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A scheduled baby is a happy baby.

Babies crave routine; as a parent, you do everything you can to provide a comforting and predictable schedule for your little one. Nara Baby is here to support you along the way. That’s why we’ve created an app that is intuitive, fuss-free, and shareable across multiple devices—so you have more time to spend on the important stuff.

Nara Baby is your shared hub for tracking all things baby. Parents and caregivers can log activities throughout the day for seamless communication, making scheduling a breeze. Add breast and bottle feeding sessions, pumping, sleep and diaper changes with just a few simple taps, and review the day in an easy-to-read log. You got this! And don’t worry, your data is only shared with users authorized by you.

Key Features:
– Easy-to-use shareable log with a seamless and intuitive interface
– Time breastfeeding sessions and your baby’s sleep with a simple tap
– Keep track of which side you are breastfeeding or pumping on
– Add diaper changes, bottle feedings, and more
– Add notes to any item
– Set reminders for the next feeding, pump session, diaper change, sleep, or medication
– Supports multiple babies
– Works across multiple devices
– Track postpartum recovery directly in the app. Keep track of medication immediately after delivery and water intake, sleep, mood, and journaling throughout your postpartum journey.


- Trends, Growth, and History are now easily shareable
- The bottle feed editor can have breast milk and formula enabled/disabled in settings
- Added quick access to last items in History from Activity cards
- Fixed a problem that causes some data exports to fail


40 comentarios en "Nara Baby Tracker MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m just now commenting on this app after HEAVY usage tracking my child’s life. The app was easily 5 stars. But in the last few weeks the updating of the child’s profile had been incredibly buggy. On top of issues opening the app, the sync function has failed way more often as of late. My partner had often had to manually enter my interactions after I had done so. And when the sync finally catches up, there are duplicate entries. Bummed

  2. I love how pretty this app looks and how easy to use it is. There’s a lot of great options depending on what you want to track. It gets a bit glitchy when 2 care givers are using it (when one starts a session and the other finishes) but it typically resolves if you refresh the screen. I have and will continue to recommend this app!

  3. This app has almost everything for free without ads! I do wish it had a recurring alarm option for pumping. Other apps allow you to set a recurring alarm that uses the last time pumped. The options for diaper are nice, but I wish there were more options (like seeds for texture and amount–light, medium, heavy) or at least the option to add additional textures. I also wish the activities showed the actual time of the last activity logged along with the time elapsed.

  4. I can’t recommend it highly enough for parents with a new baby. It makes tracking feedings, sleep, diaper changes, etc, a breeze. With the Family configuration all family members can contribute data that syncs in real time, so everyone caring for baby can stay up to date. It also gives a historical view of your metrics, so you can see how baby’s sleep patterns and such are changing, all at a glance. Super helpful at the doctor’s. Great for staying organized, especially when sleep deprived!

  5. Great for keeping track of your baby! I originally had the huckleberry baby tracking app, but to me it was complicated and just not easy to use. This one is a lot simpler to navigate and more visually appealing, it’s really helped me figure out a good schedule for my baby! I like that it has a place to track my health as well, but I think that part could be done better; I wish it was more geared towards post-partum healing specifically, such as having a place to track your bleeding.

  6. This app is great! It helps track times and amounts for feeding, different diaper changes (wet, dirty, color, and texture), sleep patterns, etc. It’s also helpful to be able to check the history to go back and check for past references. This app is very helpful and very easy to use. Definitely recommended!

  7. I have tried multiple baby tracking apps and this one checks all my boxes. It syncs in real time so I can view it right away, my spouse can, our babysitter can, etc. I also loved how it showed longitudinal data and I could turn on which ever tracking sections I want to use at any given time. Totally would recommend! Very user friendly, pleasing to look at, and very useful.

  8. I LOVE this app. No ads, no frills, no cluttery unnecessary information, just pure and simple baby info tracking in a clean and elegant layout. I tried a few different apps, and this is by FAR my favorite. I love that my husband and I can have the same mirrored app on both our phones as well. So helpful!

  9. Great app with a simple interface. Would love the option to view data as graphs, otherwise great when it syncs with both android and iPhone users easily. However entries sometimes don’t save which can be frustrating. Perhaps an issue with multiple users, but that’s kind of of the point

  10. Pros: does what it says. No intrusive ads. Nap/poop trends are easy to read. Just download it! Cons: sometimes starting a feeding or sleep session for one user and then having another user stop said session is clunky. Our first baby got a notebook. I wanted an app that my husband and I could swap between for baby 2. This worked so well I added BB1’s health data to the app to easily compare sizes between them. It doesn’t get opened much now, but is used occasionally for tracking new habits.

  11. Nara Baby saved me in the newborn stage. Remembering when baby was last fed and diaper changes was extremely difficult under the immense exhaustion and Nara made it so easy. I love the simple design, and the set up of the timers for breastfeeding was awesome! Only complaint is that after a while, my entries would sometimes disappear or I once lost a whole days worth of data.

  12. Overall the app suits our needs. It’s clean and well designed. I appreciate how simple and easy it is to use- no flipping through a million things to quickly log a diaper. It’s great that my husband and I can link the accounts too. Only flaw for me is the way time is accounted for, specifically in feeding, doesn’t make sense. For example, if you last fed from 2:30 – 2:40 it will say the last feeling was at 2:30. Makes more sense to say it was at 2:40. Maybe personal preference on this though.

  13. The best baby tracking app! My husband & I use this everyday to track all the things. When our parents watch our daughter, we made them a profile so they can input info, so we an stay on the same schedule and keep track of feedings, diapers, sleep, etc. The interface is super simple and clean. It’s super helpful for doctor appointments as all the data they ask for is all in the app. Recommend this to any parent!

  14. App is super easy to use. I love being able to keep track of everything. The only issue I have is that when I go to log something if I accidently hit the notes section I can’t log in ounces. I have to delete that log and then redo it. No sure if it’s just my phone or the app.

  15. I really appreciate how easy and customizable this app is for what you need to record, and to hide the ones you don’t. It also is pleasant to look at unlike some others that are just over the top and cheesy. Lastly, the ability to add multiple caregivers is clutch.

  16. I’ve loved this app. When my babe was first born I used it to track feeds, diapers, pumping, meds – I loved that I could do that all in one place. Now that she’s older I only use it to track feeding, and have continued to find it very valuable for that purpose. Super intuitive and easy to use.

  17. Absolutely perfect! No cost, no ads, simple interface, everything we need and nothing we don’t. All we wanted was an easy way to track baby stuff across both iOS and Android without all the bloat and overdesigned UI. Every other one we looked at had something wrong with it – bad syncing, subscription fees, invasive ads, overwhelming interface, bad reviews. This one couldn’t be more perfect if I designed it myself for me personally. Thank you so much!

  18. I really like this app! I would just like to request a couple things. For Android users, having a home screen widget would be AWESOME! Something customizable that shows when she last ate, maybe which side, something like that, w/o having to open the app. Also, we’d love a general place to leave notes (in addition to within each entry) because in our old manual way of tracking, we’d leave notes for each other in the night with random info. Love this app overall!

  19. Alyssa C dice:

    It’ll be nice when there’s a widget for android phones. I haven’t been able to put in ounces for weight/height or head size for several months (the keyboard won’t open when I try adding those 2 but will work for everything else). I’ve deleted the app, the family, the account but nothing works.

  20. Truly amazing. I have tried at least 7 different apps, some with too many features, some way too expensive, and the one I used the most had the worst syncing issues. This was such a lucky find, and I’m so glad. This app is everything you need for tracking info for babies. It’s user friendly, the interface is simple yet pretty, and my husband can use it simultaneously. That was key for us. Hands down the best baby tracking app.

  21. Excellent how it is updated live between two devices when you make an addition or change. One thing that gets fumbled up sometimes though is a timer will keep on going beyond when it’s been stopped by the person who started it, even if the partner never interacted with it. Seems to happen if a partner just had the app open in the background. That said, it doesn’t happen often enough to make us not want to use this. The app overall is excellent!!

  22. Jane C dice:

    I was searching for a good app to track diaper changes, pumping and feed times and this app has all of that and a little more (i.e. tracking meds, baby’s measurements). There are no annoying ads at all (like a lot of other ones) and the design is simple (in a good way) and easy to navigate. My husband and I both have it on our phones and it’s always synced so we know when baby’s last feeding and changing times were and I can see how long it’s been since my last pump. Love it!

  23. Very easy to use and navigate. It records everything you need. The only thing that could be added is the vaccine schedule. I wish the app would have a vaccine schedule tracker for baby as well. Other than that, this app is pretty much perfect! The timer is so easy to record. If you compare with other apps, you will know that this app is so much more convenient in terms of recording the durations of pumping, breastfeeding, etc. Other apps may have more functions than Nara Baby, but sometimes are very inconvenient or confusing especially to use timers.

  24. The app is great for tracking your child activities which allows access from multiple photos from iphone and Android. The design is very nice and straightforward. There is one annoying bug though – if you start a session on one phone and finish on the other one, the first one will still have the activity going. If you then discard it – it removes the saved activity completely. Seems like an Android bug – force closing the app doesn’t help.

  25. I love this app. Very simple and easy to use. Both my husband and I can click on the apps on our respective phones and see and enter information. In love how I can track the baby’s feeding, diaper changes, and my pumping. I would suggest having categories that users can decide to add as a way to track, for example, tracking baby exercises or baths.

  26. Mar Mar dice:

    After downloading six different apps that are very similar this is hands down the best one with the most features. Although I wish that the tiles were a little bit smaller, this app does it all and is seamless compared to others. It allows you to start timers and not have the app up. I like that it puts it in the notification panel so you don’t have to go all the way back navigating to the app. Their daily overviews are amazing

  27. This is the best app I’ve found to track my son’s feeding, diapers and more. Simple interface to enter data, good visuals for summary, trends. I love how customizable the app is, and I can choose what to track and what not to track. Adding a family member is a breeze and the information is updating in real time. Highly recommend to every new parent!

  28. Nara Baby Tracker is awesome, I love this app. I don’t normally leave reviews, but am taking the time to do so now, since they’ve added a feature I’ve been wanting for a long time. Now you can track not only the number of diapers and whether they are wet or dirty, now you can also track the texture and color in the diaper. It’s a very helpful feature for me since babies tend to have food allergies and stool is a big indicator. I’ve also never had it crash or lose data, it always just works.

  29. Love this app! It was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad! It syncs well with other caregivers. Has all the options I want to include like diapers, bottles, nursing, pumping, weight/height/head, medical, and more. It allows you to toggle off ones you don’t want to track. It looks like routines like bath and tummy time were just added with an option to make your own too! I would call this comparable to the BabyTracker app, but really better since it syncs too and that one does not.

  30. L R dice:

    I absolutely LOVE this app- clean UI, simple and straightforward to use, tracks every aspect a parent or family could need, and allows collaborative access to caretakers. Best of all, it doesn’t contain ads and is 100% free! I only wish I discovered it sooner and that it was the app I used from the start. I’ve used Nara since my baby was 3 months old and it helps tremendously to keep my mommy brain in check. Trust me when I say don’t waste your time downloading anything else!!! 🙏🏼🙌🏽

  31. Joel o dice:

    Love the ability to track breastfeeding, diaper changers, naps, and sleeping. Great to go back and look at averages and find inconsistencies. I’ve recommended it to family who is currently using it as well. My wife and I both have the app and can take turns update it on our seperate devices to have one consistent log. She uses apple and no issues with the logs showing up on either of our phones.

  32. Free AND no obnoxious ADs! It’s simple yet effective! You can add caregivers so they can also keep track of what your baby/babies is/are doing. Keep track of changes over days, weeks, and months. You can also keep track of medical info (which will graph height, weight etc.) and add routines. I have been using this app for 4 months now and have no complaints even with their updates! Bonus:My phone had to update during a sleep session and when it turned back on, the timer was still going!

  33. Absolutely love this app to track the little one. Has everything you need. Love that it does not have any ads, you can sync across devices and add care givers, they have thought of everything. The only thing I could think to add isn’t even for tracking for baby, but a reminder/tracker of water for the breastfeeding mom. Like a reminder when you log a pump a nursing session, it says, drink some water! I have recommended this app to so many people, simple to use and includes everything you need.

  34. I think it might be favorite baby tracking/sharing app so far, BUT it’s really inconvenient to have to enter the reminders every time for the next feeding, sleeping, pumping, etc. Other apps I’ve used allow you to set an ongoing reminder for these activities and it’s really nice to not have to set it each time.

  35. Worked great for 2 days and then went to log and realized that the last 10hours or so of logs were missing. Tried to continue thinking it was random glitch hoping it wouldn’t happen again and now it won’t save anything. Contact the app via email and no response. Really disappointed because it was working great for us and I was trying to figure out when the best time to pump was since I return to work soon.

  36. We’ve been using this relatively unknown baby tracking app for 6 weeks days and this has gotta be the best looking and functioning FREE app out right now. Compared to all the most downloaded apps, this has a nice minimalist yet way more modern look. The quick options (texture and color) for dirty diapers. The syncing is so fast and instantaneous that you can start a timer on one phone and see it ongoing and complete it on another!

  37. Really great app. Giving it 3 stars so an issue can be solved. When inputting time for any activity. When I try to input the time through the number pad it doesn’t save. I have to scroll through all the numbers to get to my time. Really makes it easier if I type in the time and it saves. **Please fix** otherwise this app is really helping us out here. Thank you!

  38. I tried a couple of apps and this one is the best for its comprehensive list of things to track (and ability to hide the things you don’t want!) and beautiful, clean interface with no ads 😊. And multiple users can collaborate and even input at the same time, which is so necessary!

  39. I freaking love this app. I was trying to use Babycenter for a long time because my friend uses it, but the interface I just never got accustomed to. I love that with Nara, you can remove things you don’t care to track, so right now I only have bottles and the sleep timer, and it’s all I need! It’s simplistic, well designed, no ads, and overall quite enjoyable for this first time mama. Highly recommend.

  40. Minimalist perfection! Everything you need is right where you want it, and if it isn’t, the app is fully customizable, with nothing you don’t need getting in the way. No clutter, no sales pitches, no distractions. Amazing analytics. The best app on the market by a HUGE margin.

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