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Amazon Kids+ is an all-in-one app for entertainment, fun and educational content. Your children will have unlimited access to over 10,000 kids movies, TV shows, books and games tailored for children 3 – 12 years old.

– Subscribe and get the first month free
– Cancel anytime with no hassle
– Kids get access to thousands of kid-friendly content for a low price – after your free trial, subscriptions start at just $4.99 per month for Amazon Prime Members, $7.99 for non-Prime Members.

Amazon Kids+ delivers fun and educational content for your kids. Educational videos can help your children learn their ABCs, 123s and more. Learn Spanish and explore different languages through kid-friendly videos with your favorite characters like Dora and Diego. Foster their love of reading with thousands of children’s books, audio books, stories and series. Pinch and zoom to enlarge the picture book font, making it easier for kids to read.
Your children can enjoy entertainment from trusted brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Amazon Originals, Sesame Street, National Geographic and more, all hand-picked by our team.

Kids can have fun on the go with games that will take them on adventures through sports games, animal games and more.

Parental controls ensure a safe environment where you can learn more about the content that your child likes, as well as establish boundaries by age, with no ads. Easily search for favorite characters, superheroes and more with our search feature. An Amazon Kids+ subscription allows up to four kids to enjoy unlimited access to their favorite content across multiple devices, including compatible Fire, Android, Chromebook, iOS, Kindle, Echo and Fire TV devices.

Kids Entertainment:
– Popular characters from movies, TV shows & videos for kids
– Disney: Frozen, Moana, Star Wars & Toy Story
– PBS Kids: Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood & Wild Kratts
– Nick Jr: Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi & Dora the Explorer
– Marvel: Spiderman, The Avengers & Captain America

Educational Books & Series:
– Thousands of kid-loved books, movies, and tv shows
– Adventure with your favorite characters & superheroes
– Amazon Originals: Pete the Cat, Stinky and Dirty, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
– Browse by theme: classic literature, award winners, fairy tales, music, superheroes & more
– Your children can discover their favorite books by name, character, title, author, episode & more

Fun Games for Kids:
– Kids can enjoy a selection of fun & educational games on the go
– Play educational reading games, animal games & classic children’s games
– Play with your favorite kids’ TV show & movie characters

Parent Dashboard:
– Set daily time limits & bedtimes to control screen time
– Block access to entertainment content until after educational goals are met
– Review your children’s activity over the past 90 days. See recently viewed books, TV shows & kids’ movies
– Set language preferences for each child’s content in the app – English, Spanish or both
– Set Parent PIN

Child Profiles:
– Create up to four personalized child profiles, each with their own avatar
– Switch quickly & easily between each profile
– Set age filters for each child, so kids only see age-appropriate content

• Download the app now and start your 1 month free trial!
• You can manage or cancel your subscription from the settings menu in Amazon Kids+ on your device, through Amazon Parent Dashboard, or by contacting Amazon Customer Service .
• If you’ve already subscribed to Amazon Kids+, you can download the app and sign in with your Amazon account credentials.
Endless fun for kids. No grown-up stuff. Amazon Kids+ was built from the ground up for kids to have a fun and educational environment to enjoy.


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40 comentarios en "Amazon Kids+: Books, Videos… FULL"

  1. Poor content control. Please add more ability to control the content that is added to a child’s profile with a kids+ account. I would prefer the ability to opt in to content rather than opt out especially for young children. For example, for a TV show add the ability to approve a series rather than having to block an episode in that series one by one. Same for book series or authors.

  2. We have 3 kids that use Kindle fires. While the app has some nice features it also lacks basic connectivity and functions. I cannot remember how many times I have tried to pause or adjust time and nothing happens on the tablet even though both are online. It needs to work when we need it to (why can kids turn the wifi off on the tablets anyway??). App need better organization, it seems many things are done the long difficult way. Doesn’t always update. Reminds me of hard to use enterprise apps.

  3. Some of the apps are great and my daughter is able to learn a lot. The down side to this is that the app for the phone does not work at all. Does not allow me to enter my amazon password to switch to parent dashboard so I can’t add some of the things my daughter wants to watch from my phone. unable to set volume restriction, doesn’t pair well with the external memory I bought for it. It keeps using internal, I go in settings to pick the right storage and then it switches back to internal.

  4. Good in many ways. Overly complicated to change settings, very difficult to edit apps/content. No way way to easily increase or decrease allotted time. ie: when on a long car ride, I would like give my kids an extra hour or extend their “bedtime”. I must go into settings change the time, then remember to return it to the original settings. Would love to do anything without going to “help” to accomplish it. This is the only interface that I need to use “help” to accomplish anything.

  5. AC Buller dice:

    I wish more books would be added. It’s an okay selection, but since the app updated the books get jumbled up and pages are often missing words. It would be nice to have a setting to reduce the pages on a screen. Using a phone, I don’t have that option. It was a better app before the latest update, now it’s just frustrating and not really worth the money.

  6. When reading books, the app requires a network connection and consistently loses my place, forcing me to waste a few min refinding my page, every time I want to read. This is made worse by the fact that the whole book isn’t downloaded at the beginning so page turns are extra slow over the network. Additionally, the app doesn’t keep the display on, so the display often times out when reading. All in all, its nice some books are free but the usability problems make it almost not worth it.

  7. Purchased a Kindle fire for my 4 year old with 1 year free of kids plus. So far, we like it a lot with a few exceptions. First, would love to be able to limit the amount of time spent on a specific app rather than place a limit on all apps. Example, YouTube. Id love to limit his time on this app but still allow usage of other apps. Second, it would be nice to set more detailed schedules for when it turns off and on, on specific days and for multiple time periods.

  8. FreeTime is a joke! It’s an unorganized overwhelming mess for children. I cannot pick and choose which content I’d like my kid to have. Instead I have two choices: 1. DESELECT ALL THE CONTENT I DON’T WANT HER TO HAVE. 2. Unsubscribe from FreeTime. I chose option 2. Also, Bluetooth doesn’t work in FreeTime so if your child has a coding toy, headphones, or anything that requires Bluetooth, you have to use it in parent mode. Also, I cannot use the parent dashboard sans FT Unlimited Subscription.

  9. Overall it does the job, sort of. I can easily control most things, from the app, for my kids’ Kindles. However, the meeting educational goals before your child can play on apps or watch video does not work. I had it set for 15-30 minutes of reading, with the option to keep apps locked until this goal was met, but they still were able to get into apps and play. Now just block all but books from the parent dashboard until I know they have met that goal. Update: Pause feature stopped working. 🙁

  10. Like some others have mentioned, the educational goals feature does not work which is kind of annoying, but the time limit on video and apps does stop those features when time is up. We were using it on my phone tonight and it failed. Hoping when we try on the actual Kindle something will work. We can open and see his collection of books and movies but none will open. Black screen for movies and white for books. Bummed.

  11. Hard to use and missing basic functionality. You can’t add “bonus time” or override limits without just changing the settings, and then you have to remember to reset it for for the next day. Every time you open it you have to switch to the parent dashboard and enter a pin. Every. Time. “Pausing” the kid’s tablet just doesn’t work at all.

  12. Nice app, but I wish I could go right into the dashboard instead of logging into things and hitting several lines to get there. Also to become to change the times to smaller than 15min increments. I’d also like to see what is playing, and for how long so I can regulate that. If there was a way to delete/add content from the dashboard that would be extremely helpful for memory and space on the tablets.

  13. Large selection of kids books but the quality of books isn’t great. No way to save favorites which is an essential feature of such an app with an enormous library of content. App design and performance is also pretty bad. Trying to exit a book often results in changing the page and the app does not remember the page I was on. Epic! has a much better app.

  14. REBECCA M dice:

    Very limited Function. (T-Mobile tablet) This app works well in you only have the Amazon tablet. Unlike the Amazon tablet, you cannot download content. Very few options to choose from. You cannot add favorites. AND you cannot use it offline, with the Fire you are able to use a ton. For the best use of this app you need the Amazon tablet. It has a lot of great content but you will not find that on any other device. I suggest getting the APP and tablet around BLACK FRIDAY for the best deals.

  15. App is a complete disaster! The parental controls are a mess and do not work properly. When I first set it up I used the time limits and blocked all video, app, and web usage while leaving audiobooks and reading to unlimited. I did this for weekdays and weekends and it never worked. She could still watch everything. The only reason I used the app was for sharing audiobooks and Kindle books with my child. I did not want her to have access to any videos, apps or web content.

  16. Every time I want to access the parent’s dashboard I have to log in with my Amazon password. The recent interface change made it so my password manager won’t auto fill, so I have to look up the password then copy and paste it. I’m not sure why Amazon devs chose a nonstandard entry when the previous version worked fine. Fingerprint authorization would be nice. Edit (11/24): I’ll give a star back since they added parental PIN option. Thanks for the response.

  17. There is no ability to move between screens on the phone, I have to log out and close the app anytime I want to go back to the main screen/menu. There is no way to control or add Audible to my childs tablet, it does not allow her to use the picture books through Audible. A lot is lacking across platforms.

  18. Glitchy. Good when it works but often the app parent dashboard is blank and won’t load, or the timings don’t work or you update settings on the app but they don’t connect to the device even though there both WiFi connected. Update: the parent dashboard now doesn’t open at all on my android phone, just a blank page. Totally useless for controlling my child’s device limits and I’ve found no help options online.

  19. I want to love this app, but now you cannot pause or resume from the app. It’s been so nice to be able to pause my son’s tablet when we need his attention/quiet time. He doesn’t fight it when we do. But all of the sudden it will not work with Androids. I hope this is just a bug that gets fixed sooner rather than later. Also, there are games and such on the app that are not on the tablet itself. Sometimes my son finds something he wants on his tablet and either or must be purchased.

  20. The home screen is so extremely busy. This is NOT kid friendly. In order to limit what your kid sees you have to go one by one for over 20,000 apps to say yes or no. YouTube kids has it right by letting you have the option to only show what you specifically approve. You don’t have to go to each and every video. It’s so incredibly dumb. I thought you’d get to just show your kids what you put on the device. But no it just shows EVERYTHING, the only filter is the age filter, but still

  21. Terrible app. I just want to see what apps my kid has and delete YouTube. I don’t want them on there but one of these “lesson” apps takes them to YouTube where they can watch other videos. But it’s impossible to delete this on here or their tablet. So frustrated with this stupid amazon tablet. If you’re looking to buy something. Don’t get these.

  22. bVd dice:

    Terrible. Nothing integrates from any other streaming services. No videos play, not even the Amazon originals. The features don’t even show up on the echo show for kids. Utter garbage on every level.

  23. No ability to customize access. It’s a free for all of some good stuff and a lot of garbage… Very hard to monitor and control kids access and usage.

  24. This is an “app” in name only. It is so lacking in features I wonder if it was written late on a Friday afternoon by an unpaid intern. Sigh. It might be useful to keep tabs on what an older child is accessing, but so far even that “feature” seems to be underwhelming so far.

  25. Parental Controls (especially tine limits) needs revamped. A daily option would be great, as of right only can set weekday and weekend options. The problem is most kids need Sunday to be a set time limit for bed and more time given on Fri and Sat nights..

  26. Parents have no control over what content their children have access to. Parents should be able to block any app, book, series or video they need to. Settings are very difficult to reset and don’t always update. The complete educational goals setting only works for books. Apps about putting on make up are not educational but are allowed before educational goals are met. Video time needs to be less than 15min.

  27. It doesn’t let you pin your downloaded or fave apps to the top and it doesn’t give you the option of downloading certain kid apps at all. I wouldn’t buy again. It’s not very child friendly of a device.

  28. Absolute frustration!!!!! Especially when I’m trying to find an app to approve for my grandson. I use the search bar and most of the suggestions are for books even when I filter for apps and games

  29. Ja Ro dice:

    This program is useless. There is barely any way to control the content shown to your child. What does exist barely accomplishes the task and feels like clunky 90s programming. Useless trash I’m sorry is necessary on my kids tablet (for now until I overwrite it)

  30. Great option if you have Amazon kids tablets but don’t have them with you. they can access their games and still have time restrictions. you can also put a screen pin so they can’t use the other features of your phone.

  31. We use this app on 3 devices for 3 kids. One device WILL not work. It is on an Android Samsung phone. The launch screen opens but when I click Sign-In, it tells me there is an error and to please try again. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, cleared data, force stopped. Nothing works. The app is no good if you can’t use it!

  32. Mary B dice:

    I keep trying to edit my neices profile but the apps keeps kicking me out everytime I try to change her profile pic. She’ll be upset if I can’t change it to a girly picture like her sisters.

  33. Horrible, when you click on something you can’t go back. Have to exit and then log back in. Useless app. Water of an hour of my life!!

  34. Nuri S dice:

    It’s broken! The app crashes and I’m unable to control or give time. I have a paid subscription to Kids+.

  35. It’s good when it works. The amount of times I have to make sure the times are set and then even when I know they are, the kindle is still om and go back on the app and the timer is turned off! I have it password protected so he cannot override it and also the setting not to switch profiles and it still happens? Needs fixing!

  36. Its good when it works. When I open the app the home screen refreshes itself every 2 seconds and then when you finally get it working and find what you’re looking for it goes back to the home page! Its a waste of money when you can’t use the app you’ve paid for because it doesn’t work. Not happy!

  37. Does NOT accept pin even after resetting it several times…. shouldn’t this app be a parental control app, NOT another extension for kids to play?! Y’all need better parental controls and a SPECIFIC app to do so. 0 stars!

  38. Amazon Kids+ keeps getting worse and worse, as compared to Google Family Link which just keeps getting better. Amazon Parent Dashboard needs to be a separate app completely; launching it within Kids+ is a poor glitchy joke. Time Limits DONT WORK: Child Activity doesn’t update till they exit the in-use app, so they’ve learned to never close them. Netflix and other apps will run for hours if they don’t quit them. Fire TV is worse. If time Limits activate, they just switch TV’s before they sync.

  39. Great app to use to quickly access apps and settings for my children’s tablets and apps. Has some accessibility issues and glitches here and there but consistently working for 80 to 90 percent of the time.

  40. This app has major issues with the time restrictions. The times restrictions randomly stop working and won’t let the tablet function. Or sometimes it won’t shut off when it’s supposed to. Kinda frustrating.

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