child’s phone.

• This app uses the Device Administrator permission
• This app requires the Accessibility Service permission to save browsing history, website visits, and YouTube browsing history, as well as instant messengers history, which allows provide you with reports on your child’s device usage. The Accessibility Service permission is also used to detect attempts to uninstall the app.


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  1. A phone-saver I use this app a lot. Performance has improved with each update. I was having an issue with the timer function a couple years ago. The devs were responsive in offering a workaround, and the issue has since been resolved. With 3 small kids, this is an app that will be on my phone for a long time.

  2. Quick and easy way way to make changes to the things you child has access to. You can also just lock the entire phone at the push of a button. Simple and easy to use. Never interferes with the child’s ability to make phone calls which is perfect for allowing them the independence of phone calls without allowing them access to anything inappropriate that phones make it all too easy to get your hands on as a kid.

  3. I think the prices should be posted somewhere not hidden so people know ahead of time instead of being suckered into putting the work in then “oh ur free trial is up, pay to keep it”! Other than this the app is great. Very detailed so u can adjust it going from toddler to teenager n all the in between times. U can adjust a lot according to ur child and what u don’t want them having access to. VERY HELPFUL! And I like that I can lock the whole device with one button if needed.

  4. The app was great…until my kids figured out how to kill access permissions for it, which disables the controls. Luckily I get a notification saying: “The device has disabled access permissions to: Accessibility service. Check the access permissions” …so I at least know when they do it, but I can’t figure out **how** they’re doing it, and it’s a little annoying that there doesn’t appear to be a way of stopping it from happening.

  5. I used to love this app. Customer service was superb last year when I needed to troubleshoot SMS syncing. Latest update 3/2020 blocks location access due to permissions. Uninstall/reinstall caused me to lose ALL my data and SMS will not sync again. It’s a shame. This app does everything I need it to – when it’s working properly. I’ve now invested hours into troubleshooting.

  6. Great update. But when you try to look at the pictures, you only get a portion of that picture and they’re real tiny thumbnails with no way of opening the original picture. Also, the location is nowhere near accurate. The monitor device could be sitting right next to me and your app shows it being a mile or two away up in town.

  7. This app is great. Especially for kids who like to get into things they arent supposed to. There is no way for them to bypass the secuirty without you knowing, you can control what they watch or play, its really easy to use, and i can control it all from my phone getting confirmations when the setup is complete. If they try to delete the app it locks the screen so they cant! I totally reccomend it!

  8. This has been the best parental control app so far! I’m recommending it to all my friends. It’s really inexpensive, too! Just a couple of points- -It would be nice if I got a report similar to what my kids see, of how long they’ve used apps as a category (I see I can find it by entering each category and viewing the top menu). -Setting schedules is laborious (every little box to click; it would be nice to be able to drag across entire sections. -Teaching my husband how to use it is laborious. 😜

  9. Todd D dice:

    Tried 4 other parental control apps, some honestly were easier to use intuitively (user interface is a little clunky). With that said, this works when you get used to it. Their customer support was spot on when I had an inquiry, and we have just installed in 2 devices for our child. Only improvement I could suggest, is placing a notification on the child’s end telling them how much time remains.

  10. Awesome Works great for me. Very accurate and let me know that my child got to school safely. We had a scary time, regarding her safety. Now she can press the emergency button and I know right away where she is. There’s only one requirement: there should be an emergency button widget, instead of having to open the app.

  11. The app works great that super expensive apps on Google Play. For example, other apps will first open a dangerous website before blocking it. But this app blocks the dangerous website even from opening. The user interface needs a lot of improvement to look more modern and intuitive to use. The developer also needs to add a general screen lock feature to lockout the device from use when using the schedule or lock phone features. Add PIN to uninstall too. A smart child can remove it easily =)

  12. Must get app for parents! Very easy to use. Keeps my children from reading or browsing unwanted objects. You can also set it based on the age of your child. The filter works very good. Overall, its a must app.

  13. So far so good This app seems to be working pretty well. I like that it has a wider range of filter options than most free monitoring apps. I downloaded this to both my sons’ android tablets and my older son’s phone then tried to go to websites. App did a great job blocking inappropriate content but allowed for a wide range of age appropriate research. Love the parent app that is linked so I got easy on my phone updates.

  14. Jules dice:

    It is a very good app when it works. But every few weeks permissions change and require a reset or reinstall. Customer services can give me no reason for this, even saying that maybe my child is bypassing the app, which really makes the app redundant. Shame really, that I have had to ask for a refund. But as I said, it is a great app when I works.

  15. AMAZING Used in school setting and with toddler. It was easy for me to run and had no way the kids could do anything else but gave them ability to switch between apps I had chosen. Didn’t freeze or mess up either!

  16. Update: cannot change the Pin, as soon as I insert the verification code, the app closes. And no verification code received anymore. So 1 star now. When the phone is locked generally, for the apps in the whitelist time limit, as set in the lock apps section, is not working anymore. So all whitelist apps can be used 24h while the phone is locked! Should be corrected. WhatsApp text of the other sender is hard to read, due to the white script on bright grey backround. No glue who had this idea…

  17. I have tried quite a few locator apps. But this seems to show a lot of potential. I sent you a few problems that I am having. If you review it, you will get the well-deserved 5 stars. Btw, congratulations to the design team. EDIT: Upgrading my rating from 4 to 5 stars because of the effort you are making to further improve this app.

  18. Havent used all the features but using the basics such as blocking apps and viewing browsing history has been great. Does appear to be confusing at first but i imagine most parents will be using it for the 1st time still angry and in a rush to disable the apps on their kids/teenager’s phone. Decided to pay the full price for the app.

  19. When i bought it: So far so good. 16$ a year is not a bad price for a remote tool. 2 years later: The price is higher and I am no longer able to connect to the servers. Can’t log in… At all… On any devices… My account is still good for another month but nothing works anymore. Also, response time became slower and slower as time passed. Was 4 stars 2 years ago, is now 2 stars due to technical difficulty. Dec 26 This app doesn’t work on iDevices.

  20. Definitely does as its suppose to. My kids are not happy campers. I can control their Ipads remotely, block certain sites. I wish I had more manual control of the automatic settings where I could unblock certain sites I am comfortable with them having.

  21. Great Balance Blocks what’s supposed to be done without being intrusive. Beautiful reporting features and user controls. Worth the money if you have a family.

  22. OMAR 3 dice:

    Great Solution As an IT professional, I know this tool provides enough for me to willingly use it for my 4 kids. I have spent a decade testing dozens of filtering programs and this is one of the best –

  23. Best app to really have choices, on what to secure. I especially like the fact if my teen disrespects or doesn’t follow the guidelines at home, so it’s easier just to shut the phone down. I definitely love the reports. This app has thought of everything a parent needs. Thank you.

  24. Awesome customer service I have had to contact them a few times needing help. They have always responded promptly. In fact the last time, they literally responded within 1 minute! And the issue was resolved every time.

  25. Had settings restricted, and apps blocked. Somehow my daughter found a way to reset the phone. The phone is a one plus 6t. Was thinking of getting the unlimited service but now most likely, I will cancel my monthly subscription.

  26. Very easy to use. Set is easy on the phone. The parents app it’s easy. I locked my kids phones,app. Or see there location. I can review apps they install. Great service and tools

  27. So far so good. Only been using it for a day but I’ve already gotten alerts of blocked sites. I tested it quite a bit before giving my daughter her new phone and it was working as it should, blocking sites and locking everything down when the daily time limit was reached.

  28. wonderful. Now I can control my kids’ phone usage.. what’s good for them is only used by children a lot is the most beneficial and important feature. I highly recommend each and every one and make sure it’s too safe and easy to use

  29. Just what we needed! I work with preschoolers and this app helps them stay where they are for limited screen time. The interface is very simple to use.

  30. Great for kids! It gives me peace of mind and means I can keep an eye on what my kids are doing without having to look over their shoulder. I can also block anything dodgy and control which apps they can use. Great tool.

  31. It’s a good parental app but the design is really old school. Started using it three years ago but now there are other alternatives that are equally good.

  32. Great app, great staff. Great app, tech support is great at getting you through any issues you might have, and very quick to respond.

  33. at absolutely the best price – i have found. I use it on 6 different devices (android, windows and apple based) with 8 different users and have loved it.

  34. Great application! This is a simple but well thought out application. I feel secure letting my 7 year old son play his apps and videos. I have it on my tablet and phone now.

  35. The monitoring option from the native app is my favorite, and the ability to choose individual apps for your kids to access is awesome!

  36. This app is awesome. User interface is good. Even not so tech savvy parents can use it easily. Definitely blocks unwanted websites.

  37. A must have app – well done. This should be on every kid’s device or phone, super easy to use and gives the ultimate peace of mind

  38. I have also found malware on my daughter’s computer thanks to this app. There were websites that kept setting the app off every hour. When we looked into it, there was over 300 pieces of malware on it. It is worth to use this app.

  39. It’s a great feeling to be using it to keep an eye on my kids. It has such amazing features that I love this application like crazy. The screentime control helps me cut down my son’s overall screen hours.

  40. Vo Luan dice:

    Good for tech-savvy kids. Just what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Even tech-savvy kids can’t be ignored. I’ve been shopping around, and this is the best. Clean simple interface.

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