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Shared organization. Create family chores, homework, calendar events, and meals.
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Family Tools is more than a chore or calendar app. The app has the ability to organize and manage chores, homework, todo’s, lists, calendaring, recipes, and meal planning—all in real-time. A family planner that keeps everyone up to date and on the same page.

🧹 Tasks – Chores, Homework, Todo’s
– Create and organize chores, homework, todo’s
– Assign a specific day or do it anytime
– Make them reoccur daily, weekly, or monthly

📅 Calendar – Family Shared Calendar
– Everyone can create and view calendar items
– Make one-time, daily, and weekly events
– Integrate with your Google calendar

📋 Lists – Share the Grocery List
– Create custom lists
– Add custom sections or categories
– Create a list for such things as groceries, ideas, or packing

🚀 Plans – Bring it All Together
– Plan family events, such as parties, trips, and projects
– Bring the power of calendar, tasks, and list items together—seamlessly
– Break down large events to consumable steps

🍴 Meal Planner & Recipe Book – Easier Dinners
– Quickly generate a meal calendar for the family
– Add recipes and tag them for easy access and use
– Export meal items to your grocery list in seconds

🎁 Rewards – More Fun = More Done
– Keep children engaged with a fun and engaging reward system
– Reward all types of effort
– Unlock customization options, such as icons and color schemes

📲 Notifications
– Customize which notifications you want to receive and adjust them whenever you want
– Receive notifications for day-to-day items, like calendar events.
– Stay informed when someone assigns you a task or when a child completes their homework

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For You, and You, and Yes, Even All of You
– Organize and assign tasks, events, and lists to one person, multiple people, or everyone
– Parents can have both family and private lists, events, and tasks

👶 Child Accounts
– Add child accounts without email addresses
– Share the same device

More unity is something we all need, and the Family Tools organizer is here to make it easier. Same page, one family, whenever, wherever.

Available in Free and Premium versions.



This update allows users to preview and set rewards from the level-up window. Some minor bugs were also addressed to improve stability of the app.


21 comentarios en "Family Tools: Family Organizer FULL"

  1. This is an amazing app I am so glad that I found it. It is rare to find an app that actually benefits my life. I am currently on the 14-day free trial but will be paying for a full year of service as soon as that is up. The only thing that I found slightly frustrating where the filter options, and it looks like you guys plan to address that in a future update with the calendar however I would like to see the filter options available for all categories within the app like chores and to do list.

  2. I use this app every day. I love that i can create an assignment or a routine or a large project or a shopping list and easily check things off as they are done. If the assignment or routine is needed to be done every day or once a week, the task shows up again on the day it is to be done. A simple check and the and all the accomplishment feelings are made happy. Plus with the gamifying feature each task made and done gets a person closer to leveling up. 4 stars since calendar isnt consistent.

  3. Helps our family get chores done. I love the homework feature. I can add homework for my kids to do. I can filter by subject or child. I can easily move things to a new day if needed. It is very flexible. Great to keep track of due dates. Lists section is good for grocery lists. Everyone can add to the grocery list when they realize there is something needed. You can have a Sams club list or a clothing list. You can also create packing lists for your kids. It has been really nice that way.

  4. Love the separate profiles and the incentive feature. Wish I could add a child’s number to their Gizmo watch for notifications.

  5. Great app, love the setup only on free version currently. Would love to go to paid subscription, only thing holding me back is lack of compatibility with other devices. Unable to download on ipad or chrome book and kids don’t have mobiles so to get more freedom for them to complete tasks would need to put on another home device. I hope the designers look at this soon.

  6. T. W. dice:

    need option for Multiple Reminders on each calendar event & more color selections within app (black background, & modern colors) – otherwise seems like a good app so far

  7. I dont usually leave a review but this app is really great. I downloaded it this morning and I love it so far. My daughter is 9 and we are homeschoolers and with this app i can list her daily assignments ,chores , daily errands, grocery list, everything and she can learn to organize her day and ours as a family and complete her school work and chores. I do wish I could list her grades for each assignment.

  8. I like most aspects of this app. It would be nice if there was a ‘wall’ platform to post messages. I don’t particularly like the ‘achievement’s’ feature.

  9. I have this on my tablet and I love it!!! Helps keep me organized! I’m getting it for the rest of the family!! The only disappointing thing is I wish you could add family pics to the avatars and main family page 😔 other than that, wonderful app!!

  10. Could have been good but calendar events only allow weekly repeats. No good if you want fortnightly/monthly repeats on calendar events so deleted as useless without custom options.

  11. Support is great at answering messages but the app is quite buggy. I can’t reset my password. App is blank when I open it. Can’t delete members. App won’t send email to reset member.

  12. Pretty good app! But I dont like kids can just click return to parent account without a password or anything!! But otherwise this app is pretty good.

  13. Scolio dice:

    Can’t even sign up. When I tried accepting the terms and agreements it highlight around the box but doesn’t check it. The hecks going on here?

  14. The app cannot link to Google calendar, large problem for me. The point concept was intriguing.

  15. I love this app! It is such a great tool for household management with teens. Not only that, but customer support is phenomenal.

  16. Downloaded the app, it told me it failed to register and it wouldn’t tell me why…so it didn’t last long.

  17. Great App to use if you have a large family.

  18. Beautiful app and fun to use.

  19. The best app that I have ever used.

  20. D H dice:

    Couldn’t signup

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