Jiobit – More than a GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets MOD 2022


Jiobit, a tiny locator, pairs with your phone to track your most precious asset
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More than a GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets, Jiobit keeps parents and pet parents in the know about their child and pets’ locations.

Jiobit for Kids:
Tiny, Lightweight, and Secure – We’ve designed Jiobit with kids in mind. It is small enough to hide under clothes and not bother them. We’ve also designed multiple attachments for more wearing options.

Jiobit for Pets
Keep your favorite collar without adding extra weight to your pet’s neck. Jiobit is tiny, durable, and stands up to your pet’s very active day. Also, bring it to the dog beach – it’s waterproof!

Real time tracking in every location, no matter the distance – Jiobit’s unique combination of radios and sensors lets you track everywhere. There are no distance limits. Also we use multiple cellular networks which means there are minimal dead spots.

Know who your child or pet is with – Peace of mind also means knowing who your loved one is with. Invite trusted caregivers, family members, or dog walkers to track Jiobit and you’ll know when they’re together and where they are.

Lasts for weeks – Jiobit will last up to a week on a single charge.

With Jiobit you can:
Get accurate and real-time tracking at any distance – even across the world
Add Trusted Places or geofences like home and school, and know when your child or pet arrives and leaves
Use the geofence and mobile geofence features to alert you when your child or pet leaves a Trusted Place or if they wander too far
Invite caregivers to join your Care Team to help track Jiobit
Enjoy the best coverage with Jiobit’s hybrid cellular network – powered by AT&T and T-Mobile

Your data is always safe – Jiobit’s COPPA compliant cloud platform manages your device, protecting and encrypting your data using a tamper resistant security chip.

Jiobit device is required. If you have not ordered, visit


Fix for "This device does not belong to this user" showing up incorrectly.
Fix for submitting a help center ticket.


40 comentarios en "Jiobit – More than a GPS Tracker for Kids and Pets MOD 2022"

  1. Technically, the app itself is excellent. Easy to set up and very intuitive. BUT the paid service for GPS tracking seems to be going down more and more frequently. And forget getting immediate customer service. It took 3 days to hear back from them when the service was down and my cat was missing. Luckily he came home. As I type this, the service has been down for 2 hours and my cat is outside (he goes outside for 2 hours each night). I hope he’s ok. If the service worked reliably, 5 stars.

  2. It works. Can’t wait until the ring from cloud reaches the app as it has reached the devices via a recent firmware update. Wish the trusted areas could be made smaller than 200 ft in diameter. The WiFi fence works well as I have an old router with a small range set up just for this purpose. Minor issue there is it forgets the second one that is set up. Support has kinda dropped down since they joined Tile.

  3. Badly designed app, to say the least, impossible to fine tune the trusted place range, no warning before the battery on the device reaches a level to low to reconnect (20%). When the device or the app can’t reconnect it shows per default the at home at a trusted place screen, even if your pet is a few hundred yards away. For almost a week now the timeline is stuck to ” at home in a safe place”. I keep discovering more bugs everyday. I seriously think I’m going to return the device!

  4. Put 1 because of support issues. I have been a long time customer and have several jiobit the service it self is awesome. But you can not get support they used to have live chat but no longer they have no phone number to contact them. Is your using it for clients this is a major issue. Sadly I will be looking at other tracking option unless supportive service are fixed.

  5. Pretty good app and device. We had a unit for about a month, and it stopped working foe some reason. The customer service chat feature helped me out, swapped for a new unit, and sent me a label to return the malfunctioning one. That went pretty smooth. The second unit has been working well now. I upgraded to the protect account, to get the sos features. I have to had to used them, hope never to have to. But the whole experience has been good.

  6. Since a recent update, the app crashes as soon as I log in. It doesn’t let me go back to the older version. The app doesn’t give any feedback as it crashes, and since there is no web or minimal version of the software so the trackers become useless when I really need it working. Update: it turns out I needed to delete other apps to make more memory space – it seems to be working fine now.

  7. It starts off well, but the battery life gets very poor as the device is used especially in tracking mode. Which defeats the purpose. IT just sends you around a song and dance vs addressing the problem directly. And since they make you sign a 2 year contract, they need to be willing to replace the device or have more options in tracking mode for the user to not ping as often to conserve battery life.

  8. I use this for an adult family member who wanders, but who also takes a bus to a day program. It was always difficult to guess when the bus was going to arrive, so I bought this. It is very handy for having a general knowledge that someone was picked up from a place and arrived at the next place. That is helpful. The most challenging is the update delay. Sometimes I’m not notified that someone has left until 5 minutes or so. The map is also delayed from actual location.

  9. Works as advertised. I use it for my pup but can see it being repurposed for other uses. I initially had trouble receiving notifications whenever my pup left or arrived at a trusted place but found out that three apps I had for protecting my phone were blocking the notifications. That is something which you can remedy by going into each of those apps and changing the setting to allow the notification to display. Overall I am very happy with this product and would recommend it.

  10. I can’t adjust settings on the app, there’s literally like only 2 things you can do on the app. I want to adjust the range on the map, o want to change my email address. I want live tracking all the time even when the jiobit is with me. Once the jiobit is neat me it stops live tracking. There’s no options or settings for anything it’s so annoying.

  11. Good option, but not for off grid hikes. For an option to track location when around wifi, and cell networks, this is a good option. We wanted something to help when tracking location during hikes and the device’s battery drains very quickly when in motion and away from a signal to “piggy back” on. For tracking your kids around the mall or neighborhood, this works well. Hike and trail purposes, look for a different device.

  12. I have three of these things. One for each cat. These work very well. The integrated loop fits great on the collar and prevents it from dangling in their food and water. My favorite feature is the audible alarm on the device. This makes it easier to locate a hidden kitty. Great product.

  13. The app in tandem with the device works ok. There always seems to be about a 3-5 min delay on the geofence alerts which I am hoping will get better over time. We shall see. The app is simple to use, pretty well designed and clean. I don’t like that there is no way to manage your account within the app and hope that’s coming soon as well. Location history would be nice but still is yet to be implemented. All in all, Jiobit does the job pretty well but could be really great in the future with some tweaks and some server end updates.

  14. Used to work well when we first got our cats devices several months ago but now batteries drain and we get weird locations that are miles away from our house when cats are verified to be at home. Jiobit is sending a replacement device for one of them after a few weeks of emailing back and forth. Now testing the second device and it’s doing the same thing. Frustrating.

  15. Ever since recent software update/bug fix, location tracking has degraded. It can take hours to update or track location, even on a fully charged, properly positioned device. Its next to useless and am about to cancel.

  16. Had this for a year for our 2 kids. Wanted a safe device to just know where they were at in the neighbor when walking the dog or playing. TERRIBLE SERVICE. My kid was gone 8 minutes tonight and practically back home with the dog before it said she left. Adjusting the range is terrible. Customer service just copied and pasted help guide to my request. Also, they dropped a feature from our 2 yr contract we paid for last year bc it’s now part of a higher package. Will not renew after this contract

  17. Not comprehensible. Give no description to anything. No relativity for where the tag is in relation to you. No idea of the distance, everything is set in near or far with no description. Alerts go off, nothing for how far or what direction the tag has gone in. Alerts go off with no accuracy, saying tag is too far when it’s right next to me. The interface is cell icon indicating where you are with proximity style slide at the bottom of the screen which always fluctuating without reference.

  18. Horrible signal. Pretty useless when it says signal lost all the time.

  19. The only problem I have is that the battery needs charge every 3 days yuk. Would love to talk to customer service.

  20. Evan Shaw dice:

    Device doesent work when it’s within wifi range of your house and there is no customer service to call. Email request takes days to respond with generic and not helpful advice.

  21. Since update software does not work and disconnects immediately.

  22. Works great very accurate on location as well as location history you can choose constant updates on location or if ubwant longer battery life u can choose to only get location when u request it

  23. Bluetooth connection stopped functioning after months of working properly. The jiobit app had an update and now the bluetooth functionality has stopped

  24. Doesn’t work. My pet is missing and the app freezes up. Will not update. Terrible customer service. Have to wait for their response to issues via email. Their solution is to do a hard reset for a second time in a week. How do I do that on a pet that’s missing and wearing the unit!. JUNK!

  25. I bought 1 for each of my grandkids since we plan on doing a family trip to a large amusement park. Both their parents and I now have peace of mind and we can truly enjoy our trip!!! Thank you jiobit!

  26. a button that can be disabled if parents choose too. this button would allow the child to alert parents if he or she is in danger. the entire face of the tracker could be the button or a recessed button to prevent accidents. also a built in mic to listen in or capture surrounding sounds when button is pushed. The ability to have live up to date tracking when i choose to too. i dont like seeing updated 15+ mins ago. for peace of mind i would like to ask the device to send me an update.

  27. ixtasis dice:

    There is no “live” mode. We’ve been messing with the app for the last 5 days and neither of us could find it if it does.The app ALWAYS says he’s in a trusted place/home (he’s outside 8 hours daily), so it never goes into tracking mode. The website advertises the product as having a live mode. The app is not good for a cat. It’s too vague, doesn’t update often enough. The app is very janky for any price, let alone the premium price both for the hardware and software. Get something else.

  28. S Ill dice:

    The charge on the device only lasts one day. I was extremely dissatisfied with the product. It also takes a while for the battery to charge.

  29. Horrible, crashes after uploading photo. Having an app crash from something as simple as setting up profile photos is an indication this company releases buggy software and therefore cannot be trusted. It’s already incredibly annoying that the profile photos are not optional during the setup, but on top of that the app crashes. Very very dissapointing.

  30. Finally a tracker that is easy to set up and use.. so glad i did my research and found jiobit.

  31. scam alert. there’s no way to cancel or delete your credit card info. they just keep billing monthly forever

  32. 5 months of use before this review. Great peace of mind having this for my kid. The geofences actually work. The app sometimes isn’t the most intuitive, and live tracking can be a bit finicky at times, like while my kid is riding in a car it takes a long time to update. The Alert button is a great feature and is half the reason I bought Jiobit. When ours stopped working, customer service was amazing and got it right back in order. Thx Jiobit!

  33. I never thought I would find a tracker that my son was willing to wear! Jiobit to the rescue! We’ve tried other trackers but Jiobit is the only GPS tracker my son will tolerate! I love the peace of mind that comes with looking at the app to know where he is when he’s not in my care. Highly recommend!

  34. You must add the ability to edit the alert sound for this app. alert sound needs to be unique. the fact that its the same default sound as everything else on my phone is annoying. your app doesnt allow for the sound to be changed it will only accept the phones default

  35. G VS dice:

    New Devices. Are cheap and flawed. Battery life is terrible, live tracking is now terrible, Bluetooth ring feature doesn’t work 80% of the time. I purchase our first 3 jiobit 4 years ago when company started. The original jiobit were solid reliable tracking. New jiobit tracking is terrible. How can a product get worse?? Still waiting for a response.

  36. I absolutely love this tracker! It’s given me a bit of peace of mind and my kid a bit more freedom. The only thing that would make this tracker better is if they added a button on the tracker for the child/wearer to reach the parent/monitor if they feel the need.

  37. Update to my previous review from yesterday. Jiobit contacted me after they read my post and assisted me on how to activate the Alert Me feature that WAS in the app update. I just wish it was an automatic feature that I didn’t have to activate but I understand that not everybody may want that feature ON. Thanks Jiobit.

  38. Omar Rios dice:

    Customer service is close to nothing. Only email takes up 2 wrking days to receive answers to your questions. No Phone number. Chat only office hours available. Takes long to receive answer Account configuration such email phone phone number not way to change it. No. Web portal… If you want access to the web portal (BETA) you need to pay $3 additional to your SUBSCRIPTION. Notifications are not “real-time” as advertised. Bluetooth notification also takes significantly longer than few seconds.

  39. I had my Jio bit about 6 months.Very easy to use, and affordable. The battery life is great, what stands out is the app, the live tracking and offers the ability to share with family members.

  40. Jiobit was so easy to set up and use. I feel more relaxed with my child wearing this. I know where they’re at, at all times.

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