Kaspersky SafeKids with GPS 2022

Your kids protection with web filter, screen time, YouTube & games control
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Kaspersky Safe Kids gives you more than standard parental controls to make parenting easier.
Besides allowing you to block nasty content at websites and in YouTube, manage device and app use, and find out instantly about suspicious online behavior, it also lets you locate your kids on a map and set a safe area for them to stay in – you can even monitor the battery level on their devices so you don’t lose touch.

Our Free version lets you:
– Block harmful sites and content to ensure safe search
– Block bad YouTube search requests *
– Manage app use
– Set screen time limits
– Get advice from child psychologists

Our Premium version gives you everything in Free, plus it lets you:
– Check your kids’ YouTube search history*
– Monitor what your children watched on YouTube in browser* NEW!
– Locate your children on a map
– Define a safe area for them to stay in
– Find out when their devices are low on battery
– Manage their device use versus their schedule
– Get real-time notifications on what they’re up to
– View detailed reports on their online habits

Kaspersky Safe Kids is rated “Excellent” in an independent review by PC Mag, and certified as Approved Parental Control by AV-Test. This superior parental guidance app is also available for Mac, Windows and more.
Download it now & start protecting your kids online and beyond.


Getting started with Kaspersky Safe Kids is easy:

1. Install this app on your mobile in parent mode to see reports & customize settings.
2. Install this app on your kid’s device in child mode to apply protection rules.
3. During installation sign in to My Kaspersky – here you can adjust settings and view detailed reports. Please use one single My Kaspersky account for all Kaspersky Safe Kids installations.

* Safe Search on YouTube is compatible with browsers on Windows, iOS and Android devices. Plus it works inside the official YouTube app for Android. YouTube watch history is collected for child’s activity via Chrome browser on Android, and via supported browsers on Windows PC, with reports are available in Kaspersky Safe Kids app installed in parent mode on Android devices.
** We recommend that you turn on your Global Positioning System (GPS) to increase the accuracy of your child’s location. Please note, the GPS usage increases battery power consumption.

The app uses the Device Administrator permission.
The app uses Accessibility services.
Accessibility services is used to block children’s access to websites prohibited by parents.


We’re excited to tell you that our app now speaks Indonesian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Greek. If any of these languages match your device’s system language, the app will update with the next release.


40 comentarios en "Kaspersky SafeKids with GPS 2022"

  1. Works great. One thing which bugs me is that I want the app to be as “in the background” as possible, and to just kick in when needed. But there’s this floating icon/button which I can’t get rid of. The button doesn’t seem to do anything when it gets pressed, but nonetheless it is there on top of everything, in the way. I can turn it off by going into the accessibility menu in settings, but doing that stops the app from working as intended. Very frustrating. Please let me get rid of the button.

  2. This app has been incredibly helpful to our family. The main feature we’d like to see is a single switch to temporarily block a device (instead of changing the whole schedule). The device usage view in the Android mobile app is also very difficult to use. The website is much easier to understand. Even with these two, we will absolutely renew. The app is invaluable.

  3. This app works as advertised, and is the most affordable that I’ve found of screen time controlling apps. I’d give it 5 ☆, if it had the following two features: 1. more specific limit setting, i.e. between the hours of 9 and noon, the tablet may be used for 20 minutes, and 2. I’d like to look back at previous days to see how many days and which days my child went over or stayed under the daily limit. I have no complaints, even without these features. The yearly fee is affordable.

  4. Was good while it worked. However, since my daughter’s old TracFone is no longer supported (as in usable at all) on their network, I had to buy a new one. Safe Kids will not stay activated, every time you start the app it has to re-enter all it’s settings, it won’t block Play Store, can be closed without the passcode, etc. Support has no idea what the problem is, even with debug data.

  5. This is a solid choice, especially for its reasonable price. I tried Zift but it was frequently, incorrectly putting up it’s block window on my son’s phone, if only briefly. I also wanted to give him access to settings so he can better control using WiFi, cell, battery saver – zift wouldn’t allow that. Reviews of other products were pretty negative. Kaspersky has been working well with the exception of time limits which seem broken – when they are on, no access is provided.

  6. This works well for reporting and blocking. Once or twice it stopped working and left the phone open after an update (this has not happened for a while). The location tracking seems less reliable than the available coverage. Improving location reporting would be really great! But so far really great.

  7. Mike M dice:

    It’s good. Not perfect, but good. Haven’t had any real issues yet. Works with my Samsung A32, and the A50 before it. Works on my kids iPhone, but unfortunately the controls are extremely limited on it, to the point of being pretty useless. I think that’s iPhone’s fault though, because there really isn’t anything out there for it. The GPS locator does work on it at least though. As for controls, I get the benefit of those on his Windows laptop. Works very well on that.

  8. UPDATED REVIEW…I originally was having problems with the schedule. Turns out it was my fault. I was putting in times to ALLOW device use but you are supposed to put in the times to BLOCK it. Once I corrected that, it works great. No fifth star because it’s a little difficult to maneuver the controls.

  9. Easy and fast to see childs location. However, a very confusing interface to navigate. For example, viewing childs website activity requires leaving summary screen on the app and logging onto mykaspersky website. So difficult to find, most parent users may not be aware the feature is available. I will continue to use, but not intuitive, easy or logical.

  10. Decent app but very high battery drain. Parental interface is excruciatingly slower compared to similar apps. Having screen on but no apps open counts against time allowance which is not ideal. Would also like to be able to choose apps to exclude from time calculation. Gets a plus for being able to decline setting up without location tracking if desired. A toggle switch to immediately pause or unpause device usage (except apps allowed when blocked) would be nice. Child being able to ask for more

  11. Like: Ability to set apps to be available when device is blocked. Nice feature because I want my kids to still be able to text/call (in case I need to get ahold of them) but not be watching youtube/playing games. Of course this may change as my kids get older and want to text/call their friends all the time. 🙂 Dislike: I can’t set a time they can use the device + total time they can use. I should be able use both at the same time. I don’t want my kinds on before/after specific times as well as set an overall time limit. Why isn’t there a button or something that allows me to instantly block their device and end their time? I shouldn’t have to go in and reset their current time allotted to 0 or less than currently used time. Really dislike that Google took away the ability to monitor text/phone calls. Not a fault of Kaspersky, but seriously this is really limiting. Would be nice if there was an option for the kids to send a request for more time if they run out and I could get a quick notification and a button to allow X amount more time for the day. You know in case they did some extra chores or something and I want to reward them.

  12. I like it most of the time, but, to give my kids extra time, everything gets unlocked or just 1, there are no choices between. I made a small change, and all of the computers games were unlocked, but now I have to go back and lock down 100ish games so that they cannot play during school… It is pretty good most of the time. Sometimes it tells me a device needs charged at 2am! But there is no control over the iphone really.

  13. This product works very well. I tried out the free version, which has most if the features. Then I signed up for the paid version, $15, to enable some features like begin-and-end time limits (additional to just total minutes per day in free version). It also enables kid location trackng, although I dont use that feature yet, as my youngster does not have her own phone. I feel $15 annually is very reasonable for all these features. It’s a solid product.

  14. The app runs very slow. Data is really delayed coming from my child’s device – I mean hours, sometimes. Features for Apple devices suxk. User interface is not intuitive at all – important functions are buried in unexpected places, you wind up exiting the app when you think you are going to a previous screen, etc.

  15. App does exactly what I want it to do. Unfortunately, after 3 says working, it will not work on my Samsung S21 Ultra. Reinstalled the app, and it sits there saying it is starting. Either an issue with communication on the servers, or the app. Stability! 11/25 Update The app worked well for a time, but since updating to Android 12 on my S21 Ultra, the app just closes automatically.

  16. Matt C dice:

    Best app in this price range. Is it perfect, no, but for the money you can’t beat it. It’s good, solid protection and monitoring for unlimited devices which is a huge plus. Most companies charge extra for more devices. These days we have phones, tablets, computers and old phones. You can protect them all for one price with this product. I’ve tried a few others and they were more money and not as good. Thanks

  17. I have recommended this app to many parents. Overall, good. but user experience isn’t great. For instance… Latest update made scheduling specific days impossible. Turning off one day turns off all days, and visa versa. I want to be able to allow access for the day, if my son has earned it. Then reset at midnight. This used to be possible.

  18. Mikhail dice:

    I don’t use Kasperski SafeKids on Android anymore. The main reason – it works no stable. One time each several months something goes wrong and list of exception apps is erased. Sometimes reinstall app on target device helps but the last time it didn’t work. Finally I migrated to Google Family Link. It works quite better and has some useful features (for example, single increase of usage time without changing schedule). For Windows PC I’m still using Kasperski SafeKids and it works fine

  19. If it was actually working it would be a good app. I have installed it to be able to block my son from using apps and internet. It DOES not work. It works for a day or.2 and then stops working. It’s funny as the app proposes you to rate it, but then when you rate with one start they redirect you to and an email. Which I did the first time, as I thought give them a chance.. well… nothing qas solved. And I’ve had the issue 2 months ago then again… I would have renewed my subscription if it wa

  20. The dashboard is confusing and there is no simple bottom for add or remove either for apps or devices. There’s too much focus on reports but the essential controls are not obvious or easy to find. I’m having hard time to remove device from parental control….

  21. A great app at the beginning, but I am now finding it VERY annoying. Every time there is an update I find I have to reset all the permissions to allow it to work. GPS is hit and miss. Social media monitoring just doesn’t work. Waste of time. The APP is hours behind the website. If one of my kids requests extra time, I don’t bother with the APP anymore. The price is good, but unfortunately it isn’t good enough to keep me as a customer. I will be looking elsewhere once my 12 months are up.

  22. Reoccurring bug w getting exception apps to work once device time limit is reached, especially Apple music. Have tried their resolutions to no improvement. If this feature worked correctly, this would be a 5 star app for me. Been having this issue for 2 years and ready to pay for a different app.

  23. Requesting the team to resolve this issue fast. I am using OnePlus Nord ce 2 5G. While setting the app, it gets stuck on ‘keep the app running’ step. I followed as instructed but it does not move to the next step. I reinstalled it many times but shows the same problem. I am very much dependent on this app to block inappropriate content. Please solve it fast. Thankyou team.

  24. Ng Ah Kok dice:

    Outwardly, it seems like a great apps but it has a lot of bugs. Initially, it records usage wrongly…eg. 30mins usage as 5hrs. Then my child discovers a loophole that allows him to play a game indefinitely although it is set for 30mins! Now he plays from morning to night. Avg >9hrs a day!. Regretted subscribing. : (

  25. I got the Full edition, however can’t install the parent module on my phone (S21). Tried the installation for a few times, but it always hangs stopping on the “setting up…” screen. Tried to reinstall it few times and to restart the phone without any success… not the best experience

  26. The app is a pain. It continues to block apps after I gave my consent, and it fails to block those which I need to block. I’d say, it works with 50% accuracy, which is not good when you are managing many kids. The most annoying is an automatic “support” robot, which doesnt help at all

  27. As a free service it is awesome, allows blocking apps or imposing max time of use. Somehow you can circumvent block playstore and manage a workaround to install an app, which is why I’ve given it 4 stars.

  28. Loved it, now frustrating. My wifi company reset our router and now I need to re-enter the wifi password but Kaspersky Kids keeps blocking me and I can’t insert my password as I have 0 wifi connection. My kid’s expensive school tablet has now 0 access to the much needed internet, thanks to this app. There is no way we can deactivated this app just to setup the wifi. It even blocks safe mode. I tried EVERYTHING. I hope chat comes back soon as I am highly highly disappointed in this app.

  29. Good app to interact with your child, on Android and Windows. Everything is working fluently. Location could be updated more frequently, every minute.

  30. Full of bugs. When I seeked for technical help their first response is : reinstall the software. I haven’t heard about this kind of technical reply for more than 10 years… Immediately unsubscribed rather than reinstall.

  31. Barely Works. Kids send requests which i never get. And if i get it, it would be months later. It’s pretty useless as it stands. Kaspersky needs to fix this, or stop offering it altogether.

  32. After an update on my child’s device even tho we reset it app stopped collecting data and gave me notification that my child’s device has been offline 3 days (since update) he is using his phone every day, many times it happened for it to just not collect data at all, I am not going to go trough trouble with instructions and opening tickets since I pay for premium this shouldn’t be happening as often … location updates so slow that if child was to get lost and keeps moving it wouldn’t help.

  33. It was working great until July. Now I don’t receive my child’s requests, and I can’t select the apps I want to keep working when the time is up. I have to uninstall and install everytime I want to do that and it last for a short period of time. Fix it please

  34. I am giving this app one star because I can’t give it any fewer than that. It turned my phone from a perfectly functioning device into a device that completely stops functioning when my time is up, quite literally. When my time is up, it prevents me from unlocking my phone, forcing me to restart my device. I cannot even make an emergency call, as the app simply says “Please wait…” and does not do anything. This could potentially lead to dangerous situations. A complete waste of $5. Do not buy.

  35. Could be good but: 1. Setup is a bit more complicated than it needs to be 2. You can set usage time OR period during which the device can be used but not both. For ex. I want to limit the usage to 1 hour between 1700-1900 but it does not seem to be possible. 3. This is the worst – it doesn’t work if the device is offline! The settings should work even if there is no internet connection! I’ve paid for 1 year so I’ll use it until then. Will renew only if at least points 2 and 3 are resolved. **Update*** Submitted request – will change rating if changes are implemented.

  36. The first year or so i had great experience with this app, good features, good interface, good performance. But the past 3 months I’ve started having issues with settings, eg i exclude apps from the banned settings (eg youtube) so kids can use them but Safekids keeps blocking them. Now the app won’t even open on my phone! I’ve reinstalled several times and still freezing, can’t use it all! I’m finding a new solution, no more of this

  37. So after an year, we do not like the app any more. I have not been able to log in through the browsers, I can not manage app restrictions, the full paid version does not make mich difference and tracking on the map is delayed at best. I do not reccomend it. There are better apps. OLD REWIEV: Works as needed and good tech support! It could be more user friendly, but it does everything needed. May be would be good to have a panic button or pick me up option.

  38. What I like is that it can be setup to not be very evasive with in the child’s face restrictions but still let’s you know what is going on. You can try the free version and a trial for the paid veraion. The not so good is the app itself is not overly easy to navigate with buttons and options not clearly identified or explained. And you cannot block phone calls during the device off times.

  39. This app’s parent endpoint is very weak and certainly not worth any money. For most of the time it is hanged — you can operate it normally, but it does not receive any data from child endpoint — no notifications, requests, location updates, nothing. The list of applications or exclusions remains empty. Then you force-close it an restart and magic happens. You get dozens of requests, updates, notifications, your device is full of them. And everything starts working normally… until next hangup

  40. Excellent app! Would recommend for anyone wanting to monitor and teach their kids about being safe on the internet. The advice on how to engage with and teach your kids about being safe in the internet is excellent.

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