Mimizaur: Toothbrush Timer MODDED 2022


An app that develops a good habit
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Not only do children learn how to properly brush their teeth, but they enjoy it too. Your kids will clean their teeth longer and more thoroughly, thanks to the short cartoon clips played mid-brushing. This app keeps children interested for several weeks – which is long enough for morning and evening brushing to become a habit.

Most suitable for children ages 3-6 years old. However, according to reviews, older children, teenagers and even some adults enjoy using this application too!

The app allows you to create separate accounts for each user. You can set the timer for 1-to-2 minute brushing.

How Magic works:
– Follow Mimizaur, the cute and curious character, on their interesting adventures
– 28 motivating cartoons – a new one in the middle of each brushing
– With funny music like “Zyumba-Kakazyumba” specifically for brushing your teeth
– Each completed brushing is awarded with super-achievements
– Only requires a tooth brush and tooth paste

No more demanding, now your children will run to fetch their toothbrush themselves every morning and every evening.

An educational, kid-friendly application for brushing your teeth. Games for girls and boys ages 3-6.

Clean teeth without the hassle and insisting. Oral care. Fun toothbrushing

Without advertising.


40 comentarios en "Mimizaur: Toothbrush Timer MODDED 2022"

  1. Its a really cute app that I actually paid for it. I like that it showed rotation motions when brushing the teeth and not just straight up and down. The only issues that I have is needs more apparel items for the avatar and it doesn’t show to rinse and spit at the end. It goes straight to the avatar to change it’s appearance. This causes a distraction and my kid forgets to finish the process. Other than that it’s good.

  2. My 8.5 year old boy & I both love this app and look forward to new “episodes” being added (hint hint devs!) After the first 4 days it does ask you to upgrade – for a reasonable price – to access the remainder of the content, but, despite the fact that I VERY rarely upgrade apps, this one was a no brainer. I’m glad I did. I sincerely hope that the developers consider adding more content in the future, even if there’s an additional fee to access it.

  3. My two-year-old nephew loved it! It must be the cute music and characters. Despite the cutscenes, it’s easy to remind him that the app is only for brushing teeth because the character brushes too. It’s still a struggle to get my nephew brushing at all but now it’s at least possible. Heads up when recommending the app: It shows up as “Mimizavr” when installed but “Mimizaur” here on the Store. And the controls take a bit of figuring out. It’d be wise to get familiar before showing your kid.

  4. Requires upgrade to paid version after 4 days. I only needed this for a timer so have no interest in buying full version. I wish it would say what I have said in the first sentence, I feel that this opens up being manipulated into paying for the full version as the kids get to like it.

  5. Super entertaining (if not quirky at times!) for my son. He always looks forward to brushing his teeth to find out what Mimizavr does next at the 1 minute pause. We love the bonus accessories we achieve once the brushing has stopped. The stories are great and the animations are cute. Will there be more stories? He keeps asking for more!

  6. OK. At first my 5yr old loved this app, but sadly after 4 days, it’s stopped counting down the days off the chart and won’t seem to pass day 4, much to my daughters dismay and sadness. Otherwise it would have been more stars. Please fix this bug otherwise I will have to look for another app.

  7. Haven’t figured out how to make another profile for my other child yet the icons don’t have labels so have to keep trying one until you find what you need, i like how you earn a level with so many days of brushing on the calender. Cute demonstration for the kids showing how to brush each section of teeth while the timer counts down.

  8. R vR dice:

    Crashes after 1 minute on Samsung a21s loops on the blue screen. Sadly not stable on Samsung a21s. Reinstalled 4 times but still the issue continues

  9. Awesome app for brushing teeth recently my sonicare for kids broke down so I have been using this app to substitute my sonicare and it works amazing I just hope you can add mini games related to toothbrushing and I will be working on my daily chores to purchase the extra content thank you very much for all of your hard work! – Lily 💙

  10. I finally found something that works for the kids to brush their teeth!! They dance and brush! Soo happy. Cute app and keeps them entertained.

  11. Brilliant app so far, it got my autistic son to actually brush his teeth! The music is catchy and the animation is cute.

  12. 4 out of 5 because the app helps me brush my teeth really well but I don’t think I need as long a break between brushing my top and bottom teeth. Review by my son, 7 years old!

  13. Ben Peet dice:

    This app has been a lifesaver. My son absolutely loves the game and it’s made tooth brush time so much easier.

  14. Once our child completed the monthly brushes, the app would not restart.

  15. When I clicked on the app it started playing music and it was never ending for minutes.

  16. Great app for my children. We always brush with them and make it fun every night!

  17. This app is amazing! Absolutely recommend it! Specially if you have young kids

  18. Really brilliant for getting my Child to brush there teeth correctly

  19. Not too bad, but doesn’t give guidance on when to spit or rinse your teeth.

  20. Fun app, my kids love using it!

  21. Really helping my 4 year old brush his teeth so far.

  22. This is a good app. It is also very fun and cute to use.

  23. We like it, but the icon won’t show on my phone.

  24. Great app! My daughter loves it!

  25. Fun and entertaining 😄. I love the music.

  26. best but does not count right good overall 😊

  27. It won’t let me buy the full version idk why

  28. So good you should yous it

  29. it really helps my siblings

  30. Ребёнок начал, наконец-то, чистить зубы, ну, даваться чистить зубы, ему полтора годика, это здорово!!! Скачала дополнение bathroom adventure, но не поняла, где оно?

  31. Приложение отличное работает на всё 5 звёзд и даже больше ☺

  32. Супер для брата подобається він щас6

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