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Boost learning from birth
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Science-backed early learning for children from birth to age 5. Access 1000+ fast and fun activities!

Vroom Tips add science-backed early learning moments to mealtime, bathtime, bedtime or anytime. By helping your child learn now, you get them ready for school, friends and life. The Vroom Brain Building Basics—Look, Follow, Chat, Take Turns and Stretch—turn interactions that happen during shared time into brain building moments.

Your child is born ready to learn—and you have what it takes to help them!

How it works:
– Every day, we feature a Vroom Tip for your child’s age range, ready when you open the app.
– There’s brain science behind every Vroom Tip – we share the why behind what your child is learning.
– Explore tips on the go and find ones that are just right for your child. Search tips by setting, Brain Building Basics and other skill areas.
– Set an app reminder to receive a nudge to match your daily routine.
– Vroom App is available in English and Spanish. This app will launch in your phone’s primary language.
– With each short activity, you teach your child the life skills that help them thrive.

Vroom Tips give families easy ways to promote learning and bond throughout the day, providing children with a strong base for lifelong learning during their first five years.

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Fixes facebook login functionality.


40 comentarios en "Vroom: Early Learning 2022"

  1. After reading a lot of reviews I believe the biggest issue is that the newest version of this app is not working properly. I need to login every single time I try to open the app. I also have an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 8) which may be why I’m having a lot of issues. I only receive 1 notification a day. And the notification is not loud or obvious in any kind of way, even though I’ve tried changing the settings. Only receiving 1 insignificant notification per day when you are trying to do as many brain building activities as possible with your child does not help. You should be able to customize, utilize and receive many notifications throughout the day to make sure you get in as many brain building activities with your child as you would like. This app needs lots of improvement especially for Android users!

  2. I just downloaded this app, and so far it’s pretty cool. I really like that I can add pics to the moments I’m building with my baby. The only thing that bugs me is when I put my profile pic up it uploads it sideways. I’ve tried tons of different techniques to fix it but it would be cool of I didn’t have to.

  3. This app meets parents right where they’re at! It gives activities that use what I already have and do on a daily basis! Simple to track what I’m doing with kiddos and save ideas that work well. It brings a sigh of relief from this mama!

  4. Rainy Mae dice:

    I really wanted to try this app, but I can’t enter my child’s birth year. The default is 2021, and there are no options available. Very disappointed since the app seems to be great when it’s working.

  5. The app logs me out after a few days. It never accepts my login info, so I have to create a new account each time. The tips are nice, but not worth that hassle.

  6. The app content is good, but it never keeps me signed in. Apps are not supposed to sign you out every time you close the window.

  7. - dice:

    Had one chance to get us to use this app but login with gmail failed and there no other option for creating an account. Talk about dropping the ball. Uninstalled.

  8. Knowledgeable team behind this app and great tips for parents, every once in a while it asks me to sign in again which is annoying, probably some fixable bug

  9. I really, really like this app EXCEPT it makes me log in again about once a week. Very frustrating.

  10. I am a parenting support coach. I love this app and recommend it to anyone who lives, works, or plays with young children.

  11. Facebook login has been unavailable for a few days so I cannot use the app. Please fix!

  12. Seems like a great concept except I can’t change the year he was born so the app thinks he’s like 2 months old lol..

  13. Great Tool, for overhead busy dad. Give me nice hint for fun and joy with proper graded skills training for kids. Thanks Vroom team!

  14. Fun & interesting developmentally appropriate activities to exercise young minds.

  15. Informative, highly engaging & easy to navigate. This app 💯🌠👍

  16. love the brain building activities! I do them daily with my toddler.

  17. Can’t open it. Crashes immediately.

  18. Super service and Cars in good condition and staff Soooo responsive

  19. Didn’t give accurate activities for my 4 month old baby.

  20. Loved this app. But recently I can’t seem to add a new childs birthdate?

  21. Struggle to choose the country as United Kingdom in initial app set up.

  22. Can’t get past birthdate screen!

  23. Love it. Will be using this for our next child.

  24. where can I found activities i can play with my child in the app?

  25. Cesar C. dice:

    I can’t add any kid !

  26. Wont let me add childs name.

  27. I think I would like it if I could use it. Every time I try and open it
    crashes and says Application Error and that the server connection was

  28. I loved the old app/design, new design is cluttered and I need to sign in
    every other time I open the app. Uninstalling

  29. It’s okay! I like the interface and it is very easy to read, but I am a
    busy mom! I wish the daily activities could come as an SMS notification so
    that I could read it wuickly instead of having to open and wait for the app
    to load! I would utilize the information more if it came as a notification.

  30. Simple and fun! Just right for toddlers

  31. Old interface worked well. Need to log in Everytime now

  32. Excelente aplicación. Inglés/Español Tiene actividades muy bonitas y fáciles adecuadas para jugar con el bebé y seleccionadas según su edad.

  33. This app is great! The suggestions didn’t always match up correctly with
    the age, but they mostly did. These are fun, help you communicate better
    with your little one and explain the educational benefits of each
    suggestion. I had this set up to alert me daily, but I had to sign in again
    almost every time I opened the app which was annoying/time consuming
    because I can never remember the password

  34. Was great until they updated and now I can’t log in.

  35. My son and I love the activities they offer and we bond like never before

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