FamiSafe-Parental Control App MODDED 2022

Monitor Screen Time, family locator & tracker, Block Apps & Games, YouTube Kids
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FamiSafe is your most reliable Screen Time & Location Tracker parental control app, with features like kids’ screen time control & location tracking, Tik Tok history check, activity report, website filtering, game/porn blocking, suspicious photos & text detecting on social media app like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. With the latest FamiSafe 6.0 Version to ensure family’s online safety and happy family time! 👨👩👧👦🐶

🎉FREE Test for the latest version🎉
After registration, you can keep using FamiSafe screentime control for three days, 100% FREE of charge. All the functions like screen time control, YouTube history check, activity report, sensitive words block and so on.

Why should you choose FamiSafe?
Recognized and trusted by many organizations and associations
🏆 2021 Family Choice Award Winner. Awarded by Family Choice Awards.
🏆 Best Innovative Tech Product for Children 2021. Awarded by Loved By Parents Award.
🏆 The best family-friendly product. Awarded by Mom’s Choice Award.
🏆 2020 NAPPA Winner. Awarded by National Parenting Product AWARDS.
🏆 Seal of Approval Winner. Awarded by The National Parenting Center.
🏆 MFM Awards 2021 Winners. Awarded by Made For Mums.

Hottest Functions
👍 Screen Time Control
-Track and plan the screen-time using of kids
-Remotely block or allow the using via screentime control

Phone Activity Report
-Remotely track phone activities like YouTube, TikTok, etc
-View what apps kids install or uninstall

Explicit Contents Detection
-Show explicit contents like porn detected from a kid’s device
-Customize the keywords that trigger the detection

View TikTok History
-View kids’ TikTok history
-Track how much time kids spend on TikTok

Tracking App: Location Tracker & GPS Phone Tracker
-Find your kids’ current location to ensure safety
-Track kids’ location history by timeline
-Create a safe zone for tracking kids and get alerts when they break the planned zone
-Create family link, find friends, find phones, family search

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App/Game blocker & Usage
-Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps
-Send instant alert when children try to open blocked apps or games
-Keep track of YouTube kids

Website Filter and Brower History
-Filter websites to shield kids from porn, gamble or other threatening sites
-Track children’s browsing history

Suspicious Photos Detection
-Send instant warnings when detects dangerous pictures in kids’ phone albums
-View Explicit Images directly on parents’ device

Suspicious Text Detection
-Detect risky keywords from search history, received or sent texts on social media app
-Setting keywords you concern about, such as Sex, Violent or Drugs
-Detect WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more

Drive Safety
-Track records of driving speed, driving time, hard braking
-Help teens form good driving habits
-Help drive safe

How to track screen-time, find my kids, create family link for parents, block app/game/porn with FamiSafe – Parental Control App & Location Tracker?
1. Install FamiSafe phone screen time tracking app on the target device;
2. Register a FamiSafe screen time parental control app account;
3. Start screen time, find my kids, block app/game/porn, and parental control!

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46 comentarios en "FamiSafe-Parental Control App MODDED 2022"

  1. Seems like the minute I purchased it, it stop working. I’m now getting constant notifications that the ‘Accessibility Permissions’ is off on my kids phone. I then have to go through the steps to give permission again. It’s literally the same steps over and over. And there is no way to easily cotact customer service, it’s ridiculous. I paid for the entire year upfront because of deal was better. I’m 5 days in and seriously over it. Waste of Money.

  2. Michael L dice:

    It’s just okay. It’s has many issues. I don’t believe that this app should be rated at 5 stars in the play store. I’m not sure how that’s possible with the problems that are inherited in the app. They did finally fix the broken links from notifications so, that’s good. But there are accessibility permissions errors all the time and we have followed all the instructions to fix that and even done reinstallation of the app. In the past my child has been able to bypass some of the protection.

  3. Ian Leary dice:

    I do not recommend this app. If you have an iPhone save yourself some money and headaches and use the in house (“screen time”). It does everything this app does beyond the location services and functions way better and costs nothing. The “kid” phone would lock or unlock sporadically. It was never consistent. The location feature was not always accurate and the experience culminated with an “upgrade” that locked up the phone entirely resulting in a factory reset. Do not use this product.

  4. This app has been a nightmare ever since I purchased it. The trial worked seamlessly. But as soon as I paid, it’s been terrible. Set time restrictions on my son’s phone doesn’t work. Blocking apps doesn’t work. Location is always wrong and it never updates. Constantly having to uninstall and reinstall in order for it to not work. Always stuck on loading screen then the network error pops up. NONE of the features work. This app deserves ZERO stars. I’d like a full refund asap!

  5. This app doesn’t always work. One example is that I’ll get an “explicit” notification, but upon clicking into the details, there is only a blank screen. Another is that for a week-weeks out of the month, the app won’t track anything going on, on my son’s phone. I won’t get any notifications, it won’t track his location, nothing. One more, is that even though I have specific blockers on this app, he is still able to get into those websites/apps. I have to continuously go into this app & re-block

  6. It’s ok. For what I can see, it definitely blocks apps but the real time location never works and yes her phone is set to share location with the app always. That is something that definitely can be improved on… and if the kids can delete the app, then that’s pointless. I tried it as an experiment and I was able to remove it from her phone effortlessly. Maybe that’s a phone security issue and out of the app creators hands, but should be something worth looking into…

  7. Amy Seal dice:

    LOVE this app I have tried many different parental apps. This one is the best. BUT the 3 day trial is to short make it a 7day free trial. It gives people time to really get used to the app. I ALMOST DIDNT BUY it because in 3 days I didn’t have a chance to really get it set up and use it.. I think it could be set up a little differently that would make it easier to use but once you get used to where everything is it’s pretty easy. Give people 7 days free and I guarantee ur sales will go up!

  8. Terrible. I have complained twice that the location service doesn’t work, that it constantly starts no web browser info, it records NOTHING! I want my money refunded so I can go with another app. And before they respond with ‘uninstall the app and reinstall’ I’ve done it. Repeatedly. On both devices. It doesn’t work!! I would not use this app or recommend.

  9. App was very easy to install, however not easy to use. Very confusing when it came to trying to set schedules or allow certain apps but not other ones. It only went by 17+, 12+, etc…, you couldn’t allow Spotify, and not allow Snapchat. After 1 week, I couldn’t unlock my kid’s phone at all. Had to delete the app completely. And I was paying for it!

  10. I’ve only been using this app for a few days now and to honest, it has been operating horribly. It is inconsistent with showing my child’s location and it’s ability to track my child’s activity and allowing me to block my child’s content or screen-time works sporadically at best. I’ve already tried the methods of uninstalling and reinstalling and several reboots and the app always, ALWAYS, stops working properly or doesn’t work at all in the first place.

  11. Alex dice:

    App does not work as described. GPS tracking is never right. Geofencing alerts are wrong, if they work. The downtime and app blocking also didn’t work. Support advised to Uninstall and setup again… Same result. Annual subscription is nonrefundable; save your money and the frustration and choose another app. The replacement app I purchased setup in easily in minutes, was intuitive and… It actually works. I need someone to contact me to refund this purchase

  12. Joe Stokes dice:

    Overall, the app works OK, but has its quirks that limit how useful it can be. The biggest issue, however, is they have been billing me monthly even though I purchased an annual license at the end of my trial period. In other words, I paid for a year up front and they continued to charge me the monthly license on top of that. So far they have refused to refund the double payments. Buyer beware.

  13. This app worked for the time I needed it to. It was clunky at times and was not always consistent. That I can deal with. My problem now is I can’t cancel the subscription! I have tried to through the website, the app, PayPal, AND Google Play! It is not listed in my subscriptions under Google Play, nor in PayPal. The last payment came through PayPal and now I can’t cancel the auto-renewal! This is ridiculous! Update! Thank you for your quick response! I emailed and somehow, it is fixed!

  14. I have been using the app for a few days now and its been super slow and sometimes it asks me to wait or close app. Also, I blocked my childs device overnight and my child was still able to use the phone in the morning before I unblocked it. Another thing, it doesn’t show specifically what is searched or let you click on it. These are the cons that I’ve encountered so far. The thing I do like that it shows you suspicious texts, apps most used and location.

  15. Most frustrating app ever! I had this for a few months on me and my kids phones. Could not get it to work correctly to save my life. I contacted them twice and they kept redirecting me back to the user guide. User guide was unhelpful. None of the features work as advertised and the directions don’t make much sense either. When you directly contact them for help, they are unhelpful. Save your sanity. Don’t get this app.

  16. Terrible! It worked decently for the first week, then continually disconnected from my child’s phone. I could only get the program to reconnect by uninstalling and reinstalling on everyone’s phones…a couple of days later…same thing. Also the real time location is not real time at all! I updates every 3 – 5 minutes. I had paid for a full year’s prescription and used only for two months. Still haven’t been able to get my money back. I would not recommend! If you are worried about your child downloading apps, you can go to the Play Store and select parental controls and lock your child out and preventing app downloads without your permission. I would not recommend this software.

  17. My daughter has the new iphone and I use the Note 8. I got this specifically for her. After paying for service i immediately experienced many bugs on my phone app. 1) On the service option screen, none of the buttons go to the right page example realtime location opens up internet filtering 2) location does not update at all. 3) when my daughter’s apps come back on they are completely rearranged. there is probably more but im just disappointed i spent money on a glittch app. please fix this asap!

  18. The ability to restrict screen time works but nearly everything else is buggy as heck. Attempts to schedule screen time other than manually it to looking specific app time is met with “try again later” for weeks at a time. Geo fencing doesn’t work at all. I get told the cold has arrived sometimes two days afterward. So other than putting overall screen limits and sometimes seeing what your child’s favorite app is, and looked browser history, nearly nothing works as it should.

  19. Brian Ginn dice:

    Well, this app has gotten worse and almost non-functional. Sometimes it blocks what it’s supposed to and other times not. The UI has consistently gotten worse and they se to rearrange the whole thing every few months. You have to constantly relearn and figure out where the settings are, how they work (or don’t) and how they’re used. Last straw for me. I am cancelling the paid plan and getting something else.

  20. Not very satisfied. The daily timers only work on supported apps. I have to manually go on and block the other apps everytime I want them blocked. Not very convenient. It has a feature that you can set a timer for all the non supported apps, but it doesn’t work. Also the instant block toggle button doesn’t work like it should. Very disappointed.

  21. Doesn’t actually block the apps on my daughter’s phone. Settings in various tabs can contradict each other. 3 day trial period is not long enough. Now I’ve paid $80 for an app that doesn’t do what it claims to do. I have the latest version but it doesn’t have the newly added Tiktok view history. My daughter’s phone asks her if she wants the app to keep tracking her location, so she can turn it off. Very disappointed.

  22. it works okay sometimes. i would not recommend that you pay for this service and if you do, dont bother asking for a refund. the service only blocks apps sporatically no matter how you set it up. when you ask for help they basically just tell you to uninstall and reinstall. i dont really think they employ someone who is competent in english, so communication is a barrier. its basically a ripoff that works sometimes.

  23. Horrible costumer service, after purchasing the app I installed on multiple devices and realized it didn’t have the features I wanted. Basically all the app does is track location…useless. Requested the year subscription I bought be converted to 30 days…nope can’t do that. Only way to contact them is by email. Definitely would not recommend

  24. Terrible. I was not able to connect my childs phone. I have an android, he an iPhone. Not sure if this was the problem. However, this wasnt the ‘terrible’ part. When I tried to cancel the subscription I couldn’t. I deleted the app and i continued to get charged! They have very vague instructions on how to cancel the service. I have sent several emails am yet to receive a response. But they keep charging me the subscription fee. So before you sign up, I would seriously reconsider doing so.

  25. Ellen hall dice:

    I get notifications but they do not show up on the app so I don’t get the details until a later time…after my child has watched the inappropriate content. I expect title such as ‘real s&x sounds’ would have been blocked rather than only flagged as inappropriate. The last update made things too complicated and not user friendly. Also, when child sends me request for use of an app it doesn’t always work when I select ‘allow’. This app causes a lot of aggravation. I don’t recommend.

  26. Amy H dice:

    Downloaded it on my phone and all my family’s phones and over the course of a month, the permissions on their phones they turn off and with locations it is easily turned off. It does not “run smoothly” in the background like they claim and even when watching Netflix, it will conflict with the app that randomly pops up (not even with explicit or bad words in the videos), so I feel like my $40 went down the drain because it’s not worth my apps not working properly/randomly not allowing pages show

  27. The app is not nearly as flexible as their marketing indicates. It was fiddly, non-intuitive, and just more work to bother with than the functionality it promised (but failed) to provide. The 3 days of trial period it not enough time to demo the app, but make sure you do before subscribing, as you’re not getting a refund on that.

  28. Disappointing! After reading the reviews I was excited but hesitant to try the app. I wanted something easy and extremely compatible with an iPhone and Android. After installing, it’s disappointing and overall difficult to use, especially on iphone! I’m disappointment is Customer Service. I asked to cancel my subscription instead of them understanding and granting a refund, they keep sending me around to other customer support area.

  29. Awesome features, but my 11yo uninstalled it in less than a week. This defeats the purpose of having an app to manage your kid’s phone when they can just sever the link. Also, the “real-time” location services, even when the child’s phone is set to always allow location for the FamiSafe app, takes hours to update their location, and minutes when you try to refresh it on demand.

  30. *UPDATED* From 3 stars to 1. It says he has no time left when he has over an hr. I look at his usage & it clearly shows he hasn’t used all his time. I hit accept on his requests & it does nothing. I force close the app, restart my phone & it shows I hit denied, even when I didn’t. It doesn’t update when I try to refresh. The schedule are a pain to setup if you want to block mornings & evenings but not midday. No easy, quick way to reach support.The few times that it does work, I really like it.

  31. ray peck dice:

    The app is OK at best. Worse yet, it’s impossible to cancel your subscription! I am pretty Tech savvy, and I cannot for the life of me find a way to stop it from auto billing me. My credit card company suggested that I fill out a form to block the auto payment, or change my credit card number. That’s crazy! You can change everything else on your “Account” tab in the App, why not make it possible to cancel? What are you, the Mafia?

  32. Very bad app not recommended for iPhone at all. Have to reset the iPhone 2 to 3 times but still not working, just a waste of time. Even at the first step after initial installation it becomes very slow whatsapp and other apps stops working after connecting it with PC for setup it does get out of login screen seems stuck after backing up phone becomes very slow and unable to uninstall as profile disappears because of which we have to reset it. Bad experience not recommended at all.

  33. Expensive and doesn’t work! I’ve installed, Uninstalled numerous times. Gone through tech support which is useless because you just get passed from one person to the next and your file doesn’t follow you. There is no love updates, it always lasts at least 3-4 hours and sometimes up to 12!! Simply put, it does nothing of what it says it does. Save your time and money and move on!

  34. With so many subscriptions to choose from, I went for the annual one because I loved this parental control app. The web filter feature is great. I also use the suspicious photos detect feature.

  35. Even though it says the apps are blocked, my kid can still use her phone. Blocked out the time she is in school and overnight from 10pm to 8am, doesn’t work. When her screen time limit was up it said the device was locked and she walked in on her phone. Glad I only purchased a month, will not be renewing.

  36. They charged me twice for an annual subscription and say they can’t refund me. I have to go through the Google Play store. Funny, Google is telling me I have to reach out to the developer for a refund. Don’t waste your money downloading this app. It’s very glitchy and they double charge you. Bad business.

  37. Great app. The explicit content alerts are invaluable. Such a grey area to want to give kids their independence whilst having the ability to oversee certain messages but sadly, in this social media age, it’s absolutely needed and has already come into play (thankfully) for me.

  38. Josh McKee dice:

    Doesn’t work well with Apple. I cannot set app limits without installing on a pc and attaching the iPhone with a USB. What a joke. I need to be able to control this stuff on the fly. I paid too much money for this thing to not work well. Tech support is a joke. Cannot fix the issue. Took 3 emails before they even understood the issue. So glad that my time was wasted contacting them. I regret this purchase and will not make the mistake again!!!

  39. I am amazed at the flurry of features that FamiSafe has to offer. It helps me see the exact location, the whole timeline, and so much more

  40. The interface of this app is so easy and user friendly. It gives me perfect control over my kid’s phone. Love the screen time monitor and regulator.

  41. I really like the idea of this app and the ability to really make sure they aren’t on their phone during school etc. However, it stopped letting me toggle between their accounts now so I can only adjust 1. I wouldn’t mind paying for more features but if the frees ones won’t work right I’m not going to pay extra for others that might not either.

  42. Indigo Red dice:

    It’s ok. You really have to play with the app to figure out how it works. There are bugs, that’s for sure. Turning on the option to block 17+ age restricted apps actually makes the instant block and downtime options stop working, and then the app doesn’t respond to turning them off or on. 17+ should only disable Google and YouTube but once the scheduled downtime starts, everything stays blocked until you turn 17+ off, even if you manually go in and toggle downtime and instant block off/on.

  43. Great when it works but that isn’t often. One day it showed my daughter in the middle of a dual carriage way where we live, when in fact she was in school. When my subscription ends I will look at other apps. Customer Service never actually help, always put the issue on it being you and the service location or type of phone when in fact they are fine. I’ve given up reporting issues as it’s always the same response and no action.

  44. Not impressed very buggy and stuff just disappears off the device. It worked great during the trial period but after I purchased it, it didn’t work at all like it was supposed to.

  45. Tuku Pola dice:

    Good but not good. This was at first such a worthwhile purchase. However, my 12 year old daughter discovered that if she goes into settings she can turn off access to the phone which allows her to bypass any blocked apps I set. There is a option to ask for a password if app is trying to be uninstalled. This option should be available for setting changes aswell if possible. I won’t be buying another year subscription for this reason

  46. Jenny Eide dice:

    Works great! At first it worked well then all the sudden stopped after I payed for the month. Took me a bit but I decided to uninstall the Jr one from my son’s phone and stall It back and it started working again! I was happy. I’m very satisfied

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