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Explore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes, playlists and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free.

The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

• Explore a wide range of genres and categories
• Follow creator channels to keep up with their latest shows
• Keep track of your listening and streaming history
• Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world
• Queue up what you want to listen to later
• Sync your listening experience across your devices
• Tap into communities of likeminded listeners and creators

Issues with playback stopping? See https://help.mixcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007293139-Why-does-Mixcloud-stop-playing-when-I-put-my-phone-to-sleep-


What's new in v34.2.1
- Various bug fixes across the app

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40 comentarios en "Mixcloud – Music, Mixes & Live MODDED 2022"

  1. Dez Carty dice:

    Works mostly but a lot of bugs. Often has to be refreshed. Crashes and prompts you to make sure you download the latest version even if you already have it installed. Limits finding new mixes to the profiles you already follow. Takes a lot of effort just to find new mixes. Address these issues and it’ll be much better

  2. The service is good, but it’s crippled by the app. This app is so badly broken I don’t understand how it’s published. – covers up notification bar so you can’t see the clock or notifications with black bar. Why? – you can’t get into setting, share, or do anything in your profile. Click any menu option, nothing happens. – unbelievably slow. You can actually watch the UI elements draw. Lol. I have a brand new Google Pixel, not the phone. – doesn’t support landscape orientation. – and more

  3. They really need to fix the app. The website experience is fine but mobile experience is terrible. Extremely buggy and crashes all the time, won’t stay open, won’t load searches, too many things to list. I wish this app worked better, it used to be ok but has gone downhill rapidly. A shame since so many DJs radio stations etc use this and I like being able to subscribe and get extra features and support everyone but hard to do that when mobile experience is this bad and unusable.

  4. This app is unbelievably buggy. The Mixcloud brand and idea are interesting and I prefer the idea of the service to Spotify’s a la carte listening model. But using this app is a 50/50 shot at getting to the sets you want to listen to. It gets into bad states when paging through new shows or casting to a device, either crashing or displaying empty screens. It’s a dark comedy and it’s a shame, especially when they’re trying to upsell their audience through the shoddy experience.

  5. I was really looking forward to use the app with all the DJs I like but I am unable to hear my favorite mixes because I get an “unexpected error” everytime I hit play. At this point its just taking up space in my phone so I have no choice but to Uninstall. Gave the app 5 months to fix the issue I even reached out in the contact us section

  6. Rob Frank dice:

    It seems that this app takes 3 steps backward for every step forward. The content is great, but there’s always something wrong. This version’s big problem: the “play” button for individual streams doesn’t work. At all. Files can now only be listened to by adding them to a playlist first – an annoying step that defeats the purpose of transient weekly podcasts. Could you perhaps hire programmers who know what they’re doing? This has been going on for years now.

  7. Great app overall but the last month of versions have a pretty annoying bug, I haven’t used the app at all recently but all of a sudden out of nowhere there’s a notification that I cannot slide away that says “Loading…” I have to force stop the app for it to go away. Then it randomly comes back again on my notifications area, even when I have not used or opened the app at all. Pretty annoying.

  8. Starts automatically every time i restart my phone. Cant close the app within the program. I have to go into app settings on my phone to shut it down. The settings button within the app does nothing. In fairness, so annoyed by the autostart issue that I didnt check the app out any farther. Will give another chance if these two issues are fixed.

  9. I love Mixcloud and I’m grateful for it everyday. Yes sometimes the app can get buggy and I’ve had to just uninstall & reinstall and all works well again. It is easily the best free music app but I also subscribe to a few artists for exclusive content. Thanks again and I’m glad it shows up in my Android Auto app list now also for the car. Can’t beat it

  10. Chris A dice:

    Cuts out while playing all the time even with perfect reception. Update: 4/3/22- Mixclouud has made massive improvements since my first post. No cut outs as first reported. Works smoothly with no issues. Music is best experienced as an endless journey that never ends. I would like to see a “listener plan” for like $5 a month with unlimited replays. That would be cool.

  11. Paul M dice:

    love the app, it is currently and has been in the past.. SUPER BUGGY. Latest update is probably the worst. Constantly greeted with “oops something went wrong” nearly every time I try to navigate users, artists, tags, it doesn’t matter. I really like mix cloud so I still give it 5 stars, just waiting for a better app release. update 06/22: Still super buggy and unable to navigate without fear of app doing unexpected things. Still love mix cloud just super frustrating.

  12. It appears they’ve fixed some major bugs which is great. The app works fine now except, and this is a big exception, when playing music via bluetooth with the screen off, the phone gets unacceptably hot and the battery drains rapidly. This does not occur for any other music playing app. It doesn’t even happen when streaming mixcloud directly from the website.

  13. This app was great all year, but this fall it’s just about useless. Nothing works as far as listening or commenting, I waited a couple months to see if they would fix server issue or update version but this hasn’t been addressed at all which is why I stopped posting. It would also be cool to have a chat network or something where we can communicate this internally to ensure it’s not just phone compatibility or updates.

  14. I love this app because it gives me access to incredible shows. But it’s so buggy, and not even consistently in the same ways, that I have to give it two stars. Presently, if I want to see a tracklist, I have to view it from a web browser. In the app, I get, “Tracklists are only available to premium subscribers”. I *am* a premium subscribers.

  15. Great service, love the content and the app works… for the most part but is very glitchy. Crashes from time to time, not very often tho. The album art often doesn’t display correctly on the “now playing” screen when the next mix in the queue starts playing. If the app is closed while a mix is playing, rarely will the cursor still be at the same position within the mix where it left off. It’s just little stuff, overall I’m glad to have it.

  16. Most of my gripes with the recent updates have to do with the new UI. First, the old icon was much more aesthetically creative and interesting, the new one is boring and very lacking in creativity. Second, previous versions of the app the homepage included all the various genres as tiles that you could browse through. That’s all gone, browsing is accessed via the search function and all the tiles are gone, with genres being reduced down to a very few choices, many of which overlap. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the inability to automatically set up a queue or playlist. If I’m going to follow a creator, I’d think it makes sense to automatically add their new material to my list whenever it comes out. All that being said, Mixcloud is still my go to app since it’s still the only fully free and ad-free streaming music service around. Yes, they now have a freemium feature to help support artists, but basic functionality isn’t hamstrung if you don’t sign up.

  17. It’s cool, there is a lot of good music on the platform, but the actual app/service sucks. It only allows something like 5-10 seconds of buffering, so if you are a subway commuter like me who looses service every 2 minutes it makes the app worthless. To add insult to injury, if it loses connection it not only stops playing the music, but loses your place in the song as well. An infuriating user experience, to say the least.

  18. This app drives me crazy. I used to listen to this app quite often. Then I noticed now that if the app is not open music will not play. Furthermore, if you leave your track for too long, let’s say you get out of the car for a moment, Mixcloud does not hold your place on the track and it will start from the beginning. Also, if you’re listening to a selection from overseas, like England, you are limited with the amount if times you can play that selection “because of licensing”. Waste of my time.

  19. It works ok for me. I havent experienced any crashes, and the app itself works flawless(I’m on a samsung s8 plus). But I dont like how it costs 8 dollars a month to be able to just go back on a track.. there is no reverse and a lot of the “premium” features you would expect to be free are not. But I have also found a lot of good content on here.. easily found new mixes and mixes of artists that I wondered if had mixes. So I still use it because it seems filtered to good content.

  20. Updated Review: Still a good app, but publisher added more restrictions to the point where I can barely listen anymore. Would have taken ads in between track, before the restrictions. I love the variety…. Whatever style I’m feeling for the day is there…. My only gripe with the app is the numerous restrictions within the app. For example, I accidentally closed the app while listening to a mix in the middle of my workout and now I can no longer listen to the mix until 2 weeks later.

  21. Music will not play if the app is in the background! I live in NYC I’m listening to music on my phone in two situations: 1) walking down the street with my phone locked in my pocket or 2) on the subway reading something in a different app. Idk how the developers thought this was an acceptable design strategy. This is the only music app I have tried that works this way & thus is the only music app that’s effectively useless. Would have gotten the premium version too.

  22. I love mixcloud, generally speaking. I don’t care much for the app though. I preferred being able to listen in my browser on my phone better. The app is a bit cludgy and it can be very easy to accidentally end up hitting the play button more than once which registers as having already playing a track ( you only get 3 plays per allotted time period if you’re a non-premium listener. ) It works okay. I love the service and the concept, but I’m not overly find of the android app.

  23. *update* Recent updates have actually made things WORSE. Started using the web version on my phone, it works great. Echoing what others are saying: this app has become a mess that doesn’t even work anymore. Tracks wont load or stream, Chromecast support is so terrible requires multiple force closes of the app, wiping cache, etc. And now those same not playing issues are happening without even using Chromecast. I want to use this and love it, but it just doesn’t work.

  24. Unstable app. If it wasn’t for the music available on here I would rate it a 2. It freezes whenever you move out of wifi range and has to be closed and restarted. The player in the notification area will go blank, making it otherwise useless. The tracking bar isn’t very responsive and the controls and setup are not very intuitive. Plus, the licensing issues prevent you from back tacking on mixes or tracks and sometimes will limit the number of times you can listen to a track to three times every two weeks.

  25. Great for listening if you are in an area with reliable reception. The app does not deal with loss of signal. I like to listen while riding my motorcycle, and if there’s a loss of more than a second or two the only way to resume the mix is force-stopping the app. Not much fun to lose music 5 minutes into a two hour ride.

  26. The app needs an update. On Android, Note8, Pie. The app says its last update was in March. For a while now, if my phone screen goes to sleep, the music stops playing. Makes it difficult to stream/listen to anything. Music constantly resets or app crashes when switching in and out of areas like wifi to cell network, and then tower to tower. UPDATE: The app still doesn’t continue to play when the screen goes to sleep, the YouTube video does nothing for me.

  27. real good music but the app doesn’t work properly. The podcasts keep going back to the begining. The app is for the birds. I realize just uninstall then install and the app will work like a charm. They fixed what was wrong with the app. Mix cloud has exelent music. Some don’t like some of the music on Mixcloud but other’s love that kind of music.

  28. The only reason I am not going to give it five stars is because some of the songs and long mix sets you cannot go back and listen to again once you listen to them for period of time or it will not let you scroll back to the beginning of the song or long set mix on some of the music library which is a huge issue for me!!! If I’m going to play a song or a long mix set I should be able to scroll through and listen to what I want and replay at any time!!!! Makes me want to uninstall this app

  29. Music suddenly stops after 20 minutes. When I get back on the app everything refreshes. As if the app cannot be in the background no more than 20 minutes. I sent in a ticket regarding this. Nothing has been and is yet to be fixed. Gave it a second chance but I’ll just have to cancel my subscription again. Sad because I really like the content.

  30. A friend of mine had this app on their iPhone and suggested I check it out. First thing was I don’t remember ever signing up for an account before but somehow it already had my email registered. Second was after I signed in it wouldn’t do anything. Kept showing errors which leads me to believe that it’s not even programmed to show an interface but rather is showing a site that it’s obviously failing to connect to.

  31. Solid 4 for sure, bordering on a 4.5. Your Android app needs some improvement. There’s a lot of glitches that happen over and over, I’m not going to go through them here. If you care, you can contact me, and I will gladly fill you in. I listen to all music on this app, and the playback is phenomenal. It’s just the app that needs improvements.

  32. Every time I try to listen to some music through this app it stops playing after about 5 or 10 minutes and never comes back unless I restart the mix all over. If I do manage to get to my destination without the music stopping, when I get back in my car I can’t pick up where I left off without restarting the mix (or the whole app). I don’t have these problems with any other music app and they make it unusable for me.

  33. I’m writing this because I want this app to really work. Downloaded the update last night and it deleted most of my downloaded episodes and now each shows an error and I can’t re-download. Shows don’t playback. Doesn’t remember where it was in the track. I’m paying for select for two artists and I’m extremely upset that some of the issues posted here aren’t being taken more seriously. **Reply** 10/6 I sent over an email to the listed email address regarding this issue. Thanks!

  34. This app could be so much better. For me, it is always freezing (Samsung Galaxy S10+). I think it is so busy trying to ensure that your not listening beyong your “free quota” that it locks up the player. Half the time, I have to listen through the browser due to the app being frozen. Also, seems to have gotten worse in the last few weeks.

  35. Bob Meyer dice:

    Deleted my last review as I got a new phone so it no longer crashes Bluetooth on it. Now my issue is I cannot get into settings in the app. It does nothing when clicked on. I want I turn off many of the notifications I’m receiving but can’t get into any of the settings. Secondly why isn’t there a way to open the app into our own profile? Have to click on a mix and hit see profile to get to it. Please add the option to open into our own profiles. Thanks! Samsung S21 ultra user.

  36. Current UPDATE… WORKS NOW UPDATE: it’s still not working. I’m going to try and uninstall and reinstall it was working fine for me up until it stopped working. Now it won’t play any tracks on mine at all. And it says this device may not be optimized for this app. whatever you guys did, I now have a total Android system failure. now it does not work on my phone. Before was only on my Notepad. now I can only listen to my music mixes on PC.

  37. Great service, trash app. I’m on a Pixel running the gold standard of Android, and have used the app on a multitude of phones. Same issues everywhere. Won’t remember my position in a mix, stream freezes constantly and won’t recover, live mixes need the phone to remain unlocked with the app in the foreground, buffer is very small, doesn’t register that I’ve subscribed to select until I restart the app.

  38. the good: best selection of house music mixes ( other genres as well) the bad: the app used to work well, but now stalls as soon as the phone dims…sometimes mixes just stop in the middle of playback. you can’t rewind anything. if you really like a mix, they may only allow you to listen to it a couple times in a 3 week period??? wouldn’t be a problem if you could download and listen later…but that is not allowed! Maybe one day, it will be a better app… one can wish!

  39. Something is up with the app lately. My phone is Bluetoothed to my cars audio. Whenever I try to use Mixcloud lately, my phone and audio system keep trying to connect with each other unsuccessfully. It only happens with Mixcloud. I have deleted and reinstalled with no successful fix. I have to uninstall the app just to get the attempts to connect to stop. It even disrupts my smart watch connection. Used to work just fine.

  40. Since the last update, I am having difficulty with streams not loading or loading intermittently. It seems to be related to changes in connection; when I leave my house, it plays fine until my phone switches over from my home internet to mobile data. Then playback stops and it sits there trying to load and failing. I have good LTE signal and none of my other streaming apps have this issue so it seems to be specific to Mixcloud. I love the service, but the app just never quite works.

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