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With TuneIn, stream local AM/FM stations (plus 100,000+ global stations) on all your devices, plus live news, game-winning sports coverage, music for every mood, podcasts for every passion, and more.


Your Radio. Your Music. All Live.
Listen to local stations live from your phone or tablet with 100,000+ international AM/FM stations from more than 197 countries.
Find your vibe with exclusive music stations including Today’s Hits, Classic Hits, Smooth Jazz, and more.
Stream iHeartRadio’s top stations online from around the US including 106.7 Lite FM, Power 105.1, KOST 103.5, 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles, 93.9 Lite FM, 98.1 The Breeze, 104.3 MYfm KBIG, and more.

The News You Need:
Stream the networks you trust, all in one place: CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, NPR, BBC, CNBC, and more.
Stay informed 24/7 with local, national, and global sources.
Top news radio from KQED-FM, WNYC-FM, WBEZ Chicago, WTOP Washington DC, and more.Find the stories you want with top news podcasts like New York Times’ The Daily, NPR’s Up First, and more.

Top Sports Content
Listen to the biggest games from international leagues including MLB, NFL, NHL, College Sports, Racing, and more.
Stream your favorite sports talk radio stations, online, right from all your devices, including ESPN Radio, talkSPORT, Fox Sports Radio, and your favorite local shows.
Follow your team all season long with gametime notifications and customized content right from the app.
Stay in the game all day long with sports podcasts, on-demand, including Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, First Take, The Bill Simmons Podcast, Pardon My Take, and more.

Podcasts for Every Passion
Hear the world’s biggest shows including Stuff You Should Know, Wow in the World, Hidden Brain, and more.
Fill your commute or your workout with top global podcasts.
Pick up where you left off and stream online or offline episodes.

Listen On All Your Devices, Everywhere
TuneIn goes where you go on smartphones, tablets, and more.
Kick your listening into high-gear with deep automotive compatibility via Android Auto, plus native support on Tesla, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rivian, and more.Cue up TuneIn with your voice and stream on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and Google Home speakers/displays.

Upgrade to the optional TuneIn Premium plan for bonus content:
Live Sports: Hear home and away play-by-play of every MLB and NHL (no blackouts), plus college sports and racing, and ESPN Radio commercial-free.
All News, No Commercials: Remove the ads on all your favorite news networks and hear 5+ hours of bonus content every day on CNBC, CNN, FOX News Radio, MSNBC, and more.
Nonstop, Ad-Free Music: Enjoy curated music stations without commercials.
Fewer Ads on All Stations: Hear 100,000+ radio stations with fewer commercials.

*Subscribe to TuneIn Premium through the free app. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a monthly or annual subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your subscription will automatically renew every month or year at the then-current subscription fee unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current subscription period. Your Google Play account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the then-current period. The subscription fee will be charged monthly or annually according to your subscription. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your Google Play account settings.

Privacy policy: http://tunein.com/policies/privacy/
Terms of use: http://tunein.com/policies

TuneIn uses Nielsen measurement software which allows you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about Nielsen’s products and your privacy, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.


We're always working to improve your experience.

What's new with this release:
• Audible Original podcasts come to TuneIn with titles like Keke Palmer's "Hit Job."
• Highlighting Black History Month across TuneIn
• Live NASCAR action returns
• Fixes that improve design and performance.

Love TuneIn? Share your experience by writing a review. For technical help, please email [email protected].


40 comentarios en "TuneIn Radio: News, Music & FM MOD"

  1. I’ve had it for years on my Kindle Fires, and on my phones. I loved it. But when I put it on my phone; it tries to force you into a trial period with no “skip this, not now, close,” or any way to move on. After the most recent update it fails to open my streams from NPR. I’ve had issues with it over the last few months that made starting a stream take 5 – 10 minutes to get going. So, with great regret I’m deleting it from and getting a Bluetooth Radio. 😥

  2. I use to love this app & had TuneIn Radio for years now. Found some of my favorite radio stations from all over. But I’m going to delete it. First, it does not shutdown when I close it. It will connect automatically to my car, which I like, but will continue to play on my phone when I leave my car. I have to go through the whole shutdown process. Finally, what’s driving me over the edge is TuneIn Radio’s commercials. They cutoff songs I’m listening to & I have to listen to 2 sets of commercials

  3. 3 minutes of news for 20 minutes of commercials. The same commercials actually play back to back! It was definitely different with Premium, but that continues to get more expensive every month… And they play ads even when you pay NOT to hear them!!! I used to love this app,but I find myself searching for a replacement…

  4. Good with a few problems. Please bring the stop button back. The pause function doesn’t work for radio stations, it just skips to live stream after about 15 mins but even if more buffer is selected. The new station view makes the station icon too small to see. The show descriptions are never updated even years later.

  5. Jeni dice:

    Thanks for restoring the FF/REW buttons. Now, there are two new issues. 1. The app doesn’t shut down when you close it and continues running in the background. 2. All of the NPR shows pages are suddenly wrong. For example on Weekend Edition Sunday, when the show is airing, the page no longer shows any of the stations that it’s playing on, and this is the case for all of the NPR shows.

  6. The radio itself works great. the sound is good and it’s quite reliable, it doesn’t crash or very rarely crashes. The only issue now is that they implemented their own ads in the app because greed finally made it’s way to this aoo as well. So, having their ads + the usuall ads from the radio stations themselves makes it quite annoying now. I’ll look for another option. Too bad

  7. Review: Paid for premium, still get commercials on premium stations. Update: “This is a known issue that our Developers are aware of. We’re working to resolve the problem and hope to have it fixed in an upcoming release”. Oh, okay then. Update2 1/31/23: it was better for a while, but for about a week now, they’ve been playing ads on ALL the premium stations. If I could give this app negative stars, I would.

  8. It’s a great app, but they play a disproportionate amount of WGU ads. Like six consecutive ads, and sometimes as many as ten in a commercial break. I don’t mind commercials, but the same ads over, and over, and over again are annoying. I don’t like commercial free, either though.lol Maybe there should be a $5/mo plan where you still hear commercials, but you don’t have to hear any WGU ads.

  9. Since the end of January 2023 the app is buffing every 90 seconds to 5 minutes, it is very annoying when you are trying to listen to a hockey game. And before you ask I have set the app to the low bandwidth buffer 30 seconds before playing and buffer 30 min backup. This only started at the end of January, I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app and restarted my device nothing works to fix the buffing issue!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s so sad that I had to change my review from 5 stars to 2 stars. It was a great platform for aggregating the streaming services I enjoyed. Recently they started inserting advertisements into the music. While this many be fine for some, I like ambient music and it is horrid to have the music put me into a mood, then suddenly have someone yell at me to buy something. I’ve used this app for years but now need to move everything over to another app that will not do this.

  11. aronpol1 dice:

    I used the app for 9 years with no issues, but since about October, every time I use it, it interrupts programming after about 15-20 minutes to play an unending stream of commercials. Literally unending. I once kept it on for 10 minutes just to test it, before finally giving up and closing it. This is just for the physical phone app. Still works fine on my Alexa.

  12. TD Gailey dice:

    The app has turned into total garbage. It interrupts what I’m listening to, to insert 3-5 local ads twice an hour in addition to the ads that come with the local station I’m listening to already. Other people are complaining about this too. I hate this app now. I used to LOVE the app. If I can figure a way to listen to a certain stations without TuneIn, I’ll delete the app. They keep making changes that make the app worse.

  13. Why they would delete a radio station, especially a news talk radio station, is beyond me. I’ve used this app for years, listening to said station. The interface changed a few months ago, and it was starting to be not worth using. They fixed it and it was even better than before. Now this, what’s next. When you have such high reviews, why are you guys even changing anything. I am ready to delete and move on.

  14. The same exact ad just plays over and over during ad breaks. Sometimes there might be 1 other ad but it’s usually just the same one 5 or 6 times in a row. I’ve stopped using the app because it’s just too annoying. If it just played ads like normal I would keep using it. It’s been like this for over a year on more than one phone I’ve had so it doesn’t look like they’re trying to fix it at all.

  15. I had used the TuneIn app to listen to Aarvark Blues and it was really good. Then about October last year with one of the updates, it has loaded the listening pleasure down with commercials. The usual was fine, but now it interrupts a song with 5 or 6 commercials, the app has become trash and I’m contemplating uninstalling it…

  16. I used to love this app. I listen to OTR programs. But I can’t listen to them on here anymore because of the constant random commercial interruptions during the program. I would be engaged in a story. Suddenly right at the climax of the story commercial. Whats worse is when the commercials end I missed the ending, crucial part of the story, or another program starts because commercials took so long another program started 🤬. PLEASE FIX THIS! IM DELETING THE APP I CAN’T STAND THE INTERRUPTIONS!

  17. Great app, I probably use it more than any other app. It would be 5 stars other than issues with the auto play feature. It says it can be turned off in the profile tab, under settings then slide to the off position. Have it set that way and it still randomly starts whenever phone connects to any device and plays even over audio from other apps including the phone in the car. The podcasts are great especially Tyrus and Timpf, and the Wisemen?

  18. I used to love this app. However, the random commercial interruptions have become unbearable. I will be listening to music, and out of nowhere, commercials start. 2-3 will play, and when they are done, I have missed most of the song. There are other music apps where I don’t have to deal with this. So long.

  19. WBP dice:

    It’s ok. It doesn’t crash all the time like it’s competitor, i♥️. It doesn’t require an email to use it, like i♥️does. It has most RADIO stations (real radio NOT sensationalized podcasts). EDIT: it’s become less enjoyable as it endlessly promotes orgovyx- literally every commercial break- sometimes twice. It has also started playing irritating long i♥️ podcast promos- sometimes bumping the stations actual broadcast. Today I missed half of a “block” because of a #$!@ podcast ad – I hate that.

  20. Fix the car mode! I have to go through profile, settings, full exit. And as soon as I get in my car it still starts automatically even with car mode shut off. Uninstalled and reinstalled so many times it doesn’t even matter now. There’s no way to shut this thing off in my car. I repeat car mode is off!

  21. I have used this app for many years with few issues. But now, I can be listening to WCPT & in the middle of an interview, a local ad will start playing, and I have to tap the WCPT icon again to stop the ad & return to my program often missing key information given in the interview. Fix this bug; it’s very distracting and is ruining this app. This is just one example. It happens on other channels too.

  22. I’ve used Tune In for ages to listen to old time radio. It’s nice because l have 6-12 stations all together. But I’m going to be downloading direct apps for them & listening that way instead of using Tune In. I get that you need to have ads but when you are listening to a mystery and the ad interrups the “whodunnit,” that ruins the show! You have plenty of ads when the station first starts up or when I change. That’s enough for the “free” version! (Today was *5*–EXACTLY at the reveal! 👿)

  23. Shell dice:

    For several years I’ve been paying for the premium subscription. The content is good but it’s still missing a simple user friendly way to shut this app off! It interferes with my GPS and can be dangerous when struggling to shut it off to get my GPS to resume while in extreme NYC traffic. Intermittently it starts up. I’ve written letters to customer service and they’ve done nothing to correct the situation.

  24. I’ve been using this app for years but now I’m on the verge of deleting it because they are now periodically bursting into the streams to run 2-3 ads, which completely messes it up. Especially annoying when they interrupt in the middle of a serial radio program, or when playing some relaxing music while trying to fall asleep. I don’t so much mind them running ads at the start of streaming, but don’t interrupt in the middle! I’ll either find a better app, or stream directly from source servers.

  25. I’ve been using the app for 4 years. I like it but there are some annoying “features.” 1) the screen won’t time out when the app is active. 2) the developers must have recently made a change. I used to search through my list of “recents” (there were about 20) to look for new episodes of my favorite podcasts. Now, the app only allows me to see the last four podcasts or stations I have listened to. This is not helpful!!

  26. Tune In is an amazing app. It does everything almost well. When listening to radio stations, sometimes you’ll see artist and title, but most of the time not. When asked, they blame the stations… All of them? When you choose podcasts to listen to, sometimes it will play the second, maybe even the third, but usually not. There is really nothing out there that can compete so I stay. 😱 Update: Radio FM is a suitable replacement for TuneIn. I can finally remove this thing.

  27. I had TuneIn premium for on reason: to be able to listen to any NFL game both in and out of market. This season that suddenly is no longer a feature. I can only hear in market games which I can listen to for free on the local radio station. With the loss of this feature and losing audiobooks a few years ago, I don’t see the benefit in paying for premium or even keeping the basic version.

  28. Used to be able to record, view the station’s schedule, etc. I had TuneIn Pro and it was great! However, now that they switched to a subscription format, my Pro status is worthless. It’s now an average radio app, perhaps all these features are still included if you’re a subscriber, but for those of us who had the paid app, this is a let down. Update it just started playing several minutes of ads mid-listening and then lost my buffer.

  29. Not loving the platform! I used the free version out of convenience even though the last few months it kept randomly stopping. Besides, I thought it was supported by the ads on the screen. Now, with the free version, they started broadcasting ads right in the middle of the songs! I dealt with having to restart the station every half hour or so but now I’m done. I have other sources and will use those instead. It’s radio, for heaven’s sake!

  30. Lately TuneIn has been inserting commercials every half-hour or so. I could handle that, except that it doesn’t pause the station I’m tuned to. So when it resumes after the commercial I miss a minute or two of programming. I listen to a lot of talk radio, so this new quirk makes it unusable. Sometimes the stream fails to resume following the commercials. I get it that commercial revenue supports these apps. But at least pause what I’m listening to, or this will no longer be my go-to radio app.

  31. A W dice:

    I have been using in this app for years and loved it for years. However, these last updates has made me want to Uninstall this app and be done with it. I hate that the app starts playing on it’s own. I can be in a store, doctors office etc. And the music will start playing. It comes on when automatically while I am on the phone as well. Also it does not close out unless I force close it. I have looked in the settings, contacted support and no solutions.

  32. Suddenly this morning ads are being inserted into the stream every 30 min. These ads are not part of the radio broadcast and actually interrupt the stream, which causes the history to disappear and the broadcast to reopen. That means I miss those two minutes of the broadcast. This is unacceptable. I know that ads are part of free apps, but they should not cause you to miss part of a live event. If these ads must occur, at least make it so the braodcast resumes from the point of interruption.

  33. I used to love TuneIn, but all of a sudden, advertisements break into normal programming during unscheduled times during the broadcast (live Glenn Beck, Dan Bongino etc.). I understand and appreciate that ads drive funding and I was fine with the free version playing ads during the appropriate times. However, breaking into the middle of a segment and missing portions of a broadcast defeats the purpose of using the app. I see multiple complaints about this. Fix or it’s a change for me.

  34. I used to Love this app. It was far better than anything else and I used it for years. With the latest update it’s intolerable. It has a pause feature that allows you to pause and resume the radio stream. But now it randomly pushes ads mid-stream interrupting whatever I’m listening to and purges the buffer making the pause feature useless. If it paused my stream, played the ad and resumed my stream I would keep it. It doesn’t… I’m uninstalling – there are better apps out there.

  35. From 5 Stars to 1 I have had this app for several years and used it on my phone and on my Roku TV. Mostly needed it on my Roku TV. Had noticed that it was continuously dropping out and I would have to restart, so I came here to see what was going on. It looks like this is just a huge problem with your attempt to steer people into paid service. I’ve enjoyed it but I guess I’ve got to give it up. Nothing good lasts forever I guess.

  36. I use this app primarily when I want to listen to internet radio and my podcasts. You can listen to radio stations from all over the world. it connects to my Alexa devices and my Bose Sound Touch speakers so it’s a great app and very useful to me. I wish that once you disabled the premium advertisement each time you log on it didn’t keep asking… (I already have way too many subscriptions to add another.)

  37. I USED TO love this app. I could listen to the Bob and Tom show on a west coast station more convenient for me. Now, you are pushing ads randomly during the broadcast, often preempting the live feed. Pause & rewind functions are now virtually useless as the ad interruption resets the feed in the phone’s memory. No, I’m not going to buy your paid version. No, I’m no longer going to recommend the app. I’ll go to YouTube for Bob and Tom. Their ads don’t cut out show content randomly.

  38. What’s going on with this app? Every time I want to listen to some good music, the station I’m on is halted/ interrupted by an irritating ad! And sometimes when I stop the ad and try to play the station again, more ads! And sometimes they overlap and I can’t stop it! It’s starting to get very annoying! Please fix this problem!

  39. The recent update cuts into live radio programming in the middle of segments. I pretty much only used this app to listen to my favorite morning radio station. 2 minutes of ads into a live show pretty much killed the experience. I used this app because it was better than the radio stations app. Well I deleted TuneIn and tried their new app. Turns out it works better now so there’s no need for TuneIn any longer.

  40. J dice:

    DELETED & going back to listening on my radio! When using TuneIn on Google Home, when I tell Google to stop the music, even after stopped, TuneIn continues to force annoying ads out of nowhere every few minutes & even the middle of the night until I go into the Google app & hit stop casting. This is invasion of privacy & It’s illegal for TuneIn to force these ads on us when turned off. Also when listening, I understand the need for ads, but they place ads right in the middle of the hourly news.

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