Storiezzz: Personalized tales MODDED 2022


The most famous & personalized stories for your child. Your kids will love it!
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Would you like to have all of the most beautiful stories ever in a single folder? Would you like playing them in your own preferred sequence? Would you like to make a unique personalized story for your child?

At last your child can be delighted with his/her unique story. Moreover, by changing various parameters you’ll be able to create thousands of different stories! Now your child can fall asleep faster, more easily and happily. Play stories in a waiting room, on a long journey or at a restaurant…

From now on you can do this and more only with Storiezzz – a unique and special application telling the most beautiful stories for children from all over the world.

Numerous studies have shown an amazing positive effect of the auditory perception on the child brain development. In today’s visually oriented world this is more important than ever. Act for your child at an early age, so that later the effect turns out for the best. Use your mobile device wisely in the best interest for your children.

An extraordinary therapeutic effect is evident in children with special needs.

From now on you can create personalized stories using Storiezzz – stories of which your children and you become main heroes. Choose the child’s name, color of hair, favorite food, name of mother and father, name of best friend (both a boy and a girl) and many other features which become parts of well-known stories, which children will gladly listen to over and over again – after all, they are part of these stories.

This is what you will find in Storiezzz:
• Personalized stories of which your children become main or subordinate characters, based on well-known and original stories.
• You can choose among more than 2000 different male and female names.
• Experience classics and fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots…
• Explore stories from all over the world.
• Explore original stories, written in our fantasy lab.
• Play the chosen stories in a row.
• Choose lullabies at the end of the story.
• Dim the lights and lock the screen on your device.
• Collect magic drops by listening to the stories, which enables you to unlock new stories.
• Collect magic items and unlock hidden stories.
• Play stories following your own preferred sequence.
• Play stories nonstop.
• Over 10 hours of continuous listening to a variety of stories.

Storiezzz comes with 10 free stories (3 classical fairytales and 2 personalized stories which you can adjust by your kid(s) parameters) + 5 more which can be unlocked by listening to stories and collecting magic drops. All other stories can be listened to if you subscribe in-App.

The subscription is automatically renewed depending on its duration. Lifetime is forever. 1 month ($2.99), 6 months ($14.99), 12 months ($26.99), 12 months with 50 magic drops ($21,49) and Lifetime ($49,99).

You can cancel it (except Lifetime) or control it at any time on the direct link always available to you in-App or in the settings of your App Store account.

Storiezzz is a perfect tool for modern parents that takes you back to your own childhood and tells stories in a special and interesting way.

Voices lent and stories told by: Anthony Howell, Connor Bryne, Sophie Santos, Sophie Brady, Daniel Holocher-Ertl, Andrea Giordani, Ana Cilas, Tomislav Petric, Jack Brady…


• 2 new Personalized stories: A Princess's Christmas, ___ Saves Christmas
• 2 new Original stories: A Princess's Christmas, Kyle Saves Christmas
• Personalize 10 stories for your kids
• More than 2200 names (added 4 new)
• Listen and enjoy in more than 50 stories


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  1. I was very sceptical about these apps cause they all looked pretty much the same. But for some reason my kids love this one! It is so calming and soothing and works not only for bed time but also for car rides when they are bit tired but still not ready for bed, it helps them focus and it has a really nice positive content! I would highly recommend it! It is hard trying to balance both personal and professional lives and is nice to have a little help on the side 🥰

  2. Really cool app! It’s quite different than all the other apps we’ve tried and my kids love it. Personalized stories sound much better than expected!

  3. Goc dice:

    educational, fun and different!

  4. Excellent but that take so much space in my phone

  5. I love everything about this app I almost fell asleep I give this app a 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 love it

  6. It won’t let me into the app

  7. Very good and useful 👍☺️👍☺️👍☺️

  8. its not amazing coz they network

  9. RUBY E dice:


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