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Hubble Connected presents HubbleClub – an app that allows you to monitor, track, and get notified about important alerts related to your loved one’s safety and well-being.

The HubbleClub app allows you to connect to the new line of Hubble Connected products in our ecosystem and stream them on your phone plus you can review summaries and insights about your little loved one’s wellbeing regularly. Receive sound, motion, and temperature alerts in real-time straight to your smartphone.

With Hubble Connected, you can also stay connected to your loved one on-the-go with features like

– Secure Live Streaming
– Video Recording during live feeds
– Two-way talk
– Soothing lullabies and audiobooks
– Extended camera sharing with friends and family
– Motion activated video recordings
– Secure Cloud Video Storage
– Online Sleep Consultant
– Growth and Development tracker
– Keep track of pumping durations, feeding times, sleep schedules, diaper changes and overall growth and development
– Plus lots of premium parenting reads and video content for you

Get fresh content and parenting reads, videos and more on the app to put the joy back in your parenting.

Hubble Connected’s products have been recognized and awarded in various categories including

– Mom’s Choice Awards 2022 GOLD recipients
– Mother & Baby Awards UK 2023 GOLD Winners – Best baby monitor category
– National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) 2023 Winners
– Which? Best Buy Awards 2023 in Baby Monitor Category
– Women’s Health 2021 CES awards winners
– Wired best of 2021 CES
– Good Housekeeping Editors’ Pick 2021
– Parents best Family Tech at CE
– IBT Best of CES 2021
– CES Innovation awards 2021 Honoree

Hubble Connected’s apps have also been topping lists and are consistently featured in the below categories :

– Top Apps Overall in Video Chatting category
– Top Apps in Video Chatting category
– Lifestyle apps in Tools & Utilities category

We have it all covered so you don’t have to do this alone. Bringing you the peace of mind you deserve,

– Team Hubble Connected

Please leave us a review on the play store if you liked our app. For other feedback, please write to our support team at [email protected]


Connect to the new line of Hubble Connected Nursery products that allows you to watch over your little ones and stream video feed anytime and from anywhere. Review daily summaries, sleep insights about your little one's wellbeing.


40 comentarios en "HubbleClub By Hubble Connected MODDED 2022"

  1. N dice:

    Since purchasing I have been able to successfully use the monitor ONE TIME. Since it has somehow disconnected from server. I have tried for weeks but, no matter what I do, power down…Reset my phone…Delete and reinstall the app…Paid for the premium account reluctantly….tried to connect directly to wifi…..I have not been able to reconnect the camera. Yet it still makes noise like it’s taking pictures. I am highly disappointed and annoyed.

  2. Maybe it’s just the android version but mine often says fails to add when I input something. Half of those times it actually did save what I logged and the other half I’ll have to go back and redo it. But the most annoying thing is how long it takes to load info. It’ll just say it’s “tracking” and I very often have to close the app and go back in for it to show. **** updated to 5 stars because customer service is a big thing and they promptly replied to my initial issue. Apps running better now

  3. So far the camera works well but does have a couple issues. The camera itself gets pretty hot and throws off the temperature reading so I don’t want to leave it on all the time. It also disconncts when noise is too high, im assuming it has to do with the temperature too. If it didn’t get hot id have scored it much higher. Its only reading around 85 but is starting to get higher the longer we have it on so i don’t feel comfortable leaving it on.

  4. The app is very frustrating to use and saves incorrect the data and won’t let you change it. For the baby scale whether I do an automatic save or manually, the date I put in gets changed to a different date, often off by one day, Even doing edit to fix it certain parts of the Apple still show it a different day. It also save as dd/mm/yy and not mm/dd/yy. Won’t let me save more than one weight per day (Even manually). May return scale and baby monitor, won’t be getting humidifier now.

  5. L C dice:

    So this is worrisome. There is a function (if you pay for the premium plan) to share your video with family/friends, set how long they control it, set what they can or can’t do. If you send to someone there is no way to remove the invite. The invite also stays open until they access the camera – not just the time allotted. Once they connect you can remove, but otherwise if you send an email to the wrong email address, then you are SOL waiting for them to connect. Help has been unhelpful so far

  6. It’s not acceptable that the camera disconnects and it doesn’t reconnect automatically or send an alert. My wifi works fine, but even if it disconnects for a second, the app needs to handle it properly. This device monitors infants, you would think it’d have better features in place. And yeah, the upgrade to allow others (like a babysitter) watch baby is a joke…we paid for the camera already.

  7. The actual handheld monitor and camera? Amazing, A+, 10/10 love them. The app? Unfortunately, complete garbage. It has never worked properly. Incredibly laggy and constantly says the camera is offline. It used to reconnect after turning off and on, but now I have to fully re-pair it and even then it rarely works. Please fix the app. This was not a cheap monitor, but purchased due to the app “capabilities” and I expected more.

  8. The entire product is misleading. There are many features not available without premium purchase. The ads on the app and the device are cumbersome and make it challenging to use. There is no way that I have found to ‘opt out’ of the premium services options and just use it in standard mode. I’m thoroughly frustrated and ready to return it to the store. Subscription services and devices are garbage. I never would have purchased if I had known it required an expensive subscription.

  9. Camera/app worked perfectly at first, which was enough to convince me to subscribe to the premium membership of the app. After being in contact with tech support (who just told me to turn it off and back on again) and trying everything I could think of, I ended up just exchanging the camera for a new one where I had purchased it. It hasn’t even been a month and the app is messing up again. Camera works fine. The app won’t let me change any settings, won’t play music, nothing. Very disappointed.

  10. I like the camera but the app needs work. I purchased the premium plan but I cant ever use any of the premium features because the camera is randomly offline according to the app even though I have the required internet speed and it’s working just fine and the camera is on (I can see it on the monitor). I want to control the camera from my phone, play white noise, record movements at night, etc. But i can’t most of the time because the camera is randomly offline all the time.

  11. Got this baby monitor for its connectability to the app. It’s been about 2 months and I wish I would of went with a different brand. It has trouble connected and staying connected. To get the full features of the app you pay monthly. If you want just a baby monitor with video there are better cheaper brands. Would not purchase again.

  12. My experience with this app has been horrendous!! It has gone down 3 times and when contacting support, you don’t get a response for days and when you finally get a response they respond by asking you to send more info which in turn doesn’t get you another response for more days and when they finally fix it, it goes down again and the same thing all over again. For a camera that cost $250, this app and camera should be working perfectly with no issues! It feels like a cheap knock off!

  13. I’m not completely satisfied with the price of the subscriptions.. which may be a completely fair price, however, there is quite the competition and these prices don’t come close to actually competing with others. Nonetheless, the quality is less than desirable when in zoom. However, I do like hubble apps, they are very easy to use. Love the little games that are available in the monitor, great idea.. I’ve been a hubble customer for years. I have seen quite the improvement and hope to see more.

  14. Edit: I was using the most up to date version, and that is what caused me to have to open and close multiple times in order to view live monitoring. I reverted back to an old version as a last ditch effort. Terrible ux, somehow gets worse. The interface has never been great, hard to boot up after being in privacy mode. Lately I’ve had to open and close the app several times before I can view live monitoring. The app sure can send me ads for premium with no issues though.

  15. The cameras use to work great then about 3 months later the app doesn’t connect to the cameras. I paid for premium and now the cameras don’t connect. I’ve contacted them and tried everything they suggested to no avail it’s a rip off because they won’t help you other devices are running on the same Wi-Fi so it’s not the wifi or a power issue it’s a service issue that they have yet to fix. So if your looking to only use these cameras for a month or two they are perfect if not your better without.

  16. Stan K dice:

    Good video quality A little bit of lag when using the microphone to talk from phone to camera or starting/stopping the sounds on the camera unit (that could be caused by the phone, app, or camera – not a big deal though) The only gripe I have is the video recordings. The built-in player doesn’t allow you to go back and forth using the time slider, it’s always moving forward. It’s impossible to skip a video. Also I can’t view the recordings on my video gallery for some reason. Still, ok app

  17. Ten minutes after starting the camera the software bugs started to show, and they were glaring. This company must have zero quality control. It picks up hum from its own internal power supply and gives noise alerts once a minute through the night. The privacy mode doesn’t work and alerts get through anyway. The controls are reversed when ceiling mounted (and ceiling mount is selected). And that’s just the first of many things. Camera was exchanged for vtech model and I recommend you do as well.

  18. Complete and utter garbage! I’ve had this camera for 3 months and I wish I would have bought anything else. The handheld works great for just video, but when I go to use the app it all goes to hell. Once I logged into the app the built in sounds on the monitor stop working, the app works for maybe a day and constantly says “connecting” then ” connection failed”, and then you can’t do anything on the app as well… I’m very disappointed in this and will never buy another product of theirs again.

  19. Eran Duh dice:

    SAVE YOUR$! Absolutely nothing works. I have to close out everything just to open the app. The camera moves by iteself and never stays in the position i face it in. Voice button doesnt work and is mad delayed and very muddy sounding when it does work. The music also sounds like mud. And the controls to move the camera view up down side to side only works when it wants to. Which is also very delayed when it does work. Id give a serious rate of 1/10 for all that this camera has falsely advertised.

  20. It’s a really good app! Very simple and straightforward to use. The response time for moving the camera and recording audio can be pretty slow, but that’s not a big deal. The thing that is frustrating is that so many of the apps features are blocked unless you pay an additional fee. If this were just a stand alone app, it would make perfect sense, but since we’ve already spent quite a few dollars on Hubble products it feels a bit like highway robbery.

  21. HS Ayril dice:

    Network connection on this sucks, bad. I have one wall separating the camera and my router and could only get a 63% signal strength. Everything else in my home that uses 2.4gz network has 0 problems connecting. There is NO option in the app to manage and change your wifi connection, you either have to delete the device and start fresh or, that’s it. After that, it will range anywhere from 1-5 tries to successfully scan the QR code.

  22. Video quality is amazing! Yes there is a minimal delay (maybe 1 to 2 seconds) when it comes to either controlling the camera and/or sounds and movements. The ability to log any and all things normally recorded is fantastic (ie: diapering, feeding amnts/times,sleeping times etc). The short reads available to help parents are helpful. The only reason I gave a 4 🌟 rating is that in order for my husband to be able to log what he needs to he has to log in under my accnt instead of having his own.

  23. The app and the product, or a combination of the two are absolutely garbage. It works randomly and intermittently, but other than that it says connecting. When you buy a baby monitor for your infant you expect it to work consistently and reliably. I wish I had read the reviews on this app before making the purchase. Unless I can get some answers from customer support and resolve the issue will more than likely be returning this product.

  24. Duck Boss dice:

    Works great for what it is intended for. Response time on Camara movement could be a little quicker, but it is more of a constructive criticism than anything. The app is set up great and the overall controls are easy to grasp. I’d definitely recommend the camera and app combo to any new parent like myself who wants a little extra peace of mind with a new born.

  25. Anytime you go onto the app it always says it’s offline or can’t connect. When I close the app out several time it’s finally online only for my camera to be moving back to where I had it set too. I’ve watched the camera and it just turns and whatnot when your not paying attention to it. Will not be getting this camera again. I wanted to return it but my husband said we can try to make it work. I’m always getting so frustrated with it….

  26. Notifies me constantly for motion during the day despite there be no one in the room. I set “baby zone”. No difference. It is supposed to record motion when she is moving during the night. When checking the saved videos from motion, she is not moving at all during the clip. It records AFTER there is motion and not the motion itself. Emailed them a week ago about issues, no response. They want you to pay 50 a year for options that don’t even work. I wish I got something else.

  27. This app has a lot a of great ideas for features, but a lot of the UI is laggy or just unresponsive. The sleep tracker is unusable. When you make an account, you will start getting push notifications to upgrade to their premium service (not sure if you can turn this off from within the app).

  28. Awesome system! Just installed it and was able to monitor on smartphone while en route several miles away. Audio is clear. Video is clear. What a great idea. Easy to use once you get through the pairing process but worth the effort to keep multiple family members connected. Will see how it does over time.

  29. Truly a terrible app and the customer service is slower than slow. My camera stopped working and it took nearly 3 months of constant back and forth emailing…EMAILING. Not even a rep to answer questions over the phone or trouble shoot the app or camera. Going back to the app, constantly says it’s offline, I have to close out and restart at least 4-7 times to get it to work. Save your self frustration and just return it and get a full refund while you can.

  30. This app is complete junk. It keeps changing from f° to C° by itself no matter how many times I change it. It takes forever for me to get on livestream. I wish I wouldn’t have spent the money on this piece of junk. It also has a very terrible picture, and it goes off all the time when nothing is moving or no sound is being made

  31. Absolutely love all the free options with this monitor! It has been great for my daughter being a new mommy! I love that I can check on him from anywhere as well! She uses all of the tracking features to see patterns in his eating and her pumping. It is a very awesome all in one device! Also love how this grows with them and turns into a bright and cheerful wake up alarm for them! The only thing I don’t like is that the camera records and views upside down. Where was this when I had babies!?

  32. Chris H dice:

    The technology and convenience behind this app and hardware is just amazing. The simplicity of it all has me wanted to explore their other projects because I have other camera solutions but they are not nearly as user-friendly or as efficient. I am extremely impressed with the company software and products and would highly recommend any parent purchase knowing that the products are solid and the support is there if you need them! I don’t often do these reviews but this company deserves it.

  33. The camera seems to work fine the device itself is low quality video but much clearer on your phone. The whole premium experience being shoved down your throat every step of the way is beyond annoying. You click anything it wants to remind you of premium. If you don’t sign up they send a survey asking why. It’s an expensive camera and your premium options aren’t worth the extra fees. 60/120 second saved recording aren’t worth it nor is baby zone or whatever you call it.

  34. We thought the app looked pretty cool when we first got our monitor and set it up in the nursery. (baby is still sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom). During initial testing though, the monitor would alret us to sound when the dog barked, or alert us to motion if one of us walked by. All good! Our first issue came after about a month. The night vision would randomly click on and off and sometimes, resulting in a motion alert, and now motion and sound alerts sometimes don’t work at all…

  35. Great app! Suggestions from a user who uses it everyday: – after adding daily data on feeding and diaper tracking, it takes too long to load all data so I can add more. Especially when 2 different phones are being used. My suggestion is to load only the last 24h at first. Nobody needs to see the whole data every time I am entering a new diaper change, for example. – it would be awesome if I could add feeding and diaper change data using Google home integration.

  36. The monitor is just what we wanted and the app is useful. HOWEVER, it is a real shame that it can be really inefficient. If you play music it can be a real chore to turn it off without restarting the app a few times and turning the camera on and off and waiting for the app to reconnect, for example. Like I said, the app is a blessing when it works however it really does need some behind the scenes work to make it more accessible to users.

  37. Update: Jan 20223 No longer receiving ANY alerts. False alerts. Motion alerts go off over nothing no matter the setting. I get sound detected but cant play audio. The night vision doesn’t turn on/off when on auto. Having paid over $200 for a baby monitor you would think it would include the extra features that the app and parent device is able to do. But the camaera image is good and i love how i can watch the camera on my phone. Battery life seems to be good when unpluged.

  38. Returned the monitor. the microphone only transmits sound when IT thinks it hears something. My son was kicking his bed without making vocal sounds and it didn’t pick anything up. Not ideal if your son is having a seizure! Sound quality is very poor if it picks something up and not very loud at all. The app lags and is unstable. And currently I’m unable to delete my account, says there is a problem and try again 🤦‍♂️So glad I have my money back.

  39. Pretty solid so long as you have a good wifi connection I really enjoy that it records when it detects movement. Lots of great features. There is a paid version I haven’t tried but the free version is pretty good might have to upgrade sometime.

  40. App has good features and works pretty welll. But info or help on how to use is very bad!!! Everything is a guess. And if you have problems…the tech team is pretty responsive to fix or replace your items. But getting to them is hidden.

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