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Easy location tracking: find your child with our GPS phone tracker and locator
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“Find My Kids – is a family GPS location tracker designed for child’s safety and parental controls.
You can connect a kids GPS watch or install our parent tracker app to discreetly track their geolocation. Our GPS tracker is important for every family.

This is not just one of the location tracking apps for cell phones. Find My Kids GPS phone tracker and locator is designed with your child’s safety in mind. The app’s unique features ensure you can easily keep in contact with your child.

✔ GPS-location tracker – track your child’s location on the map, see their location history for the day and GPS location. Ensure your child is where they’re supposed to be and that they aren’t visiting high-risk areas with a location tracking app. Find family location with our parent tracker app.
✔ Listen In – tune in to what is happening around your child to ensure that they are safe and in good company.
✔ Loud signal – send a loud notification and find phone if your child lost the phone or can’t hear your call. Find GPS location of your child’s phone with a parent tracker app if they lose it. If your child asks “Can you find my phone?” or “Please, locate a phone” – you know what to do!

✔ App control – you can see what’s distracting them or preventing them from focusing in the classroom.
✔ Security control – check that your child arrived at school on time – get notifications when they reach school, return home and get to other places; add in custom locations for additional security.
✔ Battery check – track your child’s mobile device charge status, remind your child to charge their phone in time with notifications to let you know that their battery is running low.
✔ Family chat – chat with your child in our app with ease with funny stickers are available
✔ Phone locator – locate easily using the GPS tracker and device locator features. Install the GPS tracker on kid’s phone

The Find My Kids GPS location tracking app is intended for family safety. The app cannot be installed on your child’s cell phone without their knowledge; use is only authorized with your child’s explicit consent. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with current legislation and GDPR policies.
We care about your privacy and the security of your data: we align our app with the requirements of the COPPA, the law on children’s protection on the Internet, which confirms the official certificate of the COPPA kidSAFE Seal Program. We do not sell or share your or your child’s personal data with third parties.

You can also connect your spouse, parents and all your loved ones to track your family with Find My Kids location tracking app.

If your child has a smartphone:
Install the Pingo kid tracker app on your child’s cell phone to use the Find My Kids parent tracker app. In the Pingo app, your child will be able to chat with you, and in case of an emergency they can press an SOS button – you will immediately receive a loud alarm signal on your cell phone when the SOS button is pressed.

If your child has a GPS watch:
The app is suitable for any GPS watch or tracker. Just make sure your kid watch tracker is supported by our app.

How the Find My Kids location tracker works:
1) install the Find My Kids GPS tracker on your phone;
2) choose what device you want to connect: child’s phone or GPS watch;
3) install the Pingo app on your child’s phone or enter the GPS watch SIM card number
4) start using the Find My Kids GPS location tracker to ensure your family’s safety.

Having technical difficulties with our geo tracker? Please contact our 24/7 chat support within the app or send an email to [email protected].

The Find My Kids GPS family tracker asks for the following permissions:
– access to the camera and photos – to install the child’s avatar;
– access to contacts – to fill in the phone book in the GPS watch;
– access to a microphone – to send voice messages in the chat.


We know how important for you to stay in touch with your kid anytime and we also know how often children forget to charge their phones in time. That's why we will send you an alert when their battery is low. Take care!


40 comentarios en "Find My Kids: Location Tracker MODDED 2022"

  1. Luis Alba dice:

    App, is the worse, I paid for the app thinking it will be better than the free version, I believe it’s worse, it keeps shutting off my notifications, could never find my child when needed, turn on sound? Is this a joke sound/voice command that takes forever to load or doesn’t load at all. Don’t bother with the paid subscription it’s worthless. This app is junk. After six months, its notifications still suck. The new problem, it’s telling me my child is in one place when he’s not, not accurate.

  2. Leo Li dice:

    Purchased the forever subscription. I noticed there are some issues while using it. It oftenly takes very long time to refresh location. Some times, the screen seems to be freezing without any changes for several minutes. I have to exit the app completely, and then restart it to see where my kid is. I’m use 5G network, so it’s not the network problem while I have very fast connection to other apps. I don’t know what happened, but there were less issues before the subscription.

  3. Marebear dice:

    Update Jan 2023: super slow to update current locations of kids’ phones. No notifications of coming and going from saved locations even though they are turned on. All locations have great service if not wifi still late or no notification. I hope this improves soon otherwise going to find new app. Original: Very frustrating! It’s been over 12 hours and the app will not refresh locations on the phones being tracked.

  4. Tee dice:

    It keep asking me to subscribe. So this is the review. It does track your child, make very loud sounds that will hurt a dog’s ear, you can add places but can only do one notification at a time unless you subscribe. The bug is it will get caught up in a loop and stay that way until you go out and reset it. Overall it’s ok but not what I’m use to as far as tracking. I’m going back to Life 360

  5. Worked for a while when I first got it. Then it started constantly telling me the location was off when it wasn’t (did it multiple times while the phone was next to me) then that slowly stopped. Now it doesn’t update my child’s location. I have to open the app and close it then reopen it again for it to work. (Sometimes I have to open and close it multiple times) very very frustrating. Now it’s even worse that it was a week ago. Says my child I’d in the middle of a highway, when she’s home.

  6. The app worked great at first. I pay monthly for the subscription version and the tracking was great. Suddenly in the last couple weeks the tracking barely works. It’s constantly saying my son’s phone is offline when it’s not. It only seems to work when we’re in the same place together. I tried uninstalling the apps from both my and my child’s phone and going through the set up process again, but it’s still not working properly.

  7. This app will show your kid’s location for free, but the other functions must be subscribed to. The price is reasonable! Update: I was motivated to pay for the monthly subscription for the ‘listen to surroundings” function. It has never worked and no help to be found for it. I have had to reinstall the app several times using a new connect code. The app shows that I need to set up my kid’s phone but in Pingo no other settings are there. There is no map history. I am cancelling this one.

  8. Not so good as I thought. Don’t subscribe to no subscription until after you had the app for a month. I had to cancel my subscription after a day. The app will stop picking up your child location even if the child’s phone location is on. The loud signal works when it wants to. When you press to hear whats around your kids that doesn’t work. I am very happy i found this out before i subscribed to the yearly. It was ok for the first day that’s it!

  9. Just subscribed… to early to tell how good it really is but imms give it 5 stars for now. hope that doesn’t change. Update: I’ve had the app for little over a month & it freezes alot & constantly goes offline & shows wrong location. When it sends notifications, they’re like 15-20 min late. Like I’ll drop my kid off at school & I’ll get a notification about movement 20 min later. I live close to the city in highly populated area so I know it’s not a signal issue. I probably won’t renew again.

  10. I have the paid version, and it worked fine for a while, only recently have I started experiencing issues with this app. It won’t update my childs location. The last location shows only yesterday’s, it won’t update. I had to reconnect the app on my child’s phone to mine and my wife’s phone . This was fine for a couple weeks, then it happend again, now child’s icon is not showing on the map, followed by a notification “the connection code has expired please try connecting your kids device again.”

  11. The has been working fine for over a year. This morning a message popped up that I needed to install the app. Once I reinstalled the app, I again got a message to install the app again. The app is in and install loop. I tried to contact support, but got a message “Your conversation has ended”. I tried emailing support, but I only got a robot to respond we are looking to the problem. What ever change they have made to the app are not good and there is no way to contact a real person in support.

  12. Update: I’ve been using the app since 12/2020 and all was great until the past month or two. Very spotty/lagging location tracking. Other times I get “your kid is offline” message. Now I have that message with last location 8/29/22. We have tried uninstalling, checking permissions, etc… very frustrating!! Also, the map views are constantly glitching. Please fix!!!! So far, it’s a good app. It does lag 5 minutes or so, but the options to listen and ring to the child’s phone are pretty helpful.

  13. Useless now. I’ve always had issues with it but since the most recent update, now it doesn’t even open. It starts for 3 seconds then crashes. Have reinstalled, wiped data, wiped cache, nothing works. Initial issues I was told would be resolved with paying, never did, paid for a year and still had constant issues. Support doesn’t care whatsoever and refused any sort of credit or refund

  14. Overall, I like the app. Specifically, the ability to activate the phone’s microphone, along with the ability to both listen and record the audio of it’s surroundings. *I was about to purchase a Lifetime license; until I read that the app’s listening function was Not included. Purchasing the license, plus a monthly subscription is required. 🤨 – No thanks. ☹️😠 *Response: Unlimited recording is useless if you can’t “listen” to what you want to record. – ***These features needs to be combined.***

  15. Horrible app! I read reviews and this sounded like the best available for what I need. I downloaded the app and tried to start the registration to connect my daughter’s phone. It wanted to verify my email. Great! I click the link and get an error verifying my email and to contact support through chat. The person on the otherside has absolutely no idea what is going on. Total waste of time.

  16. This app works very well. Its tells my within a few yards exactly where my children are. The clarity of the microphone also works very well. My only bad experience is that now my phone keeps telling me that the geolocation is not working and I keep getting alerts on my phone ( very annoying). This app would definitely get a 5 star if they fix this issue. I am waiting for this to be fixed( hopefully real soon)

  17. Update, the service mo longer functions at all. Says the servers are down! Wish i could get my money back from this scam company. Worked great for the first 12 to 13 hours, so I pay for a year, and buy some minutes. Not an hour later, it started having connection issues. Have restarted both phones, uninstalled and reinstalled on both phones. Still has lots of lag and connection issues. Missing a lot of features that some 360 app has at about the same price.

  18. Paid for this app and it almost never works. It loses connection and says the phone is off. All settings are correct. Everything is good. The app just decides what it wants. All devices are infront of me and does not work. It will just randomly decide to work if it is feeling generous. This has been tested on both WiFi and Mobile Data. Fix your app. We pay for it… fix it.

  19. I’m still having trouble with the app and I’m about ready to uninstall it. I like that it’s accurate with locations but there are still some flaws. It’s getting to be worse with receiving notifications that his location is not being updated. There is also about a 30 minute to an hour delay when he leaves a location and enters another. I’ve also checked his phone settings and everything is fine.

  20. I’ve had this app for approx 3 month so far. It’s not the most accurate & often times does not alert you as it should. When it works, it’s great. when it doesn’t, its frustrating. I’ve contacted support several times. Their response is to check the phone’s settings, which I have, & all settings are as they should be however the app continues to malfunction. If your looking for something accurate all of the time, this isn’t the app. **I’m not sending 8-10 screenshots each time the app fails*

  21. Jose dice:

    Wow I’m genuinely impressed that this actually works really well. The target phone’s microphone picks up the surrounding sounds very well, almost like a professional microphone. GPS works good too. Great app, the only con is that the child could delete the app anytime they wanted too and they can see when you’re listening in. Wish they had like a stealth version of it where the child didn’t know the app was on there or atleast can’t tell you’re listening.

  22. Tracking function works ok. There is a bit of delay in location. I purchased the lifetime membership which I thought included unlimited live listening. But it’s not included and is a separate $32/mo subscription, which is patently ridiculous. If I purchase an app for $60, all of the features should come with it. I would be happy if a representative contacted me.

  23. JC P dice:

    Drained battery. Sure, I get a notification the tracked device is at 10%, but what good dies it do when it drains the phone WHILE it is on the charger. Did it in front of me. It was the only background app running, I checked, and nothing actively running. Waste of time due to this issue. Sad too, because it seemed to do a good job with the tracking.

  24. Inconsistent and unreliable. It works only sometimes. Depending on the day, regardless of me not changing any settings. Was not working for 2 weeks until they updated it. I was emailing them screenshots and they said my settings were fine and it should work. Worked for a week and it’s back down again, meaning I’m not getting geofencing notifications of when my child leaves or enters a designated area. I pay the yearly premium for this app and expect it to work properly but alas it doesn’t.

  25. I installed and paid for this app less than 2 months ago. While their customer service is quickly responsive, I have sent them screen shots of my phone and pictures of my daughter’s phone settings twice and the app has only worked two times since installed. They refuse to give me a refund which makes no sense to me. I paid for a service, the service doesn’t work, simply refund. That’s how the world usually works. The other frustrating part is that they don’t see my history of emails.

  26. With the free trial everything worked perfect, just the way I wanted. I decided to pay on a monthly basis and now soon as I pay it’s not working as it was. It keeps losing my child’s phone connection, it doesn’t give notifications anymore when my child leaves school or enters home (all things that was working fine during the subscription) the only thing shes able to do is send messages through the app. Which is pointless because she can just text me. Search still continues for a tracking app

  27. Great app for the most part. The only things I don’t care for is that you can only record audio for 20 seconds. That and somehow the minutes that I pay for are always disappearing randomly. For example I’ll have say 20 mins left ,exit the app then go back on an hour later and there gone to 0.00 mins. That part is messed up! Other than that Its great.

  28. At first, app worked great! However, needed to update my rating because now it keeps showing my child at the wrong location and/or sends location hours later.. or not at all! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I keep having to chat with agents about it and they continue to give me the same exact troubleshooting instructions that I’ve memorized by now. It’s so frustrating! My child is special needs and it’s very important to me to track her. I would love to continue to use and pay for this app, please fix these issues!

  29. It started out great, but I get constant notification that the location is not being updated. It shows that my daughter turned off geolocation when I know she has not. It will send random updates telling me she is home, after her being home for hours. I’m not sure what went wrong as it did start off good. Though I have yet to fine a good tracking app for child.

  30. Started off right, but what a let down. I downloaded this app, all was good for a while. Not long after I paid for the yearly subscription I broke my phone. I replaced the phone and so re-downloaded the app, still subscribed for another six months, problem is, the app will not open! Just flashes up a white screen and goes back to home screen.

  31. Loved this app when I first got it. Paid the subscription and it worked beautifully for 11 months. Right before the renewal it started acting up. Not sending me notifications when my child arrived somewhere or departed. The home location was blocks away instead of the location I had set it. Tried everything to fix it. Did not renew my subscription. There is no way to contact support. If fixed, great app. How it is now…. don’t waste your money. It’s nothing but frustration and inaccuracy.

  32. Worked well for a couple of months, but then just stopped working. Reported it to their customer service and they couldn’t have been less helpful. I regret paying for a lifetime subscription. @Developer – I contacted your help desk last week and sent all the information they requested. Triple checked all settings, etc, etc… Waste of my time. All they said was they would share the info with the developer. Updating to 4 stars. The app starred working again. 3 months it seems to be fine.

  33. The MAIN reason I bought this is for my child’s location. That is what is advertised; the main point of this app. My child’s location is always turning off. Location takes about 5 minutes or more to update. I constantly have to close the app and reopen it to see if it refreshes, but it doesn’t. I need to know where my child is ASAP, not after when the app is ready to tell me. Already canceled the subscription, too bad there is no refund.

  34. Love this app! You can see their live locations. set her locations and get notified when they reach and leave the set destinations. You can listen in to hear their surroundings. You can alert your child that you’re trying to reach them best part even if it’s on silent it will still alert loudly with a brief message. In order to use some of these app perks Purchase is nessary but very worth it. You get a few free. Very reasonable price for a sound mind.

  35. Edita dice:

    the only use of this app is to see the location on the map, however it has to be somewhere further away – the tracker is not able to catch a visit to the local shop 3 min away from home. Also sound function never works, the app has not even once connected to the sound function, yet I paid and subscribed for it.

  36. The app was good for a short period of time , then you had to start paying for things and the reliability isn’t good. Plus the designer of the app has started to make you pay for things that was free, I wouldn’t recommend this app if you want 100% reliability as a lot of the time the app don’t work . There are better apps out there

  37. Bought the lifetime subscription. Worked great for awhile, now it sucks. When i “send a loud signal” to my kids phone it only works 10% of the time. GPS tracking is fair at best. I don’t use any of the other features. If I could return this product I would.

  38. The tracking location history for the day does not show the stops at places along the way anymore. It used to show the time line at every stops locations my child made during that day, but now it’s only showing a fast moving tracking line from the start to the end of the travel day bypassing all the stops locations. Is anyone experiencing this problem ? And how to fix it back to normal? Please help!

  39. Fran dice:

    This is an amazing app. I installed it once my daughter has her first phone, she’s in so many clubs it’s been reassuring to know she’s safe and in the right place. The SOS button is a great feature and has been used once by my daughter and we were able to quickly turn the car round and get to her.

  40. I love this app. It shows where your child is or has been and shows each step your child has taken. Being able to tune into sounds around my child helps me know she’s safe. I can call or text her and even sound a alarm on her phone. Best app for any parent!

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