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Parental Control - manage screen time, location tracker, app monitor & blocker
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FamilyKeeper is the #1 parental control app that helps parents keep their kids safe!

FamilyKeeper parental control app is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology. FamilyKeeper is designed to help parents keep their kids safe online by combatting digital threats such as the viewing of offensive content, cyberbullying, screen time overload, and more. A one-stop shop for child safety on all fronts, It also includes a GPS tracker to keep you informed of your child’s location.

FamilyKeeper assists you in monitoring online activity and behavior, social media interactions, and texts with real-time notifications if something is amiss. Protecting kids from cyberbullying is one of our main goals – so while your kids are socializing online, exploring new territory, and learning to exert their independence, you can do your part by protecting them from any online threat or damage.

Key Features of FamilyKeeper:
Parental Control for Security
👍Allows you to customize which online content your child has access to
👍Filters inappropriate apps, sites, and browser usage
👍Blocks harmful sites and malicious content
👍Monitors new photos and saved images on your child’s phone
👍Battery tracker – notifies you when your child’s battery is running low

Cyberbullying Prevention
👍Uses AI to detect worrying behavioral patterns and recognize potential cyber threats
👍 Alerts you to offensive language by identifying incendiary keywords across most social media platforms

Screen Time Schedule
👍Combat screen addiction by limiting the amount of time spent online
👍Track screen time history
👍Customize your family’s screen time schedule by allocating fixed times when your child can use their device

GPS Alerts
👍Location tracking for peace of mind
👍Receive notifications when your child enters or leaves a specific area
👍View location history

Real-Time Alerts for Age-Inappropriate Activities
👍Available on most social media platforms
👍Helps protect from online predators
👍Alerts you if unknown numbers or profiles attempt to contact your child

FamilyKeeper is free to download and install, so there’s no better time to start using it!
How do I install the Family keeper app?
➡️Download and register the FamilyKeeper app on your device
➡️Download and register the FamilyKeeper Kids app on your kid’s device
➡️Quickly and conveniently pair the Parent & kid apps using your unique pin code

Parenting is a daunting task – we’re here to help make it easier!
If you have any questions about working and installing the Family keeper app, you can find help and online support at or email [email protected]


- Added Free Trial
- Fixed bugs


40 comentarios en "FamilyKeeper Parental Control MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve had it on my son’s phone for a few days now and have already found several issues: (1) There is no password required on the kids app to change the settings, so the kid(s) can change anything at anytime. (2) The only somewhat “reliable” tracking information is the current location, which you sometimes have to close out and go back into the app to reset even. The tracking history is a JOKE! (3) A tab is added to the side for one permission on his phone and he easily deactivates by touching it

  2. App did not work properly, only location worked – Asked for a refund from Google store but they declined my petition. I then asked the company and they reply promptly cancelling the transaction and making a full refund. They even gave me 3 free months to further try to resolve my app issue. Good company.

  3. As a parent, I find that this app can be very helpful. Its geolocation feature, blocking of inappropriate apps and helping stop bullying are just a few of its features that I find to be excellent.

  4. The app is charming in its own way. It works great and delivers. It has a nice UI/UX, easy to use, and lets you know exactly where your child is so you can keep an eye on them. You can even tell when the battery is about to die so you can call and decide what to do before everything gets out of hand.

  5. It works well. Get the app and follow the steps and after you’re done you’ll be able to see if your children are safe. For example, if you let your child go to a sleepover and you don’t trust the parents of the other kid 100%, you can check the geo location of your kid to be sure that he or she is safe. I like that it helps us as parents get more peace of mind.

  6. Sara Webb dice:

    There is nothing preventing my child from deleting the app and it couldn’t find his phone location. I had it less than two hours and do not like it!

  7. I can’t even TRY the features without upgrading and they don’t tell you that until you set everything up. What a waste of time.

  8. Lior dice:

    I really like it! Since I started using it a month ago, I use it almost every day. It gives me peace of mind knowing where my child is while I’m at work. The app also helps me limit her screen time. Finally, she gets to bed on time 🙂

  9. FamilyKeeper is a wonderful tool. Thanks for your hard work!

  10. Using this app, I am able to keep track of my children easily. Thank you for the wonderful app bless you

  11. I got this app a while ago and I am very pleased with most of its features. If you’re looking for an app that allows you to track your child’s location in real time, then this is the app you need.

  12. Seeing what my kids are into wasn’t my idea of fun, but maybe it will help me better understand them.

  13. Changed my phone and it seems there’s no way for me to log back on. Changed password multiple times and still can’t retrieve my account

  14. I don’t enjoy tracking and checking up on my kids but it seems that in this day and age it might be the right thing to do. The app works well.

  15. ? I think you deserve a medal for creating such a good app. I use it to keep track of my daughter when she is on her way to and from school.

  16. At the point when I was searching for parental control applications, FamilyKeeper was my top pick.

  17. Great app, it works well, thank you so much for taking the time to develop it.

  18. Since we are able to monitor everything and make sure that he is safe without him even knowing about it, we can be a bit more relaxed about where our child goes to play and with who.

  19. How can you describe something like Familykeeper!? Maybe I can say that it can prevent disasters or help you nap better at noon knowing that you now can see where your child is playing. I love it!

  20. Dan G dice:

    Nice. Works very well with my daughter’s Android

  21. Ward Mezo dice:

    In my opinion, this app can be very beneficial for all parents around the world

  22. Jokes aside, this app is a great solution for parents who need to take care of their kids and work at the same time. It’s not easy!

  23. This is one of the best parental apps I’ve seen for a while

  24. Ideally, I wouldn’t have to use it – but I do, so thank you for this solution that helps us keep our children safe…

  25. This keeps my children from accessing inappropriate applications. thanks.

  26. This is a very useful and basic tool

  27. I love how it’s so simple but so useful thank you!!!!

  28. Hk Cole dice:

    This app allows you to monitor your kids’ safety without them knowing, allowing them to become more independent.

  29. It is not really what I imagined but it’s definitely a good investment.

  30. I like how they keep everything so simple

  31. Works well – great app thank you

  32. If you need an app that will help you track your kid, and help check if he’s being bullied online, then Family Keeper is the app for you!

  33. We have been searching for parental control software for a long time now. This one does the job.

  34. Very recommended app for parental control!

  35. Mills Won dice:

    It works well and delivers on its promises to its users, in my opinion

  36. Literally does nothing without a subscription

  37. Using it isn’t my favorite activity, but sometimes it’s necessary.

  38. Bullies can now be stopped before they do more damage

  39. First time user, hoping for the best experience!

  40. It is exactly what I was looking for. I am so glad I found this.

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