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Clean music player with a customizable widget, sleep timer, battery saver
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🎧 Listen to your music with No Ads 🎧
We know very well how important your time is. That is the reason we don’t put Ads in our app. Ads are annoying, and people hate ads. Simple like that.

Simple Music Player is focused on one thing, enjoy your music without any distraction. Use our app while you are relaxed at home, working, or maybe while you are driving in your car.

The best part about it is FREE to install.

You can bring your music everywhere: walking on the streets, hiking on the mountain, even to the moon. This MP3 Player is offline, which means you don’t need the internet to use it.

Moreover, Simple Music Player has a unique battery-saving feature. Due to our new technology, you will not have to worry anymore about running out of battery during the day. Play your music without a hitch with this smart music player.

👉 What are you waiting for to download it and enjoy your music without Ads?

Control your music from the status bar, widget, or hardware buttons on your headphones. It has never been so easy to handle.

In addition, you can customize the widget. Change the text and background colors for easy access and control.

Listen to your favorite mp3, other audio songs, or podcasts with this free beautiful music player. Put your style on the app customizing the interface colors.

You can program which track/music you want to fall asleep with through the sleep timer feature. Maybe jazz, chill, zen, even nature sounds, select which one suits you the best from your music. And, enjoy your dreams!

Raise the level of quality of sound with our equalizer. This audio player gives you the chance to change the music effects according to the type of music you listen to (Classic, Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, Latino, Flat, etc.). Even according to the speakers you have (Headphone, Stereo, Surround and many more). Now, you will have the power of the sounds in your ears.

Simple Music Player gives you also the chance to make your music list inside the app. Create and manage your playlist as you desire. You can take your songs from your phone and SD card. Furthermore, you can add folders easily.

This player supports the shuffle, repeating a particular song, skipping, and forwarding. Mix the music like a professional DJ.

Don’t you like how the song is labeled? Edit it as you prefer, modify the name of the songs, artists, groups, etc.

⭐️ Nice and beautiful interface
⭐️ Color customization
⭐️ Battery Saver
⭐️ Sleep timer
⭐️ Powerful Equalizer with a handful of presets
⭐️ Playback widget
⭐️ Playlist management
⭐️ Multi-language
⭐️ File properties management
⭐️ Songs label management
⭐️ Privacy
⭐️ Sharing music

👉 We take the privacy of our users very seriously. We don’t share any information with others.

Install Simple Music Player NOW❗️

🎧 Enjoy the music with no Ads 🎧

Check out the full suite of Simple Tools here:


Added support for m3a playlist files
Properly sort playlist and folder files
Added some stability, translation and UX improvements


40 comentarios en "Simple Music Player: Play MP3 MOD"

  1. Heather J dice:

    Been using Simple Music Player ever since Google shut down their music app. It works perfectly for my needs. It’s simple, as stated in the name, and it’s stable, there are no ads (THANK YOU, DEV!), and adjustable playback speed is a fantastically useful feature that I use daily. (Thanks for fixing the recent issues.) Overall, great app

  2. ToxicBoo dice:

    Excellent app, way nicer to use than YT music, no ads, and adjustable playback speed is a really nice addition. Only issue I really have is that I can’t swipe the album cover to quickly go forward/back a song, which is nice when holding my phone one handed. Minor gripe aside, I love it, will definetely give the other simple apps a try.

  3. K C dice:

    Excellent apps. Very user friendly. Can easily go back or go forward 10s. Can easily repeat one song, whole album or stop after one song or whole album. Can easily adjust audio speed. Excellent for audiobook, learning another language, listen to lecture, meeting or simply your favorite music. Simple but well thought and well designed !

  4. Kat Klaws dice:

    It forgets what you were playing after pausing the song on headphones. Every time I want to continue playing a song, I have to start all over. When I’m busy and want to continue my music, I don’t have time looking for what I was listening to. And no lyrics for songs that have them built in the songs either.

  5. Great simple player, would give 5 stars but plays music out of order no matter how I name the files…. Edit…. I bumped up a star for your quick response. I do hope you fix it as it works well otherwise on my Surface Duo…. Edit 2…. I renamed each track of my audio book manually and now they are playing normally. Must have been a null character my other software used when naming files in batches. Great little app now! Bumped to 5 stars.

  6. Andrew dice:

    Awful playlist functionality! I love this app and the idea of simple mobile being FOSS but I can’t keep creating playlists just for them not to save in the order I put them in! It’s a horrible experience and I would really like to see that fixed. Overall the rest of the app is alright.

  7. Used the player for more than 12 months. Free and no ads were a plus. I only load songs I like so they are all in one large folder. Problems were (1) took a very long time to load my songs each time I opened the app (2) no options I could find to sort songs by different criteria, so only play options were alphabetical or shuffle (3) app would freeze frequently (4) app would sometimes not remember last song played. Uninstalled it and am now trying a new app

  8. A perfectly functional and simple Mp3 Player! Has all the basic features you’d expect an Mp3 player app to have (such as looping and shuffling). Super useful… especially since Google forced it’s users to go to YouTube Music. Definitely recommended! As far as the ‘paid options’ go, you only really have to pay for the widget if you want it… which in my opinion, was worth the $1 charge! If that’s not important to you, then you can use this as is. If you’re looking for an Mp3 player app that works perfectly offline and doesn’t stop playing randomly… ditch YouTube Music and give this one a try. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

  9. Worked great for 3 months. Then got really glitchy in every way. Music started disappearing from play lists, Bluetooth controls often didn’t work, and tunes that were shown wouldn’t play. Restarting app AND phone helped a little. Just when I got fed up, a text box appeared holding me for ransom for some “apprecian fee” in addition to the money I paid for the unlocked version initially. So guess what!? Delete. Later!

  10. I wanted to like it, I really did. I can’t get a single album to play in track order and I have all tracks with the track number in the tag. Yes, I’ve confirmed shuffle is off. It will start with the intro then jump right to the last track and then anything in-between. I also can rarely get it to display the album art but any other music player app I use instantly loads every album art including the ones imbedded into the track tags. No options for manually selecting album art from file either.

  11. Simple perfection for those of us old timers that don’t need extra bells and whistles like crazy 3d grapghics and computer generated monsters jumping out at us from our music apps…and by the way – this player is far easier to use, and does a much better job with the album art than the power- amp pro paid version which I purchased. Thanks

  12. The latest redesign is so good I have to post a review. I am a simple man with simple needs and this app hits the mark on everything. It is mildly time consuming to create playlists one song at a time (as it tends to be with any app), but being able to automatically play by artist or album with no prior setup is absolutely golden. Only bare essential permissions required, a very minimalist design, and super easy to use. Honestly I am not sure what more I could ask for.

  13. Seemed simple at first. After an Android update trashed my Samsung music app I thought I’d give this a try. I also did not want to be solely dependent on apps that just stream. This app is not suitable for a dance instructor. I teach Zumba. It doesn’t save Playlists and it doesn’t let you edit them. I would have to create a new Playlist every time I want to change something. And it does this random shuffle thing. Very annoying . Uninstalling and will keep searching

  14. after playing one song and then trying to stopping it, I could not, the app, just continually played, I had to delete it. it needs work. but other than that it was a good simple player. after reinstalling it, using it for a whole day, it became less and less functional to the point where it became a nuisance, music whould stop playing inadvertently, stopping it by the headphones, you would have to restart it by the phone, I do not have this issue with other music player that I’ve tried so far

  15. Would it be possible to add support for Bluetooth headset controls to change tracks? Additionally, when auto play is enabled, it will play a list of songs but then start playing the first song again and never end. If auto play is disabled, it will only play a single song. Is there a way to play an entire playlist without automatically starting over from the beginning?

  16. I loved the interface and ease of adding files to the library, however there was a major problem: It shuffles the order of any music added to the play queue, irregardless of the setting for shuffle/random. This is a deal breaker, I’m afraid. I’m still trying to find a local music player that actually plays the files I select in the order I select, for the duration indicated. Google play music is greatly mourned.

  17. I am a huge fan of the Simple apps, and this one is my replacement for Samsung Music since they started placing ads inside that app. However, I have a pretty glaring issue on my Galaxy S9. I cannot use Next/Previous and Play/Pause controls from the lock screen. I have to unlock my phone to access these controls, which is a pretty big downside. Response to developer: Yes, the lock-screen music controls work in other first and third party music apps. I’m using Musicolet right now.

  18. Sean Kidd dice:

    The app overall is pretty solid. I can definitely see this as a worthy replacement for Google Play Music/YouTube Music, even as simple as it is. A few minor issues though. 1: Transition between tracks uses fades, and isn’t seamless. Very jarring. 2: Widget only displays the song you chose if you entered the app THROUGH the widget. 3: Can’t see album art on lock screen or notification bar. 4: Snapchat videos stop playback completely. Overall, fine work!

  19. Updated review. Originally I couldn’t see how to close it but you just pause then swipe. You can prevent all music being together by creating folders and then select folder to create playlist, after that just go to manage playlists to switch back and forth. I’ve occasionally had it stop playing, don’t know what’s up with that but if I find out will update my review and add it.

  20. For some reason this was the last media player I tried. Thought it was ad thing. And I love it…my android didnt come with a Music player? Like what? A L L the other music players i tried were just unnecessarily complex and frustrating. This is the only music player I downloaded that is simple. Play, pause, skip. Couldn’t be happier

  21. Perfect before update. Now the app has NO controls once a file is played from any file manager. You have to select the app from the system tray notification just to pause or stop it. If you pause the track and let the app run in the background, surprise surprise, the app will NOT play anything until it’s restarted. App is now useless.

  22. This was a fantastic app, now, because of a recent update, I can’t figure out anything is supposed to work, and can’t find music I used to listen to in it. If I do find something, it simply loops and I don’t know how to make it stop and go to… Um… Something else… Or something. I suspect it’s not the fault of the developer, but rather some update by Google or something. The result is it’s not longer simple. My guess is the simplicity will come back, I am happy to wait.

  23. This app groups all tracks into a single artist, even though all my tracks have different artists. This app shows album art from one album even though all tracks have different album art. This app groups all of my tracks into one playlist entitled “Music”. This app needs a lot of work. The only saving grace is that this app actually does play music. Other than that it is not very reliable at all.

  24. Almost exactly what I was looking for! 🙄 Literally almost a perfect music app for what I was looking for except it takes multiple minutes to load my music library every time I open it up I have to listen to like two songs on Pandora before my home music library populates and this happens every single time I open the app!

  25. It’s OK, you get what you pay for (hence it being free). The widget doesn’t function, it doesn’t show ANY song info, just the buttons. No autoplay on connect feature plus the notification disappears when you pause so you always have to open the app to start playing music.

  26. Andrew dice:

    I downloaded more songs and it randomly just deleted the songs and all that was left was 2 songs. Also I can’t place my songs into a specific order, it already puts it in the worst order ever. I wish I could give this zero stars but there is not a rating for that. I’m not using this anymore. All I can say NEVER download this bad app.

  27. Dear Sir When i tried your simple music player app it was amazing like Samsung i used to use, but i have few suggestions, like setting for select which folder 📂 for search for tracks because i don’t wanna my phone calls recordings goes with other tracks, Second i face problem when i play a song after it finished it goes to whats app voice messages and play them not play next item in list. Best regards.

  28. Char E dice:

    Really is simple. Other music apps have a ton of unwanted features. I just wanna shuffle the mp3 on my phone and this does just that. Bonus is it doesn’t assign random cover art to songs like other apps I tried does. Only down side would be no forward or back button on android watch.

  29. Finds the music on the device and is simple to use. One problem: When I close the app and open it again later it forgot my listening progress which is extremely annoying when I listen to audio books.

  30. Love this one. Simple, co-operative and easy – and NO ADS, people! One question for the developers though: I am baffled as to why you haven’t created a matching Video Player to complete the set. Is there a plan in the works for this? The others on offer are either a pain right in the back shed, or they’re dismal. Love to hear from you.

  31. Confusing interface. Where can I see all the queues tracks? How can I clear all of them, or replace them with a playlist? I like most all the other Simple apps, but this one is missing the basics.

  32. Great simple easy to use player… Only missing a simple yet important feature… It doesnt remember where you left off after you shut the app down… It plays the song right from the start when you restart the app. Will donate if this feature is added. Thanks!

  33. If I could have a vanilla Android installation with no apps except the Simple Mobile Apps range, I would be the happiest user alive. This music player and their entire range are amazing! Found these apps after seeing their banner on the Mint homepage. Haven’t regretted moving onto their music player, especially since Xiaomi decided to load their stock player with ads.

  34. Why does the player NOT sort the folders????? When I first click on a folder, the contents are NOT sorted, and if I try to sort by the defaults in the popup (title-ascending), it WILL NOT SORT! I have to sort by descending first, THEN ascending. This is cumbersome and ridiculous. Sort the folders by the defaults when first opening the folder. I will be uninstalling.

  35. Excellent music player, no ads, no internet access, just listening to music. And far more better than YTmusic which is always connected to internet. I hope that this app will keep providing new updates without ads.

  36. Does EXACTLY what it’s supposed to, plays my music I downloaded from my computer and plays them with GREAT quality. I have to undownload and re-download to get new music if it’s a bunch of files but very small price price pay for all your own music to be played with great quality.

  37. Just a good app for playing Mp4s. Completely free, maybe takes a while to get used to but better than most others, you can make playlists easily and the shuffle features are good, as well as queues and the like.

  38. At last a no BS player app All I was looking for was a no BS straight forward app to play music on my phone, and here it is. So if your looking for a simple straight out player this one works well for me. Thank you simple music player.

  39. On the whole a decent app, but there are a couple of irritants: (1) the banner at the bottom of the screen showing what song is playing or was played last never goes away, even when nothing is actually playing, and it covers up the last song on any list (playlist, album etc) so you can never see what the last song is, which makes it hard when you’re trying to scroll through your music; and (2) we can’t custom organise the songs in our playlists to play in the order we want.

  40. It was good… use it for years, now the free version is just too simple. Even the playback speed control was removed. No reason to use it anymore. Getting back to native apps and looking for another free alternatives. Answer: still had it in a old phone, installed in a new one, it’s missing the playback speed control. Though it was moved to a paid version. What happened?

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