BabySleep: Whitenoise lullaby MODDED 2022


Helps your baby fall asleep instantly, 14 built-in lullabies + record your own
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Puts your baby to sleep.

This app is intended especially for parents of newborns. It helps them put their babies to sleep instantly. The app uses classic white noise sounds (lullabies) proven to be more effective than music, tones or sung by generations of parents! They resemble the natural sounds of the womb and thus create a calming environment for the babies they are used to.

Why is my baby crying?

Your baby is fed, has a clean nappy, no issues with colic, you were playing with your baby but still it is crying? The baby is probably too tired, but at the same time unable to fall asleep by itself. This is a common situation of newborns and a situation when Baby Sleep can help the most.

Baby Sleep helps you to put your baby to sleep using classic monotonous low frequency sounds proven to be effective by generations of parents.

Available lullabies:
• Shower
• Washing machine
• Car
• Hairdryer
• Vacuum cleaner
• Shush
• Fan
• Train
• Musicbox
• Heartbeats
• Sea
• White/Brown/Pink noise

From practical experience, we have learned that such sounds are more effective as a lullaby than tones, music or sing which on the contrary makes the baby rather pay attention.

Even for older babies Baby Sleep helps to increase the overall noise level in the room, so that sudden urban sounds like traffic would not disturb your baby from sleeping.

Baby Sleep is easy to use. Every lullaby has a specific color and a symbol. A timer will automatically stop the lullaby when times run out. All sounds are available offline so you do not need the internet.

We do highly recommend not putting the phone closer to the baby than necessary and turning on airplane mode as well as muting alerts during the entire use of this app.


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40 comentarios en "BabySleep: Whitenoise lullaby MODDED 2022"

  1. I have been using this app for years now. My only complaint is I would like the free version to have more time options, so I could set it to stop playing the sound after 10 hours instead of never ending. But that’s what you get when you don’t pay for it.

  2. Excellent application! A variety of calming noises to help your baby, or any one, fall asleep. Free to use. An inexpensive paid option lets you adjust the playing time past 30 minutes.

  3. A N dice:

    Fantastic support team, really fast reply and so helpful. Great app, many choices of sounds. Works perfectly for my little girl (and us!)

  4. Very user friendly. I like that the app continues to play the sound of choice even when you are using other platforms or apps on your phone.

  5. My grandBaby loves the music box. Its the same sound my daughter had when she was a baby. Calming and right to sleep she went. Perfect. Just wish the timer didnt require the pro. If more sound choice required it, that would be understandable. But the timer not really. Now unlimited time that would be a pro feature.

  6. Very good and useful application. I have used this application for both my kids’ babyhood days 🤩.. they love utres sound and music box sound when they sleep in this app ..

  7. Natalia H dice:

    It really calms the child. The vacuum cleaner is great. O star minus for sudden volume increase sometimes. Indeed the feedback is true. The 5th star was added for the quick response.

  8. Used this app with all of my babies and it works great. I bought it with my first and it’s the best couple of dollars I’ve spent.

  9. I first used the app when my daughter was months old. She’s now 9yrs old and our entire family uses it to sleep till this day. Love how easy it is to use and have had no trouble.

  10. absolutely love this app. i gave birth to my first child 4+ years ago. since then i have this app on every device possible and anyone that watches my kids at night time. they are not depended on ot to sleep but if they have trouble falling asleep this helps. we started out just on the music box but my first likes the shhh one. many other sounds to enjoy. will never try another baby sleep music app. best pick ever! i even find myself using the app when i cant fall asleep.

  11. Fantastic I’ve tried sever white noise apps, up until this point they were duds. they all either wanted money, had ads, could only play sounds with app open, no “shh noise”, this has all the best features while being free, along with a nice perk of recording your own!

  12. I don’t normally bother with ratings but this app is incredible! I never thought white noise would honestly work but I’ve been using this for a while now and the second I put it on my baby immediately falls asleep! (Seriously, I put It on after fighting him for 30 minutes and he immediately closed his eyes!) He loves the rain sound!

  13. This app is amazing! I music box got left with baby sitter and my 3 week old wouldnt sleep, i found my this app in the middle of the night and she was out in less than 2minutes of it playing! Multiple different sounds, and even an option to record your own! If you want it to play for over 30 minites you need to upgrade but honestly i hit play maybe twice and shes so deep in sleep i dont need longer than 30minutes. I definately recommend to ALL MOMS & DADS! AMAZING AND EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!!!

  14. app has good features. but be careful with custom recordings.. while my sons phone for apps was not even connected to the internet the app erased a custom lullaby and replaced it with the default that comes with the program. we are just happy that it was not something that could not be recorded again.

  15. Definitely worth trying. We tried so many white noise/lullaby/ sleep sounds but none have worked as good and as quickly as this app. Naptime is so easy now and minimized the fussy protests. We put on washing machine and within 1 minutes baby is out and stays out, she sleeps so good. After testing it out a few times, got the pro version to allow longer time of sounds. And the fade out before time runs out is perfect, let’s her sleep peacefully after the sounds settle her. THANK YOU!

  16. ma to dice:

    Sounds in the app are not that pleasant to my ears, some feels not very natural, I’m afraid. I wanted to support good dev of this app by buying the pro version but not for now. As an example, White Noise app by AwesomeDroid has a wider and better selection of more natural, pleasant sounds and they can even be mixed together (e.g. frogs + rain). If this app could improve in that way, I’d reconsider and buy the pro pack.

  17. Great app which helps my baby get ready to sleep. It has several different sounds for your little one, which you can select the amount of time you wish to play the noise for. If you wish to keep the free app you just have to wait 4 secs to unlock the music. Happy baby,.happy mummy!!!

  18. I like the app, was recommended by a friend of mine who does baby photoshoots and while doing photos of my daughter used a app like this and my baby fell asleep quick and didn’t stir or wake up afterwards for a long time. good app. good sounds. Helps settle my baby girl who sometimes fights to go to sleep and prefers to be held, this app helped me settle her and lets me put my daughter down so I can do other things. 🙂

  19. I would prefer to have longer times available without purchasing it upgrading, but otherwise love this app! Especially fantastic is the slow fade-to-off feature; so much nicer than abruptly shutting off. Definitely recommend!

  20. Really, the free version worked great. On my second baby now and still using this app. Free’s wonderful of course but when you realize how much this app is really worth in saved headaches and peace of mind you start feeling guilty about using it for ‘free’ even with no strings attached. I bought the app and would have happily paid significantly more to say thank you to the developers. A life saver.

  21. Wonderful! My baby sleeos from 2 month listening noise of vacuum cleaner. No sound is disturbing his sleep

  22. My 4 week old was crying in car seat. Her pacifier fell out and I was driving on the highway and could do nothing to soothe her. I put on the “in utero” sound over the car speakers. She instantly stopped crying and was fast asleep within 2 minutes! Wow! Don’t know if it will always work so well, but once I got to my destination, I had to take a minute to write this review. Awesome app!

  23. Very nice. Only 30 min on free version but that works for us. Thanks guys

  24. Kel Clegg dice:

    Noise is great. Baby sleeps in minutes with vacuum noise. Longest (free) option of 30 minutes not so great. Baby wakes as soon as noise stops. As other apps have it continual for free I would rather use them (or good old standby Alexa!)

  25. I was skeptical at first about this app,but it works WONDERS. My baby falls asleep pretty fast when I use this app. In Utero and Shush are the best sounds for my baby to fall asleep to, but the Sea and Stream sounds are also great. I even asked my family members to download the app for when they babysit. Definitely recommend this app.

  26. Awesome thanks for the excellent service but you should add more tunes in this app

  27. Jo Searle dice:

    Use this a newborn photographer and every single client ask what it is so they can download it!

  28. Have had the premium version for 6 years. Used it for my daughter when she was a baby. Now we all sleepmon white noise.

  29. Whenever my baby is fussy and finds it difficult to sleep, I use this app, “in utero” to be precise to calm her down and put her to sleep. It has never failed me. My baby calms down almost within first few minutes of listening to these sounds. It has really helped me since the birth of my baby who is now 10 months old. Thanks for developing this app.

  30. I have been using this app since the birth of my lo. He used to love in-utero and music-box and would sleep in minutes without fussiness. Now he is 6 months old and likes to sleep with white noise on. This app has never disappointed me. Very useful when visiting family as can’t control the household noise level there. Although I was happy with the free version, I purchased the full app to show my gratitude for the immense help that this app has offered.

  31. Good app for background noise for baby sleep. I wish it had some pure white/pink/brown noise options rather than all the sounds emulating real life objects. You have to pay to unlock sound for more than 30 minutes but the price is fair to support the developer.

  32. Very convenient way of getting white noise , anywhere on the go. Love the variety and the timer option. Only app that allows for airplane mode and notifications silence!

  33. Genuinely most other apps haven’t really worked before for us with our first LG. So felt apprehensive about using another app for our second. But our second LG absolutely loves the in utero. Has done since birth. I would say it has a 95% success rate in calming her down and or getting her to sleep and staying asleep!

  34. If it has been running in the background with the screen off, upon unlocking the phone the volume often rises suddenly. This can wake the baby. Also, needs widgets to start the sound with one tap.

  35. I got this app to try it on my dog who is a service dog for my husband who we recently died, my dog is having anxiety issues since his helper is no longer with us. This app is working great for him, and helps him stay calm and he’s not so needy as much during the day time if you have a dog with anxiety I would try this app.

  36. Life saving app. The best purchase of my life. I never paid for the app before this one. I used it with my first child (2,5 years ago) and now with my second one. AMAZING 🤩

  37. Excellent app for white noise. I’ve used it with my first and now second baby. Particularly useful when they are overtired/overstimulated and need something to drown out other distractions.

  38. Absolutely brilliant. My LO who is very fussy when sleepy, falls asleep in seconds listening to the shush sound in this app. He also instantaneously sleeps to the hair dryer sound option in this. I akways thought white noise doesn’t work with my baby. Turns out I just needed to find the right white noise.

  39. First time using it he fell asleep after being so restless. A very helpful app indeed

  40. Good library of sounds. I like that I can set the amount of time the sound should play and I kind how the sound fades as it ends do that the sound doesn’t just abruptly stop.

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