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The largest collection with over 1M of free music notes.
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Play FREE music scores

Whatever instrument you play, whether it’s a piano, trumpet, guitar, or harmonica, or kalimba, you will always find notes of excellent quality.

• Browse the most extensive sheet music collection from
• Access over 1.5 million pieces of FREE sheet music: piano notes, guitar tabs, and scores for most instruments.
• Play compositions that suit all tastes: from timeless classics or Christian tunes to anime music transcriptions, movies (OST), or songs from video games (soundtracks).
• View and play your favorite sheet music online and offline.
• Search for scores with ease.
• Find something new to play – scores are added every day.

Access large sheet music archive
Searching for sheet music just got easier with

• Browse the catalog by instrument: piano, trumpet, violin, percussion, flute, etc.
• Filter catalog for suitable compositions, including solo, band, ensemble, or orchestra.
• Don’t miss scores for the music of composers you know and love, from Bach and Mozart to Morricone, Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, and Koji Kondo.
• Choose your favorite genres: Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, R&B, Funk & Soul, Hip Hop, New Age, World Music.
• Add scores to Favorites to easily access them.
• Share your favorite sheet music.
With MuseScore PRO, you can use Songbook to download and keep your favorite scores offline. Plus, now you can load scores from your device or cloud.

Practice with MuseScore

Boost your music reading skills and listen to how scores sound:
• Play immediately with the interactive player.
• Set the tempo and loop to practice.
• Use dedicated Practice Mode to learn music score note-by-note.
• Zoom in to see every detail.

Boost your progress with MuseScore PRO:
• Adjust the volume and visibility of each instrument in every score.
• Transpose sheet music into any key.
• Locate notes on the piano keyboard much easier with the on-screen keyboard featuring key highlighting.
• Auto-scroll to make notes always visible while playing.
• Export sheet music to PDF, MIDI, and MP3.
• Play on time with metronome.
Listen to music scores with HQ sound.

Learn with video courses
Fulfill your musical passion by refining your skills on the go. 

Tap into video lessons and reading materials from credible music tutors with a dedicated MuseScore LEARN subscription. Or bundle courses with premium practicing features with MuseScore ONE plan.

• Learn with courses from some of the world’s best music instructors.
• Master how to play the piano, guitar, violin, trombone, and other instruments.
• Study music theory, music composition, and ear training.
• We cover all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced musicians.
Watch a free intro to find the teaching style that’s right for you.


We’re constantly working on improving your MuseScore experience so here are the latest updates:
- Improved overall app performance.
- Fixed minor bugs.


40 comentarios en "MuseScore: sheet music MODDED 2022"

  1. Might be fine, depending on your needs. I downloaded to access my Musescore 4 scores. Unfortunately, I am unable to view or play back those in the app, a known and widespread issue according to forums. If you are considering this app as an alternative to Musicnotes or others, then maybe it’s a great choice for you. But, if you are looking for functionality that supports your desktop use of MuseScore 4, then you’ll want to wait until the app is updated to support the files.

  2. Really enjoy the crowd-sourced library. Though I appreciate the variety of playback and learning tools, they are poorly implemented for a phone app in 2023. UI reflects this lack of attention to detail as buttons migrate, overlap and dissappear, while load times are long. As has been stated repeatedly in other reviews, I also noticed that downloading the high-quality audio for a track will typically regulate its playback to a whisper without explanation. This is obviously frustrating!

  3. Good but glitchy. I love the app, but some glitches make it frustrating to use. The main one is the audio gets incredibly quiet a few notes into most songs. Then I have to turn the high quality audio off then on again for it to come back. This fixes it temporarily but then it’ll happen again. I typically cannot get through a full song without it dropping to a whisper. The other is that it sometimes doesn’t see that I have a subscription. Otherwise it’s great.

  4. The app seems flaky and doesn’t work consistently. Sometimes metronone sound drops out and in seemingly randomly. The playback volume can be too soft or too loud irrespective of the volume setting. Or change independently of the volume setting. Sometimes auto-scroll doesn’t do anything and I need to stop and re-start the app. When it does work it works well. I just wish it was not so flaky.

  5. Kyle Penn dice:

    Terrible app. It crashes regularly with errors like “score not available in your country” (even though I played the piece the day before and it will work again later that day), “something went wrong”, or the best one “you haven’t used the app in 20 minutes” when I have been using it all day. Suddenly no scores will load. The worst part about it is I contacted customer service and they hide behind Google saying they CAN’T give me a refund because it was a google purchase. What a waste of $70.

  6. I used the free trial for a couple days and didn’t like it too much so I decided to cancel. My trial ends TOMORROW 11/18 so I canceled today, 11/17 and just got charged a subscription fee AFTER I canceled. *Update I was able to get a refund. Sort of. The very first response was an offer of no refund but a discount for a second year subscription. I emailed again and settled with the next offer, a refund of 11 months and get to keep the services for this month.

  7. Generally pretty good, but is currently quite broken on mobile. The transposition and tempo change on continuous line reader mode do not work. Several assets are also misplaced for no apparent reason (ex. rewind symbol missing in its usual spot, but replaces the “up a scale” button in transposition). Normally I like this app, but I can hardly use it right now.

  8. Techno05 dice:

    Many major bugs, a lot of stuff is locked behind a paywall(like basic stuff, not stuff you would expect) Some of my biggest bugs were 1. If phone rotates, app restarts 2. Said horizontal mode doesn’t even exist and immediately sends you back to vertical And some things that were just annoying Music would show only certain parts when all parts can’t fit on one page Rewind and skip bb forward suck and are impossible to use

  9. I paid for a year of the app a year ago and a few days ago, it charged another 42 dollars to my card without asking if I wanted to renew! I didn’t sign up for a subscription; this is purposefully misleading! And when I canceled my “subscription” they sent me an email preemptively including the line “no refunds will be issued”. They know what they’re doing and they don’t care.

  10. While it’s great that you have access to so many scores with no ads, the app barely works. It’s super slow and will have errors making it unusable for hours. 80% of the time it won’t even register what you type into the search bar, even if the score exists on the app. Searching doesn’t show by relevance. Its super irritating to find new music. The interface is not user friendly. Many scores aren’t available in my country. Only reason I’m using it is because there’s no better alternative.

  11. Andy C dice:

    There are a lot of improvements the app can make yes but it’s still an useful tool. The one huge problem for me is the lack of landscape layout. The app forces the portrait orientation but the charging port on most of the devices are on the bottom so it’s difficult to keep the tablet plugged in while using the app for a long period of time.

  12. Thank you for wasting $30 of my money, and my time. I was looking on Google for sheet music for the late artist, Ehren Starks, and a sponsored ad popped up for this app. You pay a subscription for access to the app. They didnt have ANY sheet for Ehren Starks. Wouldn’t let you search first before paying. If you only want to see “official” scores, not user-submitted ones, you have to pay a 2nd subscription. And I believe the “learning” module is paywalled behind a 3rd subscription also.

  13. Good visuals, but horrible formatting and audio. The biggest problem I have with the mobile app is the way it formats scores and the audio quality. To be blunt, it’s horrendous. It does not load custom soundfonts from scores and messes up the pre-existing formatting already. Simply put, it kind of ruined the experience for me. Instead, I recommend just accessing the MuseScore website from a mobile browser since it’s able to do what the mobile app does, but 10 times better.

  14. I was charged almost $150 for nothing!! I signed up for a trial because I needed to scan and transpose a piece. The program did not work as advertised and after trying everything I could to get what I needed, I canceled the account and trial. Except my trial was somehow not canceled, and I got charged two separate charges of $76.20 and $69.99. I still can’t figure out why there’s two different amounts charged, or what I’m even paying for — especially since I have no account. I’m so angry!!

  15. I can say with confidence that this Musescore app is convenient. It is a great place to find and print sheets easily and that’s good. You can even create your own sheets for free. The only thing to take away here is that there are some bugs. For example, whenever I try to adjust sound or tempo on a sheet I’m looking at, I can’t exit out in any way except to close the app completely and come back on. Also I can’t select a part in a song I want to hear maybe because I need musescore pro.

  16. I’ve been using for a long time, and will for as long as you keep inovating. Give a look at software that auto scrolls through music when I’m playing it. I want to see BIG notes when I turn my phone sideways, and I don’t want the drag of constantly reaching up to move to the next measures. This will completely remove the need for sheet music. A very big plus. With that, go ahead and give me a scrollbar or quick selection menu to get quick access to a measure in the song. 5 stars for continued innovation.

  17. While the website is helpful, the app is broken. You cannot search for anything, instead it just shows you a home page with the “most popular” 7 songs. Anytime I try and search for anything or change the filter settings, it does nothing. I don’t want to play “River Flows in You.” I want to be able to search for things *I* like. The only reason it gets 2 stars is the ability to listen to the scores and the tools you get to loop sections or play along with it.

  18. I am really enjoying this site. The only problem I ever have is that the search function seems a little funky so far. Sometimes when I search for something the results would bring back something that appeared to be quite unrelated. I like that when you follow a user/arranger/composer you can receive notifications when they have posted more work. If a piece has more than one part or instrument, many of the products have the option of printing each part separately. Pretty sweet place so far.

  19. The online version of the service is really nice and a great place to find music. This app though is extremely buggy. You can’t edit your messages, UIs in practice mode sometimes just show up, as well it not letting you pause the song. Some songs just won’t let you play them. The notifications section doesn’t show anything. I know that debugging is usually difficult, but some of these bugs just make the app really annoying to use. It’s not unusable, but it’s not fun to try to work with.

  20. Now, the app crashes upon opening, and all my favorites appear to be wiped out. In addition to this latest update making the app take a very long while to open and switch between apps, I am getting all sorts of errors when trying access the sheet music. I just started my paid membership but, only a few minutes in, it is not proving to be worth it. I tried to save PDFs of Flute I and Flute 2 via the web but Flute I is the only one that downloads. I used to be able to download PDFs via the app but not now; it displays a message that the item is unavailable. (Update: this occurs not all but most of the time.) Lastly, when I try to export PDFs in parts via the app, it reverts to saving the entire composition. So many issues to be resolved with this update.

  21. I have used and will continue to use MuseScore for years. The Android app’s functionality, however, is very erratic. Often times the app will work fine; when I attempt to browse random songs, or view my own scores or favorites, it will function. Other times, they simply do not appear, and the only music I can experience is in my head, to the beat of the loading icon circling around. Opening the score on a mobile browser is easy enough, but it also defeats the purpose of having the mobile app.

  22. This app comes in very handy with violin lessons, since I somewhat teach myself and like to have a good selection of music to choose from. The only reason I have taken a star off is because the app will randomly kick me out. This annoys me a lot since the song that I am practicing is fairly long and MuseScore will just shut off in the middle of the song without warning. If you could provide a solution, that would be great.

  23. honestly, I love musescore with all my heart. I can listen to music for free, etc. But I keep having an issue with a black screen whenever leaving the songs or it crashing when I touch the favorite pages. also, the robots collide and fight too much with the noise. it hurts my ears. Edit: I also don’t like how the best features are blocked unless you have premium.

  24. It’s imroved since my last two star review so now it gets a three. The app is still near unusable. You can’t search when logged out, you can’t view the parts, you can’t pause the music, and if you do it’s after tapping pause about 200-250 times. You can’t even see the music for the first 10 minutes that you use it. At least the app doesn’t crash and it kind of plays music?

  25. I love the Musescore software. It’s, in my opinion, the best scoring software out there. With that said, this is not the Musescore software. This is a version of the website with less features that crashed 3 times before I could log in, which you must do in order to use any features of the app. If the app matched the website, it could have been 5 stars regardless, but the lack of community options is a fatal blow to the app’s usefulness.

  26. Nice presentation but buggy. Some functions don’t work the way they should such as saving a score to your favorites. It says it saves when you click the heart icon but nothing ever gets added to your favorites in your library. The app has a nice presentation in menus that are easy to look at but needs to have issues like adding favorites fixed. For an app that wants you to subscribe to a monthly service, there needs to be a higher standard of quality on basic functions.

  27. I’ve tried a few apps for piano sheet music, and keep coming back to MuseScore. It’s functional, stable, user-friendly, and has a lot of different features. My favorite part is the ability to sort through a community of submitted sheets, to find my favorite version of a piece, and being able to listen to them all in the app to hear the differences.

  28. A well-designed app that simulates the desktop website fairly well. I found that the MIDI soundfont that the app uses is drastically different than the desktop version, but that’s a small quibble. What forced me to drop a couple stars was the fact that every time I exit a score, the bottom 80% of the screen goes completely black, forcing me to reset the app to be able to use it again. This may just be a Chromebook (Pixel Slate) issue, but this issue severely hinders the usability of this app.

  29. This is a good app, but the devs don’t seem to want it to be that way. Back before the redesign, it was very weird and buggy, but then they started making changes and it slowly got better until it was virtually perfect. I had virtually no issues for a while, but then they had to do the redesign, and it was okay for a while. But they kept making it buggier and buggier with every update and now they just exchange existing bugs for new ones every update.

  30. This is a wonderful app. I’ve been using it for a year or two and I had it before there was all this subscription nonsense. You can still view anytype of music you want but you can no longer download full page music and that upsets me due to this being the only app where I could find good quality music and print it for free instead of having to pay for it. Now I have to jump through hoops to download songs from another website

  31. The app is great and I enjoy looking for scores that I want to play. However, there are alot of bugs for me as a Galaxy S8 user. One that particularly annoys me is the black bar that covers 2/3 of my screen when I go back after I’m finished looking at a score. This can be fixed by tapping the search bar but I hope this gets fixed for the quality of life. Overall, the app is great and I hope you guys keep up the hard work!

  32. (Context: I play piano.) If a song isn’t on MuseScore, I probably just won’t learn it. This app is so easy, so convenient, even when you’re using it for free. I love to learn songs from anime and video games, and since MuseScore is a place for user-submitted songs, I can usually find exactly the song I’m looking for, already arranged. I one-hundred-percent reccomend.

  33. Context: HQ sound when enabled cuts out most high notes, as well as being oddly quiet. It’s a really nice feature, but it glitches out whenever I try to use it. For instance, it’s on by default, and I open a four hands piano piece. I hit play and it sounds like a muffled mess. It was perfectly fine until about two updates ago. Turning it off and back on occasionally fixes it, but not usually.

  34. The loading time takes forever and practically everything about this app is broken. If I leave a page of sheet music and go back to the search bar, the screen becomes black and I have to reopen the app just to use it. Not only that, but the search bar yields absolutely no useful results. It usually crashes or never finds anything. This app was good in its original form. The updates since the beginning have completely ruined it.

  35. This may not apply to people who only use the app to just search for other people’s arrangements and compositions. However, I felt the need to voice an opinion as a long time user of Musescore. This app is unacceptable. The UI is confusing, it’s buggy, the soundfont is absolutely atrocious. It’s been out for a year or two now and nothing seems to get fixed. I avoid using it at all costs and often just use Musescore’s website through a phone browser. If I could leave 0 stars, I would.

  36. I would love to use this app as it definitely made the experience much more streamlined compared to the mobile browser version. However, I do wish that everything sounded exactly like they do on the mobile browser version as I have noticed a major difference in sound between the two platforms when playing the music. I also wish that background play was also supported on the app as it is on the mobile browser version.

  37. This is great when it works. There are some scores that just don’t open on my mobile. All scores open fine on the desktop version. I have uninstalled and reinstalled once but have the same issue. Update: Thanks for the reply. The firmware version on my phone came with the phone when I purchased it, and it has only been updated by motorola. Also, most scores I’ve tried do open. It’s only every now and then I run across one that won’t.

  38. This app COULD be EVERYTHING I wanted. BUT I constantly have to back out and go back because it glitches and only shows me the top 1/8 of my screen. the use of it is always glitching. the idea is perfect. please work on these and it will be a 5 star app. I love being able to adjust the speed and have the follow along to keep me in beat. hearing the music helps a ton as well!!! I do wish it had more pop culture songs for violin.

  39. I love this app so far! There are many songs available ranging from classical music to more recent pop songs. Also, it has a “practice mode” which allows you to repeat certain sections that you need to practice several times as well as practice with a metronome. One of my favorite features is that it plays for you the song that you are practicing so that you know what the song should sound like. This app has allowed me to find my passion back in piano again! Defintely try out!

  40. this app is useful. it’s nice to open up the app and look at the music. other than that, this app is a dumpster fire. it crashes often, one time it even restarted my phone. it constantly has me signing back in, and always gives me the “what’s new” stuff every time i open it. when i select a score as a favorite, a message that says “score was added to favorites” stays forever. it happened before, and i have no idea how it went away. i still don’t. please update the sound to match the website.

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