Spotify Stations: Streaming music radio stations MODDED 2022

Listen to music, your favorite artists & create personalized radio stations
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Create stations based on the music and songs you love, and enjoy streaming radio all for free with Spotify Stations.

Play music when and where you want with personalized stations based on your taste and feedback. Select an artist, genre or even decade and Spotify Stations does the hard work for you. Plus, the more Spotify Stations learn about what you love to listen to, you’ll get even more personalized station recommendations. Let us learn about what you want to listen to. From your favorite songs or albums, give our recommendations a thumbs up or thumbs down and we can give you even more personalized recommendations. Start streaming radio stations you love today!

When you can’t decide which artists, tracks or albums you want to listen to, discover personalized stations with Spotify Stations. Create stations and stream Rock, Rap, Pop, EDM, Classical, RnB, Top 40, Jazz, Alternative, Country music and much more! Spend less time searching for songs and more time enjoying your music.

Whether you’re relaxing at home, sound tracking your workday, or even driving on the road (Spotify Stations works with Android Auto) Spotify Stations has stations just waiting for you to discover and listen.

Create stations and listen to music your way. Tuning into your own personal station with Spotify Stations couldn’t be easier:

Choose and play the style of music you love along with some of your favorite tracks – you can even name your stations and make them totally unique to you
Get personalized stations based on your tastes, preferences and songs you love
Easily switch between genres, artists, tracks and stations when you want to mix things up
Spotify Stations will even create stations based on your release radar or discover weekly
Play your personal station on your mobile phone, web or connect it to your car for your next roadtrip (Spotify Stations is available on Android Auto)

From perfecting your workout playlists to planning the perfect car journey soundtrack (Spotify Stations works with Android Auto) Spotify Stations lets you listen however you want!

Discover new artists, tracks, albums and tune into personalized stations made just for you. All you need to do is log in with your Spotify account or create one to access and play music on Spotify Stations for free.

Download Spotify Stations to start streaming radio stations, and access to a whole new personalized listening experience from Spotify.


Welcome to Spotify Stations!


4 comentarios en "Spotify Stations: Streaming music radio stations MODDED 2022"

  1. Nathan Ferne dice:

    Almost a perfect app and real Pandora contender. However it gets 2 stars from me because you can’t see your song history. If you have music playing in the background and you’re doing something else, if you don’t rush over and look at the song before it ends you don’t get to know what it’s called. This is really bad for discovering new music which is exactly what I installed the app for. I will absolutely give this 5 stars if we get song history.

  2. Dave Marques dice:

    There was clearly zero effort put into creating this. The “stations” are playlists that play the same songs *in the same order* every time. And when you create one based on artists there is a box to check to allow it to play music from similar artists, as well… This button seems to be there just for aesthetics. Even if you have Spotify premium like I do, Pandora is the better option for a radio-like experience. It also doesn’t work well with Android Auto and has no landscape view.

  3. Alejandro Flores dice:

    Radio mixes on Spotify used to shuffle and always bring up different music, like a radio station. Now it’ll auto-generate a fixed playlist, playing the same songs in the same order every time. You can’t shuffle on Stations, so it’s always the same order. The music stops when the playlist ends. Not sure what made them take this direction, but it completely defeats the point of the radio mix. It’s all playlists now.

  4. acearo hippo dice:

    What’s the point of having a stations app when it only ever plays the same songs, in the same order, whenever you open the app? I want to use this app more, I love that it’s basically on-the-spot made playlists, but I’ll get several songs into a playlist, leave the app, and then come back to have it restart from the very beginning. The notification bar popup is still an issue, BTW, it does not go away and will sometimes start playing, draining battery.

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