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Instantly discover your kids’ abilities in nine core areas of development with educational games they will love! 100% FREE and from the comfort of your home.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. But when it comes to your kid’s development, how do you know what best is?

With GiantLeap it’s literally child play.

Here’s how it works –
GiantLeap eliminates the stress associated with conventional evaluations.
Step 1: Answer easy to follow questionnaires
Step 2: Have your child play fun games
Step 3: View your child’s results and get instant clarity and guidance about your child’s development process

Who is GiantLeap for?
GiantLeap is best suited for ages 4-8 when brain plasticity is at its peak.
Nurturing skills during early childhood will set the foundation for your child’s future learning and behavior. Download the GiantLeap app and seize the window of opportunity!

Why evaluate with GiantLeap?
Our science-backed gamified evaluation is both fun and educational for your children. While they play, you gain insights about their development progress, discover their aptitudes, and spot challenges early. No more guessing and self-doubting.

Professional knowledge at your fingertips –
GiantLeap was designed by child development experts in partnership with the Texas Medical Center and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As featured in, DailyMail, and Forbes.

About the evaluation results –
Access the forefront of child neuropsychology translated to an intuitive language. Evaluate all of the nine core brain development abilities (attention, math, spatial, motor, self-esteem, social, flexible thinking, memory, and language).

Results provide:
– A comprehensive view of how your children’s brain is wired – what are their strengths and areas of difficulty
– Simplified age-based comparison for every ability – see how they do in reference to other kids in their age group
– Specific measurements and how they relate to your children’s day-to-day

GiantLeap is 100% Kid Safe –
No ads. Data is only used for internal purposes with server-side protection certified under major privacy and security standards (follows the AES specification and TLS protocol, ISO and SOC compliant).

Join thousands of parents and start making data-driven decisions about your child’s development!

Plans –
There are no plans. GiantLeap is now free to use. You can show your support by leaving us a kind review 🙂

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In this update, we fixed a few bugs in the games.
We're constantly improving GiantLeap to give you and your children the best experience possible.
If you enjoy GiantLeap please help us spread the word :)


14 comentarios en "Discover Your Kid’s Abilities MOD"

  1. I love this app! We were told that we had to wait to test our four year old for gifted so someone suggested this app for us. It’s been great. It’s actually helped my son become more patient. We don’t play all the time to avoid frustration, but when he gets on, it’s a treat. The tech support was also quick and amazing when I had an issue!

  2. Fun gamesand not too long a wait before next question. Very encouraging and catered to your child personally. Very educational a hit.

  3. My child really enjoys this game. We have to fill a questionnaire and we are ready to go. I really love how my child improved after this.

  4. This has fun games the are easy for kids to learn as part of the evaluation. Be patient as mobile app synchronizes with the website. Technical support responds to any issues in a timely and professional manner.

  5. Useful tool for helping show teachers/tutors where your children are at…. This is (currently free) worth buying!

  6. It always freezes on the loading screen of the games

  7. My child 10 not 2 literally finished the first puzzle in 5 minutes and hated itp

  8. Trying ti sign in for the first time and it says invalid email or password then freezes up my phone.

  9. My 7 yr old and 9 yr old homeschoolers are enjoying this app a lot!

  10. its relly good and its helpful

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