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Take advantage of the wonder years of your newborn baby!

With the Prodigy Baby program, there is no limit to what your newborn can learn and achieve! Created by a Stanford grad, this baby learning program will help you unlock your child’s incredible potential early on in life. Do you feel confused or concerned about what to expect when it comes to infant development? Do you worry that your infant will be behind the curve on growth of skills? Whether you’re still in your pregnancy journey or you’ve already brought home your newborn baby, you’re right to wonder how you can help them succeed. And now look no further, because Prodigy Baby has the solution for you!

Prodigy Baby is a unique baby learning system that allows you to reach baby milestones early through a variety of developmental activities. And best of all, the framework includes NO SCREENTIME for babies: we’re interested in raising superstars, not gluing your babies to a screen. Through our revolutionary learning system, your child can:
Learn to read (as early as age 2!)
Learn to speak
Learn numbers and math
Develop creativity
Develop incredible athletic skills
And so much more!

When you download the Prodigy Baby app, you will be able to take a quiz regarding your baby’s stage of development and the skills and developmental milestones you wish to jumpstart. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you will receive a program recommendation for your baby care and learning system. The baby activities are specifically designed to help unlock particular abilities, not just as a random collection of things to do – the difference will show!

The wonder weeks from age 0-2 are an important, but particular period of baby development. For this reason, we don’t want to overwhelm the baby or the parenting experience. With this in mind, the Prodigy Baby programs are super easy and convenient and require only 5 minutes of daily developmental activities with the baby.

The Prodigy Baby app is based on the Prodigy Baby framework. Developed after 2,000+ hours of study, it is a simple but powerful step-by-step program created to help your baby ignite their hidden genius potential efficiently and effectively.

The framework combines the methodologies of the greatest parenting minds in the world, including Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Maria Montessori, Waldorf, and others, to create a fun, accelerated learning system that helps your child unleash their hidden talents.

Explore our learning system for newborns which is carefully planned with weekly schedules for newborn baby games. We know parents are not teachers and we don’t want you to be. So don’t worry about the development planning, that’s all on us. Simply follow the program laid out and watch the baby learning activities take root! Try keeping a baby learning growth chart and watch yourself be blown away! You may think you’re seeing things, but the milestone tracker can’t lie.

Download today and see why we’ve been featured in The Economic Times, The Times of India, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more! Prodigy Baby – because you want more than a child development app, you want a genius development app!


• Introducing Monthly Quest Challenges
• View your baby's all-round progress via Star Tracker
• Track your baby's milestones using Prodigy Trails

We're always making changes and improvements to Prodigy Baby. To make sure you don't miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.


40 comentarios en "Prodigy Baby: Daily Activities MODDED 2022"

  1. The course is very apt and useful for babies. It develops the baby in all positive ways which is helpful in the overall physical and mental growth if the baby. Additional plus point of the course is that the activities in it are supereasy, fun to do and take very little time which makes it possible to do it daily. The only thing I felt could be improved is that the first two days videos were quite repetitive and from day two itself if some additional activities could have been added.

  2. Good engaging content to emphasize the importance of starting early for your kid but need to have more clarity on what’s ahead in the intermediate and advanced programs, how long are the durations.. Also, my kid is only 2 weeks old so ideally I would have wanted to do this once the baby is 3 months old as suggested by the team as well but got to know only when I was in the program

  3. On the whole, glad I stumbled across you guys on Insta..Learned a lot so far. Many positive points, shared about you guys with family & friends, one has signed up as well. Some things can be improved: app is confusing- not very user friendly, introductory course is just marketing & mostly selling other program. I did purchase the 21 day prodigy challenge. Yet to start, but looks exciting. Whatever you guys have shown so far makes sense, so looking forward to what comes next. Keep it up!

  4. The program teaches quite basic concepts which as parents, everybody applies on their babies. I just did the introductory course. I felt the intermediate course is like engaging children in activities and flashcards type booster cards. There are many online sites providing activity kits for babies as per their age. I did not find anything special about this program.

  5. Overall idea is good ,good concept.But I have attended the intoductory program only which was repetitive and my baby was already responding to all those things so can’t tell is that effective or not but yes after seeing the videos of baby doing advance things than their age seems to be inspiring . Hoping to take this journey further with prodigy baby.

  6. Starting with signup process, I bought two times monthly plan of rs499/- and both the time subscription was not given and the amount was debited (998/-). I emailed to prodigy (raising superstar) with payment deduction message but i didn’t get any resolution. They just said there is no subscription bought on your email id. Prodigy people are so fraud they are just cheating to customer. Today I lost rs998/- without subscription. I’ll never recommend this fraud app to my circle.

  7. I found the prodigy framework program interesting and beneficial for babies.Knowlegde about the concept of successfull parenting is useful only when it is applied in right direction, few things were known to me but the research ,examples,information expressions and systematic design of the program motivated and convinced me to take the charge of my baby asap. Being positive, we have registered in next level .Addition of more activities in level 1 would be appreciable .Thanks to the team.

  8. I attended introduction classes and I joined 21 days activity class it’s started after one week. I hope it’s very useful for my baby to develop extra activities.that program was so impressive to learn new things.and price vise are suitable for us. If any questions they answered separately through mail. I applied some their methods and my baby was enjoying.i am so excited for upcoming activities.and kids are enjoying the actions.its very usefull for parents and their baby.

  9. Hi raghav, Overall I had a happy and good experience with the few ideas given in the introductory part. But many things can be modified to give better usability for the users. Like app itself should get upgraded alot and alot. And the videos released in the intro program was informative but more of repetitive content was there which made it a little boring.

  10. The Program seems to be structured well except for the repetitive video of the Introduction of the concept in every session. The various activites as described will surely help in making a close bond with ur kid and help the little one to go beyond the boundaries

  11. I have taken a demo course of prodigy baby. After completing all the videos and webinar, it really is clarified that babies do have incredible abilities and our small efforts could bring out the best in them. The methods used by these programs are very simple yet each one makes sense, the time put in behind the research is evident. My baby is very young. But I do intend to join this program when he is of age.

  12. I have completed just the initial program…yet I find it really helpfull in understanding basic things which I would have over looked without the knowledge provided…just few simple efforts could actually benifit our little ones so drastically… I am amazed…

  13. Prodigy framework the concept is good but there is lot to improve. Videos have no rewind and forward option and no full screen option. Content is also repetitive. During webinar download doesn’t work and if you try to get out of screen and come back it take you back by 10-15 minutes or so. Only marketing in webinar of further program, I wish there would have been some content about the framework rather than marketing of next level program.

  14. He it’s good 👍 I attend only intro section but i learned alot and i experiment with my child he is 18 month’s old and it’s work’s He Enjoying the activities which only in the introduction section. M excited to attend the next level. Over all it’s good yaar I’m advice to every new parents to attend this.

  15. As parents we tend to try every possible things that helps our child growth and development and guess we sometimes over do.. this program is good but not something you are not aware off. The activities we do for our little ones is something we may have done but in this course it is more fine tuned and explained with good verbiages.. One thing I didn’t like is to get bonus downloads for songs/materials one is forced to write review on app and Facebook.

  16. Hi.. Concept and marketing of the app is mind blowing but i am disappointed by the initial course of 4-5 days they offer. I was expecting some good things rather than market the further courses or membership plans. Didn’t found anything miraculous in it. Anyways about the app the biggest thing which i feel is that there is no option for full screen view. For me it is difficult to read subtitles and diagrams they showed during the program. Else it is quite user friendly except few things.

  17. For some reason I couldn’t find the 4day program on the app & I had to always log in through the laptop for the same. Other than that sweet – simple concepts to help our younger ones is always a good thing.

  18. So far interesting. Sometimes we may be aware of all tricks and tips but don’t know where to start. This program has given a how of a pathway to follow. Looking forward to have great time with my kid using this framework activities.

  19. This is a very good skill building exercise and most importantly it also helps keep the baby busy in interactive games. Its also a learning course for parents so as to help build a good communication with their babies. Would definitely recommend every new parent.

  20. For the first 2 days the session was not that great. Infact I asked the author that it is repetitive and almost all the things he explained is all known facts and we do on daily basis. It may be good if the day1 and 2 videos are made smaller. The next day (day3). I found the videos to be interesting. Something that’s new and that’s where the value of the framework lies in. Day 3 videos are very good. The way of explaining is amazing. Just waiting to attend webinar at 7.30. Thankyou Raghav!

  21. Hi all, thhis prodigy framework program is really good.. For new parents how to grow their mental and physical ability. For me starting sessions were very amazing lateron frankly speaking the webinar given by raghav was looking more materialistic and there were so, much repetition on same topic so, get bit 😑boredom. But overall the program is good and genuine.

  22. Quite a insight of baby development. Helpful tips to implement. But I personally feel that, there is no option for full screen video and you are saying same thing over and over again. Otherwise all good.

  23. It might be we expected too much with 500 bucks, initial 2 days was quite lengthy and too much of talking.later on it was bit useful. The app is designed in such a way that we cannot view it after 7 days may be as working parent it should be downloaded in our app so that we can have a look whenever we want but may be thats business strategy advance level will be more enthusiastic and it will require more patience also. Good work by team

  24. It is a one stop solution for all your baby needs and baby development in a simple and easy way… You won’t get any such similar platform for your kids and toddlers… Looking forward to many such things even for my elder one !

  25. Hi….the prodigy baby app was are giving the awareness to the parents about the hidden abilities in the child below 2 years .. but the problem is while checking the videos in the program it was strucking and again I am doing the refresh of the page..

  26. It’s an eye-opener for first time parents. There are so many things we want our babies to excel in, along with them enjoying the experience. This is the right platform to start. Helps to bond and understand your baby, and unlock their hidden talents! I am liking this app!

  27. This is a fantastic program. It really helped me a lot. My baby started responding after using talk to listen method. He is just 4 months old but look at us and talk with expression like smiling and shouting.

  28. The program is helpful and if as a parent we show our commitment then we all can raise superstars. Thank you Raghav and team for introducing this concept.. One point to highlight,the app needs to be updated and its not at all user friendly

  29. Hii I took their introductory course,though it’s very short and simple but I find it quite interesting. They have thrown a marketing policy that if you want some bonus videos and rhymes then just put a feedback on app and give screenshot of it.i dint fins any bad in it because we generally all are busy,lazy(me) that we rarely put any feedback.So I dint find any harm in it.Even any app actually need critisism or good feedback to grow more. I want to write more but words limit here😒

  30. The Introductory course is not that good to recommend anyone, personally l don’t see any great techniques or training for babies brain development. Only advertisement for next course with a higher price as there is something new techniques hidden. It’s total waste of money and time.

  31. Highly disappointed. Nothing is interesting in this introductory programme. Talk to listen and keen eye tasks are the general things known to everyone. They used this programme to advertising their next level course. It can be provided at free of cost. Waste of money. I paid the money to watch their skill of promoting their next level course not for my child’s skill development.

  32. Hi app UI is good & also the intro program was. I found the 3 secrets were well known to me but other people may find it useful. I can say that, it’s a good initiative towards taking our child in healthy & wealthy future. I am expecting from pogidy baby team to add some more useful exercise in intro program

  33. Overall it was a good experience However, the app needs some updates. For e.g the video player speed control is not working properly, we cannot write long post on community as the text does not scroll, and so on.. The introduction course has notuch to offer. However, I am looking forward to the 21 day course. I am hoping that it will be worth the time and Money I am investing

  34. Full of advertisement for the next course….he is just introducing and advertising the framework. 5-6 session and still you would not learn any new thing from this course. And + point if you want the downloads write a review about us…and share the screenshot. In simple words playing with new parents emotion. Would not recommend it to anyone

  35. It’s one of the best course to develop our baby to happy, healthy, positivity and wealthy. Though the introductory course is very short, but it gave a very detailed sketch on the importance of early learning and how our baby can get everything easily. It’s very good..

  36. A good initiative by prodigy baby. I liked their activities shown in the introductory program. Performed them with my baby and had positive response from her. But I expected quite more from this introductory program. It was more of a advertisement of their further high value programs which are quite expensive. The fees should have been on a little lower side so that all could be able to afford it. Even the whatsapp introductory program is little expensive.

  37. The Star dice:

    I like the app. It is simple to use and no advertisement.i liked the introductory program but i wish it involves more exercise and activities. I want to add next level programme very badly but i can’t 🙂 because the offer price is also taff for me to manage 😔

  38. Beautifully designed program for our little moms and new mommies.. The activities are amazing which helps our child to learn, focus and ultimately sharps their memory. This activities and videos has helped me to know and develop my child’s true potential. Keep it up!

  39. It was a good experience. The app design is good and more I like no advertisement. The activities are amazing which help our child to learn and focus on their memory. The activities and videos are more helpful. Over all I like this programme. Thank you.

  40. It was a great experience with the program. Fun loving sessions, activities. Its a gift to parents to make miracles happen. Thanks a lot for providing us such a extraordinary program, making aware with the concept that our kids can acheive whatever they want with just a 5 mins. Having fun with my little one.

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