Quirl: Chores & Healthy Habits MODDED 2022


Grow healthy habits and track chore rewards with a fun questing game!
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Throw out your old, boring chore tracker or task manager because Quirl is here to bring the fun – and the motivation!

Quirl has all the chore and allowance tracking features you need wrapped up in a questing game that’s fun and motivating for all ages.

Never settle for a stale to do list when you could actually motivate yourself or your kids by assigning quests, growing your level, collecting rare magical items, and fighting fierce monsters!

Quirl offers a complete magical world to quest in. Grow your level and upgrade your magical stats by doing quests IRL, aka chores and to-do items.

Quirl also has built-in wellness exercises that improve kids’ mental and physical health. Kids are prompted in game to tell what they are thankful for, do random acts of kindness, reflect on their goals, and build a daily physical exercise habit.

“A well-rounded, innovative, and compelling app…Quirl has not only achieved an immersive and compelling experience, but the attention to detail makes it hugely attractive and relevant.”

“Gamification is not just a buzzword. The addition of game-like features can motivate kids to do things they might otherwise not want to do.”

– EducationalAppStore.com

This free allowance and chores app has been fully certified and awarded 5 stars by the Education App Store’s professional review team of teachers and parents.

Quirl has been carefully designed down to every last detail to make kids excited about forming healthy habits like gratitude, kindness, reflection, and physical exercise, as well as completing their assignments and chores.

Simply assign chores, a weekly allowance, and watch your kid’s healthy habits grow and their motivation skyrocket.

Essential Features For Parents

– Approve or reject all allowance spending
– Assign tasks and chores, recurring or one-time
– Set task difficulty, and assign an allowance value for each chore
– Notification reminders automatically sent to kids’ phones or tablets when tasks are due
– See which items kids are saving up for and their progress
– Create any custom rewards you can think of, from a visit to the park, to a later curfew, to video game time
– Set a savings match to encourage kids to put their allowance into a savings account.
– Automated chores system with digital reminders that eliminates parents nagging kids to complete chores
– Automated allowance system that eliminates kids nagging parents for allowance payment

Benefits For Kids’ Well-Being

– Teaches responsibility, organization, and time-management
– Encourages a daily kindness and gratitude practice using fun, interactive games
– Teaches independent goal setting and accomplishment
– Siblings and friends can connect and motivate each other, sharing their journeys
– Teaches the value of hard work in achieving desired goals
– Encourages saving money and ensures responsible financial spending
– Daily mini-game that guides kids in:
1) Keeping a gratitude journal
2) Developing kindness and goal setting habits
3) Relaxation exercises
4) Physical exercises
5) Journaling their day

Gaming Features for Kids

– Connect 3 style mini-game, Gem Smash
– Build up your character with custom avatars, equipment, and magical potions
– Battle monsters and collect random loot drops
– Connect with friends and compete on the leaderboard

Coming Soon

– Challenge your friends to group quests or player vs. player competitions


You can now submit chores from the past few weeks, as well as chores in the upcoming weeks. Parents may also view a calendar of individual chores completed from their parent profile.


17 comentarios en "Quirl: Chores & Healthy Habits MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a really good app! There’s just a few things that need some fixing. (I can’t get the custom amazon list to work, the “X marks the spot” thing won’t save my entries, ect.) But overall it is quite helpful!

  2. John Lowe dice:

    This app has a couple of glitches in it still and it doesnt always want to do what i want it too.it would also be better if thwre was nore than one game. If you can fix i can give ot a better rating. All and All this is a great app and fun for kids.

  3. I feel that this app has truly enriched our lives. I was having trouble remembering when chores and allowances were due. This takes care of all of that, and you can customize it all exactly how you like. Really easy to get started too .And if that weren’t enough, my son is now journaling regularly and doing random nice things for his sister because of this app. Definitely try this one out.

  4. Great game for young kids. The ads aren’t intrusive during game play, they play between rounds, so as long as you’re around your kid doesn’t need constant supervision while playing this game. It helped my 2 year old learn the alphabet.

  5. I love this app. I don’t even use it for the chores, but I love the healthy habits games that have kids list out what they are grateful for everyday. It also asks them to plan out and do one small act of kindness every day. I was shocked the first time my son did one! Then I realized it was this app encouraging him. It’s so important for kids to learn to be thankful and show kindness for others, and that’s what this app helps with. Thank you for this!

  6. This definitely help my child to learn anything a very blessness from my side that you made this beautiful and adventurous game for our children but one thing you should add is the English language because you know small children need to learn English if they are in English medium school so plz help. Anyway, It’s very nice game thanks a lot again. Also pls revert back I will be waiting thanks…

  7. Just what I needed and more! I’ve had trouble getting my kids to stick to any other chore app, but this was finally the one that worked. It has daily games that get my kids to go on the app every day, so they see what chores are due that day. And they love that they can connect and play along with friends on the app too.

  8. Love that we can add our own activities, my kid loves the icons! So far it is working quite well with him. Suggestions for improvements: being able to deduct points for unwanted behaviors such as hitting a sibling, screaming, etc. Also is possible, connect data with another device (partner’s) so the partner can also input the behaviors during the day if the first parent isn’t available

  9. Really cute questing game for both kids and teens. But instead of grinding on a video game, you get your kids to do real life chores! They have fun and chores get done, so it’s a win win.

  10. I don’t know, won’t let me sign up because my email is “not properly formatted” whatever that means. Not like I type it everyday and know exactly how to type it

  11. Does anyone know how to change the country and currencies? I’m in the UK have set up tasks but they are all showing one day early and I can’t change to a £

  12. I’m also having issues with email not formatted right.

  13. This app has been amazing for getting my daughter interested in picking up her room. Finally,

  14. Quirl has made my son more excited about completing his assignments. Thanks!

  15. I love the cute graphics, and it’s been working really well for my family

  16. Really amazing experience for my kids.

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