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Have unlimited access to your music in High-Fidelity sound quality with Qobuz. Enjoy thousands of creative playlists for all occasions, and let Qobuz help you discover new music with exclusive editorial content (interviews, reviews, articles). Listen to your music wherever you want, whenever you want: Qobuz is available on all your devices, even without internet connection in the Offline Library mode.

▶ Try Qobuz free for 1 month with no strings attached directly through the app.

Since 2008, Qobuz has been dedicated to giving you the best streaming and listening experience:

• Through sound quality

Rediscover your music the way the artists and sound engineers intended. Enjoy more than 220,000 new albums and re-issues in Hi-Res (24-Bit up to 192 kHz) and more than 90 million tracks in lossless quality (FLAC 16-Bit/44.1 kHz, equivalent to CD quality).

• Through musical discoveries

Discover talents unearthed by our experts as well as highlights and specialised recommendations from all music genres. Listen to thousands of playlists for all occasions, curated by our team of music experts.

• Through music knowledge

To enrich your listening experience, enjoy access to informational digital booklets, track-by-track details of albums and other editorial content, including interviews, reviews and articles.

Qobuz in depth*:

• Streaming in FLAC 16-Bit/44.1 kHz lossless quality (similar to CD-quality) for High-Fidelity listening of over 90 million tracks

• Music streaming in 24-Bit Hi-Res up to 192 kHz on over 220,000 albums for an exceptional listening experience, exclusive to Qobuz.

• Hundreds of thousands of digital booklets and information on musical works

• Thousands of articles, interviews and other editorial content

• Creative playlists for all occasions

• Recommendations from music professionals

You can also:

• Download your music onto your phone’s Offline Library to listen without internet connection

• Make your own playlists and share them with your friends

• Create your own personal library with all your favourite artists, albums and tracks

• Download your purchases and listen to them on any media player app

• Stream your music via connected listening systems: Google Chromecast, Music Cast, Audirvana, Roon…

• Stream your music on all Hi-Fi equipment: Devialet, Naim, Klipsch, Bluesound, Yamaha, Sony, Aurender, Sonos, Harman Kardon, Free, Moon…

▶ Enjoy a 1-month free trial to discover high-quality streaming with Qobuz.

*Some features depend on the chosen streaming subscription offer.

Our streaming offers:
– Qobuz Hi-Fi – FLAC 16-Bit/44.1 kHz
– Qobuz Studio – Hi-Res 24-Bit up to 192 kHz
– Qobuz Sublime+ – Hi-Res 24-Bit up to 192 kHz & discounted prices on the Qobuz download shop.

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40 comentarios en "Qobuz MOD"

  1. Don Bruey dice:

    App works great. Music is great; search, favorites, etc work great Downside: the lock screen mini app/player continues running even after closing the app. I’d like a “completely close this app” option. Sometimes I thought I’d closed everything and the player just pops up out of nowhere. This runs down my otherwise super battery life. Just let me stop it all completely and it’s 5 stars.

  2. This app is okay but constantly fails to load up music. I have an issue when trying to listen to music after starting up the app where the music doesn’t play at all and is stuck loading the song for up to a couple minutes. this happens even if the music is downloaded. It’s extremely annoying and at times makes me change to another app to listen to music instead.

  3. When playing back music in 320kbps streaming to Bluetooth, it’s just so inconsistent. Cut outs constantly through a song. Doing speed tests on my LTE I’m getting over 100mbps. The app also has a huge cache of over 12gb on my phone. The blue buffer bar must be a liar cuz the whole song could be loaded but still does it. Doesn’t matter the Bluetooth device. Please fix this!!

  4. ISF Chapo dice:

    This is far and away the most dysfunctional music streaming app allowed on the app store. The same issues have existed for over 3 years and Qobuz has done absolutely zero to remedy it. It is nice to have lossless music streaming at prices competitive with other major streaming services, but the defects of the mobile app render it nearly unusable.

  5. The app works fine. The sound quality is great. Music discovery is hot garbage, you can’t just lean super hard on “high-res” as a reason to click on something. I have a 2 month trial to Qobuz and Spotify Premium. The higher quality audio is not enough to pull me over permanently. I’m sure other people like the stories and news, but I just want a good listening experience. Spotify is so much better at discovery.

  6. David F dice:

    I’m happy with Qobuz in general, however on my phone the app often takes several minutes to start playing imported (offline) music, which is very annoying. Also, importing too often freezes partway and I usually have to cancel and restart. Also, imports can be slow. I haven’t dared to try deleting imports to see if that fixes it. These have been problems for a long time! I also use the Windows app.

  7. James S. dice:

    Generally, I’ve found it solid. Good selection, good sound quality, etc. In fact, I really liked this app until I realized that when I try to use the shuffle function on long playlists (12+ hours long), it ignores tracks past a certain cutoff point. That was disappointing, shuffle is a pretty basic function, and I may go elsewhere as a consequence.

  8. George dice:

    When the app tries to play music it curates for you, it fails. As far as albums and arts it succeeds. It stops play or has a hard time loading when I’m the car. This could be my cell service but Spotify wasn’t bad. It’s annoying to pay for this only to have your music stop all the time to buffer or something. I can’t even use the hi-fi, it would be worse. So this app is generally worthless without being able to use it’s hi-fi streaming. It will stop play to buffer all the time. Sucks for car.

  9. Would like to give this app 5 stars. The sound quality is great and it has the artists I love with one or two exceptions. I like the better pay for artists. What is frustrating is when playback stalls even when I have strong wifi or 5G connection. And the dreaded “network error” when it won’t stream anything. Downloading my playlists helps, but I feel that should be unnecessary.

  10. Jeff B dice:

    The best streaming service for me hands down. I have tried every service I know of, some more than once and none of them hold a candle to Qobuz. Great sound quality, informative articles/reviews on artists and releases, and wonderful curation makes for the perfect user experience for me. My tastes and listening habits have expanded so much and I love using a service that is much more geared towards album and artist listening. Can we please get the ability to “favorite” from the notification?

  11. I come back only to delete my previous 2 star review and downgrade again to a 1 star. I left the service for 2 years hoping they would figure out their problems, only to come back and not be able to log in at all to the online player, and have the local app on my computer and phone be unable to play anything. Qobuz continues to market themself as a premium product, but end up performing worse than the mass market product Spotify that just works.

  12. M M dice:

    exceptional music quality, competitive price, poorly curated “discover” feature (new releases are not necessarily new, also discover/featured artists have been the same for more than a week now) I removed another start cause it’s buggy on my galaxy s21 ultra. It never downloads the complete playlist, but gets stuck after 10 or 20 songs. I have to force stop, turn wifi off and on, and then how that it will pick up where it left off.

  13. Chris dice:

    I need to know what the quality is before I play the track. I use this app to listen to a specific song in higher quality and then I usually leave the app because there are no music discovery features. Eliminating the ability to see if the song is available in high definition just makes it too much of a hassle and easier to use other services.

  14. This is about the app, NOT THE SERVICE! The UI is muddled and confusing and makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Managing your favorites and local “imports” is just awful. The streaming works great, however, and music sounds very good. The service, btw, I would rate 4/5, just wish there was more Hi-Res content, the UI of all the apps, etc, are not great, and I really wish there was more in the way of discovery and playlists. But it’s reliable, sounds great, and no MQA BS.

  15. Great sound! That’s why this gets two instead of one stars. However, everything else about this app is basically broken. The most annoying thing is that the play/pause button doesn’t pause the track, it restarts it, so it’s pretty much impossible to get the music to stop! Also the “current track” view doesn’t update when the track changes, so the play/pause button can only restart the one track. Other things can be forgiven but please let me pause my music!

  16. John Mc. dice:

    It works ok. Not so advanced as other music apps, such as Spot_fy. Sound quality is really superior to the Spot one. But the price is higher too. Their interface won’t allow me to play music on my pc at home, and control it using my phone app. Rather inconvenient, but not the end of the world. Haven’t needed customer service yet, but I hear it’s very poor! I also wish they had the option to create folders in my playlists. It would make sorting and keeping similar playlists together.

  17. Toby Gee dice:

    Amazing sound from a streaming service, but severely marred by an awful UI and inconsistent, missing, or buggy functionality. I use a Samsung S20 FE and a high-end gaming computer. Connectivity seems solid and when I connect to Bluetooth in my car, it all connects more smoothly than Spotify. This is where I think the fatal flaw is in usability, especially for the cost of the subscription. The app doesn’t remember where you stopped and each time you stop in the car and turn it off, you have to go back into the album and press play on the song you think you remembered last playing. How this isn’t a feature, is totally unforgivable in my book. Unfortunately, the UI is also extremely clunky and inconsistent. Favorites don’t always save or appear when you go to that section. Downloaded music won’t play and then won’t get removed when you go through the process to remove them, on and on and on and on. The upside is what seems like a solid framework, so we can hope that the other flaws are fixed with subsequent updates, but the company seems to be putting a lot of trust in audiophiles being patient because sound quality alone will not keep the business model afloat.

  18. I really appreciate the quality of music here. It’s is truly exceptional. It’s night and day compare to Spotify or apple music. The selection is not nearly as strong, especially for more cutting edge stuff. If you’re into the latest underground dance music, this is unlikely a place for you. But the sound quality is INSANE! The app itself is OK. It could use better organisation and some significant bugfixes. That really makes the app feel a little half baked. But the sound quality is AMAZING!

  19. Music quality is great, only if you can manage to get the app to work correctly. Its slow to navigate and has crashed multiple times. I wish it was like tidal in the sense of app fluidity and convenience. Please implement a “play now” feature where you can listen to the most popular songs of an artist. It would make playing music on road trips much easier.

  20. The music quality is phenomenal. Sounds better than Tidal and obviously way better than Spotify. Spotify has more songs that I listen to though so I wish it had more of a music selection. I’d say it had about 70% of the songs in my current spotify playlists which isn’t terrible but for the cost, I’d like it to have all the music I want. Also, the app has been crashing on me. I send the error reports in so I’m sure they’ll get addressed eventually. I may keep the app but I haven’t decided yet.

  21. Only benefit is the music quality. Compared to other services, the searching, artist page layouts, and everything else with the UI, is astoundingly poor. It is difficult to find what you’re looking for unless the search terms are very specific because the search results don’t take popularity into account. There’s no way to sort search results, sort albums, tracks, anything. The only sorting capability is integrated with the offline library. I’ve been opening Spotify to discover new tracks.

  22. Music quality is great, huge improvement over other services. The app, however, is stunning bad. Like, shocking. How many apps do you use that have problems starting up? Typically I punch it several times with no response. Then find I need to kill it as it as hung. Eventually I get it to work, but then it takes forever to load. Overall most actions are slow. Mysteriously stops or decides to skip to next song on occasion. Months of use and no improvement in these areas.

  23. Alan Holt dice:

    The music quality is unsurpassed, and there is no use of proprietary codecs like MQA. With that said, I have tried several times to love qobuz, but I cannot until the search function is fixed and there is some form of music discovery beyond playlists. There is always the option of using a third party like Roon for discovery, but this is a functionality that could be included within qobuz itself. As of right now, it seems built for listening to entire albums, but this is not a common use case.

  24. Sometimes, certain songs just won’t play. It’s usually the same songs that I have in my playlist. It usually says something to the effect of “try changing streaming quality”. This is a pretty big barrier to me using this app, which is disappointing since I’m a paid subscriber. Sometimes I just okay mp3s from my personal storage because I want to hear sounds that I usually can’t get to okay on the app. If Qobuz didn’t support the artists more than any other service, I would use another service.

  25. Really like the Qobuz service – it has a *lot* of the music i like! I’m into jazz, classical and world music but can be pretty eclectic, often pleasantly surprised to find something i’ve just read about. The Qobuz app is another story. I find the UI not very intuitive; with patience i can usually do what i’m trying for. I’m a relatively new user and not exactly brilliant. The credits are hit and miss. Sometimes fairly complete, other times disappointingly sparse. After joining i let my Tidal go!

  26. Sounds great…but. The music sounds great. Comparing it to my other HD music apps, this has the edge. The problem I have is the lack of premade playlists and genre selections. I’m lazy and don’t have time to create my own. I can’t find anything for hard rock unless I search on my own. My other apps have this one beat when it comes to playlists. Thanks for the trial, but I won’t be staying. Might try again later if the price comes down.

  27. GT1ow dice:

    The music quality of the service is great, but the app is just a mess. There is a general lack of features when compared to other services, and when there are features, they are implemented very poorly, ie. search needing exact spelling. Worst of all, music may get interrupted for a split second multiple times throughout a song, and there is a pause between tracks, making many albums far less enjoyable. Sometimes the playback also completely stops after a track and you’re forced to restart it.

  28. I have been using Qobuz for about a year now. The sound quality is excellent. My experience with streaming and downloading have been top notch. I have a dedicated 2 channel stereo setup. The higher resolution files are definitely noticeable in playback. Another nice feature is discovering music I’m not familiar with from recommendations based on current listening material.

  29. Sound quality, library size, and Qobuz as a streaming service overall are a 5, but the app is a 3. When everything works well, it’s great. Recently though, I’ve been having an issue where certain songs will not play, regardless if I am on wifi or my mobile network. Clearing the cache seems to work most of the time. Also, a “recommended tracks” section when building a playlist would be a great addition.

  30. I’ve been a quobuz customer for a few months now. Second to none audio quality. Below average playlists and new music discovery for any cutting edge music. I’m satisfied overall though. This app however. It just sometimes won’t load favorite tracks and albums. It just sits there empty. Ive restarted the app and the phone and and sometimes it just won’t load them at all no matter what I do. I’ve encountered some other glitches, but this is the most persistent and annoying. Galaxy a51

  31. This app will only load music if it feels like it, and that is rare. Every time I go to load new music, it refuses. By that I mean that if I search for a band, open one of their albums, and try to play any song, it will open the player, and show me the album artwork. If I am lucky, I will get 5-10 seconds of the song to load. If you only like sometimes hearing the first 10 seconds of a song, this is the app for you. Their desktop app works fine tho, but the app has been broken for months.

  32. I came for the music and Qobuz delivered! I’ve only been using it for a short time, but the app is lite and stays out of the way. Navigation is easy, and if you know what you want to listen to, you can quickly get to it without a bunch of junk or suggestions getting the way. It’s easy to navigate between album, track, artist, or playlist views, including a the same clear views of what’s downloaded to your device. I haven’t used it much for discovering new artists or albums… yet.

  33. I am on my trial run of Qobuz and I would love to keep using it. I don’t care about bugs or how user friendly it is, I only care about the music and the audio quality is absolutely stunning. The only problem that I have is the selection of music. A lot of my favorite artists aren’t on there and that is the biggest part of any streaming platform. If Qobuz had the music catalogue of Spotify, I would pay any amount of money to subscribe.

  34. The app is excellent and well made but it has a detracting feature: It is difficult to stop it. Even when you close the app on your screen, it is still running; and by accident you can start something playing. This can happen in your pocket or when you’re in the middle of some other important business. There is no apparent way to simply stop the app short of using the app manager to force-stop.

  35. I have been a subscriber for quite awhile now. I WANT to like the Android app, really I do. But I am about ready to pull the plug and unsubscribe to the service. I love the hi res audio and the genre selection is decent. But I use this almost 100 % on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. I mainly create playlists and listen to those. But as of recent, I can no longer add music to my playlists. Qobuz help is nonexistent. I end up going to Tidal to listen to my playlists. Very frustrating.

  36. J T dice:

    This app has good quality music but falls short with the interface and more importantly the experience. Music has a tendency to skip(like a scratched CD). This is just a bug apparently and they don’t know when it’ll be fixed. If you plan on using this try a free subscription first to see if you have this problem. I have a galaxy s21 ultra and all software is up to date.

  37. 8+ months . . . I have found the quality to be second to none. I have become monumentaly frustrated with the Queue system and that there is no way to turn the Queue off. The issue with songs stopping for no reason seems to be fixed but now there is an issue with qobuz thinking there is no internet connection at random times, let’s just say I am never without connection in north texas, USA. I can’t always find an album by searching the name of the album. Even when it is on Qobuz.

  38. Great service, less great app. You guys have made a very pretty looking app, and its a shame it doesn’t work that well. On my android 10 device from less than 3 years ago, downloads do not work. It says that the import has paused, and when I resume it it just loads and nothing happens. The only reason I got this app was to purchase and download music, and I’m disappointed that doesn’t work. I’ve had to use a computer instead, which I realise isn’t a big deal, except thats what the app is for.

  39. Jake Gad dice:

    If you have an account that’s not premium, this prevents you from logging in (also the website covers the login button with a banner ad, so you have to log in by passing through the terms & conditions page). The app also doesn’t recognize when you DO sign up for a paid account. The shuffle feature and the queue both turn the other off. It forgets genre preferences regularly. This is scratching the surface of how bad the app is. But there’s a good selection of music, that plays at good quality.

  40. I’ve come to the realization that if you want the basics and decent interface, with best sound quality it’s here. I would love to see new music from liked artist’s when they post. The queue section, tabs, other menu layouts and arrangements are pretty good. Simple and effective. I wish on the music discovery page artist and music that I’ve been listening to would display more often. I would also like to see a little faster reaction to adding items to queue or liking a song. A little delay.

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