BLW Meals: How to Start Solids FULL


Meal Plan by age, 400+ recipes, Baby's food checklist, How to cut & offer!
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This application is designed to help parents, educate them and guide them on how to start solids with their babies through the baby-led weaning (BLW) method.

In this app you will find:
– A detailed guide on how to begin and do Baby-led Weaning
– Photos, videos & tips on how to cut and prepare food in the safest form possible
– 400+ delicious recipes suitable from 6 months+ and for the whole family to enjoy
– Diary with baby’s first foods checklist and notes
– Daily updates with new content!

Recipes: delicious, easy and quick to make
– 400 recipes made by nutritionists and Dietitians
– Use our filters to find the perfect recipe
– Perfect for babies, children and of course, adults!
– You can search for specific ingredients, save your favorites, and even make notes!
– It’s the best cookbook you could have 🙂

Meal plan: For all ages, made by Dieticians
– 6 months
– 7 to 8 months
– 9 to 11 months
– 1 year + family

Checklist: baby’s first foods checklist
– A checklist where you can track your baby’s foods and take notes
– Perfect for keeping track when you introduce the top allergens

Food: see photos, videos, how to cut, prepare and practical tips
– Fruits
– Vegetables and legumes
– Grains and Roots
– Animal protein
-Milk and milk products
– Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruits

-You can write down everything you want
– Shopping list, questions for the pediatrician, favorite recipes and more.

-A food quiz where you can test your knowledge and learn

Guide: a step by step how to do BLW
-What is BLW?
-Signs of gagging or choking
-When to start?
-How to start?
-What food to offer and how?
-How to deal with the mess?
-How to convince the support network?
-How to deal with the risks of a food allergy?
-Dangerous foods
-What about the milk (formula/breastfeeding)?
-What’s a good meal routine?
-How do I offer liquids out of a cup?
-How do I introduce utensils?
-What changes with the pincer grasp?
-How to handle picky eaters?
-SOS they don’t want to eat!
-Other common questions

For any questions, message on our Instagram @BlwMealsApp!

Speak Spanish? Download our BLW Ideas app with local Recipes and Meal Plans:

Speak Portuguese? Download our BLW Brasil app with local Recipes and Meal Plans:


40 comentarios en "BLW Meals: How to Start Solids FULL"

  1. Easy, convenient, helpful, just perfect! This helped me alleviate any concerns or fears I had about serving finger foods to my 6 month old. I love the free options. I really use it for nutrition information and how to serve based on age and they include some type of simple recipe with every food. love their meal plans. It’s just amazing this is accessible to so many caregivers it makes blw/finger foods so easy and so much less intimidating.

  2. This is just such an amazing resource and tool for our solids journey. evidence based and realistic. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. I love this app, it saves so much time thinking about what to cook for our little one, the recipes are great and so easy to search through.

  4. Love this app. Helps make early feeding easier with bub. I especially love their age by age guide on how to introduce and present each food. Once you’re over single foods, their recipes for any and every ingredient you can imagine is there! Eg. “What can I cook with black beans” viola, they have a baby-friendly recipe with a guide on how to present according to your baby’s age! So good!

  5. Very informative and easy reading, really helpful for BLW moms!

  6. This is an amazing tool & guide for baby led weaning. I love the simple and easy meal plans and recipes. My 6 month old is loving his finger, solid foods.

  7. L K dice:

    The absolute best!!! This app 100% helped me prepare to start my baby on solids through baby led weaning. I have followed them for the last year on their Instagram page and their app and have learned so much. Not to mention I have successfully got my baby to eat all the things and safely!! Love them, love their app, and am very grateful I found them. I will 1000% recommend them to every parent that is looking for help transitioning into solids. The app is great as well, no issues!

  8. The content is great and incredibly useful! Well worth the money. I used it every day. However, the app started freezing terribly on my Android phone recently. Everything basic – search, favourites, etc – just makes the app freeze. Impossible to use 🙁 please fix it.

  9. It’s so real. I love the team , they are so dedicated . They show the real feeding troubles and joys 🙂

  10. I highly recommend this app! It has helped me become way more confident in cooking healthy age appropriate foods for my baby. We started our solid food journey at 4 months with rice cereal, moving on to purees. Once baby turned 6 months I really wanted to expand her diet and incorporate all food groups while giving baby led feeding a go. My baby now eats everything and anything we put in front of her and she is much more content self feeding than being spoon fed.

  11. I have been using this app for about 2 months. I used the free version for the first 6 weeks and loved it so much that I have recently subscribed to the paid version, mostly to get access to the additional recipes. Would highly recommend if you’re going to be doing BLW.

  12. I used this app with my first child. It’s hugely improved since then so using again with my second. The free content is very useful on how to get started but I feel the full cost of the app is well worth it as it is very comprehensive, like a book , and very user friendly. Highly recommend

  13. C and K dice:

    We love how there’s so many recipes at different age stages. As first time parents we have no idea where to start but the app helped us in deciding what food we can offer our daughter. Some foods we have no idea how nutritional it is and some foods we thought are nutritional but end up being only so so. Also the IG stories are informative and encouraging. Vanessa and Emma video their routines and they make you feel you’re not alone when you’re dealing with new or difficult situations!

  14. A great app, with a great structure that has helped me so much in my journey as a mother trying to give my little ones (3.5 years old & 8 months old) the best eating experience possible. Thank you for all the support! Highly recommend your amazing app!

  15. Excellent and very practical!!

  16. I have massive anxiety around feeding bubs with choking etc. Following the app and BLW Instagram has helped ease my anxiety. The recipes are also super easy and yummy that my daughter LOVES 🥰♥️

  17. Andrea N. dice:

    I cant rate the Spanish version i have, but as its the same app i put my comments here. To give you 5*: 1. Adapt all recipes on gm, ml, etc. A “cane of” is not the same size in Spain than in Mexico. 2. Dont delete the menu of the passed months, some moms cook on previous weeks. 3. Add the number of portions, sometimes i have a lot of food left and sometimes is missing. 4. Add a rating option for the recipers to know what are more liked by other moms.

  18. Not a free App. Dont waste your time downloading it as you have to pay for the recipes. The free content can be easily found after a very quick search on the internet. Much of it looks like a copy and paste. This app is out to scam new parents out of money.

  19. This app is a brilliant idea and it’s great. But I couldn’t sign in for 3 months for my subscription unfortunately.

  20. If I could give zero stars, I would. You pay to download the app, can’t access everything, it’s hard to navigate, and then they charge $5 monthly with no warning. Not cool.

  21. Amazing app! I had already started solids with my bub but was feeling a bit lost on what to serve/how to serve, what’s age appropriate/allergens etc so I got this app. I’ve found it so helpful and have already learnt so much plus feel alot more confident now!

  22. This app is great! It has a lot of FREE fundamental information and recipes for your blw journey. I especially find the guide on how to serve certain food really useful.

  23. Can’t use without paying a good penny, and had an instant security breech as soon as I created an account and have had to change all my details. Immediate uninstall.

  24. All you need in one app. Helpful, with informations about everything, nutritions, how to clean, how to cook, how to storage. Tips for blw and many recipes. It is not free but it is worth it.

  25. I love the free content for how to cut and serve foods. I have only used the free portion so cannot rate the other features in the app.

  26. Incredible app with intelligent features and information to help anyone master BLW meals like a pro. I love it! I use it daily!

  27. Free to download but once there you can’t do anything meaningful without paying. Uninstalled. Navigation was poor too.

  28. Amazing! Thumbs up 👍. It made me feel comfortable to try ( a bit ) BLW to my 6.5 months old baby ❤️ I am not fully into it yet, as one of the reason is my parents in law are against it, but soon I’ll do it. And that’s thanks to this app 😉

  29. I was so excited to use this app for my baby but i couldnt pay for it from my phone. My sister did it on my behalf but i am unable to access to paid version. Please tell me u can help!!!

  30. Fantastic app and well worth getting the paid for version. It has made starting solids a breeze!

  31. Jessie Le dice:

    I wish it can save the recipes I have favorited. It deletes it everytime I close the app.

  32. Gives great ideas for what to make for my 10 month old twins.

  33. I love this app. I’ve made a lot of the recipes suggested and I was surprised that everything tastes so good!

  34. this app help me a lot! Great ideas, informations and recipes.

  35. It’s just the best way to make it easier and healthier! It has EVERYTHING

  36. You have to purchase a monthly subscription to unlock parts of the app

  37. This app has given me the confidence to start blw.. Love it and appreciate all efforts..

  38. Best yet! I love the meal plans and how to’s.

  39. They have all the veggies locked.. Stupid. That’s not helpful

  40. I m from pakistan, can i use this app? Its not working here.

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