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Songs, videos & tips from Daniel Tiger for parents & caregivers of young kids.
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Help your toddler learn life’s little lessons with their friend and neighbor, Daniel Tiger. Daniel Tiger for Parents is a free parenting app that provides parents and caregivers with popular and catchy kids songs and videos from the hit PBS KIDS series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Daniel Tiger for Parents uses songs and videos to help your toddler learn important social-emotional skills and life’s little lessons! Whether it’s potty training, sharing, or working through feelings, you can sing and play through each learning experience with Daniel Tiger’s songs and videos for kids.

This parenting app offers a fun, educational experience to help your child learn and grow.

This educational app for kids and parents is simple, educational and entertaining . This family app features over three dozen Daniel Tiger songs, videos from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and helpful hints for parents about the skills children need to be ready for school and life.

Help your toddler grow and learn with Daniel Tiger. Sing along, play, and learn together with your child. Download Daniel Tiger for Parents today.

Daniel Tiger for Parents Features:

• Kids music: Over 30 of the most popular educational songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, covering important topics like feelings, self-control, and responsibility
• Kids videos: Over 60 free videos to watch and share with your child, showing how Daniel Tiger and his family use these songs

• Music for kids and videos help children learn important social-emotional skills like:
• Feelings
• Sharing
• Self-control
• Responsibility
• Potty training
• And more!

• Conversation starters & parenting tips with practical ways to use Daniel Tiger songs in everyday life
• All kids songs include a custom picture frame to take photos, capture the moment, and share with friends and family

• Available in English and Spanish

Help your toddler practice important social and emotional skills with free songs and videos from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. There’s a Daniel Tiger song for every moment – you can share each learning experience with your child using the Daniel Tiger for Parents app.


Daniel Tiger for Parents is based on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, produced by The Fred Rogers Company. For decades, Fred Rogers and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood helped generations of parents and children navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and this app extend that philosophy to empower parents and caregivers with confidence in their ability to help their children learn important social and emotional skills.
For more family fun with Daniel Tiger, visit pbskids.org/daniel

Daniel Tiger for Parents is part of PBS KIDS’ ongoing commitment to helping kids build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. PBS KIDS, the number-one educational media brand for kids, offers all children the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and digital media, as well as community-based programs.

Across all media platforms, PBS KIDS is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for children and families and being transparent about what information is collected from users. To learn more about PBS KIDS’ privacy policy, visit pbskids.org/privacy.


New Grr-ific songs and videos!


40 comentarios en "Daniel Tiger for Parents MODDED"

  1. UPDATE: the issue in question appears to have been resolved as of 12/13/18. My kids were THRILLED to have the “make believe” portion back. We use this app every day for dealing with feelings and daily routines. Highly recommend! I have loved this app and use it regularly with my 2 and 4 year olds. They love it too. Recently though the “related videos” portion of the app has stopped working and leads to a lot of frustration from my kiddos. I’ve updated, restarted, and even uninstalled and re installed the app. I emailed the developer, but did not hear back. If it gets fixed, this is a 5 star app.

  2. Love It, but Please Add New Songs!! We love using the app and having songs for so many important self-regulation moments and pre-planning for activities. However, the app hasn’t been updated with new songs since 2019, and we really need the song about finding something to do if your parents are working to be ready to hand in this Covid/quarantine work from home moment!!

  3. Used to love playing this for my son. Now most of the videos wont play and display a black screen. Only a few random ones and its difficult just trying to figure out which ones. Our favorite bedtime routine does not play anymore. I tried redownloading and that didnt fix the problem.

  4. Rachel L dice:

    Love the app, and the show. I have to pause videos to let them load, but other than that it’s great. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she sings “grown ups come back” all the time. I babysat a kid of the same age, and when he cried for his dad my little one sang to him to help him feel better. Only thing missing from the app is a song about what to do when you can’t have your way..I saw the show and loved it, wish it were on here. Also there needs to be a show about being tired/grumpy and how naps help!

  5. Love this app. You can find songs based on topic and play them easily. I use the app with my toddler and have also used it in my work as a K-2 school counselor, including students with autism. The songs are catchy and easy to remember which makes them perfect teaching tools. They’re like auditory social stories

  6. It’s great to have easy access to the songs my child loves. It would be helpful to be able to repeat a song. For example the cleanup song would be great to play on repeat until we are finished picking up our toys.

  7. My son absolutely LOVES this app! Daniel Tiger is a favorite for him and I love being able to have the songs available to help him remember the lessons. My only complaint is; my son has asked, and I do wish that the app updated with more recent Daniel Tiger songs and clips as well (especially the ones about Max). Other than that, I have no complaints and we love the app! 😊

  8. This is the best app besides the PBS video app. My kid’s are NOT extra whiny because of daniel (like a previous review said) they have been watching for years. They have learned so many great lessons from Daniel Tiger, I love that he teaches patience, sharing and how to be gentle and play nice with the baby. It helps my 3 and 4 yr olds to play different with their 1 yr old brother and with the new baby that’s coming. Thank you PBS.

  9. Amber dice:

    Good but as a parent I’d love to have the new songs on the app. Saw one on the show yesterday morning I could have used with my child. Please update with new songs!!!

  10. An absolutely fantastic app. I use it as a mini incentive for when my little one needs a little bit of extra motivation. The sins and lessons ate brief and valuable.

  11. it’s labeled as a “for parents” app but my 4yr old son LOVES THIS APP. It has all his favorite songs from the show OFF-LINE (videos require internet) & he can easily switch between languages.

  12. I’m here you guys having issues I think this relates to childhood because people don’t watch this anymore. We need to say it’s best just problems now. Screens you watch don’t work no new songs and others. The phone is broken and then we quit and whenever go back to this app and their issues again 😒 🙄 😑 🙃 😪 😔

  13. 5 star if you can help me get the videos to play, my daughter loves this app just because of the audio so getting videos to play will be a huge bonus, I’ve tried multiple times uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy

  14. My son loves this app. It has helped him here and at school. As well as his classmates in his Intensive Support class. However, I cannot save to SD card. My son’s phone has very limited memory. How do I go about saving this to the SD card? I cannot update the phone and he only has a handful of apps.

  15. Reinforce or teach the lessons in the song right at the moment it’s most applicable. Awesome! Technology for our little ones used so appropriately!

  16. First time mom of an almost 2 year old. This app has made my morning routine bearable. It was always a huge struggle and now I play the morning routine song, she sings along and we are back on track with a cooperative toddler. Same for the nightime routine.

  17. Up until recently this app worked well and was part of our nighttime ritual… Lately the “Watch With Your Kids” video just gives a black screen. I even deleted the app and reinstalled. No dice. Help?!

  18. The videos don’t play! just a black screen, with an active pause button and the rest buttons just freezed. [in respond to developer question] Actually non of them work for me.

  19. So amazing. It is great for kids and for parents. Not any parent is perfect. This app does help me be more consistent and helps with parent tips.

  20. I downloaded this app and when I opened it and opened it every time after, it always kept saying “Unfortunately DT Parents has stopped” and wouldn’t let me in. If you can please fix this, I will give this app 5 stars. Thank you.

  21. Eman M dice:

    This app is great and all but the only problem is when I want to watch a video it doesn’t work the screen just all goes black but other than that the app is great please fix this problem

  22. Love this app and so does my son. It is exactly what they say. Watch short videos and learn lessons. It helps me vet my point across to my toddler. We sing the songs when circumstances need them.

  23. App functionality great- DT HORRIBLE!! do not reccomend! my child never watching again! Your own child will become a whiny little selfish brat! He throws tantrums and teaches u to stomp your feet and mom tiger doesn’t let daniel b independent!Makes him change how he n his friends play so a baby can play too! And the”take turn”lesson is the worst!If kid playing with a toy y should they give it up after only 5 min of play?!not teaching patience and waiting turns at all! Horrific life lessons!!

  24. So far, I loooove this app!! Super simple and easy to use and the biggest perk………. It has helped stop some meltdowns in their tracks!!! The kiddo loves Daniel Tiger so it was perfect I found this.

  25. This app’s videos are no larger playing/loading. Merely a black screen please fix issue. It”s been like this for a month.

  26. My daughter loves this app , and I think it Is pretty cool and the app is easy to navigate and this app teaches children how to handle different situations.

  27. Jenelle dice:

    This is a great app. I wish it had songs from newer episodes but I imagine that’s probably a licensing thing.

  28. We’ve loved the app but none of the videos work anymore which is too bad because my kids love them. tried reinstalling and its still not working

  29. I absolutely love this app!! my son is 3 yrs old and autistic, we have had a ton of success by aid of this app. I would be interested if you have other apps. ☆☆☆☆☆

  30. great app and very helpful for my toddlers but a few new daniel tiger episodes just aired and I would love the new songs to be added to the app.

  31. I love being able to review the songs with my daughter, but I wish it was updated with the current songs.

  32. I had to download again and all pictures gone. Since re download it picture come out blank. Now videos not playing. Please fix bug.

  33. i push on the video to play it and it only gives me a black screen, no sound, and only the ability to push pause and play to no reaction.

  34. Tom and Angela the best of luck with that said Ben Becca the same time as the most HankandGinger the best of all time, I have to do. the other side of the best way. it was great and we are not a big difference between the two

  35. great idea, beats writing lyrics in my phone’s notepad. need Episode 307 “big enough to figure out what to do”. thanks so much.

  36. I love this game personally I think it’s a good games for when I’m feeling like bad I think it’s a really good for young kids under 6 years old I think.

  37. Love this! So helpful for children and grandchildren to teach moderation of emotions and feelings.

  38. All videos aren’t working it just a black screen with pause bottom only songs are working

  39. Vhildren love it and it will help the adults learn a few manners tword there children too. For example they have feeling too. Just in case they were oddly not awear of that matter.

  40. I love this app! My son loves to hear the song clips, especially since he likes to finish Daniel Tiger sayings and songs!

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