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With five band Equalizer. Get the wonderful music sound and audio effect.
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Music Equalizer with the best five band Equalizer, Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. Easy make your music player has awesome sound effects and never been so professional. It is the best audio player tool.

Music Equalizer improve music or audio quality on your Android device and get live audio readings of your current music volume level.

Key Features:
* Media volume control
* Five band equalizer
* Bass boost effect
* Virtualizer effect
* 22 equalizer presets
* Save customize presets
* Delete, Edit, Rename Presets
* Dynamic audio map
* Customize UI themes
* 3D Surround Sound
* Easy control Equalizer effect on and off
* Works with streaming music like Pandora, Spotify, etc
* Notification shortcut available for quick access
* Fully optimized for phones and tablets
* No root required

Equalizer does not work with all music players. Some have equalizers of their own, and others are just not compatible. If you have issues with your music player, please turn off the other equalizer music app or restart your device, then try again.. We recommend using Google Play Music.


🍁Perfect adapt to Chromebook, more user-friendly
🔥Capability enhancement, music playing more fluent

🍒Improve efficiency, better user experience
🎊Optimize some UI details, more excellent

🎉Optimize performance, application run faster
🎈Fix a few issues, user experience improvements


40 comentarios en "Equalizer & Bass Booster,Music 2022"

  1. Ok. So. I don’t even think this app functioned properly when I first installed it. The volume is really staticky and won’t work half the time neither does the bass boost and the virtualizer does absolutely nothing. Also for some unknown reason the volume tried controlling itself last night. The sound quality sound ls like it’s from a little kid toy. Uninstalled.

  2. The only Eq that has worked for my Moto G phone and samsung A7 tablet, the dB range is fantastic, almost as good as a standalone HiFi component in my music hardware. I definitely endorse this app for people who like the sound customized to their aural preference. I setup my own custom settings as none of the presets were to my taste.

  3. So… This app works surprisingly well. I was very skeptical cuz there are several of the same (seemingly) app offered by the dev and that set off some alarms. But it really does make the volume on my devices way WAY louder and the built-in EQ presets work. And while there is potential for distortion when the volume is too high, it’s avoidable with still substantially louder volume output. I just wish I could buy a version that could be added to my family library. That’s what holds me back.

  4. This Equalizer application is as the young people say the “da bomb”. The first two nights after downloading it, I had to force myself to go to bed and stop listening to it and playing with the controls. The bass is awesome, the sensitivity of the controls is unbelievable, even the presentation of the light show border is spectacular. The sound quality adjustability is endless on every song because on addition yo the 7 band equalizer…u have a bass boost control as well as a virtual control

  5. I’ve tried several other apps for optimal sound. I regularly utilize many different listening devices. I always had to download 2 different apps. One app may have added the perfect sound to a certain genre of music, whereas it would be so distorted in other areas. It took away the enjoyment and relaxation that compelled my listening pleasure. This current app is the only app I use to benefit and reap the quality sound for all my listening pleasures. It offers many choices of sound preferences.

  6. I’ve used your apps on all my devices for a little more than a year and I still love it. A problem within the past few months is it arbitrarily stops! I restart it and it lasts for a while and then stops again, causing me to have to reopen the app each time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, I’ve checked my settings but I’ve yet to find a solution. I’ve gotten used to it but it used to stay on unless you restarted your device. I don’t know if you updated the app. Tried 2 ijoysoft? Same thing 🤔

  7. EXCELLENT APP!!! What’s understood need not be explained. Feel me? I have it on my phone and use it in my car.This is the best app I have tried that really works. Everything you can think of, this app does! It doesn’t have the echo or reverb. But I have that too and it’s not worth your time. But this app is the TRUTH! I recommend that you try it. You won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah. You can go back and forth between your music and EQ!!!

  8. As free amplifiers go, I’m very pleased. Happy enough that if the price is right I would concider paying for the service so that it would stay hooked up. Its frustrating to have to keep refreshing the app. Because after A short time it stops working. I guess its on a timer. Please let me know if there is A setting that I can change so that I don’t continually have that problem. Thank you Joe Bernardoni

  9. whatsis3 dice:

    I think it’s a wonderful app and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It definitely makes a demonstrative difference in the sound of the music, as well as the volume. It has more than enough presets to cover virtually any genre. The app is ad supported but is definitely the least intrusive ad supported app that I’ve ever used in the Play Store. This app is a steal. I can’t see where anyone would have a fault with it, especially for the price.

  10. Unfortunately, this app has noise in the potentiometers and when streaming music noise and breaks occur. The sound quality is very good in the mixer, but the system booster sounds mechanical and artificial. There also seems to be a limit on how much boost is provided by the phone software, adding more bass does not improve the listening quality. Uninstalled. Too many bugs.

  11. Older Samsung tablet (2016 is latest Update) connecting to my UE Megaboom. Wasn’t getting much volume & needed EQ. Tried several other boosters, but this is only one that had any noticeable effect . I’m a musician & can notice the subtle changes . Said it wasn’t compatible with my tablet but decided to try it . Not THE BOMB, but effective, so I didn’t look further.

  12. I’ve been using this app for a couple years now and I’m so glad I found it. Its got a clean user-friendly interface and does exactly what it’s supposed to efficiently with minimal setup. The ads are few and not intrusive at all. It’s become one of my favorite apps and one of the few I install when I get a new device. I especially love the volume “boost” feature, works perfectly every time I need it . I recommended this to all my friends and family. Hope the devs keep up the great work.

  13. The volume went lower as soon as i opened the app, and my phone volume was at the same as ive always had it. Uninstalled it, and my phone volume returned to its normal level. I originally got this for the equalizer, but it messed with the volume automatically from the get go, so needless to say i didnt even want to mess with the equalizer. Its bad enough when my phone turns my volume down when i am listening to my music at my set volume. Now that really pisses me off! I guess thats why i unin

  14. Pretty darned good. My earbuds are ok, but they have no bass at all. This equalizer really helps. I recommend it. Try all of the different settings or make it custom. The options are there. Just play with them for a bit. I don’t want to chuck my earbuds anymore. WARNING: Do not experiment with BOOST feature with ear phones or ear buds on!! 🙉

  15. Mike Day dice:

    This is a very good equalizer app have very little glitches if it does it’s usually a very simple fix. I love the different themes and the 11 bands it makes the control of different levels of sounds desired for songs easily achieved. Thanks guys great job! Music has ability to communicate with my soul sometimes it patches some of the holes my rowdy demons ripped. So my soul smiles when I open this app😏

  16. Solid eq app. Simple and it works great. Sometimes it locks up and u just have to flip the EQ button back and forth till it starts playing properly, but all in all it is just what you need with atleast 15-20 presets to choose from, and of course you can customize each preset. Nice app!

  17. The app is really cool…. only reason I rated 4 is that every time I stop music or do something else I left app open but is never on…. have to select again to turn back on. I feel app should be on setup ready to use if it’s never closed even if minimized. Fix that I’d rate 5. Changed rating to 5 cause it’s great but how do I manually lock… can’t find it. Thanks….

  18. Only thing I suggest is since everyone has Bluetooth speakers maybe make a few more options for the settings so I and lots of people don’t have to fool with it somewhere between the rock and bass boost or treble boost.also between the bass and virtualizer put something to either go up and down for the middle part of the settings. because that’s the most issue I think most people have.but your app is by far the best for settings I love it.thanks

  19. Perfect. The effects are still applied with the music on the background when you exit the app. The bass booster works perfectly fine. Great job devs. My only problem, is that ever since I had this app on my phone, my phone volume lowered down even when I set it to the highest. Hope you fix this

  20. After trying several speaker booster/headphone amplifier apps. Finally found one that increases the sound on my headphones. I picked up a low decibel pair, thinking it be alrite. Instead of taking the headphones back I just kept trying apps. Glad I found something that works for now 👍🏿

  21. It has a lot of good function. Cannot tell the difference between virtualizser and normal on the phone at least without headphones. It’s a candidate for the best eq booster

  22. I’ve looked at many apps but this does what it says on the tin I’ve a Samsung s21 and this app cranks up my Bluetooth speaker .I’ve had apps that have corrupted my files but this is far the best but that my opinion all I’ve got to say is DO YOU WANT QUALITY AND FUNCTIONALITY DOWN LOAD THIS AND ENJOY THANKS..

  23. Nice colors… good interface ,it works properly… I mainly use it for the Bluetooth speaker as it makes everything sound better because my phone doesn’t have an equalizer built in. Good stuff!

  24. The best one i found, i dont usually use equalizers but when i got the earphones i ordered i realized the sound quality was off and that i needed to use an equalizer to improve it…Its very easy to use, doesn’t have much ads and it doesn’t deactivate when you remove the app from the recent tasks.. i recommend this app to people who has problems with sound quality i their ear/headphones.

  25. It’s very good, but if there are more options for Jaz or pop, for example Jaz 1, jaz 2 with different effects like different reverb and delay , Thanks !

  26. Love this app n it amplifies sound no matter wat other apps I use to listen to music or watch videos. Highly recommend for extra volume boost n control.

  27. This has some distortion problem in the bass booster. But if just the equaliser used properly, some great sounds may come out of your phone…

  28. SE dice:

    I just downloaded this booster a few hours ago. Do far so good. Definitely gave a lot more volume but Hardly did anything to change the bass sound. But so far so good I would recommend it yes it’s free so it’s pretty good for free.

  29. My first few minutes with my experience with this equalizer was actually wonderful the decibals are smooth and perfect and adjust directly with whichever music player or studio you may use for yourself. In this case the bass boost is amazing more than average lol. But yes in all main points of the app the experience it was awesome!. Will definitley be my go to app

  30. I downloaded this because I was disappointed at the max volume of my new SENNHEISER CX 150BT in ear headphones. What a difference! Turn on this app and BAM! I definitely recommend this!

  31. Ali Baba dice:

    After install automatic boost speaker. This is great equalizer. Now im sleep and dream for too long

  32. Does work very good improving headphone. 10 bands excellent job might be the best.

  33. Edge lightning features give me touch error bug when it’s activated. Screen take no responds because its draw over another apps maybe? My Device is Poco X3 Pro and android 12 based OS. All other functions works normally and perfectly! Hope dev can fix this bug!

  34. Great product I really enjoy it it’s always my number one chothe number 1 choice no commercials ano commercials and sound quality is beautiful

  35. Best! One I found, use it on all my devices. alsohhas all the frequency I look for, compatible with all APP´S 💯💯💚🤟🤪

  36. Superb app, i’ve been tested several equalizer app on playstore until i found this, and just so great!

  37. Awesome sound experience. I tried other similar apps and none compared to the reliability of this one. This app is a great and fulfilling experience to enjoy all your music etc.

  38. Awesome EQ & Bass app. The difference on my external speaker was amazing. The few ads are so minimal that I barely even notice them. 🤯 Fair warning- would definitely blow my external speaker if I turned up the bass & volume boosters too far.

  39. idk why but sometimes I can’t open the app, i should restart my phone first to fix the issue, but overall this is good

  40. cda abc dice:

    This app is useful. But it is cause noise when it is not enable (I mean, disable it when it is on status bar)

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