Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC). ASD MOD


Test for autistic signs with tracking dynamics. Autistic spectrum disorder test
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Hello, I am the father of a girl with autism. This application was made by me to help other parents of children with ASD and professionals dealing with autistic children.
The application is based on the ATEC test from the American Autism Research Institute. It is designed for children from 5 to 12 years.

But you can pass the test for children 3-4 years old before visiting a doctor and getting an official diagnosis to dispel or confirm your fears.

If a child is younger than 3 years old, the test is strictly irrelevant.
For children from one and a half to three years, use the quick test M-CHAT-R:

How does the test work?

The test is used to assess the dynamics of improvements in children with autism or also for initial testing of children who may have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Basically, the lower the score, the fewer the problems.

Thus, if a person scores a ’20’ on one day, and then a ’15’ two weeks later, then the individual showed improvement. In contrast, if the score was ’30’, then the individual’s behavior worsened.

For more correct scores, it is better if different people in contact with the child take the test. For example, if on the same day dad, mom, and specialist in the rehabilitation center give different answers, you will get a different number of points. The application will calculate the average score on that day and show it on the chart.

The ATEC test is not a medical diagnostic test!
The application is not intended to set the diagnosis. It basically provides several subscale scores as well as a total score to be used for comparison at a later date.

If you have scored more than 30 points, you should contact a specialist to make a survey and precise diagnosis.


Fixed various bugs, made minor improvements


23 comentarios en "Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC). ASD MOD"

  1. had to download to write a review but i dont plan on keeping the app. the title is centered around treating autism like its a disease, which its not. secondly, violence isnt something that comes with autism like the sample question implied. the tests dont have enough questions to get real answers. then showing the graph going down made it look like you wanted the child to be less autistic. it even had the graph divided into sections like moderate and mild when there is no more or less autistic.

  2. This is a great app to help maintain focus in specific areas of interest helping that overwhelmed feeling when a million resources are being thrown at you. Helps to focus in on the SPECIFIC needs of your child/children when the amount of “help” out there is so vast and so little of it pertains to MY CHILD’S challenges. Time is VERY precious to parents of children with autism challenges. This helps weed through what’s not relevant to us.

  3. Reviewing as an adult with autism in response to both this app and reading the backlash in your reviews. I would like to say that while I think some of this backlash is overboard (this is a very useful app for parents who get unessacary backlash for providing helpful therapy to their autistic children, often times in their journey finding that they too are autistic) the only problem is you still have not removed autism speaks references.

  4. I like the app it is easy to complete the questions but it should have different age appropriate questions to diagnose adults and children. This app is just for children but it makes no obvious awareness before you start. Not everyone has the fortune of being diagnosed in childhood

  5. Very important and useful, quick tool. Actually, it should be a national programme to promote it particularly in the areas where parents do not have access to basic advice .

  6. You have questions that I don’t understand the words and/or words in that sentence because I have a comprehension of a 5 yrs old (I’m 43yrs old) and I need it to be broken down for a 3yr old, and the answer does not make any sense because I don’t understand if I’m doing it right because you don’t have a “?” to click on to explaining what you mean or how to answer! Please fix this problem and respond to this message on your app review please 🙏!

  7. I am pretty shocked at your unprofessional dick responses to the critical reviews so I’m leaving this one star because I think you are trashy and seem very unsympathetic for someone creating an app that is meant to benefit autistic persons. My advice? Get over yourself.

  8. P. S. Thank you for your reply, I am a mother of a kid with autism, bringing him from low functioning to high functioning. I am just telling you that this questionnaire does not work. No age is mentioned and this can also confuse parents. I like your work and attempts. Pls contact me, we might do some apps together. I have a lot to share.

  9. Great app, accurate and easy to use

  10. bubbles dice:

    This is for worrying mothers that love their phones… do not use, you should of been to a doctor by now if your asking these questions, how is this app allowed

  11. This app is very stereotypical and ableist with the questions

  12. Will dice:

    Wrong and stereotypical questions. NOT FOR ACTUALLY AUTISTIC INDIVIDUALS.

  13. A E I O U and. Some. Times. YYYYYYYYYYY!


  15. I Have Asperger’s Syndrome!!!

  16. Pesab Mat dice:

    I Dream Thursday Amira Friday Makan Malam Saturday Autism Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

  17. Personnellement je fais le test régulièrement pour contrôler le développement de mon enfant trouve qu’elle est intéressante merci beaucoup

  18. Было бы здорово если бы еще добавили русский язык

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