PRIME MODDED 2022 - radio and podcasts without video or banner ads.
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Descripción PRIME – radio and podcasts without video or banner ads.

Do you love the app, but don’t want to see video or banner ads?
Then you’re in the right place! Because PRIME is the perfect alternative for anyone wanting to see fewer adverts.


– Fewer adverts*: no video or banner ads!
– No subscription: pay a one-off fee and enjoy lifelong use of the app.
– Additional features: includes all of the app functions.

Download the app and instantly listen to your favourite station or podcast, without any adverts! Enjoy the best radio stations and discover the whole world of podcasts in a single app.

*Please note that radio advertisements are never broadcast by, but may instead be incorporated directly into the streams by those marketing the stations and podcasts. We have no control over this form of advertising.


We made improvements to the stability and reliability of the app. We are always working to improve your experience. If you enjoy, please leave us a review here. For any feedback please email us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en " PRIME MODDED 2022"

  1. All my stations in one place. love it. bought the premium service. a few dollars for ad free. well worth the money…. Update. Although I paid for prime years ago they are starting to interrupt programming with ads. Not during a station break, but right in the middle of programming. I regret paying for prime and I regret giving a good review. At least I found my stations broadcasting on twitch. And I contacted support a few days ago. Nobody’s gotten back to me. 👎👎

  2. There is a wide range music available on this app. This is important to me because I have eccentric music taste. It works well and keeps going when my phone loses connection with my Bluetooth buds. The interface might be improved, but I don’t care about that since I want it to work more than I care how it looks.

  3. Love the variety stations and podcasts but when I pause a podcast the playback will jump back anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s just my app glinching. Also I would like to have an option to sort the episodes by date. Other than that, I’m really happy that made this purchase.

  4. Pay for the PRIME service if your radio stations are available. I have been so happy with instantly getting to my shows and music. I frequently switch between an all music station and talk radio. Having to listen to adds between was really annoying. I’m so glad to leave all that behind for a small fee.

  5. Dirk Noom dice:

    fast and reliable. it does sometimes switch to another previously listened to channel on its own, but it’s pretty rare even while using it almost everyday, often 8 or more hours a day.

  6. Beware other apps that ask for a monthly subscription and, alarmingly, permissions like access to your phone, storage, and location. Very suspicious. This one does not do these things AND works very well. I was happy to pay the ONE-TIME fee of $7 to eliminate ads.

  7. Of all the various Internet Radio apps I have tried, this one seems to provide the best sound quality. I primarily use the app in the car using the Android Auto interface which is functional, if not a tad tedius to get going (be good if it opened to your favourites, for example). My biggest gripe is that it’s a shame it doesn’t show album artwork for the current track. Other apps such as Replaio Radio manage it. Shame. Please add! Hence dropping a star…

  8. Attractive well designed app, but why do you offer stations which never play?! Brasil Internet Radio a favorite of mine hasn’t played in a long time but plays right away on other sites or Family Life or some others? Don’t get it. Also why can’t you link to profile so you don’t have to re-enter settings or pay again when switching device.

  9. Robin Roo dice:

    Some stations are great until they are gone. Vancouver Radio Station played only music until it was…

  10. I bought this app so I could listen to ONE SINGLE STATION. 1130am Detroit and it doesn’t work as I was led to believe. disappointed.

  11. Works great on my phone. Would like to see an Android TV version as soon as possible. Thanks.

  12. The app works well and does what it suppose to do, so far so good. It is not possible to export or import the collection of channels and podcasts, nor is it possible to sync this app on several devices via cloud or local connection. In other words, no option for backup, and if you change your device you need to start from the scratch. That is was up to date a view decades ago.

  13. Excellent app, which obviously aims for a higher standard than most, but there are a few things that bother me: When I use Chromecast from your app it takes much longer for the station to load up than it does if I first set up Chromecast from Google Home. Under your ‘highlights’ menu it would be really nice if you could create one called ‘Classical’. Just because you have your own preferences that may not include classical, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people like me who enjoy this music.

  14. When connected via Bluetooth in the car, only the song that was playing at first connection is displayed. If this was corrected to update showing the current song/artist it would get a higher rating. This issue appeared to have been fixed and I was about to change my rating to 5* until the new version a few weeks ago. The new “Prime” version (which I had paid for) no longer has any username/login option; station info is not sent; the streaming quality of the station is no longer shown.

  15. Nice internet radio stations. I value the jazz and also electronic music stations with higher bit rates (192 kbps and up). Really enjoy listening to those stations. It would be very good to make the app response to screen rotation. I use it in the car and it is a bit odd to have to look at a 90 degree rotated screen. Also, I sometimes notice an out-of-sync condition between the play/pause/stop icon and the content itself, but it doesn’t affect the usability or the output audio.

  16. what ever dice:

    Developer: this app needs an overhaul for android– unlike the iOS app, I can’t just swipe a bit left to add a favourite then continue scrolling through search results–I have to open each station in another window in order to add it, then I have to hit back, to get to my list of search results, but it takes me to the top of the results list, so I have to scroll down farther and farther to find the next station I haven’t listened to — how tedious is that! The iOS app doesn’t behave like this!

  17. perfect for having my favorite conservative radio shows at my fingertips.

  18. I didn’t buy the premium version to get ads.

  19. I bought the app because I don’t want any ads. But there are still there. Like in the free version. This critical bug is known since at least one year and it is not fixed. To make it clear, I know the difference between the ads brought by the radio station you are listening to and the app ads. Very disappointing.

  20. Why no automotive version of Prime?? Bought Prime to use in car, just like TuneIn can do… EDIT: Automotive might not contain ads, but also cannot play non-local stations (no search functionality for international stations). Also, lack of sync between phone and automotive is a big missing feature.

  21. Nice app but there are things that bother me: 1. You cannot favourite or save specific episodes of a podcast. Sometimes I want to listen to a specific episode later 2. When I don’t want to listen to a podcast or radio station anymore, I can’t remove it from the bottom of the screen in the app. I just find this extremely annoying 3. There is too much stuff on “your podcasts” page. Please make a tab only for new episodes and allow for grouping similar podcasts to make their own episode feeds

  22. I love this app so much.It has everything I want. Will be using for as long as I can.

  23. I have been using the free version for some time. The quality is very good, I listen to selected radios when away on business or at home. So its time to support this top app. I would love though, if the favorites could be on the first page, and could be sorted. Now the last selected, which not my favorite favorite stays at the top… so maybe? Thanks. Favorites can now be sorted! Thx

  24. A superb radio app without ads. If you register as a user, you can save your favorite stations and access them via multiple devices. Plenty of great stations available. Also podcasts and other audio content. My default radio app. Highly recommend it.

  25. Randomly disconnects for no apparent reason even on my home WiFi, an expensive app not to work properly.

  26. The app works fine but the features need to be improved. everything seems minimal like the alarm function. 1.It should allow multiple alarms. right now you can only choose one station and one time. 2.Once you picked a radio station The title of the songs dont scroll on the bottom 3.There seems to be alot of stations and podcasts that are in other radio apps that are i cant find here. 4.for an app with minimal functions its fairly slow responsiveness and im using an lg g6

  27. Just bought it. First impression not super positive! I’d expect that logging in with the same account as the non-paid version it would keep my favorite songs and radio station (nice to have, also the history). That did not happen!!! Also, for some reason it took me hours to get the search function find a radio I had on the non paid one (radio Maxxima)

  28. It’s very good, but wish there was a way to exit the app without stopping it in settings/app or from the Android notifications taskbar. If there is a way it isn’t obvious. Very good selection of stations worldwide.

  29. Excellent app, easy to use. I’ve tried several different radio apps and settled on this one permanently – it is in use for many hours every day. A very handy feature is direct access to each station’s website for programme and track details.

  30. Ruslan D dice:

    great selection of Radio stations

  31. Ive sent a email but no reply as yet. This never happened before your upgrade, I like to listen to 1.FM from ‘Zug Switzerland’ Rock Classics or Rock Classics Replay which never had voice ads. I’m listening in ‘South Australia’ After the new update I get voice ads in the middle of songs. These voice ads are local government advertising that just cut in anytime. I would to know How they can interrupt in the middle of song thats playing from Switzerland when i live in Australia It’s so intrusive.

  32. Brian C dice:

    Please help. I am still getting the same Ford commercial before the station starts running. Before I upgraded I got two commercials. I use this app for 1010 wins and I know the difference between a commercial for the app and a commercial on the radio station, also I just did the latest upgrade.

  33. sf tsen dice:

    Just subscribed. Thanks for radio, allowing me to listen to USA radio stations from Asia.

  34. 1 time payment is great. No need to subscribe. Would have donated more. Works really well. 1 missing feature speed in podcast is either 1x or 1.5x , however 1.5x is too fast, 1.25x is much better. Also needs a dark theme. Also, the list of cities is so hard to scroll through.

  35. I have a feature request: I’d like to have a “children” mode. A new station can only be added when approved by a parent (pin / fingerprint / whatever) Background: My 8 year old son uses the app to listen to radio and managed to find some stations with content that is unsuitable for his age.

  36. I would like a refund , please ? Just couldn’t find a song I wanted to hear, any where in the world, so, it wasn’t what I hoped, for the money. 11/23/20 Thank you, it also was in language that the app didn’t offer any menu to change, and it crashed repeatedly, on Galaxy J3 Aurora. I have been refunded, (almost immediately after my same day of loading it, request).

  37. Art Gager dice:

    Absolutely the BEST Radio app. I tried a dozen. I’m not paying a monthly fee for free radio, but I did buy the Pro for a one time fee to support the app. Found 13 of 13 stations, but 3 won’t play?? This app starts a station as fast as a radio in a car. Works well with Android Auto.

  38. Exact same ads after prime. Why? There is no difference in the ads? What are we suppose to be paying for if the ads are the same. Soon as you click play its the same ads. I thought we were getting rid of these with prime? Thanks for the reply. Dont mind supporting you guys wish you were politically nutral though. We get tired of politics just want to enjoy life sometimes without it. Again thanks for the reply.

  39. Hard to navigate. Hard to save only the stations I want. Anything I click on to preview saves. What a mess. I’d like to create my own my own playlists but that doesn’t seem to be an option…yet.

  40. OK, but buggy widget. If ever the app updates, or I remove and reinstall the app, the widget works for about a day then fails. It sits idle on my home screen and doesn’t respond to anything. Only another update or deleting and adding the widget back sorts it out. Please sort this out, as it defeats the object of the widget.

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