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Do you need more proof? Check out the featured stories on Speech Blubs in Thrive Magazine, Autism Parenting, Brisbane Kids, Speech Chick Therapy, Beautiful Speech Life, and The Speech Teacher. Speech Blubs was also honored by winning the Social Impact award and is supported by Facebook’s Start Program.

This voice-controlled speech therapy app is designed to help kids learn new sounds and words, and to practice speaking in a stimulating, educational environment. We are proud, though a bit flabbergasted that our 1500+ activities have been used over 1,000,000 times to trigger sound and word production in toddlers, late talkers (speech delay), children with Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder.


Jennifer Marron, B.S., SLP-A
I use Speech Blubs with my articulation students who have a difficult time using their lips and tongue to produce certain sounds (e.g. /b/, /p/, /th/, /l/, etc.). The clients I have used this to have so far loved it and are fully engaged. Thank you for a great application!

If that doesn’t give you confidence, you should also know that Speech Blubs
– Uses scientifically proven video modeling for effective speech development
– Has over 1500+ exercises, activities, funny hats, videos, mini-games, and more!
– Releases brand new, exciting content every week!
– Uses 25 fun activity themes – Early Sounds, When I Grow Up, Get into Shapes, Living Colors, This Is My Body, Mouth Gym, Animal Kingdom, Ride Your Wheels, Sing Along, Guess the Word, Guess the Sound, NUMB3R5, and many more!
– Has voice-activated functionality that provides a fun, interactive learning experience
– Makes fun use of special effects like funny hats and masks in real time using facial detection
– Lets you collect stickers and fill your sticker book as your child progresses
– Provides funny and educational content designed to trigger conversation

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Try Speech Blubs activities for FREE!

In a recent study published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), UCLA researchers proved that watching peers in real time results in MIRROR NEURONS being activated, which has been shown to be highly effective in speech development. Speech Blubs uses video modeling to create an immersive learning environment that allows children to observe their peers on video as they learn.

Finally, a rare app that parents won’t mind their kids becoming absorbed in, one that provides a nearly endless supply of content for your children to enjoy, including over 1500 activities, exercises, funny hats and masks, effects, videos, mini-games, and more! Our team is always working hard to add exciting new content each and every week!

Start with a 7-day free trial, get access to unlocked content and test out the app. To subscribe (and keep access to all the practices), you will be charged your monthly or annual subscription fee through your GooglePlay account. A recurring transaction, that will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your GooglePlay account. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you subscribe.

Read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy here: https://speechblubs.com/legal/privacy-policy-for-applications/


Improved usability, new topics & new games! This is something you can not miss so go check it out!

Is your child enjoying Speech Blubs? Have they learned new words from our app? Let other parents know how you and your kiddo are using it, so they can benefit from your experience.

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40 comentarios en "Speech Blubs: Language Therapy MODDED"

  1. princess S dice:

    Worst customer service. I am so frustrated. I did the 7 day free trial back in March. I tried cancelling, but I was already charged. In my process of trying to cancel I inadvertently deactivated my account. Well, I was charged the $59.99 and have NO access to the app for my child to try and use since I have already paid. I have sent 2 separate emails to either get a refund or be granted access to the site and all I get is a run around.

  2. Miri S dice:

    My daughter really enjoyed this app. Recently i was logged off, reasons unknown. After signing back on, all my daughters achievements were gone and the section she played the most was as well (the only one that held her interest and she constantly returned to). It was just there two days ago! She really enjoyed doing the puzzles and the itsy bitsy spider. Sadly, we already paid for the year subscription (only option given, so beware)

  3. The concept is great! However, it’s not the greatest with animal sounds and the extra video clips of the word are super weird and confusing at times. The girl making that is supposed to be making the horse sound sounds like a donkey which can be VERY confusing. This app does help with some things but confusing sounds and video clips at the same time. Also, a toad is not a frog like in one of the video clips. I could really go on about a lot more but those things mentioned stood out the most.

  4. Good idea, but poor execution. The app constantly shuts down with error messages (more that half the time). My daughter enjoys watching the children speak so I think that aspect is helpful. There seems to be a preoccupation with pooping and farting that I don’t enjoy. The volume varies a lot. Some of the children don’t make the right sounds for animals or say words strangely. I don’t recommend this app because it misbehaves more than it works. I pretty much paid to be annoyed due to the issues.

  5. The majority of the app’s features caused the app to crash and close. There were only 2 sounds videos in a few categories. The content that was there was incredibly slow to load. My 2 year old isn’t going to wait 3 minutes for a 15-20 second video. Many times that micro video stopped to reload. The feature of your child using the front facing camera along with the video on the app wasn’t there. All in all, an extreme disappointment.

  6. Not a terrible app but flawed. My granddaughter and I would play for about 15 minutes but still be told we didn’t reach the goal of playing ten minutes. There were times, not often, where there was no sound. Also we would play game after game and still not be able to, “pop stars”, as an award for completing exercises. You’re supposed to be awarded after completing two exercises. However, this app captured her attention and she loved taking pictures. I thought, however, the app was a bit pricey.

  7. Kind of cute, it’s really just videos of kids repeating themselves. The other things that go along with those videos are strange and confusing little clips that don’t really teach anything, some if which say things I don’t want my two year old repeating. Definitely a waste of $9.99 especially considering I was trying to sign up for the free trial and got charged anyway!

  8. Trying to decline the subscription during free trial. The app states you need to visit the play store to change your subscription, but there is nothing there. I went to the website and also couldn’t find anywhere to cancel. I sent an email and the response said that they will review and get back to me in 48 hours. HOWEVER, due to high volumes they might not respond for up to a week. Not looking forward to having to fight for a refund when they draft out a fee for a subscription that I don’t want

  9. Not that great. Plus they make it near impossible to cancel before the free trial ends to avoid being charged. None of the cancellation methods on their support page works. Sent 3 messages 24-72 hours before the free trial expired and have yet to receive a reply beyond a form email stating that they’ll *try* to respond within 48 hours. Don’t download this app. It’s a total trap.

  10. This app is actually pretty amazing. You go through a series of questions so that it can help you focus on studies that your child may need more assistance in. Make sure to answer honestly to get the best help for your child. I also love that it uses other children for all of the different exercises, because here at our home, parents fall onto deaf ears when it comes to teaching. I have learned for my child anyway that she tends to listen and learn more when its coming from a peer.

  11. It’s weird. Has unnecessary content. The short video played for the word “car” is a horse and buggy talking about how they didn’t have cars back in the old days. The horse then poops and it has sound effects then there is a male groan that’s sounds relieved. It’s just strange. We did the quiz for his age. He’s 18 months A simple video of a car would have been better. Lots of other examples but not enough letters left to type. It’s also takes 📸 of them and has a 🎤. I don’t like that 🤷‍♀️

  12. Kept seeing ads for this, so I downloaded it! Started the free trial before I decided to buy a subscription, and so glad I did! I couldn’t even get a single activity done. There was no sound, the screen kept freezing and the app keeps force closing. Waste of time.

  13. J & J Alba dice:

    This app was a great addition to my toddler’s speech therapy. The sounds we’re fun for him and he enjoyed seeing and listening to children say the words and make the sounds. My son has definitely made a huge improvement in his speech during this year, I’m sure it has been a combination of different thugs but the app definitely made practice fun. The daily reminder was very helpful. The app updated a few times during the year we’ve had it and every update has made the app more fun to use.

  14. Yael Campo dice:

    This app costs too much, I’ll probably cancel it after the first year unless they add a bunch more “Build A Sentence”. It took many tries for my sons to be interested in trying to repeat the words, but now they do. In the activities where the kids are teaching a new word, it would be great if they added a picture of the word in the corner of the screen while the kids say it. Otherwise they hear the word pronunciation over and over without necessarily getting the association to the meaning.

  15. It was too boring and not interactive enough. The videos of children stay too long and the app requires too much parent intervention. My child becomes tired and irritated that I have to keep taking it away to press a button. It doesn’t track more than one touch at a time and my child has to hold the phone in two hands so it never tracks his button presses because one finger is already on the screen to hold the phone.

  16. NOT A FREE APP! They reel you in with a free download but after getting personal info they THEN sell you (monthly subscription) the app before you can actually use it. His speech therapist has it. The mechanics are fun and interactive. My non-verbal toddler showed interest and even smiled for it. However our budget is just too tight to be able to afford this.

  17. Not helpful for a 2 year old with CAS. He kept pressing the “back” button to leave the exercises and only wanted to play the “popping stars” game. Then he would scroll through the *way* too many options and get frustrated that none of them were games. When I tried to control the app, he threw a tantrum. Not worth the money and not productive for us.

  18. Be WARNED! I filled in all the info about my son, then opted in for the free trial. Came out of the app, no Info saves so had to start all over again. ( this happened 4 times) so on the last time I clicked on the “start free trial” I was taken to a payment screen which clearly stated I wouldn’t be charged until the 7 day trial was over. So I clicked it, and instantly got a notification from bank saying £54.99 had been taken from account!! Sooner has been taken without my consent. Not impressed.

  19. Straight up false advertising. They lie and make it seem like it’s an age taliored course work, but the course work is all for the same age group (advanced). Also, they charge 50 bucks for a lie. Keep looking. (Update): They tried to say I was wrong, but I took their quiz and it was wayy too advanced course work. It’s just bad.

  20. NOT FREE! Saw it rated as #2 FREE app in parenting, so I downloaded it. Got through the test and found I had to subscribe. I have no problem with the idea of paying for something like this, but be up front about having to pay!

  21. This is deffinately a SCAM!! I signed up for thr 7 day FREE trial and immediatley recieve a notification advising of charges to my account and to make matter worst its $100.00 charge i see when sub states 59.99….the terms and condition did state after free tria,l you either be charge or given the option to cancel … Not before the trial ends. I would not recommend if your advertizing false information.

  22. Trying to cancel my subscription but it appears to be impossible. I have sent an email which will hopefully be replied to. I would surgest avoiding this application as it seems like a scam of some sort.

  23. Diana Rusu dice:

    Used this app end of last year/beginning of this year and found it interesting for my little one. Tried the subscription again, only to realise that the monthly payment option is not there anymore. Why taking that away? Not everyone is keen in paying over £50 at once. I was happy with the £8.99/month.

  24. First off I’m appalled you have no sign languages on your app at all. And your test is way off on their milestones via your questions. If a child doesn’t do 1 of thing you say it’s a potential problem even when they shouldn’t be doing it until they’re 3 or 4 it’s CRAZY. Nonverbal communication like ASL is proven to be not only easier but beneficial as well in building confidence in language.

  25. Me and my baby loved this app and I was ready to buy the monthly subscription for around 5 dollars (whatever it was exactly i cant remember) except it tried to charge me for the year subscription for 65 instead dollars which is definitely not the option I chose. I’m sadly not going to continue using this game because I can’t afford to spend that much on a phone app

  26. Wont allow free trial unless you subscribe for payment to “start after free trial” but cancel anytime. And let’s face it, if we don’t like the trial we always forget to cancel so will be charged anyway. If you want to give users a free trial then simply do it and then restrict access after the trial period. Don’t be so misleading.

  27. Very repetitive. My child has completed all the words, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to move onto the next level of words? So, very expensive for very little content. Is there a way to level up the categories? Unhappy, and out 36 bucks.

  28. For months now, after migrating to a new device, they have charged me repeatedly but I am not able to access what I am paying for. When I try to cancel the subscription in my google account, nothing happens (When I click on “cancle subscription”, Google doesn’t recognize the attempt and there is no one I can contact) and they continue withdrawing a whooping £8.99 from my account on a monthly basis. Paypal, on the other hand tells me to sort this out with Google. Cutthroats! All of them!

  29. I thought this might be a good app for my 10 month old who can say mama, and occasionally a couple other words, to learn more words. This app is very advanced and would be suited to children over age 3 or 4. I dont see how this could be helpful as much as it would be very frustrating for anyone with learning disabilities or speech delays or autism. Their quiz says my child has speech delays because he can’t say MEOW 🙄 and didn’t offer anything customized to his age.

  30. 0 star of I could. Did the 5 out of the 7 day trial and didn’t like so cancelled subscription, I have still be charged!!!! Have emailed to get refund of the £49.99 that shouldn’t have been taken in the first place as I cancelled before the trail was over.

  31. I’d give 5 stars if I could use the monthly subscription, 1 year seems to big of a commitment for something I’ve never used. And for the 7 day trial it’s too much to cancel in time if our minds are changed.. please fix this!

  32. This app from the start is wrong. My little one is two and he says some words but I wanted something to help him advance. All the app really told me is my child has hearing issues. Something doctors have reviewed and found no issue an app is sure set on. Also, I got an ad saying it’s a free app but you need a subscription. Like I would pay for this creepy looking apple orange mouth thing.

  33. Helpful I guess? But super frustrated with the stability of the app. I can’t get it connected across multiple devices, and it crashes non stop and is unusable for DAYS. Dreadful quality for an $80CAD app

  34. after i opt out grom the trial version, they still charged me. i sent them a message and claimed they refunded my money but my bank told me they did not. i have been sending them messages but won’t reply anymore. they charged me for a year worth!

  35. steph p dice:

    App is good. Pricing is aweful. Downloaded to clear up speech a little not learn how to speak. Only need a couple months not a whole year. $70 AFTER playing a couple minutes so the child will be upset that they can’t continue. That’s WRONG! WHY MISLEAD? WHY NOT BE UPFRONT ABOUT PRICING? I HATE APPS THAT DO THIS TONA CHILD. Why not allow to pay Monthly? Why a whole year? I’d pay the $5 a month like it says but doesn’t allow. Again, misleading and false advertising. Shame on you!

  36. Decent app. Would be superior to have actual real life pictures of the items/ animals/ people that you click on to hear the pronunciation.

  37. Looks like a great app but beware of the free trial. You will be charged before it even ends. Only sign up if you are 100% ready to invest the money. Don’t be caught by surprise like I was.

  38. my daughter, 3 yrs old, has enjoyed this app so much and it is great seeing her speech improve! Love it! Definitely worth the money!

  39. Looks promising and so I signed my son up for this. He is a year and half old and is struggling with words etc. Was really looking forward to trying this however when trying to sign up for the subscription the app completely stops functioning. Definitely became dissatisfied with it after trying multiple times and having to reanswer all the questions about my son everytime. If it would work I definitely would up the rating but for now it just seemed promising until it didn’t work.

  40. Leah Berry dice:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! Stopped working after I paid for a years subscription, crashes or doesn’t run the sounds just says “error occurred” tried reinstalling the app still does it there’s £50+ down the drain. Friends have had same problems. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

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