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Securly Home 2022


Securly Home keeps you informed about what your children are doing online.
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Bring the one online safety solution trusted by over 15,000 schools into your home.

Wave goodbye to the stress that comes with sending school devices home. Securly Home is a free feature included with your school’s Filter purchase, giving parents control over their child’s school device when it goes home, including web filtering, site restrictions, and monitored screen time.

Securly Home lets parents stay informed with what their child is doing online, whether at school or at home. This comprehensive, easy to use app lets parents block inappropriate content, view a real-time activity feed, and pause the internet from anywhere, anytime.

Securly Home works with school-owned devices only. Parents can:
View a real-time activity feed
Customize rules specifically for school devices at home
Receive notifications about concerning activity (e.g. bullying, self-harm)
Limit screen time from anywhere with the pause button
Determine when the internet is offline with offline scheduling


• The Securly Home app will now be available in dark mode. Users can turn it on from their Home app settings.
• Other minor bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Securly Home 2022"

  1. Terrible User Experience!!!! It hasn’t worked right since the day we bought it. Setting it up was pretty easy and straightforward but it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. The activity doesn’t show until days later if at all. It has also locked up frequently and I have to reset it by unplugging it. I’ve also had to reset the specific devices and re-add them. That’ll work briefly and then the problem starts up again. Contacting support is pointless. They have no chat or phone contact available.

  2. I have great experience with this app. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I am Pacific standard Time about 7pm it starts acting up. I set the time to go off at a certain hour and come on at a certain hour. But recently it has been turning off whenever it wants and then I have to turn the entire schedule off for the tablet to work again on the internet.

  3. Joe Waln dice:

    While the app is easier to use than similar apps (e.g., Qustodio), it is just as useless. The pause internet feature makes it harder to use Safari, but my kids just laughed as they showed me how easy it was for them to can continue to access YouTube and other internet based content through other apps. If I want any real control, I have to go to Parental Controls on the iPad itself.

  4. Ross Mau dice:

    I shouldn’t need an app to see a report of my kid’s activity. If you can email some of them, just email the full report or serve it up in a webpage. Seems like a blatant attempt to needlessly get themselves installed on more devices.

  5. it’s nice seeing what my child searches. I would give more stars. Only reason I didn’t is because I’m unable to see what she does when she uses the mail search. Other than that I am pleased with it so far.

  6. App is spying on my kids? I don’t remember signing up for it, or giving them permission to track activity of my children. How do they have access to their search history? How can I stop this app from accessing their search history?

  7. Rolo 's dice:

    I deleted this app. I get notifications everyday and sometimes multiple times a day and when I go to check it, the messages won’t open. I get invalid page or the 404 message upon opening the notification. One opened up and then it wanted me to load another app.

  8. This app sucks. You get emails that show one result and “9+ more” of sites, searches or videos your kids are looking for, but clicking on the link to view the 9+ more and see what else they are doing gives you a blank activity feed with “Looks like a server error. Try again later.” Rendering the whole thing useless.

  9. I guess my first, and scary, question is, how do they know my child’s activities? From what I’ve seen exploring the site, it’s too hard to navigate. Not for us.

  10. I’m very happy and relieved that I can see everything that my kids do and search on this app. this app is definitely a life saver.

  11. I tried to do the trial period but it wasn’t user friendly and when I wanted to cancel, the troubleshooting page I was supposedly supposed to request it through didn’t work. My child gets this through school so I thought it would be good to use at home too, even though it costs almost 7 bucks a month, but it doesn’t work right and I can’t seem to cancel it now.

  12. Update: the email address they provided above doesn’t accept incoming mail. (Negative stars) The browser experience through which the service used to be available has been deprecated. This used to be an easy lightweight user experience by reading the summary email from the school, and clicking through to see the details in a browser window. Now the service is only available through the app. Restore the ease-of-use made possible by the browser experience and I’ll remove the review.

  13. Terrible experience. Worked for about one academic year then stopped. No reports emailed. App showing no activity for 2 students for weeks now, even though I know they’re using the internet. I contacted securly for help. They deferred to the school district. Called the school district for help. They deferred back to securly. No answers as to why my app and account shows no activity for weeks now. At one point, I actually considered buying the Hub for my home. Absolutely not. Not recommended.

  14. Worst app ever!! For months it keeps giving me emails to say check your child’s activity and as soon as you go onto the app it spins for 40 mins just to tell me there’s an error. Update!! Since the fix it works perfectly thanks

  15. The weekly emails have a link to view my child’s activity. This works fine on desktop and provides the info expected. On mobile, it directs immediately (without a chance to tell my browser to show “Desktop Site”) to the app store/Google Play instead. I do not want to download yet another unnecessary app, and trying to force it instead of giving the option is a very poor practice.

  16. The app allows you to configure rules and you can save them. However they will randomly disappear days later. You also cannot submit a support request because it fails recaptcha. There isn’t a recaptcha to even complete. Can this company do anything right?

  17. This app is worthless. Our son has this app on his laptop. It’s controlled by the school and I’ve essentially shut everything down that I can, but he still accesses websites that should be blocked. None of these sites ever get captured in “Flagged Activity” and sometimes they don’t even show up in history. We have great controls at home but this waste of space lets him do whatever he wants at school.

  18. The ability to be able to monitor my child’s activity on their tablet remotely has given me a teaching tool and a way to make sure my child is being safe with their searches online, especially in this day and age. With this app, and the weekly update emails, I have been given peace of mind. I would highly recommend this application to other parents.

  19. It is very effective at monitoring my network, but it times out our WiFi and blocks random youtube videos even though streaming and social media were allowed on our filter rules. I tried complaining to them but the contact email listed in the google play store does not work.

  20. James A. dice:

    Great App to watch over my baby to make sure she isn’t watching or doing anything she’s not supposed to. Thanks yo. 🙏👌✌️

  21. Server error constantly… this app is broken. My kids school thinks this is a good app??

  22. Bri dice:

    STUDENT HERE. when needing to complete an assignment and parents can pause your device WHILE WORKING ON A FINAL, is a huge flaw and shouldnt be there. my final is due tomorrow and i cant use anything because my device is paused. bad feature coming from a very anxious high school student.

  23. Not working. the rules section is blank. So I can’t unblock anything that I’ve previously restricted. And I can’t select one child anymore. This needs to be improved immediately. It’s ridiculous that it’s been like this for over a week. I’ve been patient in trying to wait for a bug fix. But nothing has been done.

  24. lets me see what they are doing but they look up alot of stuff they aren’t supposed to and it dosent block them

  25. Elegant app with awesome features. This app is the most useful in this current situation of pendamic as kids are spending more time on the screen. This app keeps me updated with what my kids are doing on internet. The feature to customize the school device rule is brilliant.

  26. Put a block on my daughters so she can not go into her gmail to message her friends during the time of her clazs work, or to email using gmail to set up private home visits for her boyfriend to come to my house when we are not home… this worked for a short time! My daughter is only 14. While checking her chromebook tonight relized her gmail is back running again!!!!! It is still blocked on this app

  27. Does not help. I can see what theyre doing, but nothing else works. Was told by school i could set bedtime, pause on school devices but nothing pauses, am so so tired of fighting over screen time this is worthless

  28. It’s a very useful App. Very easy to navigate. The simplicity helps keep a watch over the kids so easily. Safety of kids in the best hands.I personally recommend everyone to use it.

  29. My daughter’s school uses Securly on her school-provided laptop. It seems okay, but if you want support for the product for personal use, forget it. I contacted them on Twitter and on their web page, and 36 hours later I have yet to receive a response to a simple question.

  30. Toni Bray dice:

    I love this app! I can view my kids’ website visits, video views,& search history without their laptop. Thou, I wish I could see the length of time they spent on pages or samples of any info viewed. I took a star away because I can’t see things in real-time or remote view their screens. This is not to say I’m unhappy with the service. On the contrary, I am quite pleased! I’m so thankful to the creators and would recommend this to any parent wanting to feel better about giving kidos net-freedom.

  31. This app sucks. My school uses it during 2021-2022. And it sucks as hell. Ik I’m reviewing the wrong app, but this goes for the web store as well.

  32. Easy to use. Easy to understand and navigate. Quick setup. Very handy for monitoring children as they navigate the net.

  33. Had to switch phones now the app is frozen on the first “terms” page. I can’t change the needed settings for my daughter to be able to use her computer at home for google classroom.

  34. Sandy Z dice:

    This is a brilliant app. I could see crisp activity feed for my 6 year old. The ability PAUSE internet with a single click from app is an awesome feature.

  35. I’m a mother who leaves away from my child and this is a great way for me to see what he’s learning in school and a way to keep up on his progress and connect with my child when you ask about school it’s normally a it’s ok or fine and now I can bring up different conversations for something to talk about

  36. Very informative way to keep tabs on the things your child is viewing. It also gives insight to what your child might like or be into.

  37. Our school’s system administrator told us we could pause the internet when we want. That function is not working. This app is 99% useless. The only good thing is that it shows me what websites my daughter is using.

  38. So far it is a nice and secure app. I love how it notifies me of what my son has been on. Also good notifications that there’s nothing he really looked up. Have more tonearm but so far, so good.

  39. Its tough enough keeping my kids safe online while I’m with them much less while I’m not. Securly Home gives me the choice of how much control I want over what my kids see online and I can adjust it for my kids’ different ages. Great app!

  40. Doesn’t work. Have had this through the school for free going on a year, never works to show history on anything, doubt it even does parental controls if it’s supposed to. Just a waste of taxpayer money.

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