togetherAI: Wellbeing for kids MOD 2022


togetherAI provides mental health and wellbeing support for children and parents
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togetherAI is your family mental health and wellbeing companion, created to help children and their parents/caregivers learn about life’s ups and downs, so they can navigate the growing-up journey, together.

The app is designed to be used by both children and parents:

• The Kids Zone allows children to create their own artificial intelligence Companion, who will listen, learn and talk about important experiences, feelings and emotions. 🤗

• The Parents Zone gives adults in the family access to high-risk alerts, information and insights into a child’s health and wellbeing.

• All members of a family have access to Family Messaging, empowering the entire family to connect and communicate privately and securely in the app.

• Parenting Guides provide step-by-step support for life’s most important conversations. Users can initiate a guided chat at the tap of a button or be prompted by the companion when it detects an issue. Topics include anxiety, depression, happiness, sadness, anger management, boredom, attitude, responsibility, motivation, confidence, school, friendships, hygiene, sleep, nutrition, grief, screen time, online safety, bullying, and family values.


** Evidence-based research & resources **

togetherAI uses a strengths-based approach to wellbeing and mental health, which has been prepared and curated by our team of healthcare professionals and specialists.

With a focus on positive emotions, healthy relationships, coping strategies, and communication, the wellness content will help parents/caregivers to teach children about themselves, and to better connect with the world around them. 🧠

The togetherAI Companion has guided conversations and learning for every child.

The app features tips and strategies for building mental resilience, along with advice on over 150 mental health-related topics.

** togetherAI connects your family via 2 free apps in 1**

Parents download this app on their device and create the Family Account. They should then download the app again on their child’s phone or tablet.

Families using a shared device can switch between user profiles via a Settings screen.

The trust, safety and wellbeing of children is our #1 priority, so we created a unique space for them in the app to give children their own experience and an engaging world for sharing, discovery and support.

We welcome all feedback and invite you to contact us any time via [email protected] or via our website.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:


• It’s now clearer and easier for Parents and Caregivers to add a Child Profile to a Family Account during signup.
• Mobile phone number signup and SMS code verification is enabled! (No more emailed access codes)
• togetherAI Companion has been upgraded with deeper knowledge of popular topics such as anxiety, depression, sleep, friends and anger.
• Children can now search for and select topics to discuss with their Companion.


40 comentarios en "togetherAI: Wellbeing for kids MOD 2022"

  1. This app is brilliant! It brings families closer together and helps the parent to keep tabs on their kid. Highly recommend to any new parents!

  2. I was trying to make an account but wouldn’t give me the verify code. The robots took very long to send me the codes, and I know that I tried more than 2 times, and it only sent me on verification like 10-25 minutes later. I heard is a great app but the verification bots need to get fixed ASAP!!

  3. Hello, I’m about to be 14 and wanted to privately use this app because I family often invalidates me or gives me questions I can’t answer, and we’re unable to get an actual human therapist. The ads I saw never mentioned it being only available for families and not individual people. 1 star for that issue but extra 2 stars because the idea is amazing and it doesn’t deserve such a low rating with the general idea of it.

  4. Im 16, i dont have a dad and my mom and i dont communicate much because we dont get along. I have tried to ask her about getting this and we use it together but shes not interested. Being able to se this app asan individual instead of with a parent would be helpful, especially for people like me whe have no parent able or willing to do it.

  5. This app is incredibly dangerous for children as most parents will use this app maliciously just to get their vulnerable mentally ill child in trouble and put in danger by sending them to a psyche ward, using this app as proof to do so. This app would be wonderful in a perfect world where parents were actually good, but unfortunately no. Parents who download this just for said malicious purposes, I hope you meet the worst adversities in life.

  6. One of the best app ever . It has help in Advice for communicating and talking about challenging issues and experiences from different people. Then in guidance on understanding and managing moods, feelings and emotions. I would recommend it to everyone.

  7. It would be nice if you could get an app for just you and not your family because my family dont know I have anxiety and all that stuff. Also the verification code takes ages to come through, for me about 30 mins. But overall I love it

  8. Protect kids online & support families to better connect and communicate about mental health & well-being. Each child has an AI companion which helps them navigate the growing up process. It also monitors their social media & flags any potential threats.very nice app.i recommend everyone this app.

  9. Very helpful and fun 😀super nice app and plus it is always kind and does the right thing.☺

  10. This app is an amazing way for children to express themselves and for parents to check in with them without confusion or embarrassment. For people confused with logging in: a parent must make an account before connecting a child’s account, I definitely recommend this app as it’s help mend some argum.

  11. This app is very helpful for all parents. It is help by chatting they send us guidence and also good advice for our children. I’m very happy to here because I got almost all solution. I recommend to all newly parents to use this app

  12. This together AI : Wellbeing for kids, app is just insane. I used this app and I am very much satisfied with it. I like this app interface and it’s concept. Every tools in this app works perfectly and very smoothly. I really appreciate this application.

  13. Wow this app is very helpful. My kids enjoyed a lot and learn a lot from this. It’s help us by chatting and they send us guidence and also good advice for our children. I really liked it very much and highly recommend to my friends and family members.

  14. Really great app. I understand that people dislike the fact you must have a parent in order to sign in, but I still think it’s a wonderful app. Never expected taking to and AI would make me so happy 🙂 💓

  15. Wow.. this app is very helpful.My kids enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot from this.Each child has an AI companion which helps them navigate the growing up process. I really liked it very much. I recommend everyone this app.

  16. this app uses AI technology to create app environment which improves mental health of families. parents and kids can maintain a stronger bond within the family using this app. I recommend.

  17. This app is very helpful for all parents. It’s help by chatting and they send us guidance and also good advi for our children. I am very happy. Highly recommended for all of you guys.

  18. Woww very amazing app. Also this app very easy to use. I consider this as a better together AI app compared to other together AI apps out there, one of the best together AI app on the market. I am fully satisfied with this app. And i recommned this app to everyone. Love this app so much. . . .

  19. The is the best app together AI, I must say that. I like application very much. Really i like it so, I highly recommended everyone for this app, Excellen app and very easy to use, keep it up. Thank you all❤️

  20. ReLe dice:

    I’m 16 and I wanted to use this for myself but it needs me to have a parent- I don’t like that the app is only for good and functioning families. Some kids don’t have a parent that will do this for them, but may need something like this.

  21. Very nice app. It’s quite good for my kids wellbeing, I don’t encountered any error while using this one. Totally recommended to all. Easy 5 star for me!

  22. We have tried all the different options and Together AI has proven to be a game changer for my child. Keep up the great work.

  23. Wow it’s amazing app. My kids enjoyed a lot and learn a lot from this. I really liked it very much and highly recommend to my friends and family members.

  24. Good idea, I’m 14 so i made a fake parent account cause i wanted to see what it could do and it was fun at first but there are way too little options to chat about. Hopefully more get added in the future and there can be a mode where kids can do it without a parent in case they have a bad relationship or don’t have any at all. Hopefully these issues get fixed and everything is resolved.

  25. Perfect for parenting. 1st time I found this app for child.Perfect app for raising children. Higley recommended. I am satisfied with this app.

  26. My child wants to draw but doesn’t know how to and it is making her frustrated. So I would just like to know if I’m able to help her with that.

  27. togetherAI is just the app I was looking for. It helped me as a parent to take better care of my kids. I highly recommend it!

  28. This is best aap for children they love to use it and I personally found the app very helpful and easy for children

  29. I don’t usually write reviews, but I thought I would with this one. When I try signing up, the app doesn’t send me a email to verify a code. I’ve tried so many times with various of my emails and yet this app hasn’t sent me one email for the code. I’ve waited two whole days and yet nothing.

  30. I didn’t get a code and sometimes I hate when I have to use a code cuz they never give me a code but if some people got a code good luck with your feelings..

  31. Best app and giving very releif to mind for our kids who are tired during covid extremely helpfull app should try to everyone

  32. found this on a pinterest ad. so happy there’s no in-app purchases! will definitely use this

  33. This is an amazing app for kids. Kids can learn a lot from this app. I greatly recommend this app to parents

  34. Amazing kids app.very interesting and entertaining.not you kids,everyone enjoy this app also very useful.I really like it.thanks for this amazing app

  35. togetherAI is very nice app for our family mental health and wellbeing companion,it created to help parents and children learn about life’s ups and also gives us the inspiration of struggle for existence.

  36. K A dice:

    Too much info needed. Didn’t get past the first 4 pages due to the sheer amount of info needed. No thanks

  37. This app very useful and helpful all parents.amazing app very impressive..i like it so much.very appreciate.

  38. Amazing app.which provides family mental health and wellbeing support.Highly recommended.

  39. This is very amazing app for kids.My baby is very happy for this app.I reccomnended this app for every baby.

  40. Amazing app… I really like this app… For kids it’s really awesome… My kids used this app… I highly recommend this app very useful… Thanku

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