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Music visualization with style!
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This music visualizer brings your music to the screen in an explosion of bright colors.

• Visualizes whatever music or sound is coming from any other app.
• Dramatically displays artist name and track name for most popular music players.
• Extensive color and shape options to tweak
• Save your settings as themes, and use the included Tasker / Locale plugin to load any of your saved themes in response to almost anything you can imagine.
• Glistening particles keep the screen alive with motion even when music isn’t playing (can be turned off)
• Shortcut button to link to your favorite music player, as well as built-in play/pause/last/next controls for whichever music player app is running.

NOTE FOR GALAXY OWNERS: If it doesn’t react to music, see the free app, Tunnel Blocker.

NOTE FOR NEXUS OWNERS: On some devices, mostly Nexus brand, audio from OpenSL-based players won’t visualize. These include but are not limited to: Poweramp, jetAudio, WinAmp, PlayerPro with DSP pack installed, Rocket Player Premium, GoneMad, and Neutron. If you run into this problem, I apologize! Please email me and I will refund you.

Audio from any app will be displayed, but only the following are known to also show meta data. Additionally, more may work if they have an option to turn on scrobbling. Email me if you’d like to see meta data from an app that isn’t supported yet. Unforunately, this is not yet possible with iHeartRadio or DoubleTwist. See for a list of apps currently known to share meta data with Audio Glow.


Fixed: Poweramp controls
Restored: Ignore volume and Spectrum Bars Value Scale settings
• Independent 2D horizon settings for each visualization
• More zoom levels for Spectrum Bars
• Value Scale setting for Ether and Phosphor
• Several more customization settings for Phosphor
• Environmental particles for Ether (with toggle setting)
• Scroll Lock setting for Spectrum Bars


40 comentarios en "Audio Glow Music Visualizer MODDED"

  1. Love this app! I like the pallette & color selection that is available. Also like the additional choice of showing artist/song title with choice of letter size & coloring! Nice work. I commend all of you for a job well done! One thing though. The visualization needs to be more concise & responsive to volume & frequency levels! Thanks much!

  2. It works and then it doesn’t. Beautiful graphics great colors, but the biggest problems I’m experiencing are: 1. The on screen controls do not work. So play, pause, fast forward etc don’t work. 2. The Artist and song title is a hit and miss. Sometimes they show and sometimes they don’t. I’ve cleared the cache, data, uninstall reinstalled and still hit and miss. 3. I wish there was a way to add space between the song title and artist more so than how they’re somewhat overlapping each other.

  3. Doesn’t work anymore 🙁 But when it did, I loved it. I bought this back in 2012 and it worked flawlessly on my Jelly Bean and KitKat devices. Unfortunately, it has never worked correctly on my current Nougat device (circa 2017). The app will run fine, and the play/ff/rw controls work, but the visualization is always dead flat. Even the “show fake visualization when no sound” option does nothing at all, so I guess this app is just incompatible with the recent versions of Android.

  4. Only has 2 free? I’m NOT rlly impressed…and of course…they have few others to buy, that stilllll kinda went that great at all. Very generic, original, but tasteless. When I’m listening to music and I want an visual effect to feel the music… I want some eye-candy that’s really going to get the emotion in… This definitely is in your app for that.

  5. I would love to give this 5 stars because visually and functionally it is exactly what i was looking for … BUT … turns out it isn’t a spectrum analyzer… it’s just a bunch of flashing lights that start dancing around whenever there is audio… i ran a frequency sweep and it is really bad at identifying Hz or reacting in real time … so bummed… dunno why anybody would want a spectrum analyzer up on screen that doesn’t work.

  6. How in heck do you get the meter to level with the Music?, Why is there a Play and pause button, that controls Nothing? And how come I can’t turn on with another App. ??? Looks like some Cool ass graphics. I would enjoy this background light show, the more bouncing levelers like 24 or 36! So if you get what I’m saying? Good! Fix this mess because the graphics are very Cool. (Sweet) P’S: Trying to Play with Google’s Music or Pandora (& I can’t) please fix!

  7. Claire dice:

    After a long stressful day, I was looking for some relaxing graphics that played with my music. I was pleasantly surprised to find this app. Not only does it have beautiful and vivid graphics, but it is highly customizable. From calming colors and effects to dance party, its perfect.

  8. Are you kidding me? 1. it clobbers any current player, getting playback into a confused state, 2. it usually shows the wrong song names for a reason I don’t care to figure out, and lastly but most importantly, 3. the visual display DIDN’T EVEN MATCH THE MUSIC. Simply play a song with loud and soft parts alternating and you’ll see. The display is faked. Honestly, wth?

  9. I am actually using this app for my car android panel. It’s quite impressive and flexible but it’s missing something that I wish it had. I play music on my car android panel by connected my phone to it via Bluetooth. I usually use YouTube or Spotify. I wanted the onscreen controls to play next/last/play/pause songs for me. Please look into the matter. If fixed, I might end up purchasing more themes. Thank you.

  10. Hi there… its a good app, very smooth spectrum display like a real equalizer do. I wish there are settings for true and accurate receive to music. Settings like how many bands (5 to 31 bands), band frequency numbers on the bottom, DB reading on the side, peak hold, top max db line, etc… need a big improvement.

  11. Princeton dice:

    One of the best, and most customisable App out there, I could customize the display to get almost what I needed for a pro-look. It worked fine on my phone but failed to respond to audio signals on my media player (HM Q10 Pro). Frequency range seemed to be only 20Hz-1000Hz. That means no response for signals in 1KHz-20KHz range. One more option I desire is the possibility to customize colors of bargraph/s in vertical direction, yeah! that will add to it’s awesomeness😋 Seemed Ad free to me😁

  12. E N dice:

    This is BEAUTIFUL and it just works! Thank you! And mine works fine with Spotify. But I will say that choosing our editing palettes does not seem to have any effect, even after restarting the app. Not a big problem for me but sounds like a bug to address.

  13. This app is awesome! It takes the artist and song straight from Spotify and syncs it to the music, although the visual isn’t as great as I would like, it’s still really cool

  14. Works with PowerAmp, although vizualitations could be much more sensitive to lower volume, and show less bars. Would make it 5 star. Overall one of the better apps for this purpose. Open settings and find your prefered design and colors

  15. Exactly what I was searching for! A few bugs though: artist name appears only occasionally, screen turns off while using, and the most important one: needs to reflect real sound, instead of just volume. I’d fixed, this will be incredible!

  16. Love it. Only gripe is the limited choice of visualization… that and the fact that I can’t get my tablet to be sound responsive, oh and that I’m unable to adjust how many frequencies, or the intervals or the number of bars on the analyzer. Other than that it’s 👌.

  17. The visualisations are either complete random or not at all synced to the music. They look nice though. But just looking nice is not why I installed the app. There’s no way I’m going to pay for other presets if it’s not at all synced either.

  18. JR2016 dice:

    Killer app, works great! The one feature that would be great to see is when using smart view is to go full screen 720, 1080, etc… like when streaming or watching a movie from your phone to the tv. I love leaving my TV on when streaming to my receiver and this helps with screen burn. Great app…thx!

  19. Persk 21 dice:

    First versions was very good. The latest one added new visualizations but totally lost sync to my player(JetAudio+). It seems that it has an internal player which cannot be controlled. This is a visuallizer that should sync to any music player playing, and not a stand alone uncontrollable mehh player.

  20. Everyone you can fix most of your app problems it’s a matter of setting the app to your preference it’s confusing but take the time and you will have it exactly the way you want it I leaned by turning features individually on and off one by one and testing playback mode it works it’s just time consuming but you will get there I hope this helps everyone enjoy this amazing app I love it 🙂

  21. Graphics look pretty good and everything seems to work like it’s supposed to. My only immediate question is this: why does the text scroll from left to right? It makes me read the artist name backwards. Need to address this because nobody reads English this way. Also need to allow adjustment of text scroll speed.

  22. Is it possible to import any music? I have 10,000 tracks in my library. Yet not 1 of them could play. There all .mp3. As basic as anything gets. Uninstalled only in a few minutes after downloading.

  23. great app! works with all audio apps and the color beat meter bars are totally customizable. Amazing colors, beat bar varients and saveable profiles all make this app something you will use every time you listen to tunes. as a free beat meter this is the nicest one for both functionality and simple yet very appealing eye candy.

  24. I hate to give a bad review to an app that I’ve been loving for 5 years on 4 different devices. Why does it have issues with metadata and controls with PowerAMP when it worked perfectly fine with it before…regardless of what Android device or version of PowerAMP I’m using? I dont want to download a separate app to enable scrobbling. I’m just very curious of what changed that broke it for me.

  25. This version sucks you have no control over the higth of the bars thay stay 2 dots from the top with little movement, real unappealing… I have the free version of this app on 4 older phones an realy enjoyd it and it performs just awesome an you have more controls over the anilizer an are able to separate the base mids an treble . I was gonna get the upgraded version but not after seeing what you done to your free version the up grade can’t be any or mutch better. A real bummer you had the clos

  26. I get the feeling the display is not real reacting to the actual frequencies just the sound as a whole. I would like to see an app that I could actually adjust the display frequencies sensitivity.

  27. Really cool visualization for audio. But controls for media don’t work. Song data disappears when rotating, and never shows for Pandora. Switching between saved animations is very cumbersome.

  28. It’s so pleasant to be able to look at something musically colored. Like watching the bass/ treble lines on a stereo. While relaxing with music, I also get to enjoy watching the rhythm and acoustics dance!

  29. Devs — Please update the app to work with YouTube Music. Now that Google Music is discontinued the controls no longer work, nor does the visualization change between songs. Would gladly pay if it worked.

  30. Trash.. I’m trying to make a visualizer from my music and it keeps making me go to Google Play and then YouTube music to play other music that isn’t even able to go into the video in the first place.. Such a waste of time. ⭐

  31. Ever since Google play music was abandoned for YouTube music it doesn’t work. You can’t just press play and your music will start anymore nor does it show artist and song name. Pity this was a good one. Wonder why they can’t fix this?

  32. Last update was over 5 years ago. As awesome as this app looks on my S4 tablet, that’s unacceptable. The controls don’t work so in order to skip a song you have to close the app.

  33. Not usable with Spotify, all I see on the visualization screen are solid bars. When volume all the way down the bars go away. Force ignore volume toggle did nothing to change this. Using Note 20 Ultra.

  34. Looks good I didnt think it was going to work as it says it might not with Nexus and players like poweramp which is what I use but figured I’d give it a try anyway and I don’t see any issues so I just wanted to leave my feedback on that and thanks for stating it might not work for people using those apps and devices cause if it didn’t work I would of had no reason to be disappointed as it was stated in the apps description / details

  35. Sweet layout that works with a lot of players. very customizable. I use it with Spotify in my ride. Displays group and song that scrolls. like it a lot. i also use their background theme for my 6T and its great.

  36. Ok the more I use it the less I like it.. the music tracm is hardly right. Everything is locked. The track features don’t work right.

  37. The best music visualization app. But it does not responds to the beats accurately. It gives fake results to the original beats

  38. Stop changing the setting all the time. It’s bloody confusing Works good but 1 star for Setting was ok when it was First audio glow.. but more updates make it harder to use

  39. I B dice:

    Most beautiful and seamlessly working audio indicattor visualization app. Thank you! I wish there was a paid version to disable ads.

  40. I like that it knows some of the artist names but it needs to be able to have an input where if it doesn’t recognize the artist and song where the user can type in the information please make changes or revamp the app so that we can do so thank you.

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