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Awarded PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice Qustodio Parental Control & Screen Time App makes parenting easier with daily screen time limits, app monitoring, including Facebook and YouTube, app blocking, kid tracking, family mode, porn blocking and more.

– Screen Time Control: Automatically blocks the device after the set time has passed
– Block Monitoring & Parental Filter: Tracks and controls what your kids access on the internet including delicate content and adult content filter
– Family Locator & GPS Family Tracker: Tracks your kid’s phone and sends you the GPS location

Start by downloading this Qustodio Parental Control App onto your device. Then download the Kids App Qustodio companion app onto your child’s devices. Together, the apps allow you to seamlessly manage your child’s daily screen time allowance on linked mobile, tablet or desktop devices across platforms including Android, iOS and other major operating systems for better app control and monitoring.

Qustodio Free family screen time blocker app (1 supervised device)

✓ Set and manage daily screen time limits with its screen time blocker
✓ Block website or category (games, gambling, porn blocking)
✓ Website monitoring, search and app control
✓ Safe search to block adult or porn sites
✓ Unsupported browser blocking
✓ Advanced reporting (7-day history)
✓ Alerts for Family locator mode, GPS tracker, screen time blocker

Qustodio Premium family screen time app (5, 10 or 15 supervised devices)

Enjoy everything you get in Qustodio family screen time app plus:

✓ New YouTube Monitoring
✓ New Family Locator geolocation tracker
✓ App blocker (block by app, not just category)
✓ 30-day screen time history reporting
✓ Activate an SOS button that alerts family members
✓ Priority Parental Control support
✓ Priority access to new features
✓ Link more devices for full family mode & family locator
✓ Install Qustodio to monitor screen time on any other iOS, Windows, Mac, Android or Kindle device

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The all-new Family Locator, a mobile GPS tracker conveniently built into the Qustodio Parental Control & Screen Time App, lets you find family’s phones, locate the whole family on the move, add favorite places and share locations.

How to protect, block, & monitor screen time with Qustodio Parental Control Apps:
1 – First download Qustodio Parental Control App onto your device (usually your mobile phone or laptop), create an account or log in
2 – Then install Kids App Qustodio on the device you want to supervise
3 – Log in and follow the quick setup instructions
4 – Once done, inappropriate websites will be blocked automatically
5 – To monitor activity and screen time use this Qustodio Parental Control App on a Parent’s device or log in to your online Qustodio Family Screen Time dashboard (https://family.qustodio.com)

Our FAQ:
• Does Qustodio Parental Control family screen time blocker app support Android 8 (Oreo): Yes.
• Does Qustodio family screen time blocker app work on other platforms besides Android? Qustodio can protect Windows, Mac, iOS, Kindle and Android.
• What languages do you support? Qustodio is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese and Chinese.

For support. Contact us here: https://www.qustodio.com/help and [email protected]

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This will prevent a user from uninstalling Qustodio Family Screen Time App without your knowledge.

This app uses Accessibility services to build an excellent device experience that helps users with behavioral disabilities set appropriate levels of access and monitoring of screen time, web content and apps, in order to limit their risks and enjoy life normally.

Troubleshooting notes:
Huawei devices owners: Battery-saving mode needs to be disabled for Qustodio.


Hi Parents!
We've made more improvements and fixed some minor bugs to make your Qustodio experience even better. As always, we recommend that you enable auto-updating in the Play Store so both your and your kids' apps are always up-to-date.
The Qustodio Team


51 comentarios en "Qustodio Parental Control App MODDED 2022"

  1. Horrible. Don’t buy. We did all the extra steps required (downloading from their site and not the Play store. Was notified of a grand total of 2 text messages the first few days (there were many more) and none since. Uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, nothing. Only reason we purchased this over the others. Don’t waste your money. Get Bark or one of the others.

  2. Lisa Cole dice:

    Update, 9/29/22: Qustodio did contact me and help me cancel my account. ********** Love the idea of this app, but my not very techy kid showed me how he could get around it with just a few clicks. I sent a video of him doing it to tech support and they responded that there was nothing they could do about it. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a few weeks with no luck. Great idea, bad execution.

  3. Okay but needs work. The app doesn’t allow you to individually apply blockages or always allow individual apps. This results in the phone being turned off if the kid runs out of time. You can add numbers as emergency contacts, but it’s a pain, and doesn’t function correctly most of the time. Also, when everyone’s on the same wifi, change updates are quick, if on different networks, they take forever. Seriously. I would go back to my old app but it doesn’t monitor text messages.

  4. I switched from a different app to Quistodio and am pretty disappointed I did. I do not like that the free trial was so short. Did NOT allow enough time to truly evaluate. They do not offer a monthly subscription plan, so now I am stuck using this for a year, or I’m out the cost if I switch. There are a ton of features that seem pretty important that are missing. (IE Alerts for dangerous/inappropriate texts) The location feature does not work most of the time and nothing updates real time.

  5. Raphael dice:

    This app is so frustrating I can’t even describe it. If it worked as advertised it would be great. Instead you try to set up time limits and other things to keep kids from living on their phone and browsing things they shouldn’t and it either works for a day and then it completely locks them out of everything. Customer service is a joke their only solution for everything is to reinstall the app over and over again! It is terrible on computers as well. Save your money!

  6. Not bad but could be better. For example: I’ve noticed with the text messages, if someone sends my child a picture through text, I don’t know what the picture is or any text written with it, so the app can’t alert to anything inappropriate or bullying. I also wish keylogging was an option, or screenshots to see what is being viewed, since it’ll tell you that their Gallery is accessed but not what they’re viewing.

  7. It’s good but has room to improve. Doesn’t allow temporary override of restrictions for example flying on plane or road trip. You have to go disabled everything to allow it and then forget to turn it back on. Can’t prevent app installs or uninstalls. But overall it’s the best of the ones I’ve tried. And I have used most of them out there.

  8. Terrible ui. Doesn’t always work. Update is even worse than previous versions. Slows down my son’s computer. As for UI – not a difficult task becomes so time consuming. If you have a set of sites that are not part of categories they provide that you want to block, you have to click each one instead of having them grouped into one or at least to have an option to “block all”. Lately, the app just got even more annoying to use and it’s track of time became inaccurate (shows 5 min instead of hour)

  9. App works ok. Best thing it does is shut the phone down at the designated time. Times are on the hour so it’s tedious to have to give an extra half hour. Would be much easier if settings were every half hour. Sometimes once the phone has shut off because time ran out it’s difficult to add more time. Sometimes have to reboot the phone to get it to open back up.

  10. Works when it works, support is awful. Easy to use and fully featured, but buggy. Parents be vigilant. The app sometimes doesn’t work at all but you’ll never know unless you test it yourself periodically. The kids won’t tell you, of course. Support is all by email. It’s slow, and they always give the same response… Reinstall. I don’t even bother asking anymore. They clearly have no interest in fixing flaws. I would switch but everything else is just as bad or worse. Believe me, I’ve tried.

  11. There really isn’t a better option out there than Qustodio, but it sucks. It lacks significant updates. The overlay promts are slow, even with animation scaling turned off. There is a learning curve. I use Google Family link, Microsoft Family Safety, and Qustodio together for my children’s devices. The GUI is clean, but lacks certain features. It’s alright, but needs improvement. 2 years now. If someone does it better, I’ll find out and switch. No direct customer support either.

  12. Julie C dice:

    This thing works! Bark& other programs mirror the devices. I don’t want to see their every move. I do want to make sure they aren’t getting into bad sites, apps, games, etc etc. Qustodio let’s us do this & check what sites they are frequenting & apps they use, it flags everything based on categories, we can block by category & specific app/site. The device in still always in safe search mode. We see if attempts are made to a restricted site or delete the program. Limits times too! Love it!

  13. JC Graham dice:

    Simply does not work. IPhone shows no activity for the day yet the phone has been used all day. The phone status will show as inactive while the phone is in use. If the phone does show activity it is extremely vague reporting. And it blocks functions of apps that I don’t want blocked. Location always shows the child at home address no matter where they are. I could go on and on… If this app didn’t auto renew via Google Play I would have renewed because I am not getting what I pay for.

  14. Close but not quite. This app fixes one of the major flaws of the prior app I used by having a single daily time limit across multiple devices. It also has location tracking without additional charges, which is nice. However, think I lost as many options as I gained. What Qustodio does, it seems to do well, but I may go back to Screen Time or try something else to see if I can get the best of both. 12/17/20 update: this app is nearly useless on PC. Browser appears to be the only app limited.

  15. I accidentally bought the upgrade version. It turns out it’s just the subscription extension and no extra perks. Could benefit from key words to notify parent in texting and searching. Would benefit if app could lock/unlock on no school days. Time doesn’t expand to minutes. Constantly shows as offline. In the messaging could benefit from to/from bubbles to make tracking conversations easier. App needs more work.

  16. Scott G dice:

    We have had Qustodio for 2 years now and wish that it were better than it is, especially for the annual cost. Our three main issues with the app are: 1) The inability to filter text messages. So these are teenagers we are monitoring. If there is an issue with one of their contacts we would like to be able to filter to that particular text thread so that we can see the back and forth conversation. Instead all text threads are lumped together chronologically, so if we are trying to monitor a single conversation we have to scroll through ENDLESSSSSS one and two word texts to and from every other contact, visually scanning for the one contact thread we are trying to monitor. It is slow and inefficient to say the least. If we simply could select a certain contact in a filter of all text contacts, and see only the back and forth conversation for the selected contact, that alone would make the app 10 times better. 2) No MMS monitoring. This includes a lot of group text messages. So kids, if you want to avoid your parents monitoring send an MMS instead of SMS. (MMS shows up on BARK app so it is possible) 3) We have 3 phones on the plan. 1 of them we can see all the contact information on calls and texts. 2 phones we can only see phone numbers. Qustodio’s suggestion to restart the phones did nothing. BTW, the app was installed, uninstalled, sideloaded from the side as instructed, uninstalled again, sideloaded again, all settings and permissions were checked and double-checked, and still no contact information is coming over. It is highly doubtful we will be renewing again unless this stuff is all fixed. (Oh, and can’t use Hulu because Qustodio VPN server is outside the USA). I’ll tell you, I am fairly good with technology and have trouble keeping track of all of Qustodio’s annoying quirks and settings and workarounds. I can’t even imagine a parent who is not tech savvy having any success at all using this application,

  17. So frustrated! I’ve paid for a whole year of the premium! Can’t get it to monitor text messages, can’t get it to monitor anything other than time limits and app access! Can’t find a phone number to talk to someone so I can get help accessing these features! I don’t have time to sift through their hundreds of articles especially considering the links DON’T WORK! VERY dissatisfied! I just want to protect my child. I paid for help with that to no avail. It’s a ripoff

  18. The app control part is fine and seems to work quite well BUT the location tracking is a car crash. Every single time the app has a pushed update (which is a lot!) the tracking stops working until the phone with the kids app clicks through all the windows to renew permissions. This is a massive short fall in usability in my opinion and would need to be addressed in order for the app to match up to competitors. I won’t be renewing this app when the subscription expires if the issue persists.

  19. I don’t recommend it. The app is even well designed but doesn’t work as it should. On pc works normally without problems, but on mobile phones do not. Kids uninstall the mobile app in a matter of minutes and parents don’t even notice. I’ve had to pay the ananity for quite some time but it doesn’t really do what it promises. (yes, I installed exactly as indicated and several times)

  20. Qust provides the detailed technical solution fairly well, across a variety of platforms. The screen time calculation does not work terribly well, if the kids leave apps on or things running it seems to overestimate the time spent on screen. Learning to self regulate screen time is also important, so I’d advise potential users to consider that part of the issue as well.

  21. Great app. There’s only a few features I wish it had, the ability to add bonus time and to pick certain apps I can set to always allow so she can use them without taking away her overall time limit. Otherwise it works great and easy to set up and monitor!!

  22. Features missing compared to other services I’ve tried. No option to approve newly installed apps from google play store before they open it. My Son installs alot of games. Nobody Has time to constantly visit parent app and block each new game. Notifications don’t work. I don’t get an alert on phone for anything. No ability to block any app on phone, apps only show up after they open it and use it. Messages don’t all come through as expected. On lock they can’t text trusted contacts

  23. Felix K dice:

    Worked great for some months, then it stop monitoring 1 PC. Sent support email and got a generic response in their FAQ. Replied to that case number few times, but got no response. A week after, 2nd PC started to show offline. Few days after, 2 android phones cannot access its settings. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Qustodio on both PCs (Win10) and the phones, multiple times. So it’s currently useless and tech support isn’t responding. Maybe they see this, and might respond.

  24. Phil Howes dice:

    Pretty powerful in that it let’s you control all the aspects you would want to. I.e. screen time, applications to run, time on the apps etc. Worked fine for a while. Unfortunately, my kids seemed to find a way around some of it, so it doesn’t actually work as well as it looks on paper. I think they can run certain apps by constantly trying to open them until they do. I’m having to research other control software now.

  25. Amanda T dice:

    Can only give 3 stars because there is a major gltich in this app. We have turned off the Google play store on our son’s phone, but there is enough of a delay with the protection screen popping up, that when he clicks on the store, he can still get through and quickly download an app! What am I paying for here? Sure, I can monitor, but this app is not completely preventing what it is being asked to prevent. If you can fix this, I would give it 5 stars.

  26. This app does not protect your kids so don’t believe that at all. There are youtube videos of how to bypass the app everywhere which our teen figured out. It’s useless even when you “shut off their devices” with it. They can bypass as well. This app is only good for 2 to 8 year olds with no older siblings. Never expected it to be perfect but didn’t think it’d be easy either.

  27. CD Martin dice:

    Work fairly well. It does block and provide screen time limits. I would like to see a “lock now” feature regardless of screen time left. Also, if you need to use location, but the phone dies..there is no way to pull up map or location of last known position of your child.

  28. Many features advertised are only available on specific devices (i e call and messaging only viewable in iOS if you have a Mac). I thought I’d done my research but was wrong. Disappointed.

  29. That app itself is decent, awful at tracking location but great for app control, the free version is just as good as the paid version in my opinion and a total waste of money to upgrade.. The 1 thing you need to consider is the amount of data it consumes on the controlled phone, so far its wiped out well over 30GB of data, 4 times that of all the other apps conbined. How this is possible I’ve no idea but seems to be a major flaw in the app. As requested an email regarding this has been sent.

  30. Its helpful but 2 many loopholes. Here’s 3 of the many more loopholes. I have messaging app blocked but the kid still can text. Save a Spotify playlist shortcut to the home screen & the app will play even when blocked or daily/restricted time limit is on. 3rd if daily/restricted time limits is active then just swipe down & touch the gear button & the kid can access the settings even when password protected. So I have to block apps individually instead of using daily/restricted time limit setting

  31. I did subscribe to your app for 1 year and now I didn’t want to renew, but you have already taken my money from my account. When I login I Cannit see my card details in your app. This means that you have secretly hidden the card details of my previous payment and used it to take money out of my account without my permission. More over, you say in your website that you have a subscription login page, where payment details can be edited, but it’s not taking me there even after I try to login in.

  32. I’m going to cancel this app as it stops my laptops from running properly. I have to disable qustodio because it starts shutting down every window I open. If it worked properly it would be really useful.

  33. Loki Floki dice:

    It is ok. But need more work. Very otfet I can see on the parent account there is still plenty time to use, but on child device time expired. Had to restart device or add extra time to make it run. Can’t control time on specific applications

  34. We constantly had trouble with this app. It was always freezing up my kids phones. The location service would notify us a half hour later. We had to uninstall it was so bad.

  35. Sarah Lynn dice:

    Doesn’t even work. I followed instructions to install on my daughters iPhone. Once set up I tried to end screen time. Her phone locked one time but would not lock again. I tried unlocking and locking and her phone would not lock. Now all her apps are missing from her phone when I did not block any apps and phone is unlocked.

  36. Downloaded the latest version for my phone and latest version from website for Android 13 for the phone to be monitored (ver 680.61.0.2), gave the app all the permissions needed, and it did not function. Removing app.

  37. I think this is one of the best products I’ve ever used to help monitor and affect a child’s time and access to devices and apps!! It’s pretty comprehensive!! I highly recommend it!!

  38. This app is just so frustrating. I can’t understand how it gets so many good reviews as our entire experience with it has been beyond annoying. For example, we have screentime limits set up for each device. The device hasn’t been used at all today – which Qustodio knows and reports itself (on the Qustodio dashboard it tells us that 0 minutes have been used today and that the timelimit for today is set at 2 hours, for example), yet still the device is blocked. Very very frustrating.

  39. Morgan S dice:

    Great app! Qustodio allows you to monitor apps, length of screen time, phone calls, text messages and location. I was using a different app and it didn’t offer half of what Qustodio offers. The annual subscription is extremely reasonable too.

  40. I just purchased the app for the safety of my child… the monitoring on it is amazing, for screening sites and such, But the location is always inaccurate. I emailed Qustodio and they told me to check her settings and I followed their directions, but it still shows her MILES away when her phone is in my hand. I don’t want to have to worry about her when she is out & about, and with this app giving me false locations, that makes me really uncomfortable.

  41. Overall I like the app. The only thing I wish I could do is completely restrict certain apps that I can turn on in an as needed basis. An example would be restricting the video apps except when on a road trip. I understand that I can turn them off and on under rules, but when travelling that is a bit cumbersome. Maybe there is a way to do it and I’m just missing it. Other than this small detail, we love this app! I can make restrictions on an app by app basis rather than by category.

  42. Great app, usually works very well. A couple of issues: 1. Sometimes it freezes (maybe due to bad internet connection?). 2. Adding time is only in increments of 15 minutes, would be more user friendly if the increments could be 5 minutes – sometimes I only want to add five or 10 minutes, not 15. But in general, this is a very good app!

  43. This app is such a great idea, however, it fails to do what it says. Nearly every single day, I receive “no activity” emails stating my daughter hasn’t been on her phone, when in fact, she has. No updates to the app have been needed on her end or mine, we’ve restarted our phones more than ever, and she hasn’t tried to remove the app from her phone. That said, I’ve paid for monitoring as a whole that I’m not receiving. It worked great at the start, but barely does anymore.

  44. OK, needs some work. Tracking is off, never showed the accurate location. Texting: I want to be able to read all of the texts not just who they texted and their response. Being able to block certain apps or websites that are flagged would be nice. Having a list of already proven not appropriate apps or sites. I cancelled my subscription for now, but ends in Aug 2023

  45. Adam S dice:

    I’ve had Qustodio over two years. How many features have they added? ZERO. Still can only schedule use times on the hour. Still have to allow or deny apps one at a time instead of being able to create groups. This company appears to have no interest in actually improving the product which means they’ll be obsolete soon!

  46. Tony Emond dice:

    Very badly done. The app goes unresponsive for a minute every time you actually do something. Also I am not entirely convinced that the whole system is effective at all.

  47. The time allotment doesn’t work. I have it set for 2 hours but my child is on her phone over 4 hours a day. I want texts and calls to be blocked when the time is up as well. Also you won’t be able to see any group texts using the app.

  48. YT WONG dice:

    I 1st got the app in 2018 for elder boy, despite following all settings as adviced by their tech support, my boy still managed to disable the app. Battery optimization, phone models & settings but none their fault. After so many yrs, they are still top on online review list, thought to give it another trial, on my 2nd boy’s phone. Free trial is the period for kids to figure out the app and after I paid for yearly premium plan, I have to reinstall Kids app daily on my boy’s phone!

  49. WASTE OF MONEY! ABSOLUTELY JUNK NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, WANT A REFUND! My kid went Missing and because the phone was “inactive” it wouldn’t allow me to track it. However THANKS to GOOGLE I was able to locate my child and her phone. If you restrict the times and/or days they can utilize the phone still! And still get onto websites WITH everything locked out! Very disappointed 😞 and frustrating

  50. In general working well but whenever you want to open the up to do changes it runs forever and do not open. Force stop does not work..frustrating to wait and wait to be able to do something!

  51. It’s a very good application to control/follow up kids while using their devices, but my only concern is that sometimes the application block the device in the time supposed to be opened & needs many trials to be opened like restart the device. Also, sometimes the link between the device & parental device is lost so the device continues working without considering the time limits set out.

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