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Book a trusted neighborhood babysitter or nanny. From full time to last minute.
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Find and book all the sitters and nannies of everyone you trust. All in one place. Unlock your personal network with UrbanSitter: book a local babysitter, nanny or caregiver you’re connected to through friends, co-workers, moms groups and parents from your kid’s school. It’s now easy to find a trusted sitter who’s passed safety and background checks, and will take care of your baby whenever you need it, even last-minute! Kids will be back to school soon: start planning for childcare now and get to know your after-school sitter and homework helper, for a smooth transition into the school year.

You can now find, interview, book and pay your caregiver with our babysitting app. Is it a last-minute date night sitter you need? Do you want someone to be trusted, who has passed background checks? Someone local who knows exactly how to care for a baby and the amenities of your neighborhood? As children return to school, will you need a homework helper or a morning sitter? Or even a full-time nanny, or backup babysitting and childcare when juggling work and after-school pickups becomes too hectic. We’ve made it easy to book the caregiver or babysitter you need. So you are 100% sure that both you and your baby, toddler or young child can live your life to the fullest. Enjoy the back to school period and that personal time at the yoga studio, or stay focused at work, knowing your child is in good hands after-school with a babysitter they love.



– Plug into your existing networks: find a local and trusted sitter your connections use and love. Your baby is in safe hands.
– Safe & transparent: from mandatory background checks to CPR training, also see how many ‘repeat families’ sitters have
– All your needs, answered: find part-time caregiver or full-time nannies, a date night or after-school sitter, occasional & backup childcare, or even a homework helper now that children are back to school
– Easy payment system: skip the ATM, pay your sitter by credit card through the app
– Last-minute bookings: you can book a babysitter in a pinch, as most last-minute jobs get a reply in less than 3 minutes!


– Great pay & flexible hours. Full-time, after-school or occasional jobs, you decide. You could earn up to $1,000/wk or more, especially as parents are looking for childcare and a homework helper now that children are back to school
– No cut: we don’t take anything out of your earnings. Keep 100% of what you make
– Trust & safety for the sitter: your safety is our priority. Parents must verify their identity to book
– See how you’re connected to families through other sitters, nannies, families & groups
– Browse local babysitting or nanny jobs in your area


Can I find a nanny on UrbanSitter?
Yes. Many parents find a full-time or part-time nanny by posting a job to the Job Board. Our nanny app makes it easy to schedule interviews and keep your choices organized.

How do sitters get paid for jobs?
Credit card payments are processed through the UrbanSitter app without a transaction fee, so sitters receive 100% of the payment.

Parents often ask, how does UrbanSitter compare to other babysitting apps?
Only UrbanSitter taps into your personal networks (friends, co-workers, moms groups, schools) to find babysitters and nannies of people you know and trust. Sitters must pass a series of automated and manual safety checks, and can also elect to take additional background checks.

Whatever your childcare needs are, UrbanSitter gives you the opportunity you find and book sitters hired by people you trust. We give you the most efficient and trusted childcare solutions, so you can pull off the world’s greatest balancing act.


When applying for a job, caregivers can now indicate whether they want to be notified when their application is reviewed and when the job has been closed. We also updated a few things on the backend to keep the app running smoothly.

Please let us know if you experience a bug or issue! Email us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "UrbanSitter – Find a Local Caregiver You Can Trust MODDED"

  1. Grateful for this app and services it provides! The annual membership fee is steep but worth it. However, it’s a mediocre app. The graphics get buggy when I draft messages to sitters. Also, if I favorite a sitter in their profile, they don’t show up in my favorites. It only shows up if I favorite them in the search results, so I have lost track of who I’ve looked at. I already uninstalled app, restarted phone, reinstalled app, updated OS, etc. Still didn’t work!

  2. Amy Lee dice:

    Agree with a previous post. Extremely difficult for parents to use plus none responsive support. It requires a background verification before you can contact the sitters but the feature does not work properly. I tried on the app and on pc, contacted their support, but the problem remains. One of the very few sites that makes the task of trying to give them money very difficult.

  3. App works great and is easy to use. One functionality I would like that it doesn’t seem to have is the ability to schedule jobs from the sitter’s end. This way, if parents book via text message or phone call, the sitter can still keep their schedule all in one place, allowing them the ability to stay organized.

  4. Looks like a fantastic concept and platform. However, not upfront with their pricing model. I spent time signing up, filtering, searching and deliberating. When I was finally ready to book a babysitter for $15/hour, they hit you with the monthly fee (cheapest total cost is $35!). Not cool.

  5. You can’t contact or book a sitter without paying the nearly $40 monthly fee. Even worse, they don’t inform you of that until after you’ve set up a profile, posted a job, searched sitters, typed out your message to a sitter, etc. This app has potential, but they need to be more up front about the cost of the service.

  6. Love the service (so far), hate the app! I’ve had several issues working in the app. Most common (as in they happen frequently) are: 1) tried to schedule an interview/job of some kind, finished entering time and hit enter, the whole thing disappears and takes me back to my account so I have to start over. 2) Enter the app and it won’t connect to my account or show my activity 3) perform a search, go to message a sitter and when I go back it takes me out to my home so I have to search again.

  7. I am sitter, and I had a profile on this app, but it just stopped working right when everything was perfect; I found very nice families, and had such a great experience looking after children. I tried creating a new profile, but they just did not accepted it. Moreover, they never got back to me after sending them so many e mails asking them why my profile was hidden! I gave up, but tried again a couple of weeks ago, but it still does not work…

  8. Very expensive, yet still buggy (?) + scammy unsubscribe practices… This app is not a good value, and we plan to only use it long enough to find a few nearby sitters to book outside the app. Very poorly designed, with looping/repetitive prompts and unclear steps for basic things like managing active booking requests and sending messages. As far as I can tell the developers do very little beyond providing the app and running basic background checks, yet it costs $20+ a month. Buyer beware.

  9. Adi klein dice:

    Wow. Not a good experience here at all. The only sitter I liked never showed up. They made it hard to cancel and my account was charged for an additional month. Only way to contact customer service is by email. I asked for a refund for the new charge since I am not going to use their service but was denied any consideration.

  10. I have used this app to find sitting opportunities for a couple of years and really like it. The service is great for sitters and can be accessed via the website or the app. Occasionally there are hiccups, but the service desk has been very responsive and sometimes the issues can be cleared up by using the website instead.

  11. Easy to sign up and easy to use. Does freeze up alot. Wish it had separate tabs for pet care, household services, or childcare. And I think the sitter reviews of parents should be updated to more than 👍👎. But overall good way to make extra money and meet alot of great familes.

  12. Hello Urbansitter this is a good wedside but I don’t know why when I apply some position I never see when family received my application. The family never responded my message, is very weird. Please staff Urbansitter help to resolve the situation. Thanks you 🙂

  13. Mah Rezaa dice:

    Savvy in Charging, No Quality! Used it for a couple of wks to find a nanny. Most did not bother to answer which I feel this is one of the biggest issues. How can you make sure they are real or active? Almost like a dating app. A few who replied did not even follow up. I used the 3Mth subscription and the app charged me right on that day without any warning ahead. Even when I told the support I’ve not used the app for a long time, they refused to refund the money. Do not use these gold diggers

  14. I would really like a way to put my preferred name but other than that I’m really enjoying Urban Sitter and the app. 👍

  15. App is very glitchy. I have to keep inputting the same info over and over because it’s not saving it. Not a good first impression

  16. Very difficult to use app for an otherwise useful service I try to book a sitter for a job post they express interest in, your Android app fails. 1. create a booking 2. Sitter expresses interest 3. Click book Expected result: sitter is booked Actual result: unnecessary interstitial with all the information they already know 4. Send same job details again Expected result: sitter is offered job Actual result: sometimes I get “sitter is unavailable that day or time” AND “Send anyway” is grey

  17. Very Irritating!!! Why am I forced.to post a picture of myself to proceed, and when I do it keeps forcing me to select a picture multiple times!?! I finally just gave up after fighting it. Deleting from my phone NOW!!

  18. People have been so kind and friendly. Verification happens very quick, and jobs are matched in a precise manner. 5 🌟’s !!!

  19. This site is a scam . I have applied like for serveral different babysitter jobs , I’ve been on this for three weeks now . I had only one person get back with me . I paid for the background check which was $24.95 and still nothing!! Very disappointed and feel like I got scammed.

  20. What happened to this app? I used this UrbanSitter all the time in 2019, but now the subscription price has skyrocketed and the service has tanked. Example: when I upload a profile image, it appears upside down. No way to rotate or edit it. Basic functionality has disappeared.

  21. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME IT’S A MONEY GRAB It seems easy to set up your account and once you do, they hit you with a $35 fee in order to express interest in any job leads and when you stop, they keep sending you emails every day about every lead in your area. They don’t offer a lower tier trial like a one month trial that’s cheaper than $35. This app is not transparent at all.

  22. Absolutely horrible QA and non-responsive support. They require identity verification before you can reply to someone’s inquiry about a job you post, however, the feature does not work correctly. I’ve tried on android web&app and my windows 10 pc. It’s too bad, I liked the candidates and would have probably paid for their service.

  23. I love the service but hate, hate the app. When you create a job posting and you try to book a sitter showing as interested, you have to go through creating an entirely new posting. While you are waiting for the sitter to respond, it asks if you want to post the job for other sitters. Didn’t I just do that?! I have found lots of great sitters, but the app and website make for a terrible experience.

  24. None of the babysitters in our area have been active in under a month. Tried to book an interview anyway and found that there is a fee to even send an interview request. Didn’t find that out till after going all the way through all the options. Uninstalled since this is just a money grab and not helpful to people on a limited budget.

  25. I wrote a review before and decided to change it to give it more stars. I think this app is really simple to use. I prefer Urbansitter over any other related app. After my profile was taken off of hidden, it was really easy to apply to any positions. Maybe a little patience is needed but that is expected for many things.

  26. App will subscribe you to a reoccurring monthly subscription, but will not unsubscribe. To unsubscribe, you need to email their customer support, who will then pretend that you wanted to unsubscribe from their email mailing list, instead of the service. Adding a layer of scummyness to this is that the app prominently allows you to remove your credit card details … but of course, the monthly fee would continue regardless of whether they have a CC on file or not.

  27. Can’t book a regular sitter for regular days and times (although they have a rebook features that makes it easier). Other than that, I’m quite happy with the service – very easy to find a last minute sitter – and the quality of the sitters.

  28. I was very excited to use this app, and help out other parents! Of course with covid funds are a little thin. I was looking for promo codes, which I found many that said they were active, some were of course expired. Based on the reviews I’m reading I would love to have a promo code that actually works, so I can try out the app prior to spending my last. Hopefully I can get one, because I am ecstatic to try this app! Brandy

  29. When I try to change my posted job or my email notification settings, the app says, an exception has occurred and if it keeps happening to contact support. There’s no easy way to contact support in the app.

  30. I downloaded this app 2 weeks ago and they still don’t approve my profile. And yes, my profile meets the requirements. I tried contacting them, but the link to contact them doesn’t even work; It says “error this page doesn’t exist”.

  31. So many emails! Good luck shutting those off, the app seems to have an convenient glitch that won’t allow you to. Plus, you can’t do anything without paying an unreasonable monthly fee. $5? That wouldn’t be too bad… $10? Seems a bit steep for the Facebook of childcare… But $20/month?!

  32. UrbanSitter is great. The only thing I would change is a better way to add multiple jobs on the calendar at one time. For example, every Tuesday from 8-2 for the next 2 months. Right now you have to put them in seperately.

  33. Stupid App!! Won’t let me schedule a sitter because “unknown error” keeps popping up when I add personal address and information. READ THE REVIEWS!! All the app responses are automated. Not even a real person showing empathy for user issues!

  34. Avoid this app! It will lose your information, not you login, still charge you money for no services rendered, and their customer service is worse than Comcast. They dont even provide a phone number, so once thwir app breake and loses your information, you can only rely on email to resolve it. This has happened to me twice! i shouldve learned from the first time. Find another app with less issues.

  35. we were a tad skeptical because normally family watches our little girl, but decided to try urban sitter. really enjoying it so far. lots of good options for sitters and can use in different locations if traveling. so amazing.

  36. Really disappointed about the decision to force sitters to pay for membership–I’ve been using this app for a while now and really like it, but coming back from vacation and opening this app to find jobs, only to be locked out of my account until I payed and completed a background check… it’s extremely frustrating. I payed, but still wont get to work until the check goes through. I understand the impulse to make the site safe, but this is not the way to do it. We need the money.

  37. Easy to navigate and set everything up. The application approval takes a while but that’a about it on the negatives so far. I do like that I can browse jobs while my application is pending, so I can see if any jobs would even work for me.

  38. You have to pay to even contact a sitter. It let’s you waste your time searching for the right person, typing a long message and everything else and when you press send, it tells you to pay before they send the message and request.

  39. I’m not sure why there’s now a fee to work. The work isn’t even consistent enough to afford such a fee. Such a shameful situation to have to pay to work for someone. However while I can understand you’re reasoning for trying to maintain your app, your methods of collection are ridiculous. I was under the impression that your fees were covered in other ways (ads). Why couldn’t a much smaller fee for the use of your platform be worked out instead of a forced one? I’ve got to delete my profile now.

  40. Tried to be a sitter, but i have to pay in order to even send an application to parents. I refuse to pay any amount of money to POTENTIALLY get a nanny job with someone. Tried to opt out of the emails (cant unsub) about new jobs but the app won’t help you. Lookin at the reviews, I wont get anywhere with requesting support to delete my account. Am now sending their emails to spam if they won’t stop sending them after support is contacted. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND EVER!!!

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