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Easy to use baby monitor app & nanny cam. Your baby camera in pocket.
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Bibino is a reliable baby monitoring app with great features. Bibino turns two devices (phones, tablets, computers) into a single baby video monitoring cam and is always at hand. Watch over your baby with video, and hear every sound from the child’s room. Soothe your child remotely with your voice or lullabies. With Wi-Fi and LTE, 3G, Bibino provides you with unlimited reach.

● turn two devices into a single video baby cam
● hear and watch the live HD video of your baby/babies
● see if your baby is calm (motion detection)
● use Bibino app for free with limited features or upgrade to Bibino Premium and access all premium features
● monitor your baby with unlimited reach with Wi-Fi and LTE, 3G
● soothe your baby remotely with your voice
● adjust the microphone sensitivity on the baby’s device to suit your needs
● stay notified about the baby/babies
● connect with multiple parent & baby devices
● enhance visibility with the Night Light
● have peaceful monitoring during night with Night mode
● access previous monitorings and replay recorded sounds & videos
● lull your baby to sleep with a variety of lullabies and sounds

For some features, you need to purchase Bibino Premium (free trial available).

👀 🦻 Hear & watch your baby
With live HD video and audio monitoring, you can hear your baby remotely and see everything that goes on in the baby’s room.

🌐 Unlimited reach with WiFi and mobile data
With Bibino nanny cam, parents are not limited by the distance. The app works over Wi-Fi and mobile data (LTE, 3G), which makes Bibino perfect when traveling with the baby, as each device can be connected to a different network.

✅ Easy set up
All you need are two devices – cell phones, tablets, or computers, and Wi-Fi or LTE, 3G. Place one device in the child’s room to monitor your baby and keep the second device with you.

✈️ Traveling with the baby
Bibino is a must-have for any parents when traveling with their babies. Bibino baby video monitor is always one tap away, and with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, the app works where other baby monitors fail.

🦻 Enhance audio with Every Noise
When you’re not sure what the sound you just heard was, Bibino app can temporarily sensitize the audio so you can hear everything clearly.

🗣 Soothe your baby remotely
When your baby starts to wake up, you can soothe your child back to sleep remotely with Bibino app.

🎼 Play your little one a lullaby
Choose from a variety of lullabies and soothing sounds (white noise, household sounds, and more) to lull your baby to sleep.

⏰ History from past monitorings
Bibino app records noises, videos, or photos from each monitoring. You can also replay recorded sounds from the monitoring and share the Activity log with another family member or a doctor to discuss your baby’s sleeping patterns and activity.

📱 Monitor with multiple devices
With Bibino baby monitor, you can monitor your baby from multiple devices. Bibino also supports monitoring of multiple babies (up to 4) at the same time from one Parent Station. For clarity, you can create a child avatar and name it (Annie, Saby, Mary, Nancy, Luis, Ted, …).

♻️ Upcycle your older phone or tablet
Reuse your older cell phone or tablet as the Baby Station and give it a new meaning. No need to purchase expensive hardware baby monitors, CCTV or IP camera when you can recycle and reuse devices you already have.

💡 Stay notified
Bibino app notifies you through visuals and sound when your baby is awake. The app also alerts you in case of any issues.

🎥 No hardware cameras or baby monitors
With Bibino, you already have everything you need at home to have a baby video monitor always at hand.

We value your opinion on Bibino app. Let us know how we can improve the app at [email protected].


● Many small fixes


40 comentarios en "Bibino Baby Monitor & Baby Cam 2022"

  1. C J dice:

    An excellent app for monitoring your little ones. It’s free and works just fine. I love the features. Especially the one that allows you to hear every noise! Makes me feel even safer knowing I can hear everything.

  2. Love this app. It works perfectly. You can see your baby on camera or no camera and just noises. I haven’t had any problems with this app it works perfectly. Highly recommend it to all the mommies out there. Try it. It’s awesome!!!!!!

  3. Trish dice:

    This was a great option for me to use after my cat had leg amputation surgery. I was able to peek in on him , in his enclosed area without disturbing him. The app is easy to use, works well and very affordable for the month I needed it. I would highly recommend.

  4. Great app, I use this for watching my dog whilst at work. It’s great as I use my old phones as the monitors, so found a good use for them. The app is very user friendly, nice clear buttons and instructions for setting up is simple. You can custom your “baby” avatar. My only recommendation would be to add a dog avatar

  5. Super useful to be able to be a little further away than our monitor can reach and to be texted and be able to listen to the last sound made. Main problem is that it doesn’t always recognize when it is offline right away so you don’t know if you have missed stuff.

  6. Writing this review for the video function but honestly I’ve been really impressed with this app so far. I’m using it for a couple of days on a trip and it’s been working really well. All you need is an old phone with a camera, so glad I didn’t buy a babyphone!

  7. Another pay to use trash. Everything is locked behind rhe paywall as all of these apps. Worse thing is that it costs nothing to maintain. Avoid

  8. Its too good. Pairs easily, works brilliantly, looks are very user friendly.

  9. Great app, it allows hou to monitor your baby. I’m loving it!

  10. This app is great! Has helped me so much and saved money on monitors

  11. I think think this app is very useful helps me make sure my boy is good while he lays fast asleep

  12. I downloaded this app to watch a new 3D printer before I could get a Raspberry pi attached. It definitely isn’t worth the $25 a year. It has been up and “running” for over a month. As often as the two devices disconnect or tries to auto connect is scary. I would not trust this watching my kid. I’ve kept it as a better camera option because my old S8+ has amazing resolution and this works most of the time. Once my year is up, so am I.

  13. Wonderful app to use. I set this up on my old phone (baby monitor) and my new phone (parent monitor) to observe a family member that has dementia. I wanted to know when he was getting out of bed so I could ensure he was safe. It worked well. I had to use a power pack on the baby monitor as it used the phones own charge in a few hours. Would highly recommend.

  14. I used the free version last night to see how it is working and it worked perfectly. After I paid for a year subscrition the video and audio does not work. Only notifications. 1 star I got it working again. When the app is working it is worth 5 stars.

  15. {UPDATE} Sometimes newer parents miss lots of sleep. Sometimes we just need things BOLDLY UP FRONT. We don’t always have time to go to your “web site” and read finer prints. How difficult would it be to put “TRIAL” UP front, as MANY APPS do? While you say “Continuous development of a reliable app is costly…” no one DISPUTES that. It’s truly beside the point. It is the presentation of your pricing that is the main issue. If you KNOW your own VALUE, PLACE it up front! Otherwise you look shady!

  16. a7xroc dice:

    Seems to be working well using for holiday

  17. It’s our first days of using this app so at this point we are happy with service and quality of connection and video.

  18. stevie s. dice:

    I purchased the app and after opening it up to give it a go, nothing worked as decribed, at all. was really hoping that this would be one of those finally good in home security systems for the kids, but nope. definitely disappointed.

  19. Works great, just is not loud enough to hear your baby or to wake you because it plays the audio as if I am on a call not over the speakers. Needs speaker option and a low light/night vision filter. Love it other than that.

  20. Great app for baby monitoring and very user-friendly.

  21. Very useful for me to monitor my baby.

  22. Reliable App/Monitor. I have an android phone a Samsung Note 9 I use as my parent unit/monitor and use our iPad as the baby monitor. Saves me money and space used up by the monitors. I love using it and glad and I found it!

  23. seems ok so far lets see how good premium is

  24. So far really impressed with the app

  25. I just need to use an app for 1 day to watch my child while hes sleeping in a room. I have to subscribe to the payment plan inorder to use this app. I dont appreciate that at all. Dont recommend.

  26. User friendly and very easy to use.

  27. Honestly? Couldn’t imagine to find such a handful, smooth and useful app. Thank you for giving us extra comfort!

  28. Great looking and easy to use app BUT the in app purchases amd prices are outrageous! I don’t mind paying for am app one time but a SUBSCRIPTION does NOT belong in an app like this! DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE THIS APP

  29. Paid app nothing else. Trash

  30. This app is amazing to be outside and watch her without having to purchase a camera uet

  31. Bron dice:

    New version crashes every time a lullaby is started

  32. BabyCam By Arjona software is free and works perfect👌, its a blue camera 📷 image on the app, I love it and I rate it a 5 star this app suck’s after you purchase it.

  33. Beyond amazing! I cannot believe I haven’t heard of this sooner. Y’all are amazing life-savers; thank you so much for this app!!!!

  34. So far so good it is a great app but there are glitches would be great if fixed when fixed will give 5 stars

  35. Before buying the pro version it was working smoothly After purchasing the pro Version it’s disconnecting Everytime

  36. Sh D dice:

    It’s so useful It’s so amazing because work by wifi and mobile cellular in every place

  37. this is so good even in free it is just my baby can’t hear me even if I’m speaking it’s not that loud enough for my baby to hear me hehe

  38. the free version was so awesome I had to buy it and super happy about this app

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